Liar Liar Pants of Fire-Casey Anthony

Edited-this post gets so many views I just wanted to ask for prayers for this little baby and his mama who loves him and would protect him at all cost…

“Not a bit of useful information has been provided by Ms. Anthony as to the whereabouts of her daughter, and I would add that the truth and Ms. Anthony are strangers.” ~Judge Stan Strickland~


  • LIE: According to the Orange County Sheriffs charging affidavit, friends of Casey Anthony said in a sworn statement she is a habitual liar who once stole $700 and checks from a friend. They state she told them on different occasions that Caylee was with a nanny.
  • LIE: In early June, Casey Anthony told her mother she was being sent to Tampa for work and would be back in a few days.
  • LIE: Later, Casey said she was going on a “mini-vacation” with friends (friend = Jeff Hopkins?) and taking Caylee with her.
  • LIE: Casey also told a former boyfriend (Jessie Grund?) on June 25 that she would be free to get together because her daughter was “with the nanny and that they had gone to the beach for the weekend.” A friend of the mother contacted authorities and told them he spent the weekend with Casey Anthony in late June, and at that time, according to the friend and the arrest report, the child was with a nanny.
  • LIE: Casey’s mother said she had been asking to speak with her granddaughter but that Casey made excuses that she could not talk to Caylee because “she’s with someone else or she’s swimming or napping.”
  • LIE: Casey’s parents became concerned after they received notice that her car was towed from a check-cashing business where it had been parked for days and it was no where near where she told her parents she was staying.
  • LIE: According to Casey, she had dropped Caylee off at her babysitter’s July 9th between 9:00 and 1:00 —- but was not reported missing until five weeks later when her grandmother reported the information to police.
  • LIE: Casey said she was doing her own investigation into her daughter’s disappearance over the past five weeks instead of calling 911. Casey said that she saw movies and reports that if people in similar situations went to police, they had gotten hurt. Casey also she did not report her daughter missing because she wanted to find the child herself to spare her parents the sadness of their grandchild being missing. Two of Anthony’s boyfriends told detectives she never acted upset or mentioned her daughter’s disappearance.
  • LIE: Casey Anthony says Caylee’s baby-sitter was Zenaida Gonzalez, at the Sawgrass Apartments off Conway Road. A woman named Zanie Gonzalez never even lived here. (In addition, the apartment Casey pointed out to detectives proved to have been vacant for 5 months since Feb 29)
  • LIE: Casey said that — while doing her “own” investigation — she also went to clubs that the baby sitter, a woman she identified as Zenaida Gonzalez, is known to frequent.
  • LIE: Caylee’s baby-sitter, Zenaida Gonzalez, had been a family friend for four years and cared for Caylee for 18 months. Contacted by detectives, a woman named Zenaida Gonzalez told them she never met Anthony or her missing child. She did not recognize the mother or daughter from pictures.
  • LIE: Casey also directed deputies to a complex on North Hillside Drive, which turned out to be a senior facility.
  • LIE: Casey said Zanie’s mother lived in The Crossings at Conway. After knocking on several doors, no one knew of Zanie or her mom.
  • LIE: Casey had told her parents she worked as an event planner at an area theme park. Investigators say Anthony was unemployed
  • LIE: Casey said both she and the alleged babysitter Zanie worked at Universal Studios, and that Casey’a job there was the reason she needed a babysitter. But after entering a building and pretending she knew where she was going, she admitted she wasn’t an employee there. (She was fired from there in 2006.)
  • LIE: Casey claimed she had been so concerned that she told two co-workers at Universal Studios her child had disappeared. Neither person she named works at Universal.

I copied the above lies from a website I have been reading about this crazy case. 

I have a 21 year old daughter and I’m here to tell you that I would love her regardless of what she did, but I would have beat the information about my grandchild out of her.  I am afraid this little girl is dead, I pray not, but I fear it’s true.

I have thought that the whole world must know about this little girl, but today two different people called me and asked me about this case after seeing it on my blog. 

I continue to pray for this family, I think there is a lot of history and secrets.  We found out in my family this year that keeping secrets can have an awful outcome, I hope this family realizes this and starts telling the truth.  I think the best chance of that is with the grandpa or the uncle.  The mother and

Other post about Caylee.

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2,042 Responses to Liar Liar Pants of Fire-Casey Anthony

  1. RZ says:

    I don’t think she’s dead. I heard last week or over the weekend that someone (I think the grandmother) actually spoke with the little girl on a cell phone about 2 weeks ago. Unless that was a lie also….

    • Ina B. says:

      Well, RZ….. who are YOU not to think that a child in cases like this isn’t dead? I can see you posted 3 years ago but I just ran into this blog and I CAN NOT BELIEVE THAT THERE ARE PEOPLE OUT THERE THAT STILL BELIEVE NOTHING HAS HAPPENED TO A CHILD IN SUCH BIZZARE SITUATION. Well, It’s 2011 now and we know so much more. What do you think NOW ? WHERE IS EVERYONE’S BASIC HUMAN PEOPLE SKILLS ? No offense….

  2. Colette says:

    This case hasn’t hit UK press yet but it’s so complex that I think it’ll only be a matter of time. I pray that Caylee is found safe and sound.

    Earlier this year in England a little girl named Shannon Matthews went missing, I watched her distraught mother on TV many times, I cried with her and I prayer in vain that Shannon be found. In the UK it’s very, very rare that a child missing for more than a few days is found alive and I praised God when Shannon was found at the home of a member of her extended family 25 days after she went missing.

    Shannon wasn’t returned to her family as the police had suspicions about their involvement in her ‘abduction’, currently her mother and her boyfriend (not Shannon’s father) are in prison awaiting trial, along with the ‘Uncle’ whose home she was found in whilst other members of the family have been released on bail. It seems the kidnap was staged by the family in the hope of raising money, awful isn’t it!?

    Shannon wasn’t harmed and is safe with a foster family now and I’m sure she’s very happy. Hopefully her story shows that there’s always hope for Caylee, we just have to pray.

  3. melissa says:

    I don’t think she is dead. I think that Casey gave the girl away or sold her, so that she could get with some guy.

  4. This whole story just reeks. The poor little girl. I pray that she is safe and when she is found…it put into a loving and caring home.

  5. cj says:

    Would someone care to explain to me how and why someone would wait 5 weeks before reporting their child missing? From what I’ve read, the only reason I could come up with is they were hiding something. I only hope that I am wrong when I say that they were probably covering up the murder of that beautiful little girl, Caylee. I feel that it is too late but still I can’t help but pray that she is found alive and safe somewhere and then put in a loving, caring home. Hopefully a home where the foster parents have a “shoot on sight” order for the “mom, grandma, grandpa and uncle”. Everyone one of them seems to be a few fries short of a Happy Meal!

    Please return safe, Caylee, the world loves you even though the people that are supposed to don’t!

