A Mother’s Love-Cindy Anthony

For my regular blog readers you know this subject is a sore one for me.  I don’t have the love of my mother, and possibly never did-sad but true.  I have often said when praying to God, “How can some people get a mother who would love them even if they killed someone and I have a mother that doesn’t love me because…blah blah blah.”  The story of Cindy, Casey and Caylee Anthony I know is hitting close to home to me.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m frustrated with Cindy Anthony just like the rest of the world, and I would like to smack Casey Anthony upside her head, but this story has reminded me that there are women in this world that love their children NO MATTER WHAT.  Let’s all remember we have screamed and yelled at our t.v. because of women like Susan Smith and Andrea Yates, we may very well add Casey Anthony to that list-but let’s remember a Mother’s Love is suppose to know no bounds and let’s show Cindy Anthony some respect, she is a mother and her heart is broken.  She can’t let her mind believe her daughter is capable of hurting her grandchild and I respect her for that. 

While we all sit around and say Cindy Anthony is “covering up” for her daughter, her daughter is calling her from jail acting like a spoiled brat.  Phone call from jail. 

The 911 calls and just another chapter in this circus.  I cry when I hear the anguish in Cindy Anthony.  This woman is facing the unthinkable, let’s not forget that. 

I have thought all along that Lee Anthony seems to be the exact opposite of his sister and tonight in an interview he gave I’m more convinced of this.  I hope Cindy Anthony can see this interview and realize her son is the best option for a family spokesperson.

Ok, knowing more then I care to about dysfuntional mother/daughter relationships.  I am hoping the daughter (Casey) has allowed someone to take Caylee to hide her from her mother.  I know in order to believe this I have to discount what the police are saying, but remember in other cases they have been wrong.  I think about how hard I am praying for this and I don’t even know Casey.  The Anthony Family has to be beside themselves missing this little angel. 

Another blogger that is weighing in.

Here are other post I have done about this little cutie.

I pray for this little girl and I hope you do also.  If you want to meet some “real moms, with huge hearts” visit here.  As a mom of a little one that went to heaven way too soon I pray that God is dealing with Casey Anthony and will soften her heart to understand if that sweet child is still alive the time for playing games with her mom is over and if she’s dancing with Jesus I pray that Casey comes clean and gives her family some time to grieve.

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I started my blog as a way to connect with other paper crafters and of course it has gone a totally different direction. I've been able to share my experience as a mother, my hurt and disappointments over not having a relationship with my maternal unit, my walk with God and how knowing Him has changed me and continues to help me grow into the person I strive to be......
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23 Responses to A Mother’s Love-Cindy Anthony

  1. I am here says:

    After reading and hearing about this So-called mother of CAYLEE

    She is not a loving caring mother she lacks passion in finding her child.
    She yells at her family she swears worse than a I do not know what?
    She is a nasty angry person…
    can’t wait for the book & movie but first the trial…

  2. Jody says:

    I can’t make any excuses for Cindy Anthony’s behavior. There is just no good reason to lie for her daugher. On Geraldo Rivera over the weekend, Geraldo played a local news tape where Cindy denied that Casey ever spoke on the 911 tapes. Cindy handed her the damn phone for heaven’s sake and now she is going to deny it.

    There is something wrong with both Cindy and Casey. Personally, I think that Casey learned to lie from Cindy.

  3. Michelle says:

    apple and tree, I do give Cindy a little sympathy because I think denial is a huge part of everything she is doing

  4. krista says:

    I cant give her any credit, she is ACTING mentally incompetent but i cant even credit her for denial, I have been following this case for two weeks and she does not care. best case scenario she knows where her daughter is, safe with ANYBODY, but she has played this out like a riddle, name dropping, tattoos, close to homeand ex bf comments, implying her daughter is dead and hidden somewhere. I have not commented on this so far but the names she has given match up with street names of parks surrounded by lakes, even her tattoo should be taken as evidence or clues in this case. Sure her daughter is safe NOW her mom cant hurt her anymore, I m upset by this whole thing and jsut like everyone else want her found, alive would be great but it is just not probable in this case

  5. Stephanie says:

    Cindy Anthony is a total moron. Casey Anthony is a classic sociopath and I believe she is a murderer. How could any parent to 30 minutes, much less 30 days not knowing where they child is and to make things even worse, go out partying and throwing up gang signs.

    She is a piece of crap and I am so angry that the Orange County Sheriff’s Office is taking so long to find Caylee. It amazes me that Casey Anthony never asks about Caylee on any of the recorded jailhouse interviews that I’ve heard.

