When Carl woke up today he said, “Today is Caylee’s birthday.”  It made me realize how many articles and blogs I’ve read out loud to him.  I thought about all the Fox News, Nancy Grace and Greta shows we’ve watched about this little girl, but importantly it made me think about her mother. 

I look at pictures of Casey and Caylee and I know in my heart she loved this little girl.  What happened?  I believe in prayer and I am going to pray like no other for God to soften this mom’s heart and wrap his arms around her and whisper in her ear for her to tell the truth. 

Caylee should be home today with her family celebrating and I can’t imagine what it is like for the Anthony’s not to have her there with them.  Very sad!!  George lost it last night with the media and I say good for him.  Here is a video.

I have to believe she refused a visit from her brother because she can’t stand to face him.  Lots of information in this article.

Looking at Lee today I see the pain for his mom and it breaks my heart.  I give this family credit for sticking together, they obviously love e ach other and not every family has that I hope they find some peace today.



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I started my blog as a way to connect with other paper crafters and of course it has gone a totally different direction. I've been able to share my experience as a mother, my hurt and disappointments over not having a relationship with my maternal unit, my walk with God and how knowing Him has changed me and continues to help me grow into the person I strive to be......
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  1. Jimmy says:

    Honestly, if the story went like this: 22 year old mother kills daughter. I would have kinda shrugged my shoulders and said to myself, “There’s another senseless murder.” and pretty much would of forgotten about it. Since I have been following this case for roughly 3 weeks now with all the lies and bazzare behavior and everything else thats going along with it, I have great empathy towards it. I can not remember any other news story/missing person/possible homicide that I have followed so intently.

    I can’t imagine how the Anthony family feels and what they are going through. Their granddaughter is missing and most likely dead. Their daughter is in jail and not doing much to help find Caylee. They are constantly under attack and being accused of having a part in this twisted story and so far the only thing they are guilty of is loving their daughter and wanting to believe her. I’m sure that deep down they have the same “feeling” the rest of us have.

    Happy Birthday Caylee, I hope you come home soon.

  2. sherry says:

    I couldn’t have said it better michelle, I beleive the same thing that carley has tried to hide the truth from her family because she can’t face the truth herself.. I feel the same as you do about her family and if you listen to accounts from her neighbor she talks of a very normal lovng family in which had problems like most families do.. I know that it would be hard for me to think my daughter killed my grandbaby.. I am also consumed by this story and have made my husband listen to every detail as well.. For some reason I relate to the grandmother and her reactions … I’m praying for this family and for Carley to tell the truth .

  3. sickofsickos says:

    I also woke up this morning and the first thing I thought was that it was little Caylee’s birthday. Last night, my 3 and a half year old daughter and I baked our first cake together. After we frosted and decorated it, she wanted me to put a candle on it. I went along with it. THen she wanted me to sing Happy Birthday while he blew out the cande. I burst into tears and couldn’t help but think of little Caylee and her birthday.

    I have been so consumed by this as well. I probably know what most people deep down know, but I keep hanging on waiting for the “breaking news” that little Caylee has been found! I want so badly to beleive some of the other theories about where she is and that she is fine. I especially like the theory that her real Dad took her because Casey was not caring for her.

    I just keep hoping and praying for this little girl and those this has affected.
    I have 0 sympathy for Casey Anthony though and I know there is a special place in hell for her!!

  4. Shantra says:

    I am so sad. Today my daughters and I lit a candle and baked a cake for this child who is lost. Lord please bring her home and bring her family peace. Caylee we are praying for you sweet girl. This absolutly breaks my heart I do not believe I could handle something like this. My heart goes out to the grand parents. I believe the mother is at fault accident or not.

  5. Jodi says:

    Oh my heavens……ok I do have compassion for people….I really do, however there is a reason that I don’t read or watch the news. If it’s on the front page of yahoo I know about it, I must have missed this one. Kinda glad I did, it’s way too sad and twisted for me to even process and I didn’t even dig deep. You however my friend are in way too deep, how does all of this not give you an ulcer or at least make your head want to explode?

  6. Sarrah says:

    I as many of you have followed this story since it became “breaking news”. I am a mother of 3 children one which is around the age of Caylee Anthony. I hope and pray everyday that this beautiful little girl is returned to her family. There are many lies and rumors arround this baby disapperance. Maybe everyone should take a step back and start new and trace every lead all over. Maybe then we will find her!!!

