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The whole story of Caylee Anthony has me confused.  On Cindy Anthony’s My Space she wrote the following…on 7/3/08….(edit-Cindy has deleted her MySpace account)


Thursday, July 03, 2008
my caylee is missing
Current mood:… distraughtShe came into my life unexspectedly, just as she has left me. This precious little angel from above gave me strength and unconditional love. Now she is gone and I don’t know why. All I am guilty of is loving her and providing her a safe home. Jealousy has taken her away. Jealousy from the one person that should be thankfull for all of the love and support given to her. A mother’s love is deep, however there are limits when one is betrayed by the one she loved and trusted the most. A daughter comes to her mother for support when she is pregnant, the mother says without hesitation it will be ok. And it was. But then the lies and betrayal began. First it seemed harmless, ah, love is blind. A mother will look for the good in her child and give them a chance to change. This mother gave chance after chance for her daughter to change, but instead more lies more betrayal. What does the mother get for giving her daughter all of these chances? A broken heart. The daughter who stole money, lots of money, leaves without warning and does not let her mother now speak to the baby that her mother raised, fed, clothed, sheltered, paid her medical bills, etc. Instead tells her friends that her mother is controlling her life and she needs her space. No money, no future. Where did she go? Who is now watching out for the little angel?



Where do I start with my questions?? 


  1. Why use the word missing?  Did Cindy Anthony know on 7/3 that her grandchild was missing?
  2. If they really thought she had a job, why the comment about no money and no future?
  3. How can lies and betrayal be harmless?

This whole thing stinks….where is Caylee?


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  1. Colette says:

    Every morning the first thing I do is check Google for any news of Caylee and everyday there seems to be nothing concrete and it’s awful, will we ever discover where she is!?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Now here is something interesting: I went directly to Cindy Anthony’s MySpace blog to see the original text of what you copy-pasted here and guess what?

    Mysteriously it has now been set to “private.”

    Cindy must have realized that it was incriminating.

    If I were you, I’d forward it to the FL police immediately.

    Judging by the date, Cindy knew early in July that Caylee was missing.

  3. Constance says:

    I check too. I’m sure many more out there are doing the same thing. Strangers are more concerned than the child’s own mother. I listened to the phone tape. What an awful person! Could the babysitter (if there was one) see Caylee was abused and loved her so much that she took of with her to rescue her? Caylee was partying with her friends knowing Caylee was missing. Could she have given this person permission to take Caylee as long as she wanted and didn’t tell her mother? These could all be scenarios…but still there is the testimony of the smell of a decomposed body… Very horrible sitiuation. And now she is saying what she wants. She won’t talk to local officials because she doesn’t trust them, so SHE has requested the FBI. Who does she think she is???

  4. Missy says:

    WOW! That entry from Cindy Anthony speaks VOLUMES!! It shows that Casey was jealous of the care Caylee received from the grandmother. Maybe jealous enough to give the child away just to hurt the family! But, the decompostion issue really blures my idea about the story. And YES, the FL. detectives must read that entry, and haul the grandmother in for major questioning!! Get to the bottom of this and get a true picture of Casey, druggie, prostitute, liar and theif, POOR Caylee!!!

  5. Missy says:

    I just read that on 6-24-08, George Anthony filed a police report stating that someone had broken into the shed and stole the two gas cans that were filled with gas. That seems strange to me, someone randomly knows to steal gas from a shed… did they know there were full gas cans in there?! Sounds like broke Casey needed alot of gas for the car that was found out of gas! What did she do with the gas if it was her (who else would it be?!!)

  6. Annonymous says:

    In response to the stolen gas.
    I hate to think of what that gas might have been stolen and used for. I don’t think it was used for filling up a car.
    This is so very sad.

  7. tjaye says:

    I only have ONE question, why does the authorities not have a copy of the Cindy Anthony’s My Space blog???? It sounds to me that they are really not trying to solve this case. Why are they dragging their feet on this? I do understand that Casey is not talking (so of course, they are getting absolutely nothing from her) however, they have so many other things that points to THE WHOLE PICTURE of Caylee being GONE (literally…gone). Everyone keep mentioning this “keep hope alive” stuff…but how do you disregard all the true facts that you know to be true…i.e. THE CADAVER DOGS, BLOOD STAINS, HAIR, AND THE SOIL/DIRT…from moving little Caylee’s body from the back yard of the grandparent’s house to the trunk of Casey’s car???…not to mention the SHOVEL that Casey borrowed from the neighbor. Come on people, GET OUT OF DENIAL! This is not even my expertise, and I, along with the REST OF THE WORLD, has figured this out. What is really wrong with the authorities??? I hope and pray that I never need them for anything seriours in my life. This is truly a very sad case and there will definitely be a hell of a lot of consequences to pay for all people involved. God bless this entire family (and their friends).

  8. Michelle says:

    the police do have a copy I assure you

  9. shimul says:

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  10. blogger says:

    This is very telling information! I’m shocked the press hasn’t gotten a hold of this. Really having a hard time wrapping my head around this!

  11. Anonymous says:

    I have one question… Why isn’t Cindy in jail right along with her daughter? I find the whole thing suspicious. They all live together and nobody questions the fact that they haven’t seen Caylee for 31 days? I can see a week…maybe…after all the daughter is a compulsive liar, but 31 days? I think the grandmother knows a lot more than she’s letting on. In this case, I think it’s “like mother, like daughter”. The whole family is screwed up as far as I’m concerned. If Caylee is still alive, I pray she is with people who really give a damn and doesn’t get found to be sent back to the people that are doing nothing more than trying to save their own asses.

  12. jean says:

    Gramma is just as loony as Casey. She is so disrespectful to the media. All she ever says is the most important thing is finding Caylee and the media keeps focusing on Casey. What is the matter with her? Does she not realize that Casey holds the answer. Its her own daughter that is hampering the discovery of Caylee whereabouts. That Casey needs a swift kick to tell the truth for once in her life. She has no empathy for the family and what shes putting everyone thru. She could end this tragic story. And the brother should stop being so sweet to her and just tell her to cut the bull, nobody believes you. Ask her if she loves jail so much how would she like to spend the rest of her life there.She must be so used to people and family treating her with kid gloves, she thinks she can get away with anything. Time to get tough with her. My sympathy goes out to Caylee.

  13. pamela says:

    Wow, was this really posted by cindy on her myspace page before it was turned on private? this is something the investigators would find very interesting if indeed it is her words. It sure makes sense when added to the facts not Casey’s lies. Casey has manipulated her family especially cindy and now she thinks she can do it to police and she wants to talk to FBI-waits until she lies to them. Her lawyer won’t let her talk because he has no defense – I keep hearing cindy say Casey hasn’t been charged well the Felony 3rd degree of child neglect will be prosecuted and she will do time. I hope Casey watches herself when she goes to prison for years. I believe the investigators are getting close to a murder charge and i won’t be surprised. I think precious Caylee got into the way of her life with her new friends. Pretty college girls to compete with and she is obviously self-centered. Well this is my opinion. My heart breaks for the family. I wish they would be totally honest with investigators about Casey. It seems to me the Anthony’s are putting their focus and protecting Casey instead of justice or locating Caylee. they should be putting Caylee first. They blame the media for making it worse but I believe it is their change in priority of focus.

  14. Diane says:

    I think the attorney is carrying “letters” between Casey and her brother. The purpose is for Casey to control the phone calls, make them self-serving and control them. Put out only information (lies) she wants. The “letters” tell her brother privately how to prompt her and then she responds with her stories or as some people call it bull —-.

  15. Missy says:

    This story makes me so sick! Any parent that has ever had their child go missing, even for 10 minutes, would be freaking out, hysterical, unable to stand still, barely able to speak through their tears and this chick comes in, smiles, waves, has a nice shower, wants to tell her brother she misses him……WTF!? I think and HOPE that the police have someone in there, that can get her to talk, like an informant or under cover cop to make nice with her to see what her story is, or just to get an idea of what lies she’s weaving! I’d volunteer for the job, gladly, but then I may be arrested after 10 minutes of being in there, I’d kick her ass, thats for sure! Knock those teeth right out!

  16. Penelope says:


    Please, I understand loyalty, but not stupidity. I would go to the ends of the earth for my grandsons, and you, are protecting Casey, when you know that she is lying. She knows what happened and you know she knows. Just tell us where Kaylee is.

    It is over for your daughter, it may not be for your granddaughter. Please tell us where she is!

    Oh Yeah, Cindy, instead of making a myspace page the day you called the police, you SHOULD HAVE BEEN TALKING TO YOUR DAUGHTER. Your television appearances are so transparent. You want to be in the limelight. How sad, at the expense of your granddaughter.

    They would have to sedate me, if anything happened to my grandsons. You and your daughter are pitiful. Seems by listening to opinions of others and by the blogs, that many people think you are both demented and attention seeking women. If they find Kaylee, I hope that Florida State’s Attorney prosecutes the both of you. How’s that for your myspace?

  17. Missy says:

    I would really love to know what they are asking the Anthony’s today. And I thought it was crap of Cindy Anthony to tell people at the vigil last night, to “get off their asses” and help find Caylee. Why didnt she beat the living shit out of Casey the second she found out Caylee was missing?!!! A little too late!! Exactly, a myspace page to find Caylee, the day she found out she was missing….how about asking her filthy lying daughter?!

  18. Val says:

    Something else I find interesting is that all isn’t what it appears between Cindy and George Anthony. According to public records in Orange County Florida, Cindy Anthony is the only owner of the home on Hopespring. Also, George Anthony filed for divorce on 12/29/05 just a few months after Caylee was born. This was ultimately dismissed after a Case Management Meeting on 11/26/07. Strange that after almost two years the case is dismissed then Caylee goes missing barely six months later. This whole family is completely wacked and unfortunately my heart says poor little Caylee is no longer living. Just for the record, I personally have had the misfortune, due to prior employment, to have smelled decomposing human remains on two separate occasions and I can assure you that there is absolutely no way the smell comes close to the smell of pizza, garbarge or animals. The other thing I find interesting is George Anthony is now saying the pics of Casey out partying were taken while she was pregnant….does he honestly think this is going to do anything to improve how she is publicly perceived? I assure you that a drunken, slovenly party girl that is pregnant doesn’t make me think of her any better.

  19. Missy says:

    I totally agree, when her dad got out there and said the picture of Casey, in panties and bra, was because she was pregnant….so what!? She absolutley wasnt showing, so why take the picture at all!? Aside from that, this family needs to stop visiting Casey, she’s not giving any info, and it just assures her that she can keep them hanging on her lies! I think that drugs are involved, possibly she was a mule and left Caylee with the supplier and something went arry and the supplier kept Caylee, thats why Casey wants immunity. She possibly owes them money and she’ll get Caylee back. Maybe thats why none of her ‘friends’ want to be on camera, cause they are druggies and dont want to be implicated, but they know she was selling. Just my thought .

    • Gina says:

      was married to a cop for 18 yrs that is what we had to do to protect our home & car’s in case someone he arrested made a charge against him. They couldn’t come after what we owned. Lot of people what to make money off other’s.

      All is not what you are seeing the news report. They are building a case against Casey & it takes time.

  20. Gabriel says:

    I want to come to Orlando and beat the crap out that lying witch Cindy.
    I wish someone would kidnap her.

  21. tkb says:

    The reaction of George Anthony today to the crowd of interested, albeit pushy reporters says one thing to me. The gig is up. I believe in my heart that George has known all along, as a former police officer, that Casey is responsible for what has happened to Caylee. I believe that he has tried to believe what Cindy wants him to believe…while knowing the media, the pd, the fbi and most of the public are sadly believing Casey took the life of her beautiful little girl.
    George knows.
    It would not suprise me if Cindy knows even more than George about specifics. She posted on her myspace page on July 3rd..”my caylee is missing…and jealousy has taken her away.”
    Why would she not say, something like my daughter and I had a rift and now she is refusing to let me see or speak to Caylee. But, she told all when she said she is missing.
    I cannot imagine how difficult it must be for George. I would imagine that he had ideas for dealing with Casey’s bad behavior way back when she was younger…and Cindy bucked him all the way. I have seen situations where the Dad will eventually throw his hands up…and let the Mom do whatever she wants. Then he just looks the other way…but inwardly hates that he has not stood up to his wife and his out of control daughter.
    I watched a family member who claimed to be pregnant, but who lost the baby…but continued to act as if she was pregnant. Others in the family were expecting and she had baby showers with them. But as the due date approached…and eventually passed the woman grew agitated and angry with the others who were having babies.
    I did not understand her anger, until it came out that she was not having a baby…but had continued to lead all of us to believe she was. I don’t mean to ramble here, but what I am saying is that George’s reaction is so telling.
    Like most of you and most of America I would cry tears of joy to see Caylee returned safe. I would admit my feelings about what Casey did were wrong. Any hope the family had of her being with someone who is simply caring for her end at the close of the day tomorrow. If things were on the up and up… whoever had her would be sure she was home on her birthday.
    If you think George lost it today, wait to see how the rest of the family are acting next week.
    Also Casey refused to meet with her brother Lee at the jail today. She knows everyone is coming to reality about her actions…she cannot face her family.

  22. FloridaYiaYia says:

    I found this on another blog. It is Casey Anthony’s MySace through June and a timeline.

    God bless you Caylee .




    June 2 Casey’s Boyfriend, Anthony Lazzaro, last sees Caylee on this date.
    Message from Casey to Alex on myspace

