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Hooked On?

Remember I’m looking for the 100,000 hit on my blog, it should happen this weekend.  A screen shot of 100,00 = a giveaway! Hooked on Houses is having her Friday party.  Please join in!  The thought of what I’m “hooked” … Continue reading

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I’m Exhausted!

I made a decision today that was huge for me.  I resigned from my position.  I rarely talk about work on my blog, but I love what I do.  I work with seniors, I work with families making the tough … Continue reading

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A Beautiful Life?

Who doesn’t want a beautiful life?  We all do.  This week I have had the opportunity to really reflect about my life and the life of those around me.  My life was touched again this week by suicide, I can … Continue reading

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Not Me Monday

I have had a week of “Not Me” moments, from the looks of MckMama’s blog so have a lot of others.  I didn’t snort in the middle of P.F. Changs Saturday during date night after the following conversation.  Me, “There … Continue reading

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Date Night!

Today is our first “Date Night” of 2009.  We are going to go out to dinner, just not sure where.  I wish I could say we are then going to go and do something insanely fun, but probably not.  I … Continue reading

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Prayers Needed!

A couple of months ago I posted about a miracle, that little miracle needs prayers tonight and so does his God following mother.  It’s such a reminder that we can have faith and still be scared to death.  I have … Continue reading

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5 Years & Going Strong!

I am celebrating my five year anniversary without Mr. Wonderful.  A few years ago that would have made me furious and we would have fought for days about it.  See what a good marriage counselor can accomplish..ha!  Mr. Wonderful is … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas

In 37 minutes it will be Jesus’ Birthday.  Happy Birthday Jesus.  I sit here tonight, the presents are wrapped, the candy is made (if you’ve never made cracker candy you don’t know what your missing, the cards never made it to … Continue reading

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My Heart

Today’s prompt was about a good and bad memory from Christmas.  The challenge was to divide the page.  It was a fun coincedence that I had used a file folder yesterday I originally was going to glue it shut, but … Continue reading

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Mind Mapping

I use mind mapping a lot for work, when I’m working on plans etc.  I don’t use it for fun or in my home life, but I’ve challenged myself to 30 post in April and I was trying to figure … Continue reading

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