  6. Brooke says:

    It would be nice to think she isn’t dead, that the mother “sold” her for her own selfish reasons, but sadly, in this day in time, how many times does that happen? Exactly! None. They go to the extreme to get what they want, there are obviously some serious family issues that CAsey was jealous of her child, that her mother is a complete nutcase, apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree. I would like to commend both judges who heard the case and denied her bond, or set it SO high it will take a lot to post it, good for them! Let her sit in there, throw her worthless mom in there too, until they can grow up and face the music, stop living in the land of denial, and say…this is what I did. Enough lies! No one believes anything either one says. So why shouldn’t the people listening and watching think she is alive? Spoiled, selfish mom.

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  8. LeAnne says:

    I hope she is alive. This is one of the most bizarre happenings I have ever heard of! These people are too wacked out. Why doesn’t Cindy go to the jail and talk to Casey about where Caylee is? They are all hiding something very terrible..I thnk they should all go to jail until Caylee is found.

  9. Jennifer Walker says:

    This story is so shady it hurts! It is obvious that this gorgeous little girl is no longer with us. There is no way that 5 weeks passes for the grandparents without knowing something is wrong ESPECIALLY when the little girl lives with you. I am so sick and tired of hearing this grandmother make excuses for her miserable excuse of a daughter. If she knows what happened, go to the jail and beat it out of your daughter! Too many lies, no one knows who the father is! How can you lie about having a job? No one finds it odd that the “loaned car by grandpa” was missing for 19 days and no one noticed? Everyone’s hands have blood on them! Why is it that these stories ALWAYS come from Florida??? I swear that FL is the shadiest state in the union!

  10. Janie Daily says:

    The daughter has major mental health issues. The Grandmom needs to acknowledge this and the pressure needs to be on the childs mother so evidence can be found before it is too late.
    God Bless This Family,
    Janie Daily
    P.S. If the child was kidnapped, per say…why would she be allowed to speak openly to a stranger? This is a ploy..I pray I am wrong.
    I write this as a mom…a saddened mom.

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  12. CJ says:

    I don’t think Caylee is alive. The decomposition in the trunk sealed it for me. I just don’t understand why the mother had to KILL this beautiful little girl. Why didn’t she just leave her with the grandparents ?

  13. April says:

    Well said everyone, but I have one thing to add.

    I’m a mom also and I freek out when my boys are not around for 5 minutes and they are 9 and 10. I can’t imagine waiting over a month to say anything at all. I mean she should WANT to tell them as much information as possible and not use the “if you let me out of jail” excuse.

    If in fact there is someone who has her (which I don’t believe is the case) one would think $225,000 would be enough to return Caylee. It’s just strange that the tips the grandmother got came to only her phone and not the police. But their phone numbers are posted up on myspace and

    I was watching Nancy Grace tonight and the 911 calls were released and let me tell you everything that both grandma and Casey’s been saying and what was on those calls paints an entirely different picture. Casey was entirely calm and even spoke of “just talking with” Caylee a moment just before the 911 call and then they tried to call the number back but it was disconnected. Grandma also says the car smelt like a dead body has been in it. (Quite different from the other day claiming it was rotten pizza.)

    Something is not right and I believe the grandma is covering up something. I hope they do find Caylee alive, I hate to say this, but I do believe mom killed her. Too many things that don’t add up, Too many holes in the stories and too many cover ups. It’s chilling and sickening.

  14. LeAnne says:

    This is getting to the point it is ridiculous. I don’t mean to be uncaring..this is a tragedy. But come on–they are dragging this out avoid getting in trouble themselves…I think they all know what happened to Caylee and they are all trying to protect Casey for some reason. The only thing I can think of is they must have soemthing to hide as well. Police still cannot verify who Caylee’s father is…..I think there might be something to that…we will see. I have faith that God will give Caylee justice, at this point he is the only that can. Keep praying for the truth to be exposed.

  15. DenaLou says:

    In my heart I know Caylee is no longer alive and the mother is untruthful because of what she did. She’s covering up her crime and thinks she’ll get away with it. Shopping when her child is missing? Not reporting it to law enforcement/family? Her lack of emotion??? I hope law enforcement find something soon so she can be made accountable for her actions. SOMETHING IS OUT OF WHACK!

  16. Sarah says:

    Casey is an example of ‘SINGLE MOTHERS’ who go and have babies and just decide that they don’t want the responsibility. They wanna hang out and have fun and let loose! The type of person who would tuck there daughter in at night and leave to go to the club. Thinking to themselves “They will be ok, the door is locked”. The kind of person who will leave her daughter with ANYONE, just as long as SHE can go out and chill with her friends.
    Now onto the grandmother. What a tool. She ought to be ashamed. Standing by her daughter, when it is obvious her daughter DOES NOT CARE ABOUT ANYONE BUT HERSELF. Get your head out of your ass Grandma!
    I would not care if I was sitting in jail accused of something to do with the disapearance of my sons. I LOVE THEM, I WOULD HELP FIND THEM NO MATTER WHAT! NO MATTER IF THEY BELIEVED I KILLED THEM! And I know all TRUE mothers AND grandmothers would do the same.

  17. April says:

    This gets bizarre every minute. Here’s a link from the Orlando sentinal just released about the conversation between the grandmother and Casey heard on the 911 tapes,0,5568332.story?track=rss

    Cindy Anthony: ‘Cause my next thing will be down to child (inaudible) thing and we’ll have a court order to get her. If that’s the way you want to play, we’ll do it and you’ll never. . .

    Casey Anthony: That’s not the way I want to play. . .

    Cindy Anthony: Well then you have. . .

    Casey Anthony: Give me one more day.

    Cindy Anthony: No, I’m not giving you another day, I’ve given you a month. . .

    Folks the Grandmother knows something and she should be put in jail as well as Casey for obstruction.

  18. J. C. says:

    I am sorry, but I am convinced little Caylee is no longer alive. How tragic this is – every morning I see Cindy Anthony & Raul Baez (atty) on TV and each morning they both sound more and more like liars and idiots. This morning, especially after the 911 calls from Cindy Anthony came out and SHE said the car that was impounded smelled like a dead body – then later changes that to a 12-day old pizza???!!! I’m with April – the authorities might as well arrest Cindy Anthony and charge her with obstruction. If Casey’s family really believes that Caylee is still alive, they are really fooling themselves.

  19. MJRC says:

    The family should be ashamed of themselves for even remotely supporting that liar, (possibly worse) daughter (Casey) in an effort to get her released from jail. This woman should remain confined untill she is truthful & reveals what truly happened to little Caylee. While we all are hopeful for a positive, happy ending, it is not looking good at this time. May God Have MERCY On Casey….
    She will certantly need it !!!

  20. Kevin says:

    It is my opinion that the grandma is a nut and therefore her daughter’s mental state can at least be explained…true statement I read about the apple not falling far from the tree. Sadly I fear the worst, these people are hiding the facts but doing a horrible job of it, They will go down for this…as they should. I hurt for that sweet little girl.

  21. April says:

    I’m sorry guys, I’m just trying to keep everyone updated…Here’s the latest call released (From Casey to her mom from jail),0,2267671.story?track=rss

    There’s a link in there that you can hear the whole phone call. I feel bad for the family. Everyone was trying to pump the truth out of her.