    June 4 Casey’s facebook comments to Amy
    Casey Anthony (Orlando, FL) wrote
    at 12:12pm on June 4th, 2008
    si!!! good times to be had, from tonight, until, well, forever.
    what time do you think you’re getting done tonight????
    Casey Anthony (Orlando, FL) wrote
    at 7:33am on June 4th, 2008
    oh, the times we will have!
    i can’t wait for us to become roomies in another week! seriously…by the end of next week, it will be just us girls. i can’t believe it!
    June 7 Casey’s facebook comments to Amy
    Casey Anthony (Orlando, FL) wrote
    at 9:04am on June 7th, 2008
    i’m so glad you’re ok! seriously, you scared the life right out of me! i love you girl.
    June 8-14 Around these time that Cindy said Casey took a mini vacation with Jeff Hopkins
    From Casey (not sure to who)
    June 9,2008
    Hey baby!I hope NY is treating you right.Question!!!!!do you know any local girls,that can sing?my boyfriend Tony,and his business partners are looking for an up and coming female R&B artist let me know!!!i miss you!
    June 9 Anthony Lazaro states that Casey moved in with Amy Huizenga on this date
    June 9 Casey Anthony said that on June 9, she dropped Caylee off at a babysitter who lived at the Sawgrass Apartments. She said the babysitter’s name was Zenaida Gonzalez.
    June 12 George Anthony says Caylee was spotted by friends of the Anthony family in a shopping area near the Orange-Seminole county lines. She was wearing a pink and blue outfit and white-rimmed sunglasses.
    June 9 – July 12 Casey Anthony tells her parents that she had been going to work every day and that Caylee had been staying with friends or nannies.
    June 12-13-14 Christine Chester, friend of Casey, says she saw Casey and Cayle on one of these dates.
    From Casey to Jeff Hopkins
    Jun 12 2008 6:41 AM
    (Fusion poster was here)
    you guys should definitely check it out!
    cover is only $5. there’s going to be live artists, a full bar, and an album release that you shouldn’t miss!
    hope to see you out there!
    From Casey (not sure to who)
    Jun 12 2008 9:14 AM
    so i’m thinking, you should bring your happy ass back into orlando tomorrow night, for a BADASS hip hop showcase/album release party. google the address on the poster, on my myspace page.
    i’d love to see you out there!
    From Casey (not sure to who)
    Jun 12 2008 7:54 PM
    sounds good hun.
    From Casey (not sure to who)
    June 12,2008 9:14
    so im thinking,you should bring your happy a** back into orlando tomorrow night,for a bad a** hip hop showcase/album release the address on the poster,on my myspace page,id love to see you out there!
    June 15 Caylee and Cindy visited Cindy’s father at Nursing Home
    June 17 Casey’s Facebook comments to Amy
    Casey Anthony wrote
    at 3:15pm on June 17th, 2008
    cheer up me lady! i love you and can’t wait to finally get you moved in
    June 19 Casey’s Facebook comments to Troy on the 19th
    Casey Anthony wrote
    at 3:57pm on June 19th, 2008
    you, ric and dave should definitely come out tomorrow night. i’ll give you a buzz later. i haven’t see you in ages!
    Casey Anthony wrote
    at 9:09pm on June 19th, 2008
    until 2. i’ll be there all night.
    From Casey to Alex
    June 20, 2008 15:46
    you’re online!!! come out to fusion tonight…mandatory attendance Alexander Ryans
    June 20 Casey’s facebook comments to Chris Tutz
    Casey Anthony (Orlando, FL) wrote
    at 2:36pm on June 20th, 2008
    trying to get back in shape?! how about you come and hang out with me tonight, at Fusian!!!! call me!
    June 21st 6:43pm
    good times last night!
    Casey wrote to “little one ” on myspace
    June 21st 7:02pm
    Oh yes I know! haha.
    you’re amazing girly!
    looking forward to the all white party this weekend.
    From Casey (not sure who to)
    June 22,2008 19:29
    its been agesill give you a call this week
    Sun Jun 22nd 6pm – Tues Jun 24th 10am: Shed at family home broken into, 2 gas cans stolen by unknown thief.
    June 23rd
    From Casey to Lee:
    Jun 23, 2008 12:40 AM
    here’s my question…
    is ‘the windy city’ an appropriate nickname for chicago? is it really THAT windy?
    i’ve always wondered.
    To Troy on Facebook
    Casey Anthony (Orlando, FL) wrote
    at 2:40pm on June 24th, 2008
    she still has yet to move into the house. hell, in the past 9 days, i haven’t even been living at the house. DRAMMMMMA. i’ll fill ya in later on.
    miss ya, yo.
    To Troy on Facebook
    Amy Huizenga (Orlando, FL) wrote
    at 2:46pm on June 24th, 2008
    I’m still at Ricardo and JPs… hopefully everything works out soon! Hey, so I forwarded my mail a little late… any idea how to get my insurance stuff that got mailed to the Oviedo house?
    June 25 Jesse Grund Talk to Casey on the phone and heard Caylee on the backgroud. This is also the day Jesse resigned from his job as LE ( Edit – Per Affidavit 25th not 24 )
    From Casey (not sure to who)
    Jun 25 2008 10:36 AM
    hey girly! long time. are you going to be in orlando this weekend?
    message to Alex from Casey on myspace
    Jun 25 2008 3:35 PM
    come to orlando friday!!!!
    i miss your happy ass, plus, you need to join me for a few beverages, and the ALL WHITE PARTY, at fusian. i never asked…do you like sushi?? get at me brotha!
    June 27 Casey Abandoned the White Pontiac infront of the Check Cashing Business. Anthony picked her up from from Amscot store.
    June 30 The car Casey had been using is towed from the Amscot store on Goldenrod Road and Colonial Drive
    From Mid to End of June
    Casey was witnessed backing her car up to the garage. The neighbor told LE that Casey had asked to borrow a shovel.
    To Troy on Facebook
    Casey Anthony (Orlando, FL) wrote
    at 1:46pm on July 2nd, 2008
    you taking a cab tonight?
    July 3 Cindy posted this on Myspace
    Thursday, July 03, 2008
    my caylee is missing
    She came into my life unexspectedly, just as she has left me. This precious little angel from above gave me strength and unconditional love. Now she is gone and I don’t know why. All I am guilty of is loving her and providing her a safe home. Jealousy has taken her away. Jealousy from the one person that should be thankfull for all of the love and support given to her. A mother’s love is deep, however there are limits when one is betrayed by the one she loved and trusted the most. A daughter comes to her mother for support when she is pregnant, the mother says without hesitation it will be ok. And it was. But then the lies and betrayal began. First it seemed harmless, ah, love is blind. A mother will look for the good in her child and give them a chance to change. This mother gave chance after chance for her daughter to change, but instead more lies more betrayal. What does the mother get for giving her daughter all of these chances? A broken heart. The daughter who stole money, lots of money, leaves without warning and does not let her mother now speak to the baby that her mother raised, fed, clothed, sheltered, paid her medical bills, etc. Instead tells her friends that her mother is controlling her life and she needs her space. No money, no future. Where did she go? Who is now watching out for the little angel?
    July 4 Friends told Eyewitness News Casey celebrated Independence Day with her boyfriend Tony Lazarro. She partied and cooked dinner for him and his roommate
    July 7.
    Casey Anthony, called the Diary of Days, which was posted on
    It reads, in part:
    “On the worst of worst days, remember the words spoken
    Trust no one, Only yourself.
    With great power, comes great consequence.
    What is given, Can be taken away.
    Everyone Lies.
    Everyone Dies.”…..ouble.html
    July 8 Casey’s facebook post to Amy
    Casey Anthony wrote
    at 9:31am on July 8th, 2008
    oh puerto rico….has stolen my friends. we shall be reunited shortly
    July 10 Jesse Grund’s Updates on his Facebook
    “Jesse will be moving again in August…to Georgia!9:12pm
    Casey wrote to “little one ” on myspace
    you’re the best adopted little sister ever! we need a new picture tonight ”
    From Casey to Red Fuzzy Balloons
    Jul 10 2008 11:47 PM
    oh my sexy boys.
    i love fuzzy red balloons!
    From Casey (not sure to who)
    July 14,2008 22:10
    she sent a video to this user about drums because he is a drum player it is by killer chops tv on you tube
    July 13 Casey’s facebook comments to Chris StUtz :
    Casey Anthony (Orlando, FL) wrote
    at 9:34am on July 13th, 2008
    happy birthday love!!!!
    Casey wrote to “little one ” on myspace
    July 13th 7:36am
    you little hoochie!
    where are “our” new pictures????
    July 8-15 Casey’s driving Amy’s car as Amy went to Puerto Rico for a vacation
    July 15 Casey picked up Amy at the Airport
    July 15 The car found abandoned is picked up by the Anthony family from the wrecker company
    July 15 After they had not seen Caylee for some time, the girl’s grandparents got concerned and confronted Casey. Cindy made 2 911 Calls
    July 15- While they were waiting for the police, Casey and Cindy got onto myspace and contact all her friends to “get the word out”. She said she called the police around 10:00. So Amy might have gotten the message about Caylee being missing and then posted her comment on Facebook.
    July 15 The Sheriff’s Office is notified that Caylee Anthony has been missing since June 9
    July 15 Casey’s facebook post to Amy
    Casey Anthony wrote
    at 4:02pm on July 15th, 2008
    so glad you’re home.
    i better not see you online.
    life is on hold until tomorrow
    July 15 Amy Posted this on facebook to her friend
    Amy Huizenga wrote
    at 11:38pm on July 15th, 2008
    A person who I thought was my friend stole money one night while I was sleeping and made up a story about how I got up in my sleep and put money away for the trip I was going on (I got back today, it was a great trip!). I bought that, she’s my friend, but after today I know it was her. I let her use my car while I was gone and my check book was in there. Account cleared out. Hopefully I’ll be able to get that back… but yeah… overall… about a grand. Which isn’t even the worst (for me it is…) apparently her kid has been missing for a month. She claims the nanny stole her and was too afraid to tell her mom. So, as bad as all this is, there is a little girl out there (hopefully) that I’m way worried about.
    Anyway, how are you?
    July 16 The car found abandoned is picked up by the Anthony family from the wrecker company
    July 16 Police talk to Zenaida Gonzalez who says she does not know Casey Anthony. Police also take Casey to Universal Studios where she said she worked. After leading them to a building, she admitted she was no longer employed there
    July 16 Casey Anthony is arrested.
    July 17 The Sheriff’s Office takes possession of the car and finds evidence of possible human decomposition.
    July 17 The Sheriff’s office starts to search the backyard of the Anthony house.
    July 17 Casey Anthony is officially charged with child neglect, lying to investigators and interfering with a criminal investigation. The judge denies bond because she showed a “woeful disregard for the welfare of her child”
    Written to Lee on myspace from MayFizzle
    Jul 17, 2008 12:05 AM
    Good luck brother! I know u r smart enough to find the TRUTH behind all of this nonsense and God willing everything will turn out the way, I’m sure, we all would like! For the best and with as little consequence for all in every way!
    May all the right hearts and minds be willing and able to restore the once quiter Anthony Home; and restore the smiles that once shone!
    With great love from the Mayfield Family!
    Erika, Karla, Carlos, and The Fizz
    Erika and Karla were very upset when I told them the news and wish everyone the best of luck! Our prayers are with the Anthony’s!
    Jul 19 2008 5:36 AM (To Lee)
    Caylee! Always on my mind!
    I miss Caylee……she is such an angel! What a cute video with the book!
    Since the day Erika has been pregnant I often think about the times we will visit O-Town over the years and get to walk down the street to visit a place so familiar to me! A walk I have made thousands of times. A lifetime of memories to be shared with the next generation. I only wish there was something I could do from so far away to ensure this dream come true my next visit. I can only hope and pray all of this passes quickly and Casey comes to her senses! So we all can return back to our lives with some peace, knowing our next visit will be a joyous occasion as it should be!
    I miss the whole fam! So, next time I see ya George, Cindy, Lee, Casey, and Caylee hugs r on me!

  23. Matt says:


    I have seen that same post from Cindy’s myspace page that is identical on other blogs except the addition MY CAYLEE IS MISSING in your version. Are you trying to make the story more interesting???

  24. Michelle says:

    My Caylee Is Missing was the title of her blog entry. When folks question my integrity I wish they would give me a way to get in touch with them.

  25. FloridaYiaYia says:

    I find this statement of Casey’s very telling in her blog. She left the Anthony family home on the 15th or 16th of June. In my opinion, that is when Cindy found out about precious Caylee. I think the entire family has a Soap Opera mentality and that is how they live their lives. God, please be with Caylee

    This evil person loves drama in her life and the parents have allowed it to go for a ling time. Below this the section I am talking about. (DRAMMMMMA).

    From Casey’s blog:

    To Troy on Facebook
    Casey Anthony (Orlando, FL) wrote
    at 2:40pm on June 24th, 2008
    she still has yet to move into the house. hell, in the past 9 days, i haven’t even been living at the house. DRAMMMMMA. i’ll fill ya in later on.
    miss ya, yo

  26. Annie Malone says:

    Thank you for all your work – (blog). What a terrible dysfunctional family. It appears that this Casey character has called the shots in this family for years. WHY everyone is kissing her rear end – beats me? The brother ‘Lee’ appears to be enjoying his 15 min of fame. Didn’t Casey STEAL some $45,000 in money – charge cards from her mother? Why isn’t she being charged for theft?

    Any woman will tell you that the RECENT pictures of Casey – in purple dress etc / hairdo / professional makeup job cost a pretty penny/ I had read somewhere that his was some kind of contest taking place in this ‘bar’ (some concern for her missing baby!).

    I didn’t know about the filing (later dropped) for divorce by George ( Casey’s father) nor that the home is in Cindy’s name. Weird – our home is in both my husband and my name. George – it appears LOST control of his family years ago / Casey appears (?) to have a sociopathic personality / which would account for her LACK of emotions over her BABY !

    Is this AMY a friend or relative? It appears that CASEY steals and abuses everybody she comes in contact with ( stealing Amy’s money etc). It certainly appears that drugs are somehow part of this picture –and the boyfriend may be a part of it?

    The ‘news’ reported that Jesse Grund now thinks he may have been ‘mistaken about the date of hearing Caylee’s voice – June 25.

    It appears that the LAST time that Caylee is seen by relative was JUNE 15 at the nursing home with Cindy’s father (photos). MOST interesting is the June 30 date with neighbor telling of ‘borrowed shovel – and for the FIRST time seeing a car backed into driveway! HELLO – Casey is too damn lazy to have been out digging up bamboo!

    Reports say that she made a flurry of phone calls – Was this JUNE 30 – they were one minute apart to apparently George/ Cindy whom she couldn’t reach? DID little Caylee (the ladder was reported being down) get into the pool – while Casey was emailing/ etc? She panicked – I noticed on the ‘news’ that the area where the cadaver dogs (who know the difference between pizza and a body) picked up a scent was near the sandbox – this was a COVERED large plastic box – filled with toys.

    It is possible, that air headed Casey knew the gig was up, if her parents realized little Caylee was dead, due to the NEGLIGENCE of this daughter they had excused – pampered – coddled – covered up for etc? She most likely envisioned jail or whatever? She moved the baby’s body (later) – thus the shovel – and the dogs picking up scent in the trunk of car. THESE dogs are highly trained!

    I wonder if Cindy or Casey are planning to make some money out of this sordid affair. HOW ridiculous to keep up (billboard) the pretense as if this were a legitimate KIDNAPPING –thus seeking sympathy – donations etc?

    VERY interesting Cindy posting that weird message headed MY CAYLEE is MISSING – the SAME day of the police report. WHAT? Who in God’s name has time to write such a ‘personal’ monologue in a CRISIS ? It appeared contrived – as it ‘they’ were setting up an excuse? Don’t know – just too too weird.

    When my children were assaulted by a sexual predator in a nature preserve near our home – the detectives told me I was fortunate that they weren’t killed. Even so ( me a social worker) there’s a “SHATTERING’ that takes place in a part of you that you never knew existed when ANY harm comes to your child. PARTY – sending emails – stealing money for clothes etc….NOT!!

    George (his own fault) is at the breaking point. This self centered – party girl of a daughter has robbed them blind – and brought the whole world into their lives. Cindy is a shrew – calling the shots, excusing any and everything Casey does. Lee is pitiful – playing detective – PLEASE. If my child were missing I wouldn’t be asking for my boyfriend’s number in jail etc.

    This baby is dead (accidental) – she sold it ( I wouldn’t put anything past her) OR if there are drugs involved the baby is being held for payment of drugs / but this is far fetched. No drug dealers want involved in KIDNAPPING – the baby would have been left somewhere. Sad – but it appears that she may be dead – and what a shame/ how many families would have adopted this child and given her a NORMAL life. AM

  27. Missy says:

    Well, there are 34 Zenaida Gonzalez’s in Florida. One actually in Orlando. Has Casey given police her description or age?! Probably not, since she knows Zenaida doesnt have Caylee. She’s caught in her web of lies and thats why she cant face the family. No phone call from babysitter at or around the time she claims, (thats right off the search warrant info, after the warrant items are listed, there’s a statement from one of the detectives), saying how they have her cell records and based on the time she claims Zenaida and Caylee called, while in the presence of CINDY, there was NO call that came in. CINDY!, you are lying too! You said you saw Casey talking to Caylee on the 16th, you gave a time frame that went with Casey’s time frame. There was NO CALL!

    • Kathy says:

      This is for the entire Anthony family. My prayers are for all of you. I am sorry for your losses and wish I could halep you. Perhaps the day will come when Casey will bring herself to at least tell George ad Cindy what actually happened to the beautiful raven haired child.

  28. Maria says:

    This is so sad. Could she have left the baby in the car who died of heat exposure. Does any one know where the car seat is. She must have had one. Weird that no mention is made why the witch left the house. There must have been some type of argument between her and her mother. Poor innocent angel!

  29. Missy says:

    I believe the car seat was found in the abandoned car, along with Casey’s purse.
    Cindy, in her 911 call, said “somethings not right!”….no kidding! This family just blows me away! They have never made an on air plea for Caylee, when they talk about her, they never seem to be emotionally upset, no tears, or voice breaking up. It’s just bizzare.

