From The Outhouse To The Penthouse

We have accomplished so much today I don’t even know where to start. 

Well I guess I’ll start with this little show stopper.

Isn’t she cute?  I think she’s so cute I thought about “naming” her. 

This is how she started.

I couldn’t complain when I spent a whole .99, is that the best or what?

Mr. Wonderful took her apart, did I mention that she is actually a very old bedside toilet?  Yeap, that’s what she was.

Mr. Wonderful primed and painted.

Excuse the dog toy.  I had never recovered anything and I admit I was a little scared.  I figured my best plan was to take off what was on there and use it as a pattern.  Pretty easy right?

The old stuff was so old it was dry and brittle, it stunk a little also.

Doodle had to check things out.  For the record I’m not sure why I picked the living room as my work space, a table would have made things a lot easier.

I then just went to town with the staple gun. 

Total cost $27.99!  I don’t think that’s bad since $14 of it was spent on the staple gun.  I must say it gives new meaning to going from the outhouse to the penthouse.

Our next project for The Baby Girl’s room…….hoping to finish it next weekend…..hope you come back to see it.

I have more treasures in my garage right now then I have ever had.  I won an online auction and it consisted of nothing but greatness.  Mr. Wonderful is a saint and is totally ready for all the DIY that I have planned for him. 

See this big ole’ empty bare wall?  That was my living room on Friday, BUT I’m happy to report it’s far from empty and bare now…..when it’s show ready I’ll be happy to share, but it’s just missing something so can’t show you yet.

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2 Responses to From The Outhouse To The Penthouse

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  2. Pam says:

    Love the animal print. What a stunner of a makeover.

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