  22. Kevin says:

    Very telling of the type of person she is with this comment:

    “Oh my God. Calling you guys…huge mistake,” Casey said. “I just watched the (expletive) news and heard everything my mom said. All they’re worried about is getting Caylee back.”

    Freakin monster!

  23. amwh says:

    Obviously these mother-daughter roles are reversed, and that is half of Casey’s problem (becoming a narcissist/sociopath.) Mom has never demanded truth from Casey from the day she was born. She did nothing but placate and pacify her. Those taped phone calls from jail showed a passive, solicitous mother and a verbally abusive, tantrum-throwing, threatening spoiled little Casey. There is an epidemic of young men killing their wives and now Casey. This generation is screwed up and some shrinks need to take a serious look at why. Parents are more interested in their own lives and pacify rather than teach their children. Look at Neil Entwistle’s mother – he could do no wrong, the little darling…and it’s been that way from her all their lives. NOW we see the monster.

  24. Kevin says:

    amwh, you are right on the money with your comments. This world is truly messed up and it does lie with the whatever makes ME happy attitude that continues to dominate the younger generations, some of them in my own (I’m 39). I have four children and stories like this simply make me sick. It is a privilege and a blessing to be a parent. How anybody can have no concern in the world for their own child blows me away.

  25. Bobbi says:

    Major disfunctional family. Even Grandma is wacko! Just watch her on Greta.

  26. paula says:


  27. UnderMoonlight says:

    Some people don’t deserve children. In my country you have to be registered to own a dog. Unfortunately for so many little children their parents aren’t even fit to have a pet, yet alone be responsible for a child. I have a very bad feeling about this case. Hopefully the mother has sold her little girl and she will be found. As a mother myself, I would be out of my mind if my child was missing. What does the future hold for this little girl even if they find her, hopefully a loving family and not the trash mother she has at the moment.

  28. UnderMoonlight says:

    By the way, just saw the jail house phone calls on television, and have to agree with the commentator that they have now blown it. They will get now get no more information by listening in on these phone calls.
    Why did these phone calls get released to the television networks?!

  29. Just Jess says:

    Every day, I hear of a significant new development in this case. I have been glued to this case.

    Not one thing in it makes sense, other than that Casey must have murdered her, or accidently killed her and tried to cover it up and that Cindy knows Casey has something to do with it but not to what extent.

    What I have not heard or read yet is how Casey paid this supposed sitter or nany. Cash or by check. If check, are their any carbon copies or bank transactions to prove prior payments since she supposingly sat for her for a year and a half. Has Grandma ever met this sitter or once picked her up from her?
    I don’t believe this at all. In fact, I feel bad for whoever is really named Zenaida Flores-Gonzales and has absolutely nothing to do with Casey Anthony. She totally just came up with that name.
    The Grandma (Cindy) has never been filmed stating that she has met the sitter, or describing what she looks like. Has Casey been taped or heard describing this person to any of her friends or family?
    I am not a mother yet, but I would not be thinking about my boyfriend while my daughter was missing. For her to say “all they care about is finding Caylee” is simply disturbing.
    Hopefully, this case will be solved soon for everyone’s sake. Casey just sounds drama driven, immature, and painfully selfish. I do not feel sorry for her or her mother, just that little girl!

  30. Tori says:

    I think that the grandma had something to do with it, while I was listening to the 911 tapes I didn’t understand how Casey was so calm on the phone while talking to 911 and grandma was yelling, how did grandma know that the car smelled like a dead body. was the car found and towed before the 911 call was made or after the 911 call? if after the call was made then how whould she know about the car if it was found in an area no where close to where she was staying?

  31. char says:

    I belive the grandmother was frantic in the beginning when she found out the little one was missing….BUT now as I watch her I belive she knows that her daughter has done somthing to the child, and is going along with the “child is missing” story and is trying to save her Daughters behind.

  32. I am here says:

    We all need a map online with dots at all the places she went on her trips?
    The houses she went including hers and her Boyfriend’s.her brother and all the fake addresses she mentoned..
    I thinklike someone else said Caylee was probably left in the very hot car and died then Casey got rid of her in some water .

  33. April says:

    There’s probably more than the police are releasing right now. I’m sure there’s more phone calls. Secondly, it clearly states that ALL phone conversations are monitored and recorded, even in the visiting room. It certainly is not the media’s fault or the police’s fault for releasing them. It’s a matter of watching what you say and clearly Casey is either dumber than a box of rocks or she simply don’t care.

  34. Joy says:

    Caylee most likely isn’t alive. When two cadaver dogs, independent of each other, hit on decompositional fluids in the trunk of Casey Anthony’s car and in the same spot in the Anthony family’s backyard, it’s pretty obvious that there was a dead body both in the car, which the Grandmother in the 911 call and the lead investigator in the case Melich (who happens to be a former homicide detective) both agreed smelled like a dead body, and in the backyard. Logic says that there’s only one dead body that it could possibly be and that is Caylee Anthony. Orange County Police no more than they are letting on. One of the few things that they have said is that they do not believe that the grandmother had anything to do with it. I think that she is just in such disbelief that she is desparate to believe the child is still alive and that her daughter didn’t do the most unthinkable thing that a parent can do to a child. I think this is why she sounds so whacked out…the stress of the missing grandbaby and the knowledge that her daugher has lied repeatedly to her, and is now, probably not just lying about what happened to Caylee but actually killed her. It’s enough to make the sanest of people sound lunatic, especially since she can’t bring herself to really admit Caylee is most likely dead. Grandma was the only one concerned enough about where the baby was to even call the police. I feel sorry for her. It’s all very sad.

  35. Janie Daily says:

    All we can do now is pray. Someone already said it. Some women will do anything to get ‘The kid out of the way” so they can have ‘their lives” and you can tell this little girl was a feisty child. To moms like most of us, this is a blessing..To moms like this one, it is a curse.
    God Bless,
    Janie Daily

  36. Lazar Bel says:

    In all likelihood, she left that poor baby in the car, which she later abandoned, went partying and didn’t return before the sun overheated the car and ….. we all know that story. She is trash, no matter the outcome, even if the baby is found alive. The entire matter makes me sick. Torture? Makes you almost think there is a time and a place. If I had 30 minutes alone with her, she would cough up the truth. I might go to jail, but she would tell me.

    And to an earlier poster; no, it isn’t just Florida. It is going on all over the country as we speak.

  37. Cate says:

    Truly sad and disturbing. Poor little lamb. I agree with all of the comments posted. I try to be open minded, and sort through any media bias by not convicting someone before they have been proven guilty…BUT…sadly, the mom and grandma have basically convicted themselves with their web of lies and shadiness. The grandma has obviously enabled Casey her whole life, which to me, enabling your children is a form of abuse in itself. I would have beaten the truth out of someone by now, if I was the grandma. Where’s Caylee’s biological father?? I’ve been wondering that. My 10 year old son was gone for a week over spring break with family friends, I spoke with him everyday and I was a wreck after not seeing him for 7 days! It blows my mind that the mom of this little girl is so nonchalant about the whole thing. I also have a 16 month old daughter and when I go to the grocery store for an hour, I miss her. The way this family has been acting is just beyond my comprehension. I couldn’t sit at my computer and take the time to make a freakin’ myspace page, knowing my daughter is missing, not to mention conduct my OWN investigation without involving authorities. I just don’t get it. Mom, Grandma and whoever else is lying or involved need to rot in jail.

