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Casey Anthony Is Free Get Over It

Ok, so for three years I was convinced Casey Anthony would never see the light of day, smell fresh air that wasn’t fenced in with a 6 foot fence wrapped in barb wire, or enter another hot body contest…..well I … Continue reading

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I’m So Thrilled

I have an interview on Tip Junkie today!!  I once said on my blog that if Tip Junkie ever highlighted my blog I would probably pee in my pants.  Be careful what you put in print. I love blogs, I … Continue reading

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So Very Sad

The text message read, “They found the little girl in Florida.”  I couldn’t believe it.  As I was celebrating Christmas with the residents at work, my heart felt so heavy.  I knew beyond a shadow of doubt that she was … Continue reading

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Time Marches On

OK, enough with my obsession with Caylee Anthony.  I need to get a grip. I was reminded today that I haven’t been updating my blog on a regular basis.  I am always amazed when someone makes this comment, I’m still surprised … Continue reading

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When Carl woke up today he said, “Today is Caylee’s birthday.”  It made me realize how many articles and blogs I’ve read out loud to him.  I thought about all the Fox News, Nancy Grace and Greta shows we’ve watched … Continue reading

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Another Day Another Bunch of Lies

I know a lot about being a grieving mom and I know a lot of grieving mothers.  Does this look like grief? Jesse Grund who by all accounts has been a good friend to Casey and a role model to … Continue reading

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Thing 1 and Thing 2-Casey and Cindy Anthony

The new header on my blog is a picture taken by Alyssa.  I still remember the day just a few months ago when Alyssa ran in the house and said, “Mom, I need your camera you won’t believe how beautiful … Continue reading

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