Where Do I Find The Time?

I am asked this question quite often, usually when someone I “work” with finds my blog. Yeap I work, 40+ hours a week.

Let’s see. I make the time.

I write about things that matter to me, not everything that matters to me.  I rarely write about work. 

Family & Kids, Crafts (Scrapbooking and Stampin’), Books, Current Events, Marriage and Divorce, Faith, Lack of Faith, Motherhood (or the lack of)Infant Loss, Grief, Decorating, Thrift Stores, Organizing, Other Blogs, Friends, Food, and anything else that jumps in my path.

This crazy blog gives me the opportunity to look back and see how many hairstyles I’ve had since November.


Fluffy hair!


Ooops bad color!


Much better!


My new hair, I actually really like it!

I love to write, I always have.  I once wrote a short story in grade school about what life would be like if I was a garbage can. 

I talk on the phone for more hours then I care to admit for work.  I hate talking on the phone in the evenings, my blog gives me a way to communicate without “speaking” to anyone. 

I actually plan my blog post.  I usually write 3-4 blog post on the weekend and schedule them to post during the week.  I use the list on my blog to keep track of all the blog parties, these parties challenge me to “party”. 

I usually have 4-5 blog post “in the works”, I try to just keep it real.  Right now I have a post about “living in the present”, “thrift store finds” and “The First Born”.


I love looking back at my blog and realizing how far life has brought me.

Tonight was The Kid’s Choice Awards, The Baby Girl and I have a yearly tradition.


I wonder how many more years I have left of this great night?  Oh yeah, I worked on my blog while we watched.  I was multi-tasking.


About Michelle

I started my blog as a way to connect with other paper crafters and of course it has gone a totally different direction. I've been able to share my experience as a mother, my hurt and disappointments over not having a relationship with my maternal unit, my walk with God and how knowing Him has changed me and continues to help me grow into the person I strive to be......
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