  38. Kevin says:

    Your words here struck me as it is EXACTLY how I feel about my kids:

    ‘I also have a 16 month old daughter and when I go to the grocery store for an hour, I miss her.’

    I also hate to have to stop somewhere after work because it delays me getting home to see my kids. These nutcases in Orlando will pay. If anybody is reading this who has kids and doesn’t feel the love for them, but instead feels they are in the way, PLEASE, PLEASE, give them up for adoption to those who really want children. They have the right to a decent life.

  39. friesian says:

    I fear little caylee is dead.If she is gone,I hope she didn’t suffer. I pray she is alive .
    Her mother and grandmother are both nuts.How on earth could a mother not report her child missing after 5 weeks.She is a liar,she should stay in jail until they figure this mess out.While they are at it, they should throw the grandmother in jail for stupitidy.

  40. gup says:

    great blog. the grandmother is a “habitual liar” as well. she is to the point of “obstructing the investigation” herself. she is looking as guilty as Casey right now. i say go to Casey’s Myspace (they can go back and get the deletions), all texts, boyfriends, & clubs. that’s where you will find many pieces of this puzzle. surely police are well on their way with that aspect! the worst thing i have seen is Casey’s big ole smile walking into JAIL, and the worst thing i’ve heard is her on the phone jealously & selfishly saying to her friend “all they (family) care about is finding Caylee” (as if why not ME) and she seemed only to want her boyfriend’s number!!! HUH?

  41. Joan411 says:

    I want to believe the mom sold Caycee, but where do you find someone to ‘buy’ your child? Did she advertise on Craigslist or ebay? I mean, that’s not exactly a normal thing to run across in social circles, especially someone of her, uh, mentality, shall we say…nothing creative from her, unless it is for her own selfish benefit…Honestly, where would you go if you wanted to sell your child? OR, as I really always believed, she sold/traded Caycee for drugs, maybe for drugs she was suposed to sell, but used. Now the dealer has the kid

  42. T. Lo says:

    I have really been following this case. I agree that Caylee is dead. At first I wondered if maybe it was some type of accident and then the mom got scared, but after hearing the taped calls I feel that the mother did it intentionally. She is such a pathological liar that I think she’s starting to believe her own lies! It has been reported that she used her parents credit cards and charged $45,000 all while her child was missing! This girl lives in her own world — a world that revolves around herself.

  43. annonymous says:

    Does anyone out there know where the biological father of Caylee is? Maybe he – or the paternal grandparents took Caylee after they realized the nuts she was being raised with. I pray that this is the situation and the baby is safe and loved!!!!

  44. Kevin says:

    I would go out on a limb here and suggest that none of them know who the biological father is. There have been comments that ‘he’ was killed in an auto accident but I’ve not seen a name in print anywhere. I cannot help but believe Casey has no clue.

  45. Nicole says:

    Each night I wait anxiously to watch Nancy Grace in hopes they find Caylee alive. The truth is I don’t believe they will. This mother acts pretty sure they wont’ find her at all with her calm exterior. She must know she put her in a place that they won’t look. In Oklahoma they never found Logan Tucker, but the mother was charged wth murder and sentenced to life anyway. Another case in Oklahoma that reminds me of Casee Anthony and her cold nature is that of Kelsey Briggs. Her mother is just as cold when it comes to her child. They both care more about what they are going through than the children in question. The mothers of both of these girls also seem shady. They are covering up something, but what. Casey’s mother has me flip-flopping as to her involvement, but still I lean towards her knowing more than she lets on.

  46. Nicole says:

    I meant the mothers of Casey and Raye Dawn that seem to know more. I can understand them wanting to protect their grown daughters. What I don’t understand is why they don’t come clean for the sake of the children. Cindy has to know more than she lets on. How could she not know who the child has been left with for the past year? Another similarity in these two stories is the fact that a new man entered the lives of these mothers right before something happened to them. In the case of Kelsey the new man allowed her to live in fear for months before she was murdered by either the mother or himself.

  47. Nicole says:

    I have questions about the bio-father too. They say he was killed in an automobile accident. Yet, he has family that should be speaking out for Caylee on his behalf. Where are the paternal grandparents? They should have some answers as to what type of mother Casey is.

  48. christina says:

    I caught this story while watching Nancy Grace just a few days after the mom had been arrested. Now I can’t get enough of it. It breaks my heart to hear the emerging details (and lies) that are coming out. I have an 8 year old little girl and I cannot imagine ever behaving the way Casey Anthony has! There are so many inconsistencies in this story… I truly pray that her little girl is found alive, but with every day that passes I have a feeling this story is going to have a sad ending. I mean just the basics of Casey borrowing a shovel – hair/dirt/stain in her trunk and also the dogs hitting a spot in the back yard… that alone is a bad sign. Combine that with all of her lies and odd behavior. What a terrible story.

  49. Julie says:

    I think Casey is a party girl and that she has been strung out on drugs hanging around different places with different people she meets in clubs. She is just giving the cops different names so they don’t find out the people she hangs out with.

    This “Tony” is probably some guy she briefly laid around with & possibly a dealer, that’s why she doesn’t have his number and only her brother has the info. I am betting that she was cracked out and forgot where she left her daughter or that she owes some dealers money and they have taken her daughter until she can come up with the money.

    I just think that the connections in FL, Tampa and Atlanta – that’s the areas that drugs tend to flow through. They need to drug test this one to find out the truth.

  50. Nicole says:

    You are probably right about Tony. If she was dating this guy why wouldn’t she have his number? A couple of people say they heard Caylee in the background a few weeks ago on the phone. They never say where the mother was when she was talking to them. I cannot believe how she is so worried about herself and not her child. I would be doing anything it took to find my child if she were “really” missing. She knows Caylee isn’t coming back that is why she isn’t worried about her.

  51. Missy says:

    I hate this story, I cant stop thinking of why the mother, Casey, hasnt been honest with the police. I think she may have left the child in the car alone over night or during the day and she died in the car. She’s saying someone took her, so try to throw everyone off the trail. I wonder if she is a meth monster and maybe left her child with the sitter, and the sitter took off with her thinking the mother was more harm than good. I just dont know, I’ve racked my brain wondering about this case, I think someone should go in there and beat it out of her, wouldnt it be great if they allowed people to treat criminals (of child crimes) to be treated as terrorists and put them through the same treatments!!!? That would get them to talk!
    I just pray they actually find this little girl alive and safe.

  52. Nicole says:

    I for one cannot wait for nightly news shows to get some updates. The newly poured concrete has me curious.

  53. April says:

    The newly poured concrete turned out to be a false tip.

    Here is the latest…New jailhouse call between Casey and her brother..Carefully listen to what she says.


    This is truly very sad. IF this girl hurt her child I pray she has the decency to tell someone. I can only pray this lil’ girl is safe.

