Dear Casey Anthony

Below is a letter I will be mailing on my way home to Casey Anthony. 

Dear Casey-

When thinking about writing this letter to you my emotions were like a roller coaster.  Why write a letter to a complete stranger sitting in jail?  Why care enough about a little girl that I’ve never met to beg her mother to tell the truth?  I can’t answer those questions, I just know it was put on my heart day after day and I decided to just do it.

Who is this stranger writing to you?  I’m Michelle, mother to four, wife to one, daughter to 4 (step parents), sister to six, aunt to 20 (I’m afraid I forgot someone when counting this up), friend to many, loyal servant to One (the Good Lord above).  I was a single mom for many many years and made countless mistakes, some bigger than others.  My adult children are almost 21 and 18, my youngest here on earth is 9 and I have an infant son in heaven.  I could have been such a better mother to my oldest children, but my priorities were not what they should be.  I was young, my ex husband walked off and left me with an infant and a two year old and for a short time I think I had a mini-breakdown.  I was heart broken, overwhelmed, angry and stayed pissed at the whole world for a long time.  With that said I DO NOT judge you for any of your behavior. 

Before I go to bed each night I pray to God to soften your heart and let you tell whatever you know about Caylee.  Where is she?  What happened to her?  Why it happened?  How it happened?  Casey, I believe something happened to Caylee that was an accident.  I see the love you had/have for Caylee and I don’t believe you purposely did ANYTHING to hurt Cayley, but I believe an accident happened. 

Your family loves you.  What a blessing.  I have a mother that could give two hoots about me or my children and I wonder if you know what a blessing it is to have parents and a brother who love you.  They are going to love you regardless, but have you thought about their health?  I worry about both of them dropping over dead from the stress this has put upon them.  Your brother Lee, what a cutie.  Don’t make decisions that you can’t undo.  Tell your family the truth, let them help you. 

I dream about Caylee, do you? 

Here is the prayer that I pray daily.

“Dear Lord, only you know what is in our hearts and you know that I have Caylee and the entire Anthony Family on my heart so heavy.  Lord please wrap your arms around Casey Anthony and let her know you will make whatever has happened to Caylee bearable.  Lord make her know you love her and you forgive her and as long as she has your love and forgiveness she can get through anything.  Heavenly Father, I can not imagine the pain and heartache of George, Cindy and Lee lift some of that pain, give them peace.  Remind them how much Caylee loved them and the great memories they have of her.  Lord please take the guilt away from this family, the should of, would of, could of thoughts they have get rid of them.  I ask all of this in your name and stand on faith that this will work out in your time not mine.”

I end this letter with begging you to be honest, pray for forgiveness and give your parents some peace.  I pray for you daily and will continue to.

In God’s Love,


About Michelle

I started my blog as a way to connect with other paper crafters and of course it has gone a totally different direction. I've been able to share my experience as a mother, my hurt and disappointments over not having a relationship with my maternal unit, my walk with God and how knowing Him has changed me and continues to help me grow into the person I strive to be......
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26 Responses to Dear Casey Anthony

  1. Lori says:

    What a ripple a thrown rock makes in the pool of life!
    You have effected us in a good way. May you be received opening by Casey. However, I would leave out any accusations. We don’t know exactly what happened yet.
    My prayers go with you and your letter.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yeah right. Do you actually think this cold heartless, pathetic excuse for a mother is actually going to read this and give a second thought to it? Why would she even care to hear about how hard your life was? She can’t even handle her own! She doesn’t care!!!

  3. Lori says:

    I pray along with your prayer, that this letter will have an effect on Casey. I am sitting here crying at my computer because this little girl has weighed on my heart tremendously also.

  4. Joni says:


    Thank you for reaching out to Casey. I pray that it touches her heart to know that you care enough to write and most of all – not to judge her, which most of the public has already done (including me – forgive me Father). This maybe what is needed to help her decide to tell the truth to police. Thanks again for your faithfulness. I will continue to be in prayer for that family as well and that your letter changes Casey’s life for God’s glory!

    God Bless & keep you,

  5. Carlweathers says:

    Could someone find out Cindy’s criminal background? There are some serious charges on her record from what I read elsewhere.