  30. DIANE says:

    well I have a good Intuition. Casey is a pathological Liar. She killed that child of her on day one.. She took the shiovel and the gasoline.
    Draw your own conclusion.
    She will answer to God.
    I pray daily for that child. The grandma
    needs to take a polygraph.Someone should be able to get the truth out of casey.
    She killed that beautiful child.

  31. kristie says:

    last time she wrote someone about going partying was June 25- After all I read I think somethings happened to Caylee after she partied that weekend= the car was abonded after the partying took place that weekend.
    I think the FBI could find someone that stoled her baby by know- According to the evidence I think she is not alive= I think Casey will commit suicide if she is relased.

  32. Kathy says:

    I’ve been watching this story unfold for weeks now, and I would like to know if Cindy, or her husband, have asked to have Casey seen by a psychiatrist.

    The reason I ask is because while reading some of Casey Anthony’s statement, quoted in the press, and listening to her conversation, I noticed something unusual.

    In a lot of statement made by Casey, I note that she ‘rhymes’. For instance,.. i.e., the name of the babysitter, and the manager of TGI Friday’s: Zenaida Gonzales – Raquel Farrell.

    She also tends to ramble, in a very cohesive way, regarding details of people, places and things, while doing this rhyming.

    I am not a psychiatrist, but the symetry of the rhyming, and/or use of the same number of sound alike consants, may indicate a form of schizophrenia.

    The term the psychiatrists use for this effect is called “clanging”. I is a rhyming of words which have no meaning, but are chosen for sound.

    I became curious when I also read, in the search warrant of August 7, 2008, that Casey had blacked out earlier in the year, and was taken to the hospital.

    Often a head injury can cause this form of schizophrenia. In early stages, symptoms may not be very noticable, as I believe what is occurring with Casey.

    Please have a psychiatrist interview, and test Casey. If she is suffering from this disorder, or something related, she can be helped, and perhaps it will lead us all to find out what happened to Caylee.

    My prayers are with you all.

  33. missy says:

    Kathy, thats very interesting! I did notice too, that she had a seizure in February and her friend took her to the ER. I’m starting to think she has multiple personalitites. Her photos with Caylee look genuine and loving. Then you see her partying photos, and she doesnt look the same, something has changed in her eyes. Even her high school friends said she didnt appear to look like the Casey they knew.

  34. missy says:

    oh, remember she even said one person that knew Caylee was missing was Juliet Lewis….that rhymes!

  35. SOMEONE says:

    Can someone tell me about the house on Oviedo?? Sounds like her and Amy were moving in together and then Amy backed out. From June 9th to the 15th friends were watching Caylee and she stayed at Tony’s house-not parent’s. She visited on the 15th or left Caylee with her mom. Maybe there was an argument about Caylee going to the nursing home since Casey did not go. Got mad and left came back on the 16th for extra clothes when mom was at work. I think Amy knows alot more.
    Who knows after that but based on what is posted above for Cindy’s myspace it sounds like she feels that Casey took Caylee away out of spite, hatred for her own mother, because she knew Cindy loved Caylee, and that would hurt her. Whatever she did it was revenge for something.

    They need to check cell phone pings for after June 22nd. Prior to this time she may have just been looking for a remote place. I think when the dad made the theft report about gas cans he knew who took them, but wanted some discipline thinking that would help her behavior, little did he know at that time the whole picture. She may very well have had another cell phone used for other purposes. All this is only opinion and speculation.

  36. Sherry C. says:

    Could it be that Casey was in the process of stealing Zanaida’s identity? Casey seems to be money hungry. I don’t think for drugs but for the good life. This Padilla who is bailing her out said that the name Casey gave for the babysitter is a rare Mexican name and it would be hard to come up with out of the blue. That’s why he believes her story. What a …nevermind. Like Casey couldn’t look in the phone book for such a name. Or maybe she overheard her name. Perhaps Zanaida had a myspace account that Casey was nosing into and that’s how she found out about her apartment search leading to Sawgrass. Who knows. All of this is so bizarre. And, of course it’s gonna make the news! IMO, I don’t think Gramma had anything to do with her grandbaby being missing. It was just a poor choice of a word at an ironic time. However, I noticed Cindy’s change in demeanor after Casey scolded her for the media interview. She was ready to turn her daughter in and then the first jail call comes and, poof! Cindy starts siding with Caylee. What was the last remark Cindy made? Everyone will see that Casey is protecting her daughter when this is over, and she will be given the Mother of the Year Award. Yeah, right!

  37. Brad says:

    I think everyone on this thread are great investigators! I’m a producer for the show On The Record W/Greta Van Susteren on the Fox News Channel and we are following this case every day. If any of you guys have any information you would like to share PLEASE let me know! You can email me at


    We can only hope for the best and assist where we can.


  38. Sherry C. says:

    Great show, Brad! Greta is my favorite to watch on this case. She has shown the best professionalism and has the best guests commenting on the mysterious fiasco going on here by Casey. Its nice not to be bombarded with Casey’s party pictures every night ’cause we get it about Casey’s ways. And, Michelle, thank you for putting this on your site. I pray that we will all see the conclusion of this matter shortly. The commentors on here are the sanest in their speculations about Casey and the family. No hysterics here as there are on other sites I’ve been to.

  39. FloridaYiaYia says:

    Everyone, remember the statement Cindy used while yelling at the press. “I have lost one and I will not lose another”.

    I can’t get this out of my head because I think this is very telling. In my opinion, grandma knows far more than what she is saying. I think she meant ” I have lost my Caylee and she does not want to lose Casey too.” I think she is covering for Casey and does not want her going to jail.

    Also, George seems to have been in hiding the first few weeks after everyone knew this precious child went missing. He made a statement at the beginning that he was not living at the house, but when he was interviewed by Greta, it was as if they were the perfect family. Something does not jive at all.

    The bounty hunter made a comment yesterday that made me sick. I am paraphrasing here: “Once she gets home , has a nice shower and paints her nails she will feel better. I don’t want her feeling better! A little baby is missing and all he wants is airtime to jump start his career.

    I work in the media too , Brad. I am a producer and you know we investigate everthing in our line of work. Thank you, for all you do and please send our regards to Greta !

    God bless you Caylee.

  40. montana gal says:

    Remember that the apple doesn`t fall far from the tree. Casey and Cindy Anthony are both alike.This deception considering little Caylee will not go on forever. God will eventually rip the mask off both of them and the full truth will come out..Casey thinks the detective`s assigned to her case are rope-a-dopes.So did Susan Smith, until they found her two son`s in the lake.Deep down, everyone has a conscience. Especially with so many people praying the Light Of Christ into the disappearance of Caylee.

  41. FloridaYiaYia says:

    I have a few questions, I hope you will weigh in .

    When I saw little Caylee’s bedroom it struck me as being “to” perfect. An interior decorator could not have done a better job. Very strange for a child that was turning 3 years old.

    The Anthony’s seemed to have been plagued with money problems throught the years . Before and after moving from Trumbull County, Ohio.

    Was George a homicide detective? Did he retire as he stated earlier or was fired or leave on his own?

    This is the one that cause me nightmares. Did Caylee have life insurance policies and if so who’s named as the beneficiaries?

    I pray, I am wrong and Caylee is alright, but there are two many things that tell me likewise. Casey and the entire family seem to lie very easily.

    God bless you Caylee.

  42. Mumof2 says:

    I’ve never left a response on a blog before (so hope this works!) , but I’m in the grip of this case, and like Brad, found this site quite sensible by comparison to others.
    I wonder if someone who has enough knowledge could take a different perspective, and track who was in what house during the critical dates, with the focus being on where it was possible for Caylee to have been on those dates. For instance, after the 2nd and up until the 9th we can be fairly certain she wasn’t staying at Tony’s. Was she staying at the Grandma’s house then? Then on the 15th, where was Casey staying? the Grandma took the baby to see her great grandfather in assisted care. Casey was not around.
    I somehow feel that a “by location” examination by date (and time) might be helpful, for both events and who was home or staying there.

    Cindy’s post to on the 3rd July with a title of My Caylee is missing tells me she already knew that her daughter did not have care of the child. She may have believed the babysitter story, but by the 3rd, after asking many times to speak to Caylee and getting many excuses from Casey, she began to feel that the child was either dead or sent away. As a mother of a child that was a gambler prior to getting lots of professional help, I recognise the signs. It takes you a while to sort through the lies that are perpetuated for self protection. You have to play detective, and at the same time you feel guilty in doing so, because this is your CHILD you are having trouble believing.

    I read that someone else was wondering how Casey could stand by while her mother was on the phone talking to 911 operators. One of them, I believe, was in the car. To me, this smacks of only two scenarios. 1. The mother was threatening Casey with something even worse when she first rang (which I think was born out in the next call when she asked casey “is that what you want”) or 2. The mother has known the child is dead for a month already, and has been asking Casey to report it.

    Cindy is now scared she will lose, not only her grandchild, but her child…I believe Florida enforces the death penalty, is that right? Cindy did not understand the consequences of her actions when she rang 911, and now that she does, she is backing off at a rate of knots.

    I was locked into the Ramsey case, and the Maddy case in Britain, but neither of them comes near this case in terms of bizarre behaviour by the family. Good blogging …hope you don’t mind an intruder adding another 2 cents to the discussion.

  43. FloridaYiaYia says:


    Yes, Florida has the death penalty.

    A neighbor has stated on the 15th of June , Cindy and Casey had a very loud fight. Now, I know she lies all the time , but there are also half truths. This is what Casey wrote:

    “From Casey’s blog:

    To Troy on Facebook
    Casey Anthony (Orlando, FL) wrote
    at 2:40pm on June 24th, 2008
    she still has yet to move into the house. hell, in the past 9 days, i haven’t even been living at the house. DRAMMMMMA. i’ll fill ya in later on.
    miss ya, yo

    She states she has not lived at home for nine days. This was written on the 24th of June. Take away 9 and you have the 15th of June.

    In my opinion, that is why the timeline starts on the 15th or 16th. She was staying at Tony’s after those dates.

    The police found a piece of paper in the car Casey was driving, with the name and address of JPChatt. Take a look at him and then one of Caylee. I am not saying he is the father , but he is a friend of her brothers and when you look at his and Caylee’s eyes , it is uncanny. He works or worked for channel 9 in Orlando.

    All I am worried about is Caylee. Our children are gifts from God and our grandchildren are our presents.

    If this was my daughter , when she walked through the door after sitting in jail , I would have snatched her by the hair and taken her into Caylee’s room. We would not have come out until , I was told where my granddaughter was. There would have been “No hot shower and Pizza”.

    This charade by the entire family has gone on far to long.

    God bless you Caylee.

  44. R says:

    Its a horrible situation. Probably, Casey is either a crack addict, or another type of drug addict and I fear she left her child in the hot car while partying in the bar or something else horrible like abuse or neglect that caused her death. Why did she borrow a shovel? Why was her cell phoning pinging in a wooded area near a lake? Have they searched that area and drug that lake? Nancy grace show says area was out of her routine and suspicios. This person who doesnt deserve the title mother!! She shoud come clean for the baby’s sake. She has no conscious at all!! I Would not want to be in her shoes on judgement day.

  45. FloridaYiaYia says:

    Here ia a link to the documents released by the police today.

    God bless you Caylee

  46. missy says:

    Thank you FloridaYiaYia, I’ve been searching all over for these! I’m sickened by how Casey Anthony is trying to act like a celebrity now, wearing the big sunglasses and trying to hide, we all know what she looks like and its not as if we want to see her ugly lying bitch face. We want answers!

  47. FloridaYiaYia says:


    You’re quite welcome. I completely understand how you feel. I lost my first born to SIDS and these cases drive me nuts, but I have to stay on them hoping we can find closure for this little girl.

    I pray she is alive , but, I know she most likely is not. I have a few ideas, I have passed onto Brad and I hope they use them. I have worked in the same business for a few years.

    None of these family members act normal. I will not mention their name , but only call them Caylee’s mother, Caylee’s grandma , Caylee’s grandpa and Caylee’s uncle.

    Caylee’s so called mother acts guilty as hell. Why isn’t she crying for who ever has my baby, please bring her home. Instead she is covering her face, so she can meet with her attorney and plan her defense. I will not give her a pass by calling her a sociopath, she is “EVIL”.

    God bless you Caylee.

  48. cynthia says:

    What a world we live in!! So many people like myself who for whatever reason could not have children and people like Casey Anthony who have beautiflu children they don’t want. How many people would have willing taken this little girl to love and raise??? If Casey isn’t convicted of this crime, there is no justice in this world. And I agree, Cindy should also be charged. If she wouldn’t let Caylee be put up for adoption to someone who would love and cherish her, she should have dedicated her life to taking care of her and making sure she was safe! You know the saying, “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”.

  49. Cydney says:

    I don’t know how with the resent findings of a dead body in the trunk, they can allow this sick person to remain in thier home. They should tell the officials I love her but she can’t live here take her back to jail or let her stay the the people who bailed her out.
    At this point Casey should at least allow the child a decent funeral. She should take the deal offered by the D.A. and give all the people who loved Caylee closure by revealing where the body is located

  50. FloridaYiaYia says:

    Limited immunity?

    What, I am writing, is all speculation and in my opinion.

    I think the detectives and FBI have choreographed these last few days perfectly.

    First, they released over 400 hundred pages of evidence in Caylee’s mothers case.

    They released the information concerning the fired deputy sheriff. He lied to them and told them he never had a sexual relationship with Caylee’s mother. I don’t think Orlando or any town needs an officer who thought his bosses would not find out. I would call this a “DUH” .

    Yesterday, they released the results of the air sample ,taken from the trunk of the car and as you know, it was positive . A decomposing body was in the trunk of Caylee’s (grandparents) mother’s car.

    After reading all of the material more than once and listening to the 911 tapes again, in my opinion, they think Caylee’s mother may have had help . It could have been after the child was found dead from an accident or murder.

    June 9th was a date that apparently was very important to Caylee’s mother and others around her.

    1. Caylee’s mother told police that was the last time she saw Caylee.
    2. Caylee’s grandmother told police last was the last day she saw Caylee.
    3. Ricardo stated Caylee and Caylee’s mother spent the night at his apartment and they all slept in the same bed.
    4. Tony, the new boyfriend, stated he last saw Caylee on June 2nd and Caylee’s mom moved in his apartment June 9th.

    Many things started taking place on or around June 9th. Casey was in contact with friends she had not seen for sometime. Wanting them to come and party at Fusion.

    June 9th, was the day Caylee’s mother decided to get rid of this precious little baby, one way or another.

    Caylee’s grandmother made a few mistakes .

    First ,she told the police, the last time she saw Caylee was on June the 9th. Only, after a detective came to the house and spoke with Caylee’s grandparents did she have to change her story. The detective showed pictures of Caylee that were taken on the 15th of June. She asked, are you sure of the date? In my opinion, Caylee’s grandmother had completely forgot about this because she was covering for Caylee’s mother and /or, she helped her. That is a terrible thought , but she stated ” I have lost one and I will not lose another”.

    The entire Anthony family have acted strange since the beginning of this nightmare.

    Caylee’s grandfather stated, at the very beginning, he was not living at the house. I think Caylee’s grandmother wears the pants in this family. Like Caylee’s mom, she would say jump and they would say how high. People who are frantically looking for their grandchild do not have benefits to raise money, this was outlandish, along with many things they did.

    In my opinon, the detectives and FBI have most, if not all, of the DNA evidence back.

    I also think the limited immunity being offered, is to see if Caylee’s mother and /or someone else will roll over. I think she had help, in one form or another.

    It could have been a member of the family or someone that got caught up into something that snowballed.

    Again, this is all speculation and in my opinion.

    Weigh in, please.

    God bless you Caylee.

