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Celebrating Baby James!

Ok, I thought about just making your typical list with my 28 words, but what fun would that be.  We know I’m all about having fun.    Welcome to Baby James’ Celebration.    I know God personally hand picked Baby … Continue reading

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I Heart Faces, Really I Do

I am not surprised that I have become “hooked on” I Heart Faces so naturally I’m going to include them in my Hooked on Friday post.  This week I sent pictures in of The First Born and The Baby, the … Continue reading

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It’s Never Too Late…

The First Born was invited to an Upper Case Living party this week, she missed it because of the snow.  I decided to order something and I laughed when I saw a quote that said, “It’s Never Too Late For … Continue reading

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Wednesday Blog Parties

Hi, I’m Doodle. My mom says y’all might not know a lot about me.  That needs to change.  I’m the boss at our house.  My Dad (AKA Mr. Wonderful) tells me all the time that I’m a pretty pretty girl.  … Continue reading

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Snow Emergency

I thought today it would be fun to blog mine and The Baby’s day.  I giggled when I typed my title, because there is nothing about today that feels like an emergency for me and The Baby. The day started … Continue reading

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I Heart Faces

“Scatter Joy” Ralph Waldo Emerson I found the website I Heart Faces and thought now why didn’t I think of that.  How fun!  I’m sure I will find a way to include this next month in my February Blog Party, … Continue reading

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Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow…

I’m ready for the weather.  I say this with the hope that the Cincinnati weather people are not as wrong this time as they have been all year.  We’ll see.  I could use the day to work on my February Blog … Continue reading

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Happily Ever After?

I saw a few articles today on about couples fighting, and it got me thinking.  Imagine that.  Y’all know I’m always bragging about Mr. Wonderful, well it wasn’t always like that. Mr. Wonderful and I were married in December … Continue reading

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February Blog Party!

I am editing this to include a link for Talk To Me Tuesday.  After all my February Blog Party is all about inspiring me to keep a smile on my face, encourage others, and to celebrate the love I have … Continue reading

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Hooked On?

Remember I’m looking for the 100,000 hit on my blog, it should happen this weekend.  A screen shot of 100,00 = a giveaway! Hooked on Houses is having her Friday party.  Please join in!  The thought of what I’m “hooked” … Continue reading

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