The World We Live In…..


This post has the potential to get ugly, I was struggling with my feelings all day yesterday and then I read Lori’s blog this morning and knew I had to get these thoughts out of my head so I can have a decent day.

I drove around yesterday and listened to Joyce Meyer because I just couldn’t handle the news.  I couldn’t get my head &/or heart around the death of a sweet, innocent, talented little girl that by all accounts loved life and lived it fully.  She went out for a jog for goodness sakes. 


Relatives said Esme was a talented musician who played guitar and pursued with a passion anything that interested her. They said she wanted to learn as much as she could about the world around her.

“Esme had an enthusiasm for everything she did in life,” her brother, Brian, said. “Her personality was giving, kind and open-hearted. Her enthusiasm was infectious.”

As friends and family mourned Esme’s loss, some also expressed anger and frustration over Kirkland’s suspected involvement.

“Parents are outraged,” Leuna Kelly, of Northside, said as she picked up her child and friends Monday at SCPA. “His criminal record is unbelievable. He was building up to this. He took a light and put it out.”

Esme’s cousin, Brad Kenney, said the family would not comment on the investigation, but he said the tragedy is another reminder that the justice system needs to do a better job identifying the criminals who can be rehabilitated and those who cannot.

“There are some criminals that are absolutely beyond rehabilitation and need to be kept permanently locked up,” he said.

Yesterday I found myself obsessing on the monster who killed her.  I found myself angry (I was angry enough that I sent an email blasting the lawmakers in Hamilton County, I’ll probably get a speeding ticket today), scared for my child, disgusted that this monster was out walking the streets, confused how a repeat offender can be kicked out of a halfway house but not arrested.  Who is looking out for the children of this country?  Seriously enough is enough.

Police knew that Anthony Kirkland was dangerous long before they found him sleeping Saturday night in the woods of Winton Hills near the body of Esme Kenney.  Rest of story here.

The above is the facts.  Anthony Kirkland was dangerous, he was a monster. 

I’m disgusted today, but more then anything I’m sad.  I want to hug Esme’s mother.  I want to picket the courthouse and let lawmakers know enough is enough.  I hate the thought that my friend Gina may have to sit in a courthouse and hear what this monster did, she may have to see the crime scene photos, why?  Anthony Kirkland belonged in jail. 

I hope my friend Nancy Grace hears about this case.  I hope someone out there looks out for Esme and all the Esme’s yet to come. 

I’m going to be listening to a lot of Joyce today.  I listened to her on You Tube today while I got ready and I found the clip below.  I’m slamming the door on Satan today.


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