  55. shimul says:

    Nice information. I like your information. Keep blogging. And i am a new blogger. If you have time please visit my blog

  56. jean says:

    Oh my God, this Casey is such a liar. I would call her a lady or woman, but my opinion of her is way lower then a human, she shows no emotion over her child missing. I have 8 grandchildren and i know my daughters would be out of their minds with worry if any one of either of their children were missing for an hour let alone a month. To see Casey sit in the court room with a smile on her face, oh i wish i was there as i would have gotten up and slapped that smile right off her face. I truely believe she is involved with her child missing. And is it only me or has anyone else noticed how she kept telling her brother that she feels Caylee is close to home. Is she tring to tell him she knows where she is and they should look close to home for her? Maybe the poor little girl is buried close to home. It is obviuos this casey is not dealing with a full deck so to speak. If anything has happened to that child i hope they fry her ass, and i hope they prolong her misery as she sure isnt showing any emotion at all over her baby girl missing. What kind of person can sit there like that and smile and enjoy all the attention she is getting? when her own flesh and bood is out there somewhere alone.

  57. mammy says:

    Does anyone know where I can listen to the call between Casey & Lee that took place yesterday, July 30th? They played part of it on Greta.

  58. AgathaC says:

    In addition to Casey’s lies listed above I picked up on another lie she has told about the phone call she supposedly received from Caylee on 7/15. She mentions this incoming call on one of the 911 calls that have been recorded. During that call Casey tells the 911 opr. that she heard from Caylee around noon and spoke to her momentarily…she tells the 911 opr. that the call came from a # that was “no longer in service”….which means that she would have had to try to call the # back to receive that NLIS message and that phone # must have been disconnected shortly after Caylee’s incoming call.
    Then during a call from Casey’s brother, Lee, in the jail, she tells him that the call from Caylee came from a “private” number. You can’t call a number that displays on your telephone as “private”.
    There’s a big difference in the two types of calls. Just more lies!!

  59. Francine2008 says:

    Have had enough of this lying BIt**! Just read an an article that she told some guy in jail “my daughter is with my boyfriend”. She is known to be able to keep a lie and make up stories. She doesn’t care about her daughter a seeing her makes me sick all the time. She didn’t get her bond changed and I hope she does rot in jail.

  60. April says:

    You guys can listen to all the audio files at,0,2174368.story

    and if you want to read Casey’s arrest report, read it here. This will give you an insight.

  61. Mary says:

    I think she may have sold her daughter. She evidently did not have a job. She needed money. She stole money. And she states in the audio files that she is “sure that Caylee is okay”. However, remember the girl that pushed the car into the lake and drowned her boys… all for a man.

  62. ladyhawk1 says:

    I do not think little Caylee is with us anymore, yet until we know, the tiniest hope remains she will be found. Cindy, the grandmother, is a nurse, and I think perhaps that’s why she said it smelled like a ‘damned dead body’ in the trunk. Her husband is retired from law enforcement. I think that Cindy is trying to hold on. Caylee’s father died in a car accident a year ago and from reports, he had nothing to do with Caylee since her birth. His death would make Caylee eligible for social security until her 18th birthday and perhaps that is where Casey got her spending money. I don’t think for a minute Cindy Anthony had anything to do with Caylee’s disapperace. Apparently Casey was taking Caylee on a vacation for about a month to bond, since Casey lived with her parents. I believe after that month Casey was to get it together. Get a job, be a responsible adult. That is what Cindy meant when she said ‘I already gave you a month’. I don’t believe Cindy knew anything other than her daughter was going on vacation for a month. I hope folks take it easy on Cindy. I can’t imagine one of the little ones missing and my daughter in jail for it…that’s a lot to get hit with suddenly. A mother wants to believe their child and defend them. There is also a thing called denial.
    Her daughter isn’t talking. One lawyer on N.Grace said it may be to spare her life…interesting. FACT yesterday the CSI team met George & detectives at the house and within 10 minutes were gone. The tests from the stain in the trunk were due back from what I understand Thursday. A respected doctor stated that he thought yesterday they were collecting ‘touch DNA’ and I believe it was from the play house. It must be that they know the trunk stain was biological and they are going to compare Caylee’s DNA to that in the trunk. The results could come as early as this coming week possibly followed by criminal charges. My mother in law lives right behind the apt where the ‘nanny’ was supposed to live. I can’t drive anywhere around and not wonder if that spot or this spot holds this child. I MUST add this is not a Florida only situation. My God, the 2 little girls walking in the country by their house gunned down??! The grandparents found them appx 20 minutes after they left. Children disappear every day in America. We have many ‘adopted/extended’ kids and they have little one’s now. They are all excellent parents. It sounds like Cindy and Casey had problems. Was Casey JEALOUS of mom? I’m starting to lean that way. If she left Caylee in a car in a shopping center or mall, someone would likely have seen her. There is no empathy in Casey’s voice. No questions or even mention about Caylee other than that first call. Is her attorney keeping her from talking to spare her life?? Could be. Could I or any of you parents be quiet? Hell no. But we wouldn’t do such a thing either. Is there mental issue? It’s like the insanity plea sometimes…of course you were nuts, you killed someone. But does Casey have some specific mental illness? Did she snap? I pray for Caylee – it’s in our backyard here. I also pray for Cindy George and Lee. Please remember that these people are good people faced with the unthinkable. Casey saw her mother on TV the 1st time and no longer wanted to talk to her. Perhaps Cindy HAS to portray she is on Casey’s side in hopes to get information. There is no way Cindy or George had anything to do with this. I can’t imagine the absolute pain of missing their precious little grandbaby and their daughter being in jail. They are trying to hold onto that one tiny thread of hope among the many thorns. God bless them and give them strength. None of us knows how we would act in their place. None of us knows how it feels when they are home away from the constant media and cameras or what they would give to have that sweet child asleep in her room. Casey is another story. No emotion. I first thought accident, left in car and heat but one wouldn’t be searching for her – an accident would probably not entail jail time. But if it was an accident, at some time I’d think we’d hear emotion and not see partying….I’m supporting the parents – this could happen to many other parents no matter how great parents they were. The sins of the children are not always the fault of the parents. I think they are holding onto hope even though they know the evidence. Or maybe they just need to step slowly into the hell that may be. The family is not working their jobs they are looking for Caylee. My heart and prayers are with them. The posts have interesting points. If it was my child, I’d want to beat it out of them. Sometimes to find the truth you may have to play in the game for awhile. peace

  63. Kevin says:

    Ever hear the phrase, ‘The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree.’? The grandparents as well as the tramp in jail are liars. I’ve suspected Cindy of being involved to some extent ever since I heard her open her mouth. She is such a head case. How did Casey get to be the habitual liar that she is? Well, it is quite evident when you listen to her mother. I’m not so sure George and Cindy had anything to do with the actual murder (which is what it will be shown to be in time), but they most definitely are doing whatever it takes now to help cover things up. For the life of me I just can’t understand why those people actually think they’re going to get people to buy into the pizza in the trunk ‘theory’. What an insult to the public’s intelligence. They’re either liars or fools, but my take is all of the above. I hope they’re charged with accessory to murder after the fact. Disgusting situation, wonderful job of raising a daugher Mr. and Mrs. Anthony.

