Sites I Love

 452 Days

$5 Meals

Amber Buriff


Cheap Thrills Decor

Child Made


Creative Parties and Showers


Family Friendly Cincinnati

Jen Gallacher

Jessica Sprague



My Beautiful Day



Spicy Magnolia

Split Coast Scrappers

Stephanie Howell

The Dills

Troll Beads

Working Moms Against Guilt

3 Responses to Sites I Love

  1. tkb says:

    Well said!!!! I don’t scrapbook, but I make hand made greeting cards. So, I am captured by all the interesting items now available due in great part the the popular hobby of scrapbooking.

    I am a story teller, always have been. I love the fact that my grandchildren beg for one more story when I tuck them in bed. These stories are from my childhood.

    I journal too, and it is incredibly helpful in growing as a person.

    I appreciate you sharing this insight.


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