  51. missy says:

    My heart broke last night when they came back with the air samples. Not that I thought Caylee was alive, I did hope and pray, but all the signs pointed that she had passed away, it was upon actually reading the words, that I felt such sadness, it was as if she were my own little girl. How could a mother be so evil that she lies to everyone that tries to help, she shows no emotion what so ever, except the tears she shed upon realizing she wasnt going to get a cheap bail? The entire Anthony family seems absolutly bizarre to me, no tears. NO TEARS! That damn bail bondsman should go out and shoot his own foot, cause thats what he did by bailing that bitch out. I’m so sick of this, I cant believe a word that comes from the Anthony’s, they covered up for her and probably said to themselves, “well, we only knew Caylee for two years, Casey’s our child.” When you look at Caylee’s photos, she’s just an angel, and any parent would cherish having a little angel like her. God will comfort Caylee now. I hope the devil takes care of the Anthony’s.

  52. missy says:

    OH yeah, they are lucky I’m on the west coast! I cant say for certain what I’d do if I lived anywhere near them. I’ve said it before on this blog, they come off as gypsies, asking for Target gift cards, etc. How the hell is Target going to find Caylee? How is a free personal assistant going to bring Caylee back? What next, makeup endorsements? Is Cindy trying to get a contract with a bottled water or gum company?! I hate this family, I think I’ll go make up a t shirt that lets everyone know they are liars and frauds and accomplises to the cover up.

  53. Forensics Specialist says:

    Forensically speaking, Casey Anthony has let on far more subliminal information than she realizes. 1) She said Caylee is “close to home”. This means, she buried the child “close to home”. 2) Casey has no sense of urgency about finding her child, because she knows the child is no longer alive. 3) The reason she stole the gas is two-fold: a) to drive as far out of town as possible, while thinking over what to do with Caylee’s body. b) She then returned “close to home” and used the rest of the gas to char the remains.
    Sorry to be so blunt, but these are things that we were all afraid to say … until the air results came back yesterday. The OC investigators need to write up a map of her cell-phone pings and search for remote or wooded areas in those locations.

  54. Kay says:

    I just heard on the news that the hair sample is Kaylee’s and there are signs of decomposition. I must admit I was still hoping that Kaylee was still alive. That Casey needs the lethal injection, she has no remorse she is only trying to save her own ass. She needs to fess up and tell where she put the body. Then go straight to hell.

  55. Forensics Specialist says:

    Casey Anthony’s bail was revoked today. She’s going back to jail. Let’s all celebrate by dancing at a nightclub … for a hot body competition.

  56. Kay says:

    Yea and then we can go to our fake jobs at universal.

  57. Ronnie says:

    Please excuse me for intruding….
    I feel sorry for Cindy. If any of you have ever had a daughter give you problems, you would know what Im talking about. I had problems with my daughter many years ago and it makes you crazy! I cant imagine going through it with the whole world watching. It was bad enough with my extended family. Im sure behind closed doors Cindy is not being so nice to Casey. As one said about grabbing her by the hair and bringing her to Caylee’s room, I wouldnt doubt it one bit if she wouldnt do this! (Or at least want to) What do you want her to do….if she goes against Casey openly she might never find Caylee. She is a mom…we dont know what we would do until we had that experience. Please dont judge her….
    I have a granddaughter a year older than Caylee and I would die if anything happened to her too!! Give Cindy a break…..put yourself in her place and try to see where she is coming from. Im sure she doesnt have a lot of love in her heart right now for Casey either!

  58. diane says:

    I agree with the person about why is cindy anthony not in jail or being hauled in for questioning? She has already admitted commiting crimes….tampering with evidence; obstructing justice; she has lied even wrose than the daughter (since casey remains mute except to lie some more); KNEW this child was missing way before she ever reported anything! I have never seen this woman show any grief for her missing grandchild…..only a very violent attiutde towards the VERY PEOPLE who DO care about what has happened to this child. No wonder casey is sociopathic….so is her mother; and possibly whole family! But the mother’s guilt is so very obvious, as well as casey’s. But i do understand the delay from the law…without a body they have to go to court with a lot of solid evidence. And casey knew this from jump!

  59. Anna says:

    I am at a loss for words when it comes to the case of little Caylee Marie Anthony. I have been following the events from day one and I can’t help but to fill all the void with my own thoughts and assumptions. Casey is definitely not well. It leaves one to wonder what the hell went wrong with her up bringing?? How can anyone in that household sleep at night knowing that their daughter steels, lies and lives that kind of life?
    The question that keeps bothering me is George Anthony used to be a cop and now he works in Security (I believe that’s what I heard) So my question is WHY is he no longer a cop? Also, this whole situation with Casey moving out and in with friends and out and in with the bf. I find all of that so confusing. I can’t piece the information together to get a clear understanding of where was she staying and for how long and why?
    I know that we all have a ton of questions with no answers. What I believe happened is Caylee died by accident. I have a gut feeling deep inside that this belief is true. She died, Casey panicked (explains the ton of calls made to her parents). She decided to bury the body in the backyard. Then she thought better of it and dug the body back up (explains why she borrowed the shovel) backed her car into the driveway (so that noone sees her throwing the body into the trunk) and drove off. She left the body in the trunk for a few days because she didn’t know what to do with it. With the terrible heat in Florida, the body started to decompose and that’s how the mysterious stain came about. The lining of the nose and mouth releases a fluid when it’s in the process of decomposition. Then Casey realized she has to get rid of the body, that’s when she stole the gas cans. I strongly believe she burned the body and spread the ashes across a body of water. She probably thought no body= no crime and she will get away with telling everyone that Caylee was kidnapped. Little does she know, this day and age and the technology that we have…. noone will get away with murder!

  60. missy says:

    But wait, I need to find Zaneida Fernandez Gonzalez to watch the kids! You know, at the apartment that doesnt exist.

  61. missy says:

    Seriously, Padilla is now halting the bond revokation, that greasy Baez must have been giving lots of lip service to get that stopped. One thing I noticed in the documents was Casey started using past tenses when talking about Caylee. She told investigators, “Caylee liked the park, she liked the swings”, etc. When you’re child is ‘missing’, you never talk about them in the past tense! Also, she added so much unimportant information, like about running out of gas, she told them, “I ran out of gas, I didnt realize I was so low, I think the sensor needs to be replaced”, WHO CARES!? She added much too much stupid filler to her story, filling the cracks of her huge lie! Also, since there is no “nanny”, I think when she described dropping Caylee at Sawgrass, I thought it was odd that she said “I dropped her at the stairs, there’s a small storage shed to the right(or left?)” I wonder if she took Caylee’s body to the shed for a night, did anyone search it? I think it’s odd that she mentioned a shed, when there was no real reason to say that. Remeber out of lies, some little bits of truth come out.

  62. FloridaYiaYia says:

    “It” is back in jail ! The two main detectives arrested her last night. In my opinion, they have more information and will show there hand when necessary. I watched Greta and all but Ted Williams thought it was terrible they arrested her for stealing.

    I have a few words for all of the attorneys. Most people do not like or trust you because you will do anything for the guilty party and forget about the “Victims”. You will lie for you’re “Evil” clients, and let others suffer. I think it is high time, all of you, developed a sense of morality. The dear Lord knows, you need it!

    Brad, please let Greta know , that all loving and caring parents are thrilled to see her behinds bars.

    I have stated before , I think the detectives ,FBI and the States Attorney’s office have choreographed this perfectly.

    I hope one of the guilty parties start singing soon. It is time to give it up , Caylee’s grandma. We want to see this beautiful angel have the dignity and respect she deserves and that is to “Rest In Peace”.

    God bless you Caylee

  63. FloridaYiaYia says:

    I want to discuss the money , but first, I think the SD should arrest Caylee’s grandmother for obstruction of justice. She stated she went back to the tow yard and spoke to the gentleman that has signed a sworn statement ,concerning the smell coming from the car. This is commonly known as witness tampering. She then states someone placed a body in the vehicle after it was towed there. Give it up grandma , it will all come out in the wash soon. You should know, you removed evidence from the car and made sure they were fresh and clean.

    I wonder if Jose Baez would consider being the first attorney to start a new trend. He could call it the Anthony Family Plan. The Insanity defense would probably be effective.

    Now, I want to discuss the money that is being donated for the “Caylee Marie Anthony” trust fund. That is just oneof places people can send money. WHO IS MONITORING THIS MONEY? In my opinion, the Anthony’s are. I sit on several
    Boards of Charities for Abused , Abandoned and Neglected Children. I know Florida has very stricked rules on donating money to certain causes. I will be checking to see if what they have set up, is legal. I wonder if they have heard of a 501 C3?

    God bless you Caylee

  64. Sherry C. says:

    Florida YiaYia! I certainly HOPE that the Anthonys are NOT IN CHARGE of the reward funds! There is a rumor that they may tap into it to bail out Casey since the Clearwater bonding company revoked it. Wow! Good comments here on things that Casey said and did. Pray for TES to find Caylee or at least evidence of importance. BTW, the arrest was not staged. The LE obtained new evidence, the videos of Casey cashing/forging checks, and so arrested her. Baez faxed them saying he would surrender Casey on these charges. LE waited 3 hours and she was a no show. They had to get her out of fear that she is a flight risk. Perhaps all the squads were called in because of the protesters. Get this, Cindy accused the LE of barging into her home and carting her daughter away without giving reason why! C’mon, Cindy, stop opening your mouth! You’re making it worse in the credibility department.

  65. FloridaYiaYia says:

    Sherry C,

    I completely agree with you!! God bless you and your family.

    God bless you Caylee.

  66. FloridaYiaYia says:

    I have to vent or I will explode.

    Who murdered “Morality”?

    I read some posts on other blogs and I am disgusted. What happened to the children in this country? Who do our children look up to and who our their heroes? Who do they respect? Who are their role models ?

    We have a generation and a half who blame all their woes on others and expect everything to be handed to them. Why? They have been raised by lazy adults who gave them material things instead of love and guidance. A television became their babysitter along with every violent video game you can imagine. They do not take responsibility for their actions because they know if they do something wrong , all they have to do is whine to mommy or daddy and they will bail them out.

    Our children grew up learning about BJ’s on the 6’oclock news. I ask you, how sick is that? The leader of this nation had no morals. When, I discuss this with people, they say, well at least our budget was balanced. WOW, that makes and made me feel better. (sarcasm)

    Some people in our society believe experimenting with drugs and sex is ok because it is part of growing up. I don’t! Some people discard their children as if they were trash and their parents will lie to get them off. Please, look at Caylee Marie Anthony’s picture and tell me , who murdered morality. God help us all.

    God bless you Caylee.

  67. FloridaYiaYia says:

    I am not sure if someone has posted this before so I will. Jose Baez information.,0,5504210.story

    God bless you Caylee

  68. FloridaYiaYia says:

    Caylee’s grandma:

    It is time to stop trying to protect your daughter and in my opinion , yourself.

    You know as well as I , Caylee is in a far better place now, so get off all the news programs spouting what you know is a lie.

    I am a parent and grandmother and if my daughter had done something like this to my granddaughter, I would not be covering for her, or visiting her in jail. Some, want to say you are in denial, but, I don’t believe that for one second. Stop lying for your daughter, who killed your grand baby.

    I know what Caylee’s grandfather was told the day the cadaver dogs hit twice in your backyard. Please stop , it is pitiful and sickening to the rest of us who care.

    God bless you Caylee.

  69. KAREN says:

    The only thing Cindy meant by this blog was, Casey had taken her away in June on June 9th from her home where they had been living, Casey took her from there, Cindy again seen Caylee for the last time on Father’s day When she bumped into them while she ( Casey & Caylee )was visiting her Grandfather at the rest home.

    George and Cindy had separted due to George having an affair yet they did work thing’s out.
    Cindy was the main care taker of Caylee, She loves that Baby and cannot think past her beautiful face & personality that someone would hurt her.

    There has been new evidence found they did find the shovel, Black Back Pack with girl’s size 5 clothing, and some other thing’s under neath of a bridge yesterday where the search was being conducted.

    Just please unless you have been in Cindy’s shoe’s since this began please do not Judge her.

  70. missy says:

    wow, lost internet on my house move, thanks to Verizon, also, the almost amputated pinkie is healed enough to type again. Ok, so rat faced whore is back behind bars until possibly tomorrow, there is talk of chloroform….when will they bust the ENTIRE FAMILY for the crime?! I would never cover for my family if this were my neice, I would tell them “I love you, I dont know the details, but I have to be an advocate for my neice”. Thats only based on MY family, I dont have any, “it’s” or “monsters” in my family so I would have to say that based on my family experience. From all that I can see with the Anthony’s, that slutty whore took control of the household with her lies and theivery, and momma, unbrowzen adn Lee covered for her sociopathic behavior! SHAME ON THEM…whats the saying? Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice I’m the fool? Not sure, not so good with cliche`s. Be back here tomorrow to check on info.

  71. FloridaYiaYia says:


    Please, give me a link were it states Caylee’s mother was with Caylee’s grandmother when she took Caylee to see her Ggrandfather on June 15th.

    Caylee’s Ggrandmother stated Caylee and her grandmother visited that day and no mention of Caylee’s mother.

    I will stand by what I have written. Read the police reports and other information that is based on fact.

    I lost a child and know how devastating it is. I will not take up for Caylee’s because they know far more about Caylee than what they are saying. Doesn’t it bother you when Caylee’s grandmother continues to blame others that have tried to help?

    She stated “I have lost one and I will not lose another”. What do you think she means by this?

    God bless you Caylee.

  72. FloridaYiaYia says:


    Welcome back.

    God bless you Caylee.

  73. missy says:

    FloridaYiaYia, glad to be back on here, having no internet for a few days was driving me crazy since the news was only covering the DNC and now the RNC. The chloroform is suspicious since they said Casey was looking in the internet about it.

  74. Tracey says:

    I wish someone would have Casey hypnotized(sp) by a credible person and then see where it goes from there. Also, she needs to be seen by at least 2 psychiatrists to help get a feel on her state of mind ~yes, we all think she is a crazy loon!

    I just dont’t understand why the judge (after she was bonded out the first time) in this CASE just didnt stipulate that there would be no BONDING out at all due to her stream of lies to the police.

    We all don’t like to think it or say it but I am 99% sure Caylee is dead. Casey is 22 and did not appear to be doing anything with her life other than living at her parents home (probably because the grandmother wanted Caylee taken care of by herself because Casey had higher priorities) and hanging out with friends.

    Also, I wonder if George (caseys father) had “old” things from his police days~maybe a stash of chlorophom(sp?)~tht he had forgotten about….who knows. Having Casey bonded out isnt going to help!!

  75. Rhonda says:

    I DONT UNDERSTAND WHY THE Anthony’s dont want to help find this little angel. Cindy needs to sit back and remember she is the one that called 911 to begin with. Cindy is the one that called for tim and the serech in the first place. And when she heard him say i does not beleve Caylee is alive she turned on him. She knows that he will find her. And that seems to be the last the she wants. They said today that tim and the serchers needed to get a piece of clothing of Caylee’s for the K9’s to get a scent and Cindy and George said no. What a crock.. Justice For The World’s Little Caylee…

  76. FloridaYiaYia says:

    Hi everyone,

    Why did Caylee’s grandparents feel it was necessary for “Them” to hire a high profile “Defense Attorney”? Mark NeJame is his name and here is a link for more information on him and his partners.

    This a link to the story:

    God bless you Caylee.

  77. FloridaYiaYia says:


    I am going on memory , but ,I think she has been seen by two psychiatrists. I think the judge ordered this during the first bond hearing and it was supposed to have taken place within thirty days.

    I still will not give her a pass on her mental
    problems. In my opinion , she is completely “Evil”.

    God bless you Caylee

  78. Brenda says:

    IF I could talk to Cindy Anthony I would want to tell her that as a mother myself, I can identify and understand completely with her feelings of denial and guilt. I’m guessing, but it seems to me that Cindy knew about things Casey had been doing and had an idea of what she was capable of. So I wonder if there was a confrontation between them that ended in Casey taking revenge on her mother by hurting her child. If so:

    Cindy, this is not your fault.