    Cindy Anthony is such an idiot and so worried about her darling little Casey. I can’t wait to hear what she says when the hammer falls and we find out what really happened, as sad as that will be? I just want to jump through the TV and shake her when I see her being interviewed and blaming the media! She needs to wake up.

  6. Gabriel says:

    Cindy Anthony is an arrogant bitch that must think people are complete idioits.
    She is the least sympathetic person I have ever seen. She is rude to the very people she wants to help her. I wouldn’t waste my time of day doing anything to help her or her lying socipath daughter.
    She has turned me off so completely I don’t care what happens to her.
    Let’s face it the poor child is dead. The dogs don’t lie. People can not face reality and live in a world of make believe if they want to.
    The only think that matters at this point is not letting that lying self-centered brat get away with murder.
    I know I sound hard, but I have had it up to here with this trashy family.
    People should be giving their time and efforts to families of missing children that really want and need their help not this family of liars and enablers.

  7. becky says:

    Dear God….. please let them find this little angel alive. I have a grandaughter just a little older than Caylee whom I love with all my heart. I can’t imagine what the Anthony family is going through. I also don’t understand how such a screwed up daughter – Casey- could be a part of what seems like a loving family. God . . . please, please let this horrible story come to a happy ending. Bless this baby and let them find her alive and well.

  8. CarolynEarly says:

    Dear Heavenly Father, only You know what is going on, all the facts, where Caylee is and what happened to her. Please give the police the wisdom to find her and show them what is going on. Please take the blinders off Casey’s parents eyes, so they can honestly face whatever the whole truth is and be more helpful to their daughter as well as the police. And please show Casey that only telling the absolute truth to police will ever give her any peace & comfort the rest of her life. We give you thanks for all things, Amen

  9. Gabriel says:

    I hope they find CayLee’s body, but with The Amazing Lying Anthony Family, I truly doubt that will ever happen.
    By now in the Florida heat I doubt there is anything left of her body.

  10. sprinter says:

    I think Casey is pretty comfortable in jail. she finally has some much needed structure and attention.

    Casey’s mom and dad know the the child is dead and they are trying to now save their daughter. They should all be put in jail. I am tired of hearing Cindy talk crap, lie and blame everyone else, except her daughter, for Caylee’s disappearance. God will eventually sort it out.

  11. Shelly says:

    I am shocked that grandma seems to find this energy to make calls to Larry King and Nancy Grace and make all these interviews and things like that.
    I would be exausted by now.
    I hope that this family either finds caley or finds some closure.

  12. Rob says:

    Poor Caylee. I hope she is found. If someone has her and is reading this, please take her and leave her where she can be found. The authorities can then take her and give her to people that will properly care for her and all the time and money that is being spent can ended.

    Note – Love the ad for the personal assistants that the dad and brother have. If your daughte rwould quite playing games they would find Caylee. I have never seen a family more interested in the attention than that of finding their baby.

    Pray for Caylee

  13. Michelle says:

    Caylee would now be another year older but we all know she is not. It sent chills up my spine when I heard the 2nd 911 call from Cindy. She states that the car smells like there was a dead body in it. I knew then that the little one was gone forever. How can your baby be missing for more than an hour an her be so damn calm about it???? I would have been calling local TV stations about 5 hours after I had found the babysitter was gone with my child! I believe that Cassie told her mother what happened and Cindy called 911 but wasn’t quit able to completely turn her in. Maybe that is why she keeps making the tips. On the 2nd 911 call you hear Cassie in the background saying she didn’t want to talk to 911. On the jail call with the argument between the 2 Cassie says “mom you don’t know my part in this?” Cindy replies ” Sweetheart”. WTF? Cindy knows something and doesn’t want to face reality but I must confess that I’m confused by her various statements. She supports her daughter but has stated that Cassie is a compulsive liar, that she stole her car, she accidentally washed the clothes in the car that reeked of the same odor as the car? Then that the car smelt as though it had a dead body in it. How come that wasn’t mentioned in the first 911 call? There is something strange about the claims of whole family. Will they ever find a body? I don’t know but I do know they need to make MOM and Grandma take a polygraph to find out where the psycho hid the body. Maybe then we will finally know what happen to that baby. I hope that whatever happen that it was an accident that she tried to hide and not murder. But why hide an accidental drowning as the police announced as a possible theory this morning on t.v? May Caylee be happy and at peace where she may be.

  14. bonnie says:

    i think casey knows more than she says. i would make her and her mom and even the babysitter take a polygraf..ask the casey if she killed her..ask the grandma if she is covering up for her daughter and ask the babysitter if she took her..god have mercy on their souls and on the one who hurts her.

