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A Beautiful Life

I missed my Friday Beautiful Life post, life got in the way.  Make sure you stop by and see all the great post at The Inspired Room.

It’s amazing how a chance encounter can take a pretty good week and turn it into a pretty bad week.  Mr. Wonderful, The Baby Girl and I went to a plant sale yesterday and ran into someone from our past.  This chance encounter reminded me how different Mr. Wonderful and I really are, I kept walking and he made this person talk to him.  I went ahead and bought my plants without even commenting to him about his “people pleasing ways” and enjoyed my plant sale.  We got in the car and he said, “So and So wasn’t even going to speak to me, but I made her.”  My silence ended right there.  Imagine that.  I told Mr. Wonderful that there comes a time in life when we have to look at situations for what they really are.  I asked him what having small talk with this person had accomplished?  He looked confused.  I went on to tell him that we purposely choose to not have folks like Ms. So and So in our lives so why bother to have small talk with her when you run into her?  I admit, I didn’t even speak.  I spent many years having surface relationships with people that made my skin crawl because we were connected thru other relationships.  I said to Mr. Wonderful half joking, “Let me tell you what kinda of small talk I wanted to have with her.  I wanted to ask her if she was finally taking some medication for her depression, and if she was how much was she drinking while taking that medication?  I thought about asking her if she was stil involved in a relationship with a married man?  I thought about asking her if she finally learned talking about people behind their backs is juvenile?  I really wanted to ask her if she had learned how to act like an adult especially in church?”  Mr. Wonderful looked over and smiled and said, “I’m glad you didn’t have “small talk” with her.


Sitting in church last week I was holding a sweet little baby who was loving my Troll Bracelet, the boy has good taste.  I was watching his chubby little hand grabbing my bracelet and that’s when I had the thought, “God is amazing.”  You see I was holding that chubby cute little baby on Mother’s Day and I realized I was loving every minute of it.  There was a day when I couldn’t hold a baby without tears running down my face, I couldn’t walk down the diaper aisle at the grocery store without wanting to scream and every round pregnant belly made me ask God, “Why not me?”  I say again, “Isn’t God amazing?”

The chance encounter made me feel the same way yesterday, because remember that small talk that I wanted to have?  Well believe it or not a few years ago I would have had at least a part of that conversation.  I would have been U-G-L-Y.  Not today though.  I walked around that plant sale and said a prayer to God, I thanked him for getting me out of those relationships.  I thanked him for surrounding me with people who are loving and not self destructive.  I thanked him for the open communication I have with Mr. Wonderful and the understanding that makes me laugh at Mr. Wonderful’s “people pleasing ways” instead of wanting to change him. 

I have not had a good “people week” and I wonder what I’m suppose to be learning from it.  I don’t understand people and it becomes harder and harder to treat people like I want to be treated, because so few people return the favor.  I wish that people would just stop and think how they would feel before they open their mouth.  I could seriously have my own personal Pity Party on how people have trampled on my feelings this week, but why right?  I only have control over my own actions and my own reactions and looking back on the week I’m pretty darn proud of myself.

I am going to spend some time in my craft room today and try to get out of the funk I am feeling.

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I started my blog as a way to connect with other paper crafters and of course it has gone a totally different direction. I've been able to share my experience as a mother, my hurt and disappointments over not having a relationship with my maternal unit, my walk with God and how knowing Him has changed me and continues to help me grow into the person I strive to be......
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1 Response to Pretend Title Is Here

  1. Shannan says:

    Isn’t redemption amazing?
    Enjoyed your post. And I hope you have a lovely day!

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