  64. Kathy says:

    I’m afraid this baby girl is dead. The cavader dogs hit on the back yard and the car. They only hit on human remains and are very accurate. I think Casey killed her buried her in the backyard. Then removed her, put her body in the trunk of her car and took the body to a more secure location. That is the only logical reason why they dogs would hit on the yard and the car. I hope they find her soon and I do hope she is alive, but I fear she is not. This girl is psychotic and it seems that maybe her mother is also. There is something going on between the mother and Casey, either jealousy, rage, etc. It will all come out in the wash eventually. God bless this precious child.

  65. mo says:

    I was wondering if anyone could confirm that a man named Jesse Grund was indentified by Cindy Anthony as Caylee’s bilogical father.
    If this is true, why did he resign from the Orlando Police Dept. approx. 10 days after Cindy Anthony claims to have taken her grandaughter to the nursing home.
    And in most recent reports about him hearing Caylee in the background, being reprimanded by Casey for climbing on a table… now all of the sudden he can’t confirm he heard Caylee… is there anything there?

    I also feel this child is not with us anymore… but perhaps there is the possibility that Casey sold her child and feels after being sprung from jail she would be able to get Caylee back… but it’s slim hope.

    I think Casey will be charged and that the police know more than they are letting on. What’s taking so long with the DNA verdict? that will seal the deal for me.

    Shame on Casey… Feel bad for her family and of course the little girl – Hope angels came quick!

  66. bj says:

    I think Caylee is no longer living…it ‘s about 6 or 7 weeks that this little girl has been missing. Police say the first 48 hours arevery crucial for missing children but the longer they are missing..slim chances of finding them alive. If Caylee is no longer alive, it may be a blessing in disguise. At least, she won’t be raised by the insane grandma and will never be a normal and happy environment for little Caylee to live in.

    I think that the whole Anthony Family are lunatics. The grandmother is obnoxious , rude, and needs a good whack on the mouth for her foul mouth. I was very irritated when grandma was telling everyone to get off their A** to help find Caylee. She is not paying the public to give up their time in finding this child and the public don’t owe the Anthony family anything. There are very good hearted people out there who truly want to help Caylee be found safely! Grandma needs to learn to appreciate those people who are willing to give their time and efforts in trying to find this little girl.

    My impression that this family is deathly afraid of Casey and walking on eggshells with her. Casey appears have the control over the whole family as if she’s the dictator of the whole family. Father and brother Lee are couple of wimps whom Casey has been stringing along by their noses. Grandma is a nutcase and should seek professional counseling herself.

    Grandma needs to come down hard on her pathological liar daughter to get off her a** and start cooperating with the detectives, FBI, and the community by telling the truth! By telling the truth, we would have a starting point where to look for Caylee. By Casey not being cooperative, we are wasting our time, looking for a human being like a needle in a haystack!!

  67. Ginny says:

    Grandma and Casey should share jail cell together. They are both insane and have dark personalities. The media should stop interviewing that obnoxious grandma and not give her air time anyway because of her attitude problem. Everytime I see Cindy and Casey on tv, I want to just strangle them for their lies!

  68. Lee says:

    Since they’re all in FL, maybe Casey, Grandma, and OJ can form the “Find the Real Killers” club…?? Yeah, right. Listen to Whitney, folks: Crack is WHACK!!!

  69. Lisa says:

    I think Casey Anthony killed her daughter, because motherhood made her feel “trapped”, and she wanted to “party and have sex” with her boyfriend! What kind of mother chooses a man over her own daughter?

    I saw pictures of Casey partying on “The Nancy Grace Show”, and she looked and acted like what she truly is: a selfish, spoiled brat, who was happy not to have a care in the world!

    If Casey’s family knew she was a liar, why didn’t they do something about it while she was still a child? I sincerely believe that no matter how much they love her, they failed miserably to teach her that lying is NEVER acceptable!

  70. Ginny says:

    The whole Anthony Family should sign up for mental help big time. There is definitely something wrong with George, Cindy, Lee, and Casey. The Orlando hospital where Cindy is employed should take a second look at here and relinquished her from her job as a nurse. She doesn’t have a full deck of cards in her skull and showing poor judgment regarding a decomposing human body vs. a week old pizza in the trunk. She is really really stupid to think that the public, FBI, and the Orange County Police Dept plus the two cadaver dogs are simply brainless!

    George is supposedly a retired homicide detective???? Couldn’t fool me one bit! He comes across as a doh doh bird former homicide detective…not too sharp..not too intelligent..spaced out individual when compared to Detectives Carlos Padilla, Angelo Nieves, and former LAPD homicide detective Mark Fuhrman of Greta Van Susteren Show. Can’t believe that he allowed Casey to grow up as a juvenile delinquent, pathological liar, thief, and a suspect to the disappearance of little Caylee and let her get away with it.

  71. Kevin says:

    The truth lies right here on this website. All of you who have placed comments here, please take a moment and review them. What you will find is that 100% or very close to it (99.9999%) of these comments share the belief that Casey had something to do with what will ultimately be proven to be the death of her little girl, and that this nut job of a family has something to do with it, either the act itself or the fabrication of the web of lies to cover it up to protect their youngest liar. Ladies and Gentleman, especially those with children who love their kids like REAL parents should:

    There is NO way that we are all wrong on this. Too many people can see through it for what it is. If I am right (about the sweet little girl being gone from this world), then I simply hope that they find her sooner rather than later, and then they turn and burn this worthless example of a family.

  72. JB says:

    Early this afternoon, Fox News Channel had a Breaking News. The CSI showed up unexpectedly again at the Anthony Family home and reporter Phil Keating stated that he saw the CSI detectives carrying a roll of black paper to cover the windows of the Anthony home. In addition, the police stated that there was no Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzales…they now think Casey Anthony was parading as the babysitter Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzales who was apartment hunting at the Sawgrass Apartments subdivision. This is like the movie Psycho were the insane Norman Bates was also parading as his late mother.

    This Casey Anthony is like a horror movie in real life!! How could a 22 year old female could create such an unbelievable nightmare of a situation!

  73. mammy says:

    A news channel has a headline “Caylee’s Father?.” You can check it out at

    I really doubt if Casey knows who the father is…

  74. mammy says:

    Investigators are going to search the lake near the grandparent’s home on Thursday.

  75. MR says:

    The photos Casey Anthony doesn’t want anyone to see:

  76. lr says:

    Casey Anthony is so gross and can’t believe how her parents allowed their daughter to grow up as a rebellious and trashy slut! Both parents and brother Lee are professionals careerwise. Why in the hell didn’t they seek professional help for their daughter while she was young. I am sure Casey was a nightmare for the family when she was growing up.

  77. April says:

    Now we know that grandma WAS hiding something. According to Nancy Grace, grandma came forward and said that there was a pair of pants of Casey’s that had reeked of that dead body smell and she tossed them in the washer.