    You are not to blame for the poor choices your daughter has made in her adult life. You are not to blame for what Casey did to that little girl. I know you want desperately to hang onto the hope that Casey is telling the truth and Caylee will be found alive. But you must know deep down that it’s not so. The realization of the truth may kill you. I fear for your emotional well being. Cindy this is not your fault and you need to let yourself of the hook and advocate for that little girl who needs the truth to be told and for the wrongdoer to be punished.

  79. FloridaYiaYia says:

    In my opinion, it was not Calyee’s mother that used the chloroform, but Caylee’s grandma and grandpa.

    Remember , when they picked up the car from the tow yard, there were maggots all over the pizza. If “Chloroform” was in the trunk at that time, bugs and maggots would have been dead.

    Caylee’s grandma was washing clothing , a knife and other things so they would be were nice and clean for the detectives. Wasn’t that sweet. While Caylee’s grandma was busy doing that , Caylee’s grandpa was busy trying to clean the trunk with chloroform. Thank God, they could not get rid of all of the evidence.

    That is one of the reason’s they retained a defense attorney. In my opinion, of course.

    God bless you Caylee.

  80. FloridaYiaYia says:

    Forget about my theory of Caylee’s grandparents using chloroform to clean out the trunk.

    I spoke to a well know Board Certified Forensic Entomologist today and was very enlightened.

    A human can die from “Chloroform” but “Flies” and “Larva” cannot. I hope no one takes offense to what I am writing because it may be delicate in nature to why we are here, for Caylee.

    After speaking with this very helpful professional , I learned a few things and one in particular that surprised me.

    Flies and larva (maggots) are not drawn to pizza because the toppings are already cooked. The most important thing I learned is, Flies dead or alive and Larva can be check for DNA. Not only their DNA, but what they were feeding off. I sure hope LE collected that pizza thrown in the dumpster. I hope you know what I am saying here because I do not want to get too graphic.

    God bless you Caylee.

  81. missy says:

    yes, I understand what you’re getting at, sad, sad, sad! That is interesting about the DNA being able to be collected from them. What else is odd about the “pizza” story is, I’ve left a few peices of pizza in the box and then taken it out to the trash, only to see the trash was too full to get the box in there, so I had set it on top of the can and a week later, the pizza didnt smell, it was dried out like a cracker, so I ABSOLUTELY do not buy Cindy’s story that rotten pizza created that smell, its cooked, as you mentioned FloridaYiaYia, and really cant “rot”, its not like forgetting a whole raw chicken, that breaks down, enzymes, etc. Pizza has no enzymes!!

  82. pfg says:

    I wonder if the police have yet questioned Casey as to why the pants she was wearing that later were found in the back seat ‘smelled like death’? You know, the ones that her mother accidently laundered before giving to the police. I suppose she would say that she spilled some rotten pizza on them????? Another queston; why would Casey’s parents believe that she still worked at “Universal” when she hadn’t for almost three years? Didn’t they keep track of her better than that? Something stinks here, and it isn’t “rotten Pizza”!!

  83. Shelley says:

    You people need to get off your high horse and realise that the media warps everything. True they haven’t found a living girl, but they haven’t found a body either. If there was scientifically conclusive evidence Caylee had died, believe me, criminal charges would be laid. As it stands, she is still a missing living person, so why don’t you all get off your butts and go SEARCH for her?

  84. Rose says:

    I’m with Shelley on this one. All the evidence they have is adding up to nothing! If they had anything concrete, Casey would have already been arrested on murder charges.

    I’m not buying that they want to make sure they have a solid case so when they try Casey for murder she can’t get away with it and lawfully cannot be tried again! Ive followed this case from when it broke, if Casey doesn’t come clean and tell the police where this little girl is, it’s going to be another O.J. case.

    It’s my belief, if it continues to go the way it’s been going, they’ll try her on the petty BS charges they have and the Caylee Anthony disappearance will become an unsolved cold case.

    As crazy as any of us think Casey is, she has managed to lie and outwit all the authorities up until now. I do not think they can “break” her, if, after all this pressure she hasn’t given up any valuable information, she is not going to.

    I really do not believe she confided in anyone as to the truth about what really happened. She’s been sly enough to keep the truth to herself. There are obviously no witnesses, or someone would have come forward if for nothing more than the publicity.

    I will really be suprised it anyone does get to the real truth in this case.

    I believe Casey is very warped, and her sickness stems from many years of jealousy, self-centeredness and abuses. Whatever happened to the child, it’s because of Casey’s phychosis toward her parents. It’s an absolute shame.

    The taxpayers in Fla.should be outraged about the money being spent on this wild goose chase.
    The child could be alive, however, what leads me to believe otherwise is all the equetrians and other “specialists” that have come into this case and then exited without closure. All these people seem to get “fed” up and leave. I think they believe there is only a body. The weather in Fla. has not been the factor they would like us to believe.

    The neighborhood debachle should be put to a halt NOW!
    There are plenty of taxpayers living in that area that should not have to put up with that kind of injustice. It doesn’t matter if the parents of Casey are hiding the little they do know, that whole neighborhood is paying too high of a price. I know the law, but what about all those that are innocent victims to falling to Casey’s center stage theatrics.

    The media needs to move on. This girl loves the attention. Why is the public at large continuing to keep her center stage? Every night, Nancy Grace goes over the same information. Perhaps the only way to find this little girl is to let it go. Someone may stumble over some evidence that may uncover the truth. As I stated earlier, it’s dead in the water for now!

  85. MIssy says:

    I just re-listend to the very first call Casey made from jail to her family home. In the call, she’s speaking with Christina and Christina asks Casey , “so you’re telling the truth and nothing but the truth?” and Casey pauses before she says anything (before this she had been cutting everyone off mid sentence) and Casey replies, “it’s the truth, that I dont know where my daughter is.” She was careful to only say that not knowing where Caylee is , is the only truth she is saying. Interesting!

  86. Elizabeth says:

    Still no news on this missing little child? I have prayed and prayed for her safe return. Casey anthony is guilty, it clearly shows in her actions and also her lack of actions. I don’t know what to think of any of this anymore?

    I don’t blame the grandparents. Whatever took place, involved Casey and maybe someone else, but I don’t feel that the grandparents were in on it in any way.

    I feel that a lie dectector test should be forced upon Casey at this point. And her refusual to take one, only implies more so that she has something to hide.

    Why can’t they just throw the book at her, and lock her up, let the other inmates have a go at her? She’s never going to open up. Seems as though she waiting to see if they find Caylee’s body or whatever happend???? Casey seems to be one of those people that will lie lie lie lie lie lie to the end, until they have to admit to the truth. She proved that with the whole lie about having a job at universal, she only came clean when there was no way around it.

  87. dawn smith says:

    still no word from the mother to what she has done. i tell you i dedicate a song i just heard on the radio a beautiful song or at least the music is . to hear it the music will just put you in a good mood. i was just sitting there listening to this song and i am a stay at home mom. i was just recently released from prison because of a terrible mother in law. its okay now im back with my family including her son and we are back on our feet and he makes a good living and i am able to provide for my daughter once again. but all the time i missed from her while i was there i cant even begin to tell you i thought id go crazy with all the thoughts horrible ones running thru my head at night and just praying that god would keep her safe til i returned home. and he did… i will never leave her side again. i am with her night and day when she comes home from school. all i can be and wouldnt trade it for anything. thats just part of being a mom who really loves her child. i dont know what has happend here or if caylee is even dead at this point. i just dont know. but it looks like they would have found something by now if this little girl were dead so maybe she is alive and someone really does have her somewhere out there. maybe she has sold her daughter. there have been sightings they say. i know one thing if my daughter took my grandchild id say put her in prison even until she talks or let her sit there until she tells where caylee is. this child was innnocent and did not ask to be born and this whole thing is out of hand. what really disgusts me is i went to prison for a lil of nothing and have spent the last 10 years on probation not the same probation but different ones where theyd find a reason to give me 3 more years of it. this time i happen to have the lord on my side and a good probation officer whom i believe seen thru all of that and i came off of it finally. thank the lord and i truly am disgusted that they have even let this girl roam thinking shed talk sooner or later let me tell you put her butt in prison and let her sit and sit and sit and she will talk sooner or later when there is no lime lite no family no friends no tabloids no help no nothing shell talk alright i know she will because the next thing is she wont be able to be in general population either because those girls there some of them have some serious time like the lifers they got nothing to lose i mean nothing and shell be someones lil baby oh shell talk shell be ready to leave that place cos shell be someones lil b….h for life. try it and see shell talk. and to cindy anthony and her family my heart goes out to you i hope lil caylee is out there she needs to be with the ones who love and appreciate her. im sorry youre having to go thru all of this mess. and to the police who are doing all the searches there doing the best they can and have done a great job doing it thats why i dont think that shes dead i think shes still alive somewhere out there. god bless.

  88. Darla says:

    I just found out they are going to arrest Casey. It’s about time. I knew this was going to be a good day!

  89. PamelaT says:

    I too have been following this bizarre debacle of poor missing Caylee Anthony. What has always amazed me is that this rather small family has lived together all this time and Casey has fooled them on so many lies. How could they have adored this little grandbaby(and I believe they did) and never checked out the person that their lying daughter gave as her sitter so much of the time? This just kills me.My daughter and her husband recently moved to California with their five babies(all under age six) and hired a nanny. My husband and I haven’t been out there to visit yet but you better believe we asked a zillion questions about this gal and asked for pictures too which we got. We are “in love” with those babies and even tho we trust their parents to do the best for them we had to know everything we could to assure ourselves that the nanny was a good one. George and Cindy lived with their daughter and grandbaby and I can’t imagine they never checked the “nanny” out . It’s just beyond my comprehension. They never wondered who she was, what she looked like, where she lived, her backround etc etc etc. Just unbelievable.And what about Casey’s imaginary jobs? How did she pull that off under their very noses? Where was all her money going? Why did she have to steal from them if she was “working”??? Were these people all in lala land? It’s not like this was a large family and you couldn’t keep track of everybody or the house was so big they didn’t see each other all the time. I agree with a previous post that Mr. Anthony was not the head of his home and his wife was. What about the fact that their daughter already had one child out of wedlock and was leading a very immoral lifestyle. I guess that was okay too. They must have been very permissive parents. It seems they looked the other way alot. It’s too bad. What a shame. What a tragedy. I too think the anthony women seem to thrive on the attention. Just had to have my say. Thank you and God bless little Caylee.

  90. Dor says:

    I think that the blog cindy posted says alot jealousy
    her daughter was jealouse of caylee and now she was not the baby no more and caylee was gettin all the attention and casey was only getting told she was not mothering her the right way cindy knows in her heart her granddaughter is dead and doesn’t want to lose her daughter too. she probably feels that there is nothing she can do for caylee now so is holding on to her daughter with both hands I havea daughter caseys age and a grandson caylees age and I would have shook the truth out of my daughter till I found out the truth now that all the info has been released I have been reading it and what i never understood is why did they not ask her when they where questioning casey in the room at universal studios why would she need to drop caylee off with zani the nany when she had no job to go to and where did she go that day till 5pm noone asked her that she admitted it wasa lie the job she did not have so where did she go that day
    I think she was using the chloriform to drug to go party and maybe left her too long in the trunk and she died cause it was too hot in there then buried her in the back yard at her parents when they were at home then dug her up later to dispose of the body elsewhere casey seems to thrive on her parents doting all over her now you can see it in the videos and and I hate them all tiptoeing around her instead of being hard ass like they should be they should be saying we will visit you when you tell us the truth period its sad only thing that is good about this is that hopefully caylee is with jesus now and not hurting anymore I hope that casey get the death penalty for this and her parents learn that sometimes you need to let go of your kids and let them learn the hard knocks of life for thier mistakes let casey get what she deserves

  91. Paul in PG BC says:

    As for Cindy,you are just as much too blame for what YOUR daughter did to that poor beautiful child and may the 2 of you,I mean you and Casey,can rot in the hell you have created,why does your husband stay with you,yer just as much a nut as that one in jail and she is going to be one old lady when she ,if she ever gets out.At least you will no where she is heehaw!!It will be a joyous day when the judge says life, no parole.How fitting of an end.My big question is how do you sleep at nite???knowing that she killed your granddaugther.your very creepy people…….

  92. Patricia says:

    This whole thing is insane.if my daughter Murdered my grand daughter , I would not be protecting her. The Evil in this family, poor Caylee had to live with this her short life. Casey is the Devil’s Daughter and G&C are just as bad. Poor Dakota, Cindy is trying to screw her up too. what is the secret you told Dakota,Cindy?

  93. Theresa says:

    I can’t belive that George is an ex cop? & Cindy now says Casey did nothing to Caylee ? Someone blog earlier that Cindy has lost caylee now trying to hang on to casey with both hands. Do these parents really think their daughter had nothing to do with caylee’s death? Come on. This girl needs Phych care. When Cindy blogged that Caylee was missing I really think she was talking about Casey takeing Caylee out of the house. I did hear that Casey was jelous of caylee always going to Cindy as if cindy was more of a mother. They have to know that Casey did something to this little girl. They do need to be tuffer with her and let her sit in jail and feel alone! They have nothing to lose at this point. I understood at first they didn’t want to piss her off in fear of not getting info out of her. But the bitch isn’t talking. And if you notice in the jail visits every time her parents would talk about Caylee , Casey would turn the subject to her self. How she wished she was home. What the police are doing to her. How the food is bad.WHO CARES YOUR BABY IS DEAD!!! God Bless little Caylee. The truth will come out it always does!!!

  94. Yvonne says:

    Ciny & George,
    Plz wake up!! I know yall don’t want to think Casey is Guilty of murdering your Grandaughter
    but my gracious look at the evedience that shows yall she’s guilty as SIN. I’m a Grandmother of two Boys ages 9 & 11 i can’t begin to think how i would react if in your shoes Cindy.I beg yall not to fall Prey to this Child Murdering Syco.Let her know yall are there to protect only the love and memory of that Beautiful Precious little Girl Caylee.You can Love your Daughter but not be caught up in her web of LIES at the same time.May God be with you all. Yvonne, Va

  95. Virginia says:

    Dear Cindy and George. I feel so bad for you and understand the grief you are going through. I can’t imagine the grief that you are experiencing. I would suggest you and george get involved with a group of church people who can hold you up and pray for you. You need strength. You need love. Nobody should be pointing the figure at you. They should be lifting you up in prayer and guidance. I have been following the story and It’s hard not to. your beautiful granddaughter has been taken from you. I pray that God will sustain you and george and lift you up and that something good can come out of this horrible situation. I am praying for you and God loves you and cares about you. Never forget that. I pray that you will be given friends who share in your grief. Sincerly, Virginia

  96. beverlee tague says:

    I think Cindy is full of baloney – she raised a selfish, lying, spoiled daughter- now the Memorial has been an apparent ” success ” for Cindy – she does not really want to admit her daughter killed the poor child – and all she raved about was ” understanding ” of the whole thing. She’s NUTS, manipulative and sly….Poor George seems to be an easily- controlled robot whom Cindy CONTROLS. Even the brother seems a little ” off “…’s all so sad – but dear little Caylee is beyond all that now – God rest her soul.

    • Kaykidoodle says:

      I think it’s very obvious Cindy understands her child killed the baby she’d been raising, the child she’d mothered because Casey didn’t. I have so much empathy for that poor woman, and her husband. To crticize Cindy for the actions of Caylee, is cruel.. The majority of the world that’s watching this, evidently feels the same. They did nothing but try to raise their children, and their children’s children. Cindy is a very strong woman. They are completely broken now.

  97. deb says:

    Dear Cindy and George, my heart bleeds for the 2 of you. Neither of you are to blame for what has happened. I pray every night for your family and for god to give you the strength to get through all of this. A parent’s love is unconditional. I understand your love for casey; that does not mean you agree with or condone what she has done or that you love your granddaughter any less. God Love you I hope I never have to stand in your shoes. It is terrible some of the things people have said and done to you. God Bless you and help keep you going threw all of this..

