Dieting Sucks

The Born Loser Aug 18, 2009

Today is the day.  The Baby Girl and I start a weight loss program, overseen by her doctor.  The sadness of that can not be explained.  I have had some pretty dark thoughts since having this heart to heart in the doc’s office.  The Baby Girl is facing it with excitement. 

We joined Weight Watchers last night.

I had a long talk with The Baby Girl about body image and how this weight loss is about our health and not our pant size.  I think she got it.

I wish someone would have taught me about food at 10 and that thought is going to make me the best “diet buddy” to The Baby Girl. 

Would love recipes, ideas (especially brown bag lunch ideas).

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I started my blog as a way to connect with other paper crafters and of course it has gone a totally different direction. I've been able to share my experience as a mother, my hurt and disappointments over not having a relationship with my maternal unit, my walk with God and how knowing Him has changed me and continues to help me grow into the person I strive to be......
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6 Responses to Dieting Sucks

  1. jhoop says:

    Good for you. Just because you diet doesn’t me you have to hate yourself. Getting/staying healthy is the most important part. I myself have not had one single, solitary coke product of any kind for SEVEN DAYS!! I don’t drink diet pop so it has just been cold turkey. WATER SUCKS, but I drink it. You tell that baby girl that she has to be your cheerleader and you will be hers.

    Love ya

  2. generationsgoneby says:

    One thing is fine ways for her to be active without her knowing she’s active. My three don’t have weight issues (well, the youngest is underweight for her height), but they are very active. They are all in the band. If she can do that or cheer, it’s a fun way to get exercise without realizing she’s getting exercise. Swimming is another way mine get lots of exercise. If they could grow gills, they would never leave the water. LOL

    Also tell her that she’s beautiful the way God made her and that He only wants her to take care of her temple, not for it to be a certain size or shape. Right now, her doctor is not concerned because her temple is too large, he is concerned because her temple isn’t healthy. If she were healthy, her doctor would be fine with her size.

    Walking is another way to lose weight easily and can be done anywhere.

    Now Momma, don’t be sad. She’s excited about this, because you are going to do it together. She’s seeing this as an adventure. You have an opportunity to make it a fun one, or one that will set the ton for bad eating habits for the rest of her life. Buy lots of fruits (we had a fruit of the week club when my three were little and tried a different fruit each week until we saw which ones we liked-bananas and grapes most and didn’t-kiwi hands down) lots of veggies, and a huge water bottle. Stop buying fruit drinks (which are basically colas with Vit C added), cokes, chips (we use Life cereal for snack in front of the computer time and my kids love it). If it’s not in the house, you can’t eat it. I only buy chips when I am planning on having them as part of dinner, like hotdogs and chips. I buy them that day.

    Now are we perfect eaters, NO. We eat out too much. We do like junk food. My kids are very active and are frankly blessed with good genes. I only give ideas, because you asked, and I happened by. 🙂 P. S. I think she’s beautiful too. But I’m not her doctor. 😉

  3. Anna says:

    Good for you! While you’re in the beginning stages of dieting, perhaps you should check out this diet I found on (a lifestyle website with tips on health, beauty, culture, etc.). The diet is based around you eating cookies all day…I’m serious! Here’s the link if you’re interested:

  4. Pam says:

    If you’re looking for great recipes – The New Weight Watchers Cookbook is FABULOUS! The Tuscan Sausage and Bean Soup is my 9 year olds favorite. He asks me to make it all the time. There are tons of recipes in it that are not only delicious, but they’re easy and have common ingredients. I recommend trying at least one new recipe a week until you come up with a list of your faves. You can probably check it out at your local library to see what you think about it before making a purchase. For me, it was a definite must have.

    Kudos to you for taking a stand on your family’s health.

    Best wishes!

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