    After all the rudeness that this lady has put everyone through, she had the audacity to lie to everyone about what she knew and acted like Casey had absolutely nothing to do with Caylee’s disappearence? Grandma should be held accountable for obstruction and I hope they jail her.

    Secondly, the Zanieda that was attached to the sawgrass apartments was found and she of course was proven NOT to be attached whatsoever to this case and she wants to know “why” Casey has chosen her name out of everyone in FL. That poor woman has her life upside down because of this lying tramp.

    That whole family is wacked and I pray God has mercy on their souls. After everything that everyone has gone through to look for this little girl……oooohhhh that boils my blood right now.

  78. lr says:

    I felt extremely sorry for the innocent victim, Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez, to have her name dragged into this mess. Her character and reputation have been severely been slandered and just damaged to the point she can’t even find a job! This lady has 4 children to feed! I would sue the Anthony Family for defamation, slander, and assassination of character and reputation! I would very hardball with that family and not let them get away with murder.

    I am very sure deceptive grandma knew the smell of death and washed the evidence which were Casey’s pair of slacks. She knew what happened and want to get rid of the evidence before she called 911. That grandma is lying to the media that she just washed the slacks because they stunk, had no clue the slacks could serve vital evidence. I hope down the road this grandma and Casey won’t get off easy. Another big fat lie Casey told her father that Caylee will be home for her birthday??? Where’s the child???

  79. Bruce says:

    I think the authorities have finally collected enough evidence to finally make a case – even
    if it’s to charge Casey with neglect, child abuse and obstruction of justice. They’ll withhold the same obst-just charges against Cindy, until the investigation is completed in case she can be USEFUL (?) to them.

    Since she’s the Grandmother involved who appears to be ‘covering’ for Casey, the police are forced to tread lightly in prosecuting Her by summoning her her Affadavits, by the book to dot ‘I’s’ and cross ‘T’s” to prevent a lawsuit and lose the case. . . .especially with all the past lies and inconsistensies from both Casey & Cindy!

    As far as Casey’s personality, one must look at both parents. At 22 years young, Casey has poor parenting skills because she wasn’t taught
    the appropriate coping skills growing up. We see this from Cindy in her moodyness, reactions, anxiety level in court, lack of affectionate and clear display of anger by calling 911. I can go on. George is just as guilty – how many fathers would violate thier CHILD cause they STOLE gas cans, a car (when that person was living with you no less). Again, I can go on.

    Casey has remained quiet-not from the public so much as from her parents who’ve never shown any approval. As a previous blogger noted, Cindy knows more from 1-1 conversation tween the two. Only the police will determine if Casy is guilty, but Cindy too is guilty for obstruction.

    “Now more than ever we as a society, including the MEDIA, must be patient and let the police and authorities do a complete and thorough search & investigatiion WITHOUT ANY INTERFERENCE so as to determine the facts of this case.”

  80. mo says:

    So what does everyone think? I’ve heard a number of theroies… we all think that sweet little girl has surmised by now from what I’ve read and heard on the news… so give me your thoughts.

    a. Casey sold her child. (Heard Peurto Rico theory going around)

    b. Casey left the girl in the car and she died and then Casey did all she could to cover it up & get rid of body.

    c. Casey gave the child to someone else (Heard paternal grandparents… but need DNA test to prove paternity…. who will it be? Grund or Ortiz or someone we don’t even know about yet?

    d. Casey dropped the child off somewhere and abonded her.

    Now what about those sightings of little Caylee in Georgia…. never heard a follow up on that on.
    This whole thing is awful! I know they are checking local lakes and rivers…. but what really makes me think is Casey’s grandparents… I think they definitely know more than they are telling.
    How about Casey’s dad blowing up at reporters on his lawn today. Why get aggravated about reporters today…. Could it be that the police have more on Casey than we know – consider those 3 visits from CSI… and momwashing Casey’s pants – COME ON!!!! Talk about helping to cover it up… Maybe George Anthony is upset now because he has discovered charges may now be brought up on Casey’s parents… focusing mainly on grandma… hmmmmmm…..

    What does everyone think? Love to hear your final theories…
    e. Casey gave the child to drug dealers as collateral until she repaid her debts and now that she is locked up, time has expired.

  81. Mom'2 says:

    I have been keeping up on this poor story .I am angry at the mother,grandprts,neighbor for the shovel.If Casey is a HABITUAL LIAR where do you think she learned it from??? HMMM?? My answer would be Caseys parents.I am not convinced of the show that they put on.I think it was all a set up to cover up something horrible.If my kids were lost,I would be running around screaming and crying,and not talking to the press ever so calmly.I pray to god for caleys safety.Keep Casey in jail..dont let her out!

  82. Linda says:

    This whole entire case is bizarre. It’s obvious to everyone that every word that comes our of Casey’s mouth is a blatent lie. I also wonder why the parents have not involved any psychics to help locate Caylee? Many psychics successfully locate missing persons. At first I felt neutral about the parents. I wasn’t sure if they were covering up for their daughter or not. After listening to the audio tapes of how disrespectful and rude Casey is to her mother, I realize that Casey runs the show in that household. I think the family is very dysfunctional. I also find it strange that her mother washed her smelly pants. That in and of itself tells me she was trying to cover up for her daughter. Only God knows where this poor child is. I hope and pray daily that this little child is alive and will be returned soon. However, I have doubts she is alive from what I am seeing on the news. Hopefully when forensics get their evidence together, they can charge Casey with murder and hopefully find this beautiful little baby and give her a proper burial. I think Casey’s mom is in denial. She is probably in a state of shock as well.
    I would stop placating Casey if I were the Mom and tell her plain and simply, that if she doesn’t come clean, they walk away and allow her to live her life in jail. I think Casey hasn’t been interrogated enough to be broken down to admit anything since she refuses to speak to anyone without her lawyer present. I believe justice will be served and Casey, in my opinon has been lying to bide time.

  83. April says:

    At this point It could be any of the above. The truth is coming out little by little so Casey might as well hang it up. Game over. And the family needs to stop covering up for her and buck up to the truth.

    I found these links if anyone is interested. They give updates.

  84. Harri says:

    How’s this one:

    Casey used the gas cans for a “Sacrificial Ceremony” thus taking the life of the poor
    defenseless child, Caylee.

    It’s a shame that grandma witch (Cindy) didn’t stop the influence of HER witchcraft in Casey as she was growing up.

    And George, is simply a poor excuse for a FATHER and male role model!!

    Ultimate result: CAYLEE WILL NEVER BE FOUND.

  85. Kevin says:

    I just put myself in their shoes for a moment. And IF I had a child come home after a month WITHOUT her daughter, and the car is missing…and then when I find the car it smells of a dead body, and then her pants in the car smell as such too…would I continue to claim she is absolutely innocent?

    HELL NO!

    I’d be absolutely devastated, but I darn sure would never make ANY attempt to cover something up that looks so obvious even to the layman.

    Fry the Anthonys…ALL of them!

    How dare they defend this tramp daughter of theirs.

  86. ladyhawk1 says:

    latest theory:

    Apparently someone involved in the investigation stated that the ladder to the above ground pool, normally taken off, was left attached to the pool around this missing timeframe.