  15. Ben L says:

    I believe that the moment the grandmother called 911 the first time, she know the truth , that her daughter had killed Caylee. I do not believe she knew the truth until that moment. But her instincts took over to potect her daughter, even in a murder case. They probably agreed to give lots of lies, to keep police at bay and also allow the body to decompose even more in Florida. Daughter killed baby accidently and grandma knew nothing of the murder. Those 31 days of her missing, was belived by grandma that they were traveling thru Florida. Daughter ran out of ideas and confessed to her mon, “What should we do. Grandma said lets call police now, and rest is history.

  16. michelle says:

    I will tell you how a mother can not know that her daughter is missing and that is if she left the daughter with her mother, Cindy. This is the mother that refers to Caylee as being gone on here myspace page 5 days before she is actually gone. This is also the same woman who called 911 how many days later??? Come on. The same woman who said the car smelled like a decomposed body??? How does she know what a decomposed body smells like? Cindy Anthony is not acting like a grandmother that “raised” here granddaughter. She was not crying on the 911 call. She made sure to say at the end of the call that the trunk smelled like a decomposed body…come on that was staged right there. Did America ever think that she has set her daughter up? I think the answer to all the questions lie with Cindy Anthony.

  17. pamela glenn says:

    Hi, I raise my grand daughter and I know for sure if she has been miising 3 min I am calling the police. Maybe, JUST maybe she is with someone that is scared to come foward and I am PRAYING she will be found! I just wish Casey would tell what happen to this sweet little girl.. “CAYLEY YOU ARE IN OUR HEARTS” no matter were you are…

  18. ItTakesAVillage says:

    I am speaking as a Mom who had her two oldest children kidnapped by their Father. And I am speaking to everyone who is so “angry” at Cindy Anthony.
    Unless you have gone through something like this, you cannot even remotely understand that lengths your mind and heart will go through to understand the insanity and injustice in today’s world. In a nutshell, the world is insane. And in a nutshell, not ALL parents love their children as much as WE think they “should”.
    Cindy Anthony is fighting a battle right now in her heart and mind. She’s not in “denial”. Well, yes, she is in denial . . but it’s not a “stupid” denial. It’s a denial that’s demanded from her own set of values and principles that she hasn’t yet realized her own daughter didn’t share.

    Now, to Cindy Anthony I want to say . . it IS time to wake up. I’m not saying it’s time to stop loving your daughter unconditionally. I’m not saying it’s time to jump on the bandwagon of calling your daughter a baby killer or anything of the sort. But it’s time to take the blinders off, support your daughter with what the TRUTH is (even if it doesn’t fit into YOUR values and principles). And I AM saying it’s time for you to start figuring out why your God has put you on this path.

    You, Cindy Anthony, have been chosen by your higher power to make a difference for FUTURE children. You have been chosen by your higher power to make a different to FUTURE Mothers who may experience what your daughter has. Whatever you do, DO NOT allow yourself to retreat into a shell and try to hide or deny what’s out there. Face it, head on. Deal with it. Move THROUGH it (not around it or over it or under it) and then begin reaching out to other Grandparents who see their children exhibit “sociopath” behaviors BEFORE their Grandchild is harmed or neglected.
    I do a LOT of work with non custodial Moms. My work revolves mostly around “fit and loving” Mothers like myself who are victims of move aways, or lost custody to a family court system trying to balance the gender issue (both parents are fit, so lets let Dad have custody more often). BUT, there are definitely cases where Grandparents need to step in and fight for custody of a grandchild because a Mother just isn’t ready/willing or able to properly care for a child.

    If any of this rings a bell with you, please pray on it.

    For those protesting against Cindy Anthony. STOP. Give her the time and space to come to this realization. And when you see her start an organization set up to help Grandparents better protect their grandchildren BEFORE harm comes to them . . . put down your signs and help her.

    Because when you break ALL of this down, it’s about nothing except our CHILDREN. Our FUTURE.

    Love to all.


  19. jailbird says:

    I am amazed every day by Casey Anthony’s ability to withstand pressure from her family, the media, friends, and professional officers with the skills and training to break a def down to get the truth. Except for Scott Peterson, I can’t think of anyone recently that had the stonewall resistance to all kinds of pressure.
    As far as Cindy Anthony, she is in denial – she can’t accept that Caylee is gone and that Casey did anything to her. She may never be able to accept the truth – Casey as lied to her for years and Casey must be very skilled at lying for her mom to hold out the hope that Caylee is still alive.
    Scott Petersons parents never could admit that their son had killed Lacee – I think that is what we have in this situation, the parents cannot accept the truth about their daughter or granddaughter.
    I also believe Casey did this to Caylee to punish her parents – that girl is filled with hate towards the very people that tried to help her the most.

