Happy Place-I’ll Show You Mine If You Show Me Yours!

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I picked my word for 2011 and it’s change, I need a change.  I spent 2010 just “getting by” and 2011 is the year I am going to start checking things off my To Do List.  I’m going to focus more energy on me and what puts a smile on my face and less time on whoever or whatever.  Sounds selfish doesn’t it?  Oh well, can’t do anything about it.  I’m doing it.

The first thing I’m going to change is getting all areas of my house organized.  My house is clean for the most most part, I just haven’t figured out that concept that everything has a home.  I have a little here and a little there.  I have three children with A.D.D. and pretty sure one mom A.K.A. me with A.D.D.  Chaos. 

The one area I’ve mastered systems and getting on track with organizing is The Happy Place and because I’ve gotten things figured out in that room I tend to go back and “tweek” it all the time.  The closet is my new obsession, currently it is being used for off season clothes and I’m about to change that.  I wish I had a picture of Mr. Wonderful rolling his eyes, oh well I guess you can imagine that.

In January of 2009 The Happy Place was in the basement and it looked liked this.  You can see more about the beginning of the switch here.  I wanted to move it upstairs and make me more available when I wanted to create.  Mr. Wonderful was not happy.  The eye rolling was about to get into high gear.


He rolled his eyes when I told him the room was being named “The Happy Place”, he rolled them again when he had to assist with the vinyl word placement.

I have “fixed” a couple of areas, my labeler has become my best friend.

I buy things sometimes on a whim and yes Mr. Wonderful rolls his eyes, and this little caddy was one of those purchases.  I love it and it’s so practical for me.  I keep it close enough to my work space that I can grab anything I need.

Every girl needs one of these, I found mine at Michael’s.

Do you recognize?  A great $3 purchase from Goodwill, an old cassette holder is perfect for Stampin’ Up inkpads.

Each drawer has smaller dividers and there is a system that I udnerstand and I think that is all that matters.  It doesn’t have to make sense to anyone but you.  My system works for me.

I tried several systmes for my punches, again this simple system is the best for me.  I’d love to see other folk’s ideas.

Do you love my dresser?  I love it, again another eye roll from Mr. Wonderful.  It is organized and each drawer holds a ton of goodies.  See the large white empty bowl?  She is going to be a beauty on my new desk.  I have a little favor to ask what color would you paint the desk?  The walls are that gorgeous butter color, and the curtains are red and white polka dotted….oh the choices for my desk.  I keep seeing a bird on a branch.  We’ll see I guess.

One of my goals for The Happy Place is to get rid of a lot probably not all but a lot of the plastic.  I have recently bought some adorable glass containers, clear and Milk Glass and I’m excited about switching it all out.

I’d love to do something like this, isn’t it stinking cute?  Mr. Wonderful wouldn’t even give it enough attention to warrant an eye roll, so I’m not sure how I’ll get this project done.

I have been stalking reading other folks blogs and let’s say I’ve found some “Happy Places” that made me swoon.  I can’t begin to explain how much I love what Nicole has done with her studio.  I want to organize my alphabets like this……


I would love to see all of your studios, I would love your ideas, I would love to share with you.

About Michelle

I started my blog as a way to connect with other paper crafters and of course it has gone a totally different direction. I've been able to share my experience as a mother, my hurt and disappointments over not having a relationship with my maternal unit, my walk with God and how knowing Him has changed me and continues to help me grow into the person I strive to be......
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2 Responses to Happy Place-I’ll Show You Mine If You Show Me Yours!

  1. Great transformation so far!! 🙂

  2. sandy toe says:

    Wow…looks like a great place to work and feel organized.

    Sandy Toe

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