Prettying It Up

I love when I find something and I can see “the potential” and Mr. Wonderful thinks I’m crazy.  Does that ever happen to you?

When I saw this beauty I knew I had to have it.  I bid and I bid and finally she was all mine for the low low price of $25.  Mr. Wonderful says he spent another $25 driving to pick her up.  I couldn’t wait to show him how well spent his time and money were.

Isn’t she pretty?  See the black on the sides?  That is someone’s hand prints.  I love vintage finds like this I just wish they could talk and tell “their story”.  I spent some time “prettying her up” today and then it was time to figure out what her purpose would be.  Maybe you can help me decide.

I think both of these ideas would be great for my Memorial Day cookout.

I love it on top of my new green cabinet holding a few of my favorite cookbooks.  (the light just wouldn’t let me get a great picture.

Who doesn’t love fresh flowers and arranging these were so much fun.  If you look to the left of this picture you see another project we finished today and one I’ll be starting tomorrow.  I am a multi-tasking girl these days.

We are concentrating a lot of energy on our backyard right now getting ready for summer, but I let myself get sidetracked today with a few projects.  I am so glad I did.  I love this new treasure and I think Mr. Wonderful would agree money well spent.  After all “Happy Wife, Happy Life”.

So tell me what should “her” purpose be?

All this fun made me start googling.

Found you can make old spaghetti jars look like vintage mason jars……….

…who would have thought?  Get the details right here.

Then I saw House of Smith pop up in my search, have I mentioned lately I love that blog.  You can see one of her vinyls in the background of one of my pics from today.  She shows you how to make your own vintage box.  While over at her blog I had to stop by her store and I will say I have found another vinyl I will be ordering (keep in my mind I have my own Cricut I just love her stuff).  You wanna see what I found?  Ok.

I must say I might have spent hours looking at Mason Jars, I might even admit I have edited this four times because I continue to find just down right cuteness….and tons of ideas…I mean check all of this “Mason Jar Goodness”.

So with the two tutorials I found I’m thinking you could recreate my treasure for less then $25, please don’t tell Mr. Wonderful.

I’ll be linking this to some other blogs this week.

works for me wednesday at we are that family

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1 Response to Prettying It Up

  1. Maggie says:

    I absolutely love this! Sometimes a vision is worth persuing and you knew what box could do and how it would shine! Super job and the flowers are the added bonus.

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