    All of the people out there who this story has affected take a good look at her picture and remember to look at every child that passes you in hope you will spot her.

    May god be with her and her family in their time of pain. Happy Birthday Caylee.

  7. Kari says:

    Good question! Why are so many of us so obsessed with following this case?
    1. The whole family is so wholesomely good-looking. They get our sympathy. Cindy and Casey both are pretty women, but in a respectable, middle class way. The child is beautiful and George also looks like a kindly granddad.
    2. The family and house and neighborhood are upper middle class all-American suburban types, and we hate to think such a horrible thing could happen there.
    3. The family have appealed to the press and the public repeatedly for help and sympathy. They have invited our participation.
    4. The endless stream of bizarre lies and contradictions that Casey presents us with and the following rationalizations and explanations of the family are very compelling.
    We are forced to decide what and whom we believe. We are forced to consider how we would react if it were our family. And we are repeatedly presented with one of the saddest questions in human relations: Is Casey lying because she is mentally ill, or is she acting sanely, deliberately, and therefore necessarily with some evil intent.

  8. william says:

    Sherry, I too can relate to Cindy the grandmother & her husband and brother. What they are going thru just breaks my heart. It is obvious the love they have for little Caylee, such a beautiful little baby girl.
    Yesterday, her birthday just 3 years old and not knowing where she is/was is more than I can bare without breaking into tears. What deep deep sadness for the Anthony family. On top of that their daughter is in jail, a suspect. The pain this family must be going thru. God bless you all.

  9. Harry Knopp says:

    You can find links to all the local Orlando news sites covering this story on http://www.USAMediaGuide.com

  10. sue says:

    Happy Birthday Caylee! Please God watch over this little girl. Bring her back to her family.
    I don’t even want to think about her being dead. So I won’t! I feel she’s still alive and she’s with someone that only cares for themselves. Maybe God will help see the wrong in this and they will return little Caylee. I have trouble sleeping just thinking about where this little girl is. I can only imagine what the grandparents are going thru.

    I will contine to pray for this little sweetheart and the family.

  11. kay prestwood says:

    to william: are ya kidding me? what the grandparents and other family members are going through? what about poor cassey. i think the grandparents need to show more emotion. they are not acting any more concerned than the mother. I have followed this very close and i have not seen a tear yet from grandma and grandpa! I would be at that jail choking my daughter til she told me something. We at=re tallking about a helpless 2 year old. i pray for cassey!!!

  12. kay says:

    lost my head on names. it is caylee i pray for not cassey. I hope if she done something to this little girl , that she rots in hell

  13. beth says:

    well, like most of you and the rest of the world I am so caught up in this story and I can’t help but think that cassey has done something to this beautiful child of god.I also pray that the lord opens her eyes to tell the truth so that this family can have some peace. It is sad to say but IF this little girl is dead, mom needs to confess to whatever happened and give the rest of the family closer for themselves. and IF the little girl is alive, LET HER COME HOME!!!! I want more than anything to see caylee come home…
    but the thing that gives me a bad feeling is that this mom allegedly let her child be missing for a month before even reporting it and it wasn’t mom at first who reported it. it was grandma. what sense does that make? if it were my child five minutes and i would have had everyone in the state looking for her.god bless this family and caylee i hope you will be back home real soon.
    and also i would like to say god bless all the readers of this story because if you are like me with this your heart hurts as if it were your own.

  14. Laura says:

    This story just breaks my heart tremendously. I am a Mom to 6 and my youngest daughter who is a little younger than Caylee, even resembles her a little. Everytime I look at my Olivia I can’t even fanthom the thought that a Mother, someone who is suppose to love and protect this little beautiful person, could do something to hurt her. I am praying so hard that something good comes out and Caylee is found alive. If her mother did do something to her, then I hope she gets what ever it is she deserves. God bless.

  15. Tina says:

    I would not have let a week go by without knowing where my grandchild was. Something is terribly wrong here. Casey needs the hell beat out of her and be made to tell the cops what happened. I think jealousy took over her because her parents apparently did everything they could for Caylee. By the way, where was Casey going every day when she didn’t even have a job? I can’t believe the grandparents didn’t even talk to the “babysitter” on the phone the whole time she was “keeping” Caylee! May the Good Lord be with Caylee!!!!!!!!

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