  6. Michelle says:

    I actually believe the records you are speaking of belong to another Cynthis Anthony

  7. Cathy says:

    Yes,that was a cindy of a different race! it was a big disturbance for awhile……..!

  8. Lori says:

    Wow Michelle! Hopefully your letter along with others will open this woman’s heart. She will talk of every thing she knows no matter how small.

  9. bmizz says:

    Dear Michelle; What a poignant letter to Casey. I pray along with you that Casey will find it in her heart to open up to someone and tell them where Caylee is. I don’t believe that she is alive. I wish through some miracle she could be found alive and brought home but I truly don’t see that happening. When I see her on TV I see someone that is sick and out of touch with reality. She does not seem one bit concerned about her daughter. Most Mom’s would be so frantic if their child were missing. I am mother to three sons, 35, 33 and 13 and when one of mine disappeared from my side in a store, I dropped everything and didn’t stop looking until I found him. I also don’t want to judge her it is not my place to do that but just wish that she would tell what really happened to Caylee because I do believe that something happened and she is just not saying what. I also read someone is planning on making her bale so she can get out of jail on Monday. I think this is a big mistake. I do believe she will either disappear or take her own life. Is the Trenton Duckett case not still fresh on everyone’s mind?

  10. bmizz says:

    I wanted to also add that I am extremely sad for the parents/grandparents. I have three grand children and cannot imagine my life without them, or having them missing. I do think the News Media is hounding these people too much. Please give them room to breath, they cannot even think right now. I wonder how would any of us feel if we were in their shoes. I think Cindy is trying to be as gracious and kind as she can and the News people are camped out on their doorstep misconstruing every word they say. Our Prayers go out to them and are with them. God Bless you all.

  11. Just me says:

    You should shorten it a bit. I am unsure that Casey Anthon will understand it. She only understands lies!

  12. Janelle says:

    I am wondering, if Zenaida Gonzales supposedly babysat Caylee for 2 years, how did nobody ever see or talk to her? I mean, I don’t know how many times I was running late from work and needed my mother or my sister to go to the sitters and pick up my daughter. I just can’t imagine that this scenario never happened where Cindy Anthony would meet Zenaida. My other question is, if Zenaida never did exist, did Casey Anthony really make her up to her family for 2 years? For what purpose? I can’t imagine she had this planned out two years ago……..Please email me with any responses.

  13. Lucy says:

    i would like to send a letter to her as well. Where did you get the address or could you pass it along? Thanks, Lucy

  14. Judge Lou says:

    The heart is comprised of many chambers to hide away secrets. I pray for the well being of little Caylee. However as a retired Judge I feel that this child is as Casey says ” safe and close”. She is with God in Heaven. I hope Im wrong!!!!!!

  15. Brian Garvin says:

    What’s her inmate address for others who want to write Casey Anthony?


  16. LittleLadyBug says:

    Casey Marie Anthony
    08049710 F-DORML-12
    PO Box 4970
    Orlando, FL 32802-4970

  17. Marilyn says:

    I cannot be merciful to this self-centered, little brat who seems to have left her parenting responsibilities with her parents. Since the body o f Caylee has been discovered this case is beginning to fall into place with all the evidence pointing directly to Casey Anthony. If she, in fact, has committed this henious crime against an innocent child, may she burn in the electric chair. I have no pity for her whatsoever. I do, however, have much sympathy for her family.

  18. Lindsay says:

    I am appalled at the people who truly believe that this young girl did this on accident or is innocent of the crimes that she has been charged. She killed this little innocent beautiful girl out of spite, jealousy and selfishness and i truly believe she intended to kill her. She is such a sociopath that i don’t feel any letter of encouragement however heartfelt will ever make her break her silence and her repeated lies in the matter or about Caylee and what actually happened to her. To disgard your little girl like trash is something i cannot even fathom. I am a mother of 2 boys and my first son was born when i was 16 yrs old and i would NEVER do anything to hurt him and never have. He is my life and i have sacrificed everything putting him in the forefront of every decision and action i have taken for the past 9 yrs. I am a very proud mother and feel that too many times women like this get sympathy for their age and situation! It is wrong! She is guilty and I feel she will never regret what she has done to her daughter, her family and this country that has sat back worrying about a little girl that they didn’t even know. She is not capable of having compassion or remorse for what she has done so may the courts proceed and convict her for her crimes!

