Bah Hum Bug


I am having “a moment”, I was going to call it a PITY PARTY; it’s so much more then a PITY PARTY.  I won’t go into a lot of details because I have too many people who read my blog that could blow a surprise for someone else….BUT let’s say I have a heavy Momma’s heart tonight.  I bought what I thought was a PERFECT gift for one of my children…stayed up all night on Thanksgiving to get THE PERFECT GIFT….and someone else bought them the same gift.  Can someone just tell me it’s OK to be depressed?  Ok, maybe it’s a little more then depressed….yes I’m sitting in the dark in my living room crying….I thought about putting my big girl panties on and getting over it….maybe tomorrow….tonight….PITY PARTY.

So, while in “Bah Hum Bug” mode I’m going to write A Beautiful Life post….funny huh?  I was going to skip the whole idea and then I decided instead of sitting around feelingn sorry for myself I would show some love to other bloggers…..I think I might have a girl crush.


Do you love this wall?  I love this wall.

I need yes I said need this.

I decided to cheer myself up I would think about what to do with my dining room after Christmas, yeap I don’t want to think about Christmas…BAH HUM BUG!  A lot of you have commented on my green cabinet….I don’t blame you….I love it.

The problem with the dining room is I hate the dining room table, I have hated it for two years since I got the cabinet I just can’t figure out what to do.  I really want a black table with white chairs, but then I wonder if I should go with all white.  SUGGESTIONS?

Don’t you love this table, you can see more prettiness right here.


I love this kitchen at Twice Remembered, a table with wood and white would probably work.

I’m amazed at the before and after of this table, a project like this is in my budget.


When you love lime green and red as much as I do you love post like this,  I love seeing the white cabinet and black table.  I’ll be waiting on ideas for the dining room, whether you want to toot your own horn or someone elses….HELP!

About Michelle

I started my blog as a way to connect with other paper crafters and of course it has gone a totally different direction. I've been able to share my experience as a mother, my hurt and disappointments over not having a relationship with my maternal unit, my walk with God and how knowing Him has changed me and continues to help me grow into the person I strive to be......
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4 Responses to Bah Hum Bug

  1. jhoop says:

    Explain to me what the silver tree thingy with the cones hanging on it is. I can’t believe that you haven’t been able to “dumpster” something and make it into a dining room table with all your magical crafty powers. I think you just aren’t trying hard enough. I’ll keep my eyes peeled on garbage nite for something.

    Love ya,

  2. jhoop says:

    Oh, almost forgot…….. make sure that your gift is opened first and then the double will have to be returned, not yours.

    Love ya,

  3. Cecelia says:

    I am sorry you are faced with the double gift dilema, it has happened to me. It always seems to be that super-d-duper gift, also. It does hurt and you have the right to feel yucky about it.

    I love your blog and am enjoying reading back….

    Merry Christmas to you and yours…


  4. jhoop says:

    Uh, hello! Is Chelle out there? Am I gonna have to come find you? You know I got nothin’. No job. Grown kids. No hobby. You have until noon to post a fabulous message.

    Love ya,

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