  98. Dear Cindy: I had my 13 month old grandaughter raped and murdered and had my daughter had any pat in that I would want her held accountable. PLEASE for youre own mental health get your head out of your state of denial or you may ever recover

  99. Deanna/New Jersey says:

    Linda my heart goes out to you. Cindy and George come on you know that your Dear Daughter killed your innocent Granddaughter but you dont want to lose her. Come on now i am a mother of a 2 year old daughter and i am also 22 and never never would kill my daughter because she has more attention then i do. Casey is sick and needs to have gotten help along time ago but you were to worried of what everyone would think and what Casey would do, dont you wish you would have gotten her help then YOUR gran baby would still be alive..



  100. kate says:

    To Cindy & Cindy, I am sorry of all the loss you have suffered, I did cry when I found out that Caylee was no longer with us. We try to bring up our children the best we can and give them advise and hope they will grow up with good qualities and good morals. But there comes a time that some parents have to say we did our best and we can’t help them anymore especially when we know the truth deep in our hearts. Look deep in your heart and you will see the truth and just pray to God that he helps your child and let the truth be known. You will feel a relieve and be able to live a better life. God Bless you.

  101. Elizabeth says:

    You happen to be the whole problem in this family. I saw you and George in the depos and you were totally about making sure no one implicates you as knowing Caylee was missing before you called 911 on July 15th.
    I feel sorry for George he deserves better. A typical rn from ne Ohio. Where did you get your degree from? Let’s see, you were pissed at your daughter for being out all the time and she took care of that now didnt she? George was in need of code 68 help…YOUR ARE THE DISFUNCTIONAL ONE IN THIS FAMILY.
    If you are grieving your grandaughter, then you sure have a strange way of doing it. She was a beautiful little girl and you wanted her for your own. Your daughter cannot even lie about what happened. She was caught and now you are trying to keep yourself from being implicated.
    from someone who worked with george and thinks you are his problem and the reason your grandaughter was killed by your daughter. YOUR ARE VERY DOMINEERING AND BITCHY!

  102. Donna says:

    Both the Grandparents are such liars! I couldn’t believe how they behaved in the depo with John Morgan. If you TRULY believe that your daughter is innocent, where is the need to act so angry and confrantational! I couldn’t believe that Cindy tried to apply her insanty-logic to the people who know about “Zanny”. If Caylee knows about her dog, there must be a zanny!” – Cindy is a complete and utter contol freak and I believe she really think’s she can force us to believe her “new reality” jamming it down our throats. Did you hear today that George and Cindy will be on Oprah in May??? If their daughter didn’t kill this child, why aren’t they out there looking for this mysterious woman so that they can clear their daugther’s name?

  103. connecticut says:

    cindy, you chew gum like a cow. cindy, you do have something in common with your daughter,she chews gum like a cow also. Oh yes, Cindy, how long has it been since you were fitted for a good bra? That green sweater with the saggy boobs and the bra strap hanging out looked horrible. Your boobs were hanging pretty low.If you are going to die your hair blonde, fix your eyebrows as well. You looked like a demon during your deposition. I feel bad for your husband. Stop chewing cud Cind, it’s grose!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  104. Strap the whole Anthony family,… Kacey, Cindy, Lee AND George into Old Sparky and run about a million volts through each one of their worthless, dysfunctional, self-centered bodies. Not one of them care about little Caylee at all, it is all about them all the time. That little girl never stood a chance in that House of Horrors. FRY them all. And that Jose Baez too. His incompetence has the world record. He is making history.

  105. HATETHETOTMOM says:

    FYI ALL:
    Orange County Incarceration ANTHONY, CASEY MARIE

    Booking Number: 08049710
    Race: White
    Gender: Female
    Date of Birth: 03/19/1986
    Last Known Address: 4937 Hopesprings Drive, Orlando, Fl 32829

    Cell: F-DORML-22
    Date Booked: 10/14/2008
    Time Booked: 07:04pm
    Number of Holds: HOME CONFINEMENT
    undisclosed – 001
    Notes: None


    Case Sequence: 155
    Case Status: Presentenced
    #Bond Amount: 1000.00
    Police Case Number: n/a
    Court Location: CIRCUIT
    Arresting Agency: n/a
    Charge/Court Case Number: Fraud. Use Of Personal Ident. Information
    Note: Endorsed By Macdonald Bail Bond Power # 560662215-6 Old Jail #
    Case Sequence: 159
    Case Status: Presentenced
    #Bond Amount: 1500.00
    Police Case Number: n/a
    Court Location: CIRCUIT
    Arresting Agency: n/a
    Charge/Court Case Number: Grand Theft 3rd Degree >$300 (scheme)
    Note: Endorsed By Macdonald Bail Bond Power # 560662214-3 Old Jail # 08042346
    Case Sequence: 160
    Case Status: Presentenced
    #Bond Amount: 500.00
    Police Case Number: n/a
    Court Location: CIRCUIT
    Arresting Agency: n/a
    Charge/Court Case Number: Forgery Of A Check
    Note: Endorsed By Macdonald Bail Bond Power # 560662216-9 Old Jail # 08042346
    Case Sequence: 164
    Case Status: Presentenced
    #Bond Amount: 100.00
    Police Case Number: n/a
    Court Location: CIRCUIT
    Arresting Agency: n/a
    Charge/Court Case Number: Uttering A Forged Check
    Note: Endorsed By Macdonald Bb Power # 560673103-0 Old Jail # 08042346. 08cf14154 Consolidated W/ 08-Cf-1
    Case Sequence: 165
    Case Status: Presentenced
    #Bond Amount: 1000.00
    Police Case Number: n/a
    Court Location: CIRCUIT
    Arresting Agency: n/a
    Charge/Court Case Number: Fraud. Use Of Personal Ident. Information
    Note: Endorsed By Macdonald Bb Power # 560673101-4 Old Jail # 08042346. 08cf14154 Consolidated W/ 08-Cf-1
    Case Sequence: 169
    Case Status: Presentenced
    #Bond Amount: 150.00
    Police Case Number: n/a
    Court Location: CIRCUIT
    Arresting Agency: n/a
    Charge/Court Case Number: Forgery Of A Check
    Note: Endorsed By Macdonald Bb / Power # 560673102-7 / Old Jail # 08042346. 08cf14154 Consolidated W/ 08-
    Case Sequence: 171
    Case Status: Presentenced
    #Bond Amount: 1000.00
    Police Case Number: n/a
    Court Location: CIRCUIT
    Arresting Agency: n/a
    Charge/Court Case Number: Uttering A Forged Check
    Note: Endorsed By Macdonald Bb Power # 560667019-9 Old Jail # 08042346. 08cf13521 Consolidated W/08cf133
    Case Sequence: 174
    Case Status: Presentenced
    #Bond Amount: 150.00
    Police Case Number: n/a
    Court Location: CIRCUIT
    Arresting Agency: n/a
    Charge/Court Case Number: Fraud. Use Of Personal Ident. Information
    Note: Endorsed By Macdonald Bb Power # 560667017-3 Old Jail #08042346. 08cf13521 Consolidated W/08cf13331
    Case Sequence: 175
    Case Status: Presentenced
    #Bond Amount: 100.00
    Police Case Number: n/a
    Court Location: CIRCUIT
    Arresting Agency: n/a
    Charge/Court Case Number: Forgery Of A Check
    Note: Endorsed By Macdonald Bb Power # 560667016-0 Old Jail # 08042346. 08cf13521 Consolidated W/08cf133
    Case Sequence: 176
    Case Status: Presentenced
    #Bond Amount: 1000.00
    Police Case Number: n/a
    Court Location: CIRCUIT
    Arresting Agency: n/a
    Charge/Court Case Number: Uttering A Forged Check
    Note: Endorsed By Macdonald Bb – Power # 560667015-7 Jail # 08042346. 08cf13520 Consolidated W/08cf1333
    Case Sequence: 177
    Case Status: Presentenced
    #Bond Amount: 100.00
    Police Case Number: n/a
    Court Location: CIRCUIT
    Arresting Agency: n/a
    Charge/Court Case Number: Forgery Of A Check
    Note: Endorsed By Macdonald Bb Power # 560667013-1 Old Jail # 08042346. 08cf13520 Consolidated W/08cf133
    Case Sequence: 178
    Case Status: Presentenced
    #Bond Amount: 150.00
    Police Case Number: n/a
    Court Location: CIRCUIT
    Arresting Agency: n/a
    Charge/Court Case Number: Fraud. Use Of Personal Ident. Information
    Note: Endorsed By Macdonald Bb Power # 560667014-4 Old Jail # 08042346. 08cf13520 Consolidated W/08cf133
    Case Sequence: 962
    Case Status: Presentenced
    #Bond Amount: 0.00
    Police Case Number: n/a
    Court Location: CIRCUIT
    Arresting Agency: n/a
    Charge/Court Case Number: First Degree Murder
    Note: (grand Jury Indictment)
    Case Sequence: 963
    Case Status: Presentenced
    #Bond Amount: 0.00
    Police Case Number: n/a
    Court Location: CIRCUIT
    Arresting Agency: n/a
    Charge/Court Case Number: Aggravated Child Abuse
    Note: (grand Jury Indictment)
    Case Sequence: 964
    Case Status: Presentenced
    #Bond Amount: 0.00
    Police Case Number: n/a
    Court Location: CIRCUIT
    Arresting Agency: n/a
    Charge/Court Case Number: Aggravated Manslaughter Of A Child
    Note: (grand Jury Indictment)
    Case Sequence: 965
    Case Status: Presentenced
    #Bond Amount: 0.00
    Police Case Number: n/a
    Court Location: CIRCUIT
    Arresting Agency: n/a
    Charge/Court Case Number: Obstruct Criminal Invest-False Info To Leo
    Note: (grand Jury Indictment)
    Case Sequence: 966
    Case Status: Presentenced
    #Bond Amount: 0.00
    Police Case Number: n/a
    Court Location: CIRCUIT
    Arresting Agency: n/a
    Charge/Court Case Number: Obstruct Criminal Invest-False Info To Leo
    Note: (grand Jury Indictment)
    Case Sequence: 967
    Case Status: Presentenced
    #Bond Amount: 0.00
    Police Case Number: n/a
    Court Location: CIRCUIT
    Arresting Agency: n/a
    Charge/Court Case Number: Obstruct Criminal Invest-False Info To Leo
    Note: (grand Jury Indictment)
    Case Sequence: 968
    Case Status: Presentenced
    #Bond Amount: 0.00
    Police Case Number: n/a
    Court Location: CIRCUIT
    Arresting Agency: n/a
    Charge/Court Case Number: Obstruct Criminal Invest-False Info To Leo
    Note: (grand Jury Indictment)


  106. Parttimesleuth says:

    So much time, and so little answers. It is very clear that “someone knows” a whole lot more than they are telling.
    It is also very clear that the Procecution also knows a lot more than we all do….or they wouldn’t have reopened the “death” penalty.
    I know a few things for certainty, and many of you are blindsided about George and Cindy. How could a former law enforcement officer that worked for years in “homicide” not know what he was seeing,living, and smelling and not be able to judge, and act, for himself on what was being presented?
    How does a straight up bitch like Cindy go through life acting as she does and general society is not able to identify her traits. It is obvious that she “acted as the mother”, rather than Casey. And probably constntly threw this in Casey’s face.
    Look at the facts, Casey didn’t want the child, and she was outvoted, by Cindy. She couldn’t provide for the child, but was again out classed by Cindy. And I truely believe there was a final “hellacious battle” between the two bitches, before Cindy left the home. Believe me, two familys living under the same roof is a predestination for disaster.
    Lee is an interloping outsider, with an inside line for theatrics. A qualified investigator? For what, finding good dope and wild parties? My big question here is what “dark secret” does he refer to keeping at the ulegy delivery he makes?
    Lastly, Casey…. George didn’t need to add another garage at his house. His daughter had one of the largest in that part of the state….right between her legs, and they sure weren’t parking cars there.
    Having that kind of a situation in my own family history, I, as the “Head of the Household”, went to court and and pled for the responsibility of my Grand Child, and have been raising her for 10 plus years….And I didn’t have 13 years as a first responder and a homicide background. I just used common sense….
    My personal advice to Florida, a place where I have lived and worked in my life, is to give the bitch death, and hang the rest of of the family on the “Guilty by Association” clause. Ignorance is no excuse……

  107. Marze says:

    I have been almost addicted to watching this story unfold on the Nancy Grace show. My heart goes out to George & Cindy. Yes, they have made mistakes that both of them would likely give their lives to correct. I feel they were trying with Caylee to right the wrongs they committed with Casey. They were looking for another chance at parenting a little girl. They wanted to get it right this time so they wouldn’t feel so guilty for how Casey turned out. Rather, than taking over the raising of Caylee, they should have tried to support Casey in being a good mother showing her how to do things right. I feel they are running as hard as they can from the truth of things past, but in the end, if they want to save Casey, those things are going to have to come out. Might as well confess now and get it behind them.

  108. shoozeyque says:

    I just wanted to comment on a post above that indicated in their search they found that Cindy was the sole owner of their home on Hopesprings Drive. I find that very interesting. That may be the case, but when it comes to divorce and how the marital assets are split it up, just because the house is just in Cindy’s name, doesn’t mean much of anything. The other spouse is entitled to a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the house, in many states – one-half each, so if Cindy’s got the house thinking that if she sells it, the money is all hers, she better think again.(unless there’s something in writing between the parties that we don’t know about – perhaps some kind of agreement between them to keep the house in Cindy’s name , in view of the fact that there was supposedly some gambling problems of George’s. Boy, this family has certainly got a lot of skeletons in their closets.

  109. I am so tired of the Anthonys acting as if they are the only people in the world to lose someone dear to them. The judge won’t release the autopsy results because it would really bother them. Come on they are totally using all this to try to help their sick mudering daughter. They are very manipulating when it comes to their cause. “CASEY” Then how arrogant cindy is to say she is the reason Haley Cummings story made it to the news is because of her making the calls. I think Nancy Grace had alot to do with that as well as the local news media, not the cindy anthony media she is fantasizing about. I now see why and where casey got her good lieing skills from, her mom. This family needs to come to grips with reality. Casey murdered Caylee and they need to deal with it. I truley believe they will never stop telling all these lies and they will lie under oath. I wish they could see themselves how we see them. I know they really didn’t care for Caylee as much as they say they did because they would want the truth to come out and punish the person who killed her. CASEY CASEY CASEY CASEY CASEY CASEY!
    It is so frustrating to see the bull they put out!!

  110. helen says:

    I feel bad for the anthony’s but don’t feel bad for Casey. I beleive you are in denial george and cindy. You both indicated at the beginning that she had done something. Cindy saying it smelled like a dead body. And George saying he had smelled that smell before. Come on I know she is your daughter but what about Caylee who was there for her. I know who is watching my grandchildren and I know where my children work. Give me a break how could you be so blind to what was going on around you .

  111. kintakunteeey says:

    This whole family is wacko! little caylee NEVER had a chance.poor thing is in a better place now though. THe family of the murderer is digusting and vile the way they are using everything to thier advantage,may every day they have left on earth be full of misery and torment..karma is coming soon anthonys!!

