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Have You Missed Me?

I can remember when each day I was pondering what to write about, which adult child to piss off by writing about their lives, what teenage temper tantrum would make my mothering skills sound almost “normal” or what project I … Continue reading

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2,190 Days

Dear Little Guy- Where do I start?  It’s been six years, yeap 2,190 days since I shared those 52 sweet minutes with you.  I still miss you so much it takes my breath away when I really let myself “go … Continue reading

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Everything Sucks

I just want to put it out there.  Cancer sucks.  Saying goodbye sucks.  Death sucks.  Goodbye my dear friend.  Cancer may have taken you from this earth, but it never stole your joy.  You fought cancer like it was your … Continue reading

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Sweet Baby James-Infant Loss Sucks

Well it’s here, February 28, 2010.  I made it!  Five years, unbelievable.  Five years ago at this very moment I was calling the funeral home to come and pick his sweet little body up.  Amazing! I never knew heartache like … Continue reading

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I Question and I Know

I know what I know and I know February 25, 2005 my life forever changed.  My heart is not whole and won’t be.  We will never have a “complete” family picture, I will never have “all” my kids together for a … Continue reading

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I Hate February, I Hate The Urn, I Hate The Purple Box, But I Love That Baby Boy

I’m just going to say it, I hate February.  I’ve hated it for five years, I’ve tackled it differently each year….the outcome is the same.  Another year that Baby James has been gone…did I mention I hate it?   I’ve … Continue reading

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I Can’t Resist

Well I’m a day late hopefully not anything short for my two favorite blog parties.  I sometimes pick one or the other, but today for many reasons I think I can do both.  You see I’m working on A Beautiful … Continue reading

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Letterboxing, Blogging and Cardmaking

My friend Jodi is so much cooler then me, afterall she did teach Jennifer about eyelets.  That’s her claim to fame.  She is always doing “fun stuff”, so when she talked about letterboxing I had to see what it was … Continue reading

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A Good Day=A Beautiful Life

I refuse to sweat the little things.  I try each and every day to live by The Serenity Prayer. God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom … Continue reading

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This and That

Is it July or October?  I can not believe the lousy weather we have had this weekend.  I’m sure some folks in Cincy disagree since fall like weather might make some people happy.  Not this person.  I wanted to have … Continue reading

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