Let’s Praise Him

Over at Kelly’s Blog today she was talking about the bad things we’ve read recently in blog land and the horrible stories we see on the news every day and it made her decide to show a little praise.  I thought “That Works For Me” and then the light bulb went off what a great “Works For Me Wednesday” post.

Do you ever just give yourself a few minutes to think of all the things you have to give Him praise for?  Do you ever slow down long enough to think of what you have to be thankful for?  I don’t do either one often enough.

I have blogged about some pretty depressing things this week and I’m going to use those post to praise God.

I was sitting on the couch yesterday going thru a big huge box of Stampin’ Up goodies when The Baby Girl blew thru the back door and announced, “I have mass worms.”  I can’t imagine what life will be like when this little girl is grown up, I hate to think about it.  I praise God for giving me this little girl, ten years ago when I was single and facing motherhood alone I never knew what a blessing she would be to me.  I am ten times the mother to her that I was to The First Born and Mr. Perfect and I praise God for giving me that chance.  I praise God for letting me grow as a human being and continuing to work on my heart every day.  As angry as I’ve been about Esme Kenney and the monster who killed her, I wonder without this little girl’s death would I have stopped everything I was doing to check out the worms.  I praise God for men like Joe Deters who is going to move heaven and earth to get this monster off the streets and make sure he NEVER kills again. 

My post about adultery this week gave me the opportunity to praise God for my marriage and what forgiveness has taught me.  I have never felt so connected to anyone in my life and I know that happened with God’s help. 

My post this week about in God’s Timing reminded me how far God has brought me.  I praise Him for that because I’m a mess now but I was a really big mess before I let Him have my heart.  I know that no matter what I face He’ll get me thru.

I praise Him today for a beautiful spring day, seven minutes I got to spend in the tanning bed, the feeling I had when I saw Mr. Pefect at a red light today and he was so cute hanging out the car yelling “hey” to his momma, a bestfriend who I know will be in my life when I’m 90, The First Born who never ceases to amaze me and first and foremost my faith.  I don’t know what people do without faith.


About Michelle

I started my blog as a way to connect with other paper crafters and of course it has gone a totally different direction. I've been able to share my experience as a mother, my hurt and disappointments over not having a relationship with my maternal unit, my walk with God and how knowing Him has changed me and continues to help me grow into the person I strive to be......
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One Response to Let’s Praise Him

  1. mub says:

    I needed to read this right now. It is so easy to get caught up in all of the bad things that are going on in the world and losing sight of the things we have to be thankful for. This reminded me to look for the good in the bad. Thanks.

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