  112. susie says:

    cindy had give about a 3 or 4 minute detailed explanation on camera of why casey borrowed the shovel from a neighbor. have you heard the saying, too much information? cindy claimed the sheds were always locked and casey did not have a key to them.
    so if we did believe that story, then how did casey get in there to so conveniently steal the two cans of gas?
    they have continuously contradicted themselves and everything they say from day to day.
    and they get angry at everyone who is interviewed, because they feel betrayed because these people have told the truth, and yet cindy has always claimed that they just want the truth.
    i truly feel sorry for her losing caylee, because i know cindy did love that little girl. but for gods’ sakes, if she was throwing casey out because she couldn’t deal with her stealing or lying, then how can she over look the fact that she in most probability killed her grandaughter, and want her back home? if it was possible for them to get her out of this and there were no consequenses. what might she do the next time? she has to be stopped somewhere, and this looks like a good place to put an end to what she gets away with.
    what if she had married and her husband had a big life ins. policy and she was sick of him?
    lee acted like he was training a horse at his visit to the jail to see casey. stomp your foot two times for yes, and once for no. whinnie if i am getting warm. it was pathetic.
    they can say two totally opposite things from one day to the next and act as if both are true.
    the most famous one is we know by now that we can’t believe anything casey says, but i bleieve everything my sister tells me…………….say what????????
    to watch all of them and listen to the stories changing, does everyone wonder where casey got her personaility?
    they all know there is something terribly wrong, but it is everyones fault but their own.
    i think they bellieve the fbi and police have caused them all of this trouble.
    it would scare everybody if the police and the fbi began operating out of the never never land these people are living in.
    if they had their way, the orange county police would still be driving around with casey saying, does zenaida live here, well how about there, well maby there?
    casey swore a 25 year old zenaida had once lived in a retirement home.
    and how could anyone even ask her if caylees death was accidental. we have all been kids at one time in our lives, but i can never recall a time when either of my parents accidentally duct tpaed my nose and mouth with the tape wrapped around my hair, or put me in a garbage bag and threw me in a swamp accidentally, let alone going out clubbing afterwards!
    what is this world coming to?

  113. Cayleeneedsjustice says:

    Wow, I just found this site. What happened. Did everyone stop posting here.

    • Dene Anton says:

      so kind of George to request that everyone send letters to Casey in jail
      at her service. Remember that?
      I won’t writing to her ( will leave that to others) but I think it’s good for us to reach out to Cindy
      and George here, May Justice for Caylee be served!

  114. I just have to say that I feel Casey’s lead attorney (Mr. Bias) is very incompetent to do this trial and is holding onto it just for his own publicity. Regardless of her guilt or innocence; he will not do her justice. If he comes out swinging accusations towards the parents; he will be sooooooo stupid. You don’t deserve that and I think he’ll hurt Casey’s chances. I try not to judge anyone – I leave that job up to our God/ But her attorney is tooo green for this important case.

  115. M Hamfeldt says:

    Trial has started and we are in the third day. As with most pathological/compulsvie
    liars, they will destroy anything and anyone who gets in their way, including their parents, siblings, etc. I know, I have a 39 year old daughter who over the period of 20 or so years has tried to do the same, right down to accusing someone we know she was never around nor did he have access to her in anyway. Very sad for all as all family members have now distanced themselves from her. The only person standing next to my daughter is her husband who I believe over the years has become a part of her insanity or he just can’t admit and get help for her, too embarrassing. Good luck to Cindy and George, believe me, they will need it. This is mental illness, her attorney should have recognized it and pleaded her accordingly.

  116. Wow says:

    At this point the grandma realized Casey was lying about everything and wouldnt let grandma see or talk to caley. that’s why it says missing.

  117. redconfetti says:

    Todays testimony really sheds some light on this. They start talking about it more around 10 minutes into the video –

  118. Pam says:

    I have been following this case for nearly three yrs. I was glad the trial started and was also shocked at the lack of expertise and professionalism of Mr. Baez. He seems to be coming up with things on the spur of the moment…….I have thought that Casey was guilty from the start, but she deserves a fair trial and she is getting a big mess. It’s hard to keep all of the lies straight, but it seems that the whole family lies. I’m a parent and see Casey as a kid who ran the family and was ignored for her issues, which didn’t allow her to develop any character. I think everyone knew she was lying about everything and chose to ignore it. If she was working, why didn’t she contribute any support for her daughter. Where was all of her money going if she had a great job at Universal Studios? Although the family is a big disfunctional mess, I pray that they come through this. Losing a child is too hard for any family.

  119. Deanna says:

    She did not know Caylee was missing when she posted this….just that she was missing from her because of all of Casey’s lies.

  120. shea says:

    My prayers go out to George and Cindy Anthony. It is unfortunate that you both are going through this. God Bless You!

  121. Karen Callen says:

    Yes Jose Bias is awful, but what does he have to work with? There is no defense. Her parents tried to get her another lawyer in the beginning but she insisited she wanted him. He knows there is no way he is going to win, but I’m sure he thinks this will bring him fame.

  122. Nana says:

    Got lots of questions after 8 days of testimony. Curious who picked up Casey and Caylee at Amscot when ran out of gas? Why did Casey leave carseat in Sunfire; did person who picked them up have a car seat? If Caylee not with Casey when picked up at Amscot, wouldn’t person who picked up ask where child was? Why or how can you leave your purse in abandoned vehicle for soo long? Wouldn’t you need your id for driving, buying all the beer? Why steal the 2 gas cans and not put gas in the car that was out of gas at Amscot? Since no evidence of the Chloraform, possibly used gas fumes to sedate little Caylee? Obvious her little body wasn’t burned up. Casey just needs to give it all up and if mom, dad and bro involved, they should go down with Casey. Too reminicent of SUSAN SMITH case 1994 – too many little ones dieing in the name of “it’s all about me” “I want to go party” – most all these cases, there was always another parent or grandparent who would have raised child. One other thing, if Casey stated that Caylee has a half-brother from sperm donor, wouldn’t those paternal grandparents want to be involved? I think even “Mr. Baker’s” family had a right to be grandparents since they lost their son, alleged father of Caylee. Just my thoughts.
    May Caylee Rest in Peace, and all those involved in her murder never experience peace again

  123. Linda Ellsworth says:

    I feel so sorry for George,Cindy & Lee what hell they have to go thru because of Casey, shes a spoiled brat & has gotten away with way to much. Cindy & George should of took that baby away from her along time ago! I think Casey gave Caylee that cloraform to put her to sleep & taped her mouth shut so if she woke up no one would hear her cry or scream in the car while she was in the bar partying it up & came out & found Caylee dead. God knows who did it & will punish the person for it.

  124. Linda Tipton says:

    I have been watching this case from the very beginning. It is another heart breaking story…like too many others on our nightly news prodcasts…darkness is increasing upon the earth. I have thought from the beginning that “Zanny” the nanny might be a pet name for the drug Xanax and would like to know if Casey or someone else in the Anthony family had a running prescription for the it. Does anyone know? Linda

    • Dene Anton says:

      I have thought that, too, Linda…I guess if aynone knows they aren’t saying…at least not now.

  125. Dene Anton says:

    Cindy, I hope you see this. Strangers will have their opinions and I am just another one. But, now as your
    story is unfolding, it is clear that you have been a hard working Mom who”s tried to make her family happy..
    Many of us spoil our children but not all of them,when they can’t get enough, will betray their parents by lying,
    stealing, resenting their own baby for taking attention away from them (jealously)and ultimately murdering the child.This didn’t happen because of anything you did or did not do. IN the movie The Bad Seed, the little girl
    was BORN that way with a rare demon gene. You cannot blame yourself for any of this. It amazes me how
    you stand by your daughter and you were right all along saying, “the focus needs to be on finding Caylee.”

    With Casey the drama has always been all about Casey. I could not have served on the jury because I believe
    she is guilty of murder and putting y’all thru hell trying to get away with it. It boggles the mind…and my heart goes out to you, I doubt your husband molested your daughter and assuming he did not, Casey is way below beneath
    contempt for laying this on him and furtheri torturing you and him …and her brother. Leaving you all to live in cajass- or so she may hope. But don’t let her win….

    You ALL have stood by Casey,..and she has thrown you ALL under the bus. It’s utterly indefensible. Your Caylee was adorable and it is clear that you and George loved her. dearly. Remember this: Caylee will always be that beautiful innocent child. that Casey resented…. So she put her to sleep to get her out of the way. Now Caylee sleeps with the angels which I hope comforts you. You’ll probably plead for Casey’s life if she is convicted. That’s far more than she deserves. Caylee won’t have to see her evil face again because Casey won’t be going to Heaven. Even a life sentence will be Hell . My concern is that you not carry a load of guilt that you don’t deserve. If the public is confused and upset about this horrific story, I cannot even imagine what you are going through.

    You are not an un-fit mother or an un-fit grandmother, Casey was worse than an un-fit mother,. And it’s not your fault. Some babies are just born evil. Being pretty and manipulative and smart can disguise it.;but evil is evil.
    I am SO glad you had a couple of years to enjoy Caylee. That’s a gift Cindy gave you…and the gift SHe chose to take away. Gotcha Power.

    I hope the notes you take are the makings of a book that will help all the rest of us process this horror. My heart goes out to you, You are a much better mother than I. would be. I couldn’t stand- by my grown ,narcissistic, lying, calculating, thiieving murderous child. It’s still all about Caylee in my mind and though her little life was way short , you and George made it big and beautiful for her.

    This is not something you are ever expected to get over,,you’ll just go through it as gracefully as possible.
    Be easy on yourself..and ok, go ahead and forgive Cindy as JEsus would do. But Casey;s life is over because of her own actions. SHe did it her way. and was not considerate in ANY way to ANYone else. ..Evertything I have just said is speculative, of course.

    YOUR life is NOT over. It will have a new beginning as you inspire others to get thru
    nightmares, Make yourself An Inspiration…..not a victim….In Caylee’s Honor.

  126. Erin says:

    What amazes me is how people identify themselves as “knowing” the people involved in this while being strangers. I.E. “Dean Anton” ….. how can you possibly know anything about Cindy Anthony when you don’t actually know her???? ( And of course you are certainly not the only one to express these types of statements.)
    Do you KNOW she was hard-working, a “good” mother, etc. IFFFFF there was any abuse involved toward Casey, how would you then feel about her mother not protecting her, and subsequently the granddaughter from this abuse????? I don’t necessarily believe this, but it has crossed my mind, which I have tried to keep “OPEN” since the majority of the posts I have read suggest people have already acted as judge and jury LONGGGG before this case has come to trial.

    I have my opinions, too, but my gosh, I don’t “KNOW” Casey, Cindy, George, Lee, Roy or anyone else possibly involved. How do all of you people who are strangers, write / speak as if you are personal friends of any of these people???

    • Dene Anton says:

      Hi, Erin.. if it were true that George was molesting his daughter, CIndy most likely wouldn’t know.
      It’s been much of my life’s mission working with victims of child abuse. This is the first “Case ”
      (excuse the pun) I am aware of where the daughter may have murdered the grand-daughter. and tried to cover it up with lying skills she’d learned hiding the abuse. Caylee was missing for 31 day or so and probably would never have reported it had her Mother not stepped in. The circumstantial evidence seems to lean toward chloroform…(at first as a sedative so the chikl would sleep and she could party.. already serious child abuse….) the duct tape- seems to be no accident- nor does the heart sticker…As I said, my leaning is all circumstantial. Or I think I said in the letterThe jury will decide,right or wrong. I still believe OJ is guilty At least Scott Peterson got his due when his wife and child miraculously washed to the shore. And I am glad the’s remains were foundll Other wise he’d still be playing golf.
      The Anthony case is just so sad. Duh. Everything I’ve said I admitted in my letter is speculative.
      I did meet Cindy briefly, tho I am still a stranger, and her eyes were extraordinarily sad and she seemed grateful for any love coming her way. What a terrible ordeal this is . My FAther was a Judge and I’ve always been very interested in justice being served. The system doesn’t always work. ISn’t it interesting how fasciinated SO many of us are in this trial? For me, it s about the innocent little girl. But we are all projecting something of ourselves or someone we love in this particular case., however small,. however remote. Cindy reads her posts when she can, as you can imagine how isolated she is. It tore my heart out when she took the stand.THat’s why I wrote the letter to her here because i didn’t have her e-mail address yet,. It seems like fact to me that she worked. diligently at a REAL job.she loved.. and she enjoyed spoiling Casey I’d bet … ( and probably her son, too.) Then Casey and the grand-daughter she adored went missing and all the lies began… of a fake job, fake friends and a fake Nanny- you know the story… Mega lies do not a killer make..but they were all about protecting Casey as she began to live the “beautiful life- or whatever her tattoo says…..If she didn’t want the child (sure looks like she didn’t) and if she didn’t want her parents to have her–couldn’t she have given her up for adoption to one or two of millions of people who would love to have a lovely child.
      Cindy wanted to continue to believe in her daughter (Still does so it seems;) ; but one lie after another – an avalanche of lies and it must have begun to feel hopeless. but they – she and George and SO many others kept looking, kept trying to find the baby,,,,,Still , she is there supporting her daughter. And . I admire that. As I said before, i don’t know if I could do it.I really feel for Cindy.
      GEorge, too, if he is innocent of Baez’s blatant charges.
      Anyway, we can agree to disagree., Erin.. I’m sorry if I offended you, for whatever reason. Like I
      said up above I was writing a message to to CIndy. MAybe .I just. needed to get a heap of anguish off my chest, And wanted to assuage her of the guilt she is feelng-iwshing she could have done more….how do you see somethiing like that coming? But my message need not have been in a public forum. You responded in good faith. Your mind is much more open than mine, about this- as it should be . The defense has not even begun its case; but it is my understanding that the defense won’t take very long. It’s a very short trial for such a serious case., isn’t it? Who knows how it will end or if it might even be appealed. if its not in Casey’s favor. … Some kind ‘of mental disturbance defense might have been in order.Her lawyer has KINDA set it up that way ..and child abuse is the reason for her psychological distress. Maybe it’s true. MAybe it’s not.. How triple tragic for the Anthonys. if that’s only another fabrication. It will be interesting to see if Casey takes the stand…. She may be a very fine actress. and missed her calling. I wish I could say I feel sorry for her.. As I said , I could not have been on the jury. Could you? I just unfairly felt she is guilty quite awhile back and felt so sorry for the grandparents who seemed to love the little girl so much. We’ll see how it all turns out. Then I’ll take a long vacation from both the TV screen and the computer screen and get back to doing more fun things with my family for summer vacation. I just wanted to respond to your comment directed to me…
      Wouldn’t Scottt Peterson and Casey Anthony make a beautiful couple .til death they do part.. LOL
      just a little humor to lighten up this tragic event.. I’v been told by a close friend that Lacy’s parents are
      doing as well as can be expected.BY the way, are you opposed to the death penalty? Who is the Roy you mentioned, ? I must have missed that.
      Here’s to a fair trial -and verdict.. All the best to you- and Justice for Caylee…. that’s the goal…
      Yes, Cindy and I are virtual strangers but I have great empathy for her. NO one deserves to be
      in this mess. and I truely DO hope. she..and even George are taking notes they will publish someday
      I’d like to read more comments now on this blog. The only other one I have rad is yours..

    • Kaykidoodle says:

      Erin, actually, It simply doesn’t matter if Cindy was not hard working or if she was not a good mother, or even if she regularly slapped Casey in the face, in NO way does Cindy deserve what she and her husband are having to endure and in no way would anything she did or didn’t do, warrant people who, as you say, don’t know her from Adam, speculating she is in anyway responsible for what she’s going through because of anything lacking in her character of in her actions.. Everyone with a heart has it broken at the sight of poor Cindy and George. This is the epitome of unbearable sorrow.

  127. Robin says:

    I am new as a poster to this blog, but I have followed it since its inception and, like many, consider it one of the best on this subject online.

    Until the trial started, I too judged this family, especially Cindy, for how Casey turned out. But now my perspective has changed since watching the court case unfold. I knew someone once just like Casey who meant the world to me and I thought loved me back. After years of deception I found out the truth, and by then my whole life was destroyed.

    Seeking outside help, I was blamed for everything from enabling to being just like this monster, when in fact all I did was mistakenly trust him. Finally someone introduced to antisocial personality disorders – narcissists, borderlines, and sociopaths – which I am now fully informed on and provided the insight and validation I needed to heal.