  20. Greg says:

    WAKE UP PEOPLE! Casey Anthony is covering for someone. If there is a decomposing scent of a dead body in Casey’s car, then it makes sense that a death occurred in that car. If Casey witnessed a murder when she was giving a person a ride home or something, then, maybe the killers took Caylee as ransom to see if Casey talks,”If you talk, we’el kill the kid”. The cops should use “truth serum” on Casey,illegal or not’ what’s more important, finding Caylee or Casey’s rights? Also, look at the grandparents, they wouldn,t babysit when Casey went barhoping. WHY? Her father isn”t acting like an ex-cop.

  21. David says:

    casey is not covering up for anybody but herself,all the lies and stories the woman is sick and needs some real help,even if they find the babys body and enough evidence to convict her i’m sure her half wit attorney will get her an insanity plea so she can con some more people in a mental hospital somewhere and stay out of jail.And we the tax payers will foot the bill for another useless life!

  22. BluByeU says:

    Michele — i understand perfectly the thing about a mothers love, (something i, too, have never been blessed with) but I DO know what it is to love a child, Im just not too sure what I would do in Cindy’s shoes. Im certain though that I would try to force my child into doing THE RIGHT THING …

  23. Falcon7girl says:

    As more and more evidence and documents, tapes and so forth get released to the media I still find myself stuck. I heard the 911 calls that Cindy Anthony made. The terror in her voice when she screamed “Caylee is missing”. Her desperate pleas “I need to find her!” My heart breaks for this woman. Her first calls were clearly aimed at forcing her daughters hand to bring her to her granddaughter. She thought as usual Casey is just being Casey – Difficult, rebellious, spiteful & ungrateful. This woman HAD NO IDEA what nightmare she was stepping into. If everyone recalls Casey refused her parents and families visits when the news media showed her mothers interviews clearly stating ‘I do not know what Caseys involvement is”…Casey felt abandoned by her family and in turn punished them more by turning them away. Clearly this is a pattern.
    Cindy Anthony is torn between her daughter who has issues no doubt, but none the less is still her daughter. And, also her granddaughter who she probably feels responsible for her going missing, perhaps if she didnt give Casey a hard time in those last days or didnt confront her for whatever reason – None of this would have happened.
    Cindy Anthony is under so much stress aside from pain and heartache…I’m sorry but I think she is trying to undo whatever damage so that she can get through to her daughter and maybe just maybe she is hoping the worst has NOT happened. How can you fault her for that? She is trying to deal with her the best way she knows how. To many of us – it may seem WRONG and it could very well be. But none of us have any idea what these people are going through and what they have had to live with. My heart goes out to Cindy Anthony and George and Lee. They have loved their granddaughter, raised her cared for her and supported their daughter unconditionally. They are not responsible for Caseys actions, and its unfair for others to criticize or place blame on them. They should be given compassion, because from the way it is sounding things are only about to get that much worse for them. Cindy Anthony is lashing out at the media, friends, people trying to help and all of that is very NORMAL behavior. People who are under stress and have no control over their lives and circumstances surrounding them have a tendancy to do that. Not too mention every single person that has befriended her has also turned to the media or ended up on Nancy Grace… So why everyone finds her behavior odd is ridiculous. Are you all telling me that you would take all this and curl up in a ball and lie down and take it if it were you? You would go insane! As would I!!What is odd to me and disgusting is these protestors who chant about their love for Caylee yet stand out their nightly harrassing the very people who care for that child more than any of us can ever fathom. They protest about Casey yet bring their own children out and even slam their arms in car doors?? I guess it takes bad mothers to know bad mothers!! I mean really keep your kids home and the best way to rally for Caylee would be to make sure your own children have a safe home..! My heart goes out to the Anthony family – I pray that God watches over all of you and keeps Caylee safe. Casey will have to answer for her mistakes and irregardless of lies its a mothers responsibility to care for her child and she failed miserably in that respect. She failed as a mother and is now failing as a daughter and sister – And I hope that she spares them more pain and suffering but I doubt it…The Anthony’s are still holding out hope, I understand it. And that being said eventually the facts will reveal themselves and they will have to then face reality, its disgusting that the world really is that ugly place that kicks people while they are down though. That is what I struggle with more than Cindy retracting her statements or trying to make excuses – She is a mother a grandmother and she is distraught!! Everyone has a story…This is Cindy Anthony’s story and in her own time she will tell it! People need to back off and give her that time!

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