  19. TheNetOwl says:

    I hope the truth comes out, whatever it is. Still, I know of too many people who were judged before the facts came out, and were wrongly judged. We don’t know exactly what happened here, and, even though it looks very bad for Casey, the venting I’m seeing here is so hateful I have to wonder about the people writing it. That much venom is a sign of personal issues.

  20. Darby says:

    I wrote to Casey and asked her to please read my letter in it’s intirety even though she may not like what I say. I first told her that I pray for her and then told her that I think in my heart of hearts that she killed her little girl. I then told her that I don’t like the way she talked to her parents. They are trying to figure out a murder and she is the only one with the answers. She needs to give them what they need. She tells them that being in jail, she can’t help them look for her. This was before they found her. I told her that she wasn’t IN jail when Caylee went missing, that I know she had her in the trunk of her car and had to bury her before they checked it. I also told her that I feel she told Lee everything and that Lee knew where she buried Caylee. His criptic message to her at Caylee’s memorial said a lot. I told her that she will probably never get out of jail anyway so she needs to come clean and it may make her feel better and give her poor parents a little peace. It must be devastating to lose your grand child to murder and then find out that you daughter did it. Yes, she is innocent until proven guilty, BUT with the evidence they already have, and the way she talks to her parents, and lies every time anyone asks her a question, I have to convict her already. She ruined the so called babysitters life along with many others. She killed her daughter because she never wanted her in the first place and she was cramping her style. She is the picture of evil and the devil has a strong hold on her. We as a society can not save her by praying for her, she has to ask God for forgivness for herself and tell the world what she did to make herself feel better. She is an angry young lady but my concern really is not with her but her parents and grand parents. They are the ones that will never get closure and have to live with the fact that their daughter murdered their beloved grand daughter. That’s so sad.

  21. Jane Raymond says:

    All I can say to Casey Anthony is that she sure does not look like the cocky, self-assured party girl that she once was! And boy is she ever getting porky in prison, with all of the people sending her money for snacks. I think that the whole family is nuts, and I hope that Nancy Grace dumps her soon, too. I am tired of this pathetic, sniveling spoiled brat who has obviously manipulated her parents her entire life and finally, she got herself into a mess that mommy and daddy can’t get her out of! Boo Hoo!!!

  22. Nicole Sanchez says:

    First off Michelle I would like to say your letter is very good, However I feel Casey Anthony is a monster, Even if by some miracle she did not kill baby Caylee she does however know what happened to her. I hope she takes time to read your letter because its not what she wants to hear but justice needs to be served for little Caylee Marie. Rest In Peace Little Angel the world loves u. You are Safe with jesus now baby girl.

  23. Sherry says:

    I agree Casey did kill her baby girl. How can she sleep at night without seeing her babies face?Shes not a mother ,shes a monster. Her poor parents will forever carry a heavy burden because of her. I hope if her brother knows anything he tells. Caylees little face staring at him from pictures should be enought to make him come clean. If he knows and dont tell he better hope God can have mercy on him because he will be just as guilty. Casey theres a special place waiting for you and your silence and secret are not going to help you there.

  24. James says:

    Casey Doesn’t have a Heart….

  25. Gabrielle von Stralendorff says:

    I think Casey is too damaged to be able to respond to these letters. There just seems to be a part of her that’s missing.

  26. Darby says:

    Casey is a monster. Can you imagine giving your 2 year old child xanax so she will sleep. I heard on a TV program that the name Zanie was from the word Xanax. Then cloreform??? I couldn’t live with myself if I did something like that but I never would. She thought she was too young to be a Mother. She should have given Calyee to her Parents who would have loved that but I understand that she hates her Mother with a passion and would not leave her with them. So instead of doing that, she kills her?? The only thing missing on Casey is her brain. Now they are talking the Death Sentence. The new Judge will not take it off the table and with good reason. They have the death penalty in Florida so he is going to use it. I just hope that before she dies for killing her little baby, she asks God for forgiveness for what she did to her. Only he can be the one that gives her eternal life. She better get in his good graces because Florida will kill her for this and that’s all we can do, the rest is up to God……Dabry

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