    Research shows that APD has a strong genetic base, though environment can certainly play a part. Their brains work differently from normals and show up differently on scans. They are skilled manipulators and difficult to detect, and when challenged generally impossible to pin down. I wound up in the hospital trying to deal with mine and never fully recovered.

    I know it is unpopular to feel for Casey’s family, but I must take my stand with those who do now, having been in something like their shoes. It is a terrible nightmare for them, without end or exit, made ten times worse by outside judgment on top of all her evil deeds.

    Thank you, Dene Anton, for your kind letter to Cindy, which I will join with prayers for George and Lee. Your caring outreach and deep compassion for her pain brought me to tears, and your gentle reply to Erin afterwards calmed the angry waters here.

    Thank you too, Michelle, for giving us this space to share, and setting the right tone with your good spirit to seek truth and justice for Caylee.

  128. Dene Anton says:

    IT’s certainly looking like the apple didn’t fall far from the tree….
    My jaw has dropped to my knees.
    Cindy Cindy….
    Will we ever know the truth about any of it???

  129. ForCayleesSake says:

    only going to the trial to “find out the truth” yeah right, she is more narcosistic than Casey. When casey said I seen your cameo on TV, cindy said which one—-that was telling casey look at all the exposure I’m getting.She’s only going to the trial to get TV exposure I’m sure they have a DVR for her enjoyment so she can see herslef whenever she wants to. Why does she still have the pool?? If my grandchild died in the famliy pool I would have gotten rid of it immediatly,it would only be a reminder where at least casey claims she died I pray the prosecution will get justice for Caylee and that cindy has purgered herself. Caylees’ memorial was a sham–it was all about CMA, CMA ….I thought I would throw up, NOt one whole day did just Caylee have, they are pathetic, grand stand, Cindys constant UM UM and hand motions “what is she trying to rub off her cheek and lips those areas should be raw” shows me that she is being less than truthful (understatement) her meltdown on the stand was just for SHOW to get everyones sypathy and make the headlines which workd- her best perfomance yet I couldn’t believe she gave the correct spelling of her name maybe her memory came back ha ha ha If I was George I would RUN I hope that cindy has had a hysterectomy so her DNA stops w/casey and doesn’t cost orange county anymore $$$$ I wonder if the defese paid for her lovely dress, she dressed for her star performance (and for the headlines she knew she would make probably hoping for the cover of People mag it’s Her turn isn’t it???)

  130. ForCayleesSake says:

    CMA INC maybe that can be the name of their company, for all the $$$ they will probably make off of the DEATH of their grandchild. We know of at least $20,000 oh Cindy said under oath that it was for atty fees, but when asked how much was paid to the atty, she said $6,000-wow do the math, lets see thats $14,000 left over wow and she said atty fees she realized then how much she can make off of this and she was hooked.Maybe she can cut casey in and put a few thousand on her books in jail for her doritos. Here’s a thought how about giving the $$ to the real life existing Zenaida you know the one that YOUR daughter brought all this on- you know the one with children that does love and care for them,- the one that actually does or did have a JOB, I would award her a million $$ for all the trouble casey has caused her and her family you know the one that cindy said “you’re not her, you’re not pretty!!! Cindy was sooooo rude and arrogant, and condescening to an innocent victim showed me how her feelings for anyone elses family. she doesn’t!!! the rest of the $$$ soon to be made from the grotesque death of Caylee should go to eqisearch-Tim Miller and all the other organizations casey defrauded, and the remainder of the balance to Orange County taxpayers- for having lived in the same county as Cindy and Casey!! for the possible exposure that anyone of them may have came into contact with, I guess cindy and goerge went and got get this a tattoo monkey seen and monkeys did, how touching ahhh, now come george let’s go take a memorial swim where our daughter said caylee died– first one up the ladder is a rotten pizza……with maggots!!!!!

  131. Jeannine says:

    I’m disgusted that a family has to go thru such horrific situation and then be judged criticized and attacked by the public and public opinion based on what the media feels like telling you

    Wake up america. What happened to your ability to think for yourself. Saving your judgements and people being innocent until proven guilty
    This is a tragedy for the family and god.
    We should restrain from basing our opinions.
    Unless you walk in their shoes you really can not begin to understand how horrible this must be for all those involved

    Love your neighbor. Judge not or ye shall be judged. Does anyone understand gods word????

    America. Don’t be cruel to those that need love most

    • Art says:

      Do you really belive that George picked caylee out of a pool and just stood there. not giving first aid or anything??? are you kidding me Judge not or ye shall be judged what does that mean? to hear you say it you can kill you child and no one should say anything to you and your life should be the same untill you die and receive your judgement from God. Not to sound rude what if this was your grand child? I wonder if you would feel the same. You stated Dont be cruel to those that need love most. What about Caylee Didnt she need love??? You also stated this was a tragedy for the family and God. How is this a tragedy for God He wrote the book he knows every thing and there is no tragedy for him, just judgment for the one who choose the devils path in this world and KILL there CHILD for the GOOD LIFE. How can you tell every one not to be Judgmental with out being a judge or Identifing that we all are being judgmental how dare you take the side of a killer you are being judgmental by saying anything unless you were there why is it ok for you and not for me I think you are hiding behind the bible if you think by telling me not to be judgmental is not judgmental. And by doing this you are Blind to the world. I wasnt there but the people involved with the death of Caylee will Kneel before God for Judement Just like you and me But Casey, Cindy, And Goerge All lied to get there way Look at the evidents . NONE OF THE ANTHONY’S ARE WELCOME IN MY HOUSE I BELIEVE GOD HELPS THOSE WHO HELP THEMSELVE. I love my famile and would not put them in danger. Without judging I will do that!! Would you invite them to your house for dinner?. They have to live with it not me so I hope I NEVER AM ASKED ABOUT THIS BECAUSE IT REALLY ANGERS ME THAT NO JUSTICE IN THIS WORLD WAS SERVED FOR THE ONE WHO NEED THE MOST LOVE “CAYLEE” RIP God be with you you will be missed the most by all the people that alowed you to die. DOES’NT THAT SOUND STUPID?

      I am sorry I guess I do feel that she did kill her child I do have a 3 year old granddaughter and she is my world. My whole world. and unless i did pick her out of the pool I would not have even went to court to lie for the sake of my daughters freedom
      Even if i went to jail for the fact of contempt. I feel that the family lied to protect her but did nothing to save the 3 year old. and now I hope for justice to the fact of Cindy lieing to the court. You know they have Proof that she did lie and they are charging her with that!! The funny thing is she might spend 15 years in jail for that but the death of the baby got no justice. The things we do for our children. I hope they throw the book at her and Casey sees it is not ok to LIE.. The price of lifes lessons are not always easy

  132. Paula says:

    I’ve worked very hard and have given everything to my two children (including private school) who are now in their late twenties. Now, they don’t seem to appreciate anything I’ve done or sacrificed for them. Luckily they have no children. But their attitudes toward me are negative because (I think) I give them my opinions that they don’t like….SO I am done with them! I think there’s a time when we just need to give it up…….we did the very best we could and we were not only taken advantage of but we were also not appreciated for our sacrifices. Sad when you think of children who didn’t have the advantages that our children did.

  133. Art says:

    I think that cindy should burden the faults of her daughter. I think she lied to get her out of jail and I hope she will get 15 years for it. I dont bekieve in the justice system and think a linching is in order !!!! Call it vigilanty or any thing you want I feel jistice needs to be searved to the ones involved with the death of this Baby. How many parents will let there grandchild get killed by there child and cover it up with lies? I would disown my child if they involved me in the lies she did knowing I never seen caylee in the pool.

  134. Pat says:

    Cindy Anthony made some conflicting statements in her last MySpace post of 07/03/11:
    1) Caylee is Missing
    2) … ‘just as she has left me’ ????


    I think Cindy Anthony’s 07/03/11 MySpace message was written as a ploy to cover up the fact that Caylee was already dead. Trying to cover their tracts.

    The attorneys believe Casey and her parents know what happened to Caylee but aren’t saying anything. Even the father’s suicide note says something to the effect …’it shouldn’t have happened this way”… That sounds like he exactly knew what happened.

    Time will tell.

  135. ForCayleesSake says:

    Well I guess the jury has spoken, and NOT for Caylee– I’m appauld at their verdict. Juror #3 says she can sleep at night, well GOOD for her. reasonable doubt is not 100%, they did not use common sense, they were allegedly figuring up how much money they also can make off of Caylee and didn’t even spend 12 HOURS to make their decision, not even taking a second look at ANY EVIDENCE!!!!!!! Thanks for all your thoroughness!!!!!!! (NOT) Juror #3 stated on FOX about culperable negligence whatever that is I feel the jury did not know or take the time to care to find out the truth, there were three charges they could have chose one! To me ALL the Anthonys are pukes, and hope Cindy gets charged, SHE LIED!!! Baez gave them ALL their scripts you lie, you cry, you lie and you cry, ……..and it worked, How Baez was able to get the accident theory in –that wasn’t proven —except for phtographs, who is to say they were not photoshopped????? Who takes pictures step by step going up the ladder on a pool????? Maybe one picture, but all they showed and the picture of Caylee STANDING by the door that really proves she opened it huh, IT WAS ALREADY OPENED, JURORS. these comments are how I feel not everyone may agree, if your so in love with the anthony’s—- send THEM a letter. Let me remind some, the only person that I know who is perfect and w/o sin is Jesus Christ, We are not perfect- but God did make us HUMAN-we are trying to undertand, and figure this out for ourselves so deal with it. as you will and we will how we will, I know that justice will be served to who deserve it.

  136. ForCayleesSake says:

    Wow, how ironic she use to shop at Target, now she is the Target—of Americas’ outrage!!!! This jury is saying in essence that hey, if there is no DNA, no signed (notorized) confession, as long as a dead body is hid well enogh, no matter how close to home to decompose to BONES, as Caylees did, and there is no forensic evidence other than what was left behind, like the blankie out of her bedroom, and the ugly clothes Cindy woulnd’t miss for the garage sale, hey don’t know the crime so we can’t charge ANYONE!!!! Hey , there is BONES of a DEAD 2 year old, last seen with good ole mom, party girl- you know the only person who knew she was missing and did NOTHING BUT PARTY!!!!! Circumstantial evidence is still EVIDENCE duh! Casey stated she LIED, Baez stated she LIED and so did the prosecution, no reasonable doubt there—— imagine that—— thanks jurors, that part of your job was REAL tough, considering it was a given —-everyone agreed on that!! Maybe Mattel will come out with “Decomposing Barbie”, with not 1 or 2 but 3 pcs of duct tape and give one to each juror so they can see look no DNA, when ALL that’s left is BONES and they had to get Caylees DNA from those bones for identification purposes. Cindy and George would have had to almost be able to SMELL the rotting flesh of caylee 18-20 houses away, while they are enjoying their evening swim!! I wish the investigators would have checked the maggots, for Caylees DNA, but with this jury, it probably wouldn’t have still been enough, unless Baez told them she did it! It’s like he gave them a script also. I will no longer be watching ABC news, they are the one’s bankrolling Casey, NO blood money for casey, let her go to Mexico, Darfur, Pakistan, anywhere but The US……We will not forget!!!

  137. Justice Denied says:

    This is my first time every leaving anything on a blog. I have followed this case since day 1. It is terrible. I am a mother of two little girls and I was a single mother their first 9 years, working two jobs and almost lost my home. I worked my ass off to whatever I had to do to keep a roof over their head and food on the table. I dont look back and think bad, I think the hard times made me a better person and I share those times with my girls, so that one day they will not take things for granted. When I would watch the trial, it always bothered me when Baez would say, she was a good mom and took care of Caylee and she was always clean and fed. SHE did not take care of her, she didnt buy the house, she didnt buy the groceries, her clothes, her doctor bill etc. George and Cindy did. I give George and Cindy Koodos for being awesome grandparents when Caylee was alive. But I have no respect for them now. They lied and they help a murderer. I can not get over that. I have told my girls that I love them more then anything in this world, and I would stand in front of a train for them…..but I will NEVER lie for them. Since the verdict, I have no respect for the jurers, no respect for the justice system and I couldnt imagine being a defense atty. that lies through their teeth like Linda Kenny Baden, Jose Baex and Chaney Mason. MAy Casey get murdered a very long painful death and may George. Cindy and Lee live the rest f their lives knowing they helped get a murder off. You can think I am evil or non-American, but take 5 minutes and put your child in Caylee’s place and then respond to my note. Years ago, OJ lied, got off and 15 years later, he is in prison for 9 to 33 years, Michael Jackson lied and 4 years later he is dead. The Menandez brothers killed and lied and they are in prison now. Everything eventually becomes full circle. It would be a better world if the whole Anthony family was gone. Name one decent thing they bring to this world. What a sad mess this all has been.

  138. LGREY says:

    I know Casey killed that little girl ……..she killed her spirit…..she killed her chance of ever being with her grammy and grampa…and uncle……she killed her own mother’s chance of ever touching that little baby and kissing her and helping her up that ladder to swim in her very favorite pool……..she killed her father of ever hoping to have a “normal” life….because Casey made SURE ..the whole family bowed down to her….and Casey made SURE everyone did just as she wanted them to do……….I know families like that………one spoiled little BITCH….that NOONE can say that word that we all have to hear at least ONCE in our lifetime….but NOT if you are the spoiled little BITCH……..they do not EVER get the word NO said to them..that is what happened in that family………and that my friends is why it is not a good way to raise anyone………because they turn out to be………………. “Casey Anthonys”……….spoiled people that Wont take no for any answers…………even KILL to get their way………because to them there is no NO …..they will take what they want at ANY expense….anti social……..its ALL ABOUT ME kind of people………but.wait…………now because she got away with Murder…………she thinks she has the whole world by the ass…………….and she will get slap happy…………just like OJ did……………one day very soon we will all clap our hands and cheer because she will …just like OJ did………..will mess up big time…..and she will either end up in jail………..or worse……..and let me be the one to sit here and tell you CASEY ANTHONY>>>>>>>lest you should READ this ……………GOD gets the end word my “friend”…………..and his word will be NO to you……….no you may not come to heaven because you have lived a life that has done nothing but harm people…………….all that we do we should think of footprints………………the things we do that harm people …..leave bad impressions……………..the deepest impressions are the ones where we helped our families………….where we payed someone’s bill or helped someone who was sick…..or dying…..where we put others before ourselves in every way… give of yourself for others………like your mom…who is a nurse…..she has spent her life taking care of you and others… very MUCH UNLIKE you Casey………sad sad day for her……she tried so very hard to show you how we are suppose to be ………..but you was too busy having sex and drinking and God only knows what else……to watch and learn from your mom……and your dad……..he gave of himself every day in his work………..serve and protect the people………where was your attention Casey?………….why was you not observing your parents in their everyday paths of caring for others…………..what happened?………………..please please tell me………….because I……. like all others …….just do not understand how God could create someone that only cares for yourself….coming from 2 so devoted people ………………….So …TO YOU CASEY ANTHONY……….MAY YOU REST IN PEACE……………..because I for one will never buy a book that would give you any money for any of your deeds…………..NOR will I………………….. ever attend a movie that has anything to do with you and your murder of that baby girl………….I hope you live a very deep dark life.hiding in shadows……….jumping at any small noise…. for fear that someone might be out to get you … you got that baby girl………….just imagine how scared that baby was when you took her life……………I watched all the time…hoping you would break in and tell the world what happened……………now you have lost the chance because we all know …everything you say is nothing but lies……………so even if you was to come forward tomorrow and tell all the truth…………….NOONE WILL BELIEVE YOU………you lost your chance……………..

  139. sam says:

    my thought and prayers go out to you and your family i have a 2 yr old grand baby we have joint custody with her mother i hate to have to send here back to the mother you are in my thought and prayers

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