    That perhaps Caylee got in the pool and drowned. Apparently there were many calls from Casey to parents that day but they were unavailable it seems.

    With Cindy wanting Casey to get it together with her life did Caylee drown and Casey was afraid her mom would think she was a bad mom? The neighbor stated that she backed her car up to the garage, which neighbor states was never done before. This is the neighbor whom she borrowed a shovel from that day.

    Did the dogs hit on the gas cans because Caylee’s body touched the cans either in the trunk or during an attempt to burn evidence?

    I’m sure they will find a location that matches the soil left on the shovel. The shovel is supposably a key piece of evidence.

    That’s the latest theory – came out yesterday.

    May all little angels have peace


  87. ALP says:

    As a mother and grandmother I would ask for a few minutes alone with her out behind the building and I would get answers. I believe the same thoughts the rest of you have. One thing I didn’t see that you guys addressed…How could they have never met the sitter? My husband and I have picked up our grandchildren from daycare at least once a week to take them for pizza or McDonald’s. I can’t believe as uncaring as Casey seems that the Grandma, Granpa or Uncle Lee have never got a call that Casey failed to pick up the child from the sitter.

  88. ladyhawk1 says:

    It’s particularly odd a Z gonzalez-fernandez the supposed babysitter, looked at an apt at the SawGrass apts the very day after Caylee was last seen. Last seen the 16th I believe now and on the 17th Z looks at an apt. The Z they found apparently does not know Anthony and was cleared. But how did Casey Anthony know that a Z gonzalez-fernandez look at an apt THAT DAY?? You don’t pull that name out of thin air. Does Casey anthony know this Z? Does she know her children? Somehow she had to know that Z looked at that apt. Somewhere there has to be a connection between Casey and Z. That has puzzled me since day one! That to me is something that will be solved. Being the public, we aren’t going to hear it all nor should we. They are building a case and until they have that completed we won’t know somethings perhaps we ourselves are asking. We have many kids we’ve taken into the family and now 10 little ones, with the newest arriving this week. Kids are my life. They just need people who care to step up and give time and love. I can’t not follow this case.
    I’m wondering if the child did drown in the pool that day they left the ladder in it and Anthony freaked they’d say she was a bad mother. WHERE is that baby? We’re hoping they get volunteers together to search for her soon.

    peace and love to all

  89. jean says:

    To add to the different scenarios,Cindy told Greta that the night she called 911 about the “dead body smell in the car” that casey was on the floor crying in her bedroom with bro Lee and heard her say ‘kidnapped’ thats when she called 911. Could it be she confessed that Caylee was dead and the family came up with idea of it being a kidnap, should caylee be found they would say the kidnaper did it? Father ret, Homicide det. came up with the idea then told casey to stick to the story and never admit anything. That is exactly what she is doing. Just saying……

  90. jean says:

    Re the above I think Casey will not tell them where she left Caylee body, and that is what they are trying to get out of her. Maybe she doesnt want them to know the condition she was in. I am just so discouraged by this whole story I just keep praying for Caylees guardian angel to watch over her whereever she is.

  91. Dave says:

    Sadly enough, I do not think that Caylee is alive. At first, I was a bit skeptical and thought there was a slim chance she was with a babysitter or sold as some of the theories were released. I do believe that Casey murdered her daughter, and it was deliberate. Although Casey seems to be standing strong and not cracking under pressure, I feel that she is too stupid and did not cover all her tracks. CSI seemed to have a good day, collecting evidence that filled 5-6 bags. It’s only a matter of time before authorities piece everything together.

    My thoughts and prayers are with Caylee.

  92. lr says:

    Mom, Pop, and daughter very guilty over the disappearance of Caylee and have no conscience regarding this helpless little girl. This little girl has disappeared for almost 2 months and am afraid she is deceased. Usually the first 3 hours are considered very crucial when child goes missing but the longer they can’t find that child, just count it as the child being dead.

  93. Illuminati says:

    How is it that Cindy Anthony and various friends have stated that they have heard the name Zeneida Fernandez Gonzales, ‘Zanie’ the past two years as Caylee’s nanny? They stated they have never met the woman but have heard the name often. Impossible that Casey just made the name up within the past few weeks.

    Cindy Anthony states the pants she washed that ‘smelled like a dead body’ were in the back seat of the car with a pair of socks. Why didn’t the cadaver dog hit on the back seat? I find that odd.

    They have been saying the results from the ‘stain’ in the trunk, will be in any minute for the past five days. Is it possible that it is back and just hasn’t been released, or it is back and doesn’t show anything?

    I think it’s pretty obvious to all what has happened. This is just really bizarre with all the lies. I don’t understand where some of the lies lead. I mean, lying about everything. It’s just crazy. I too wonder if we will ever know the truth and if the child will ever be found. I can see Casey stand trial on the neglect, serve some time and be released without ever telling anything. After all, 5 years is better than life. Then it becoming just another cold case. Hope not but that’s what I see happening.

  94. D Rowe says:

    I have seen and experienced this type of lying, and the intonations, inflections, and style of Casey’s speech in her phone conversations, as well as her deflective and defensive attitude.

    It is drugs. Casey has a severe, severe drug problem, and in her addiction she is doing everything she can in the way of self-preservation.

    I have personally experienced someone very close to me with this problem, and–in many, many cases–even when the truth about an incident was perfectly clear and obvious, the drug addict continued to lie and insist it was the truth.

    My personal beliefs and conjecture are that Casey is on cocaine/crack cocaine, methamphetamine, or heroin (in the order of probability), and that Caylee was lost while Casey was high, Casey does not know where it happened, and that–since she has yet to be found–has either died of exposure or was kidnapped by a pedophile. It is also possible that Caylee was sold to fund Casey’s habit or to pay off a debt, or used as collateral for a black market loan, however I think the chances of Casey knowing of a place and person who would do this are remote.

  95. kgmlucas says:

    Looking at all the information released so far, here’s what I see – Casey Anthony, a high school drop out and habitual liar, has probably been so spoiled and such a bully to her family her entire life. They are terrified to put pressure on her because they’ve seen this type of reaction to probably something much less serious in the past. Casey has been canceling the family visits to the jail at the time they show up, not before – again, no respect and she’s bullying them. Also, I will bet she has no idea who the father of her child is, I’m not believing this crap of her respecting the father’s wishes that no one be told – give me a break – this little slut would manipulate and manipulate to get what she wanted without any regard for anyone else’s wishes. I’m betting she screwed around with a married man, got pregnant and made up the whole story that the father and she made a ‘deal’ not to put his name on the birth certificate. Is it possible that she was using this child at birth as some kind of a weapon against the father by ‘punishing’ him and denying him any contact with him? She’s one big lie after another and it’s been going on for years, this isn’t the first time she’s pulled out some whoppers for her own benefit. My guess would be that she’s been stripping, an escort or stealing to get money to get by on. She’s been living with her family and has never moved out for any length of time according to Cindy Anthony’s own statements, yet she keeps hours consistent with a stripper. The grandmother, Cindy, is another whole study in lying and manipulation – the only clear moment she had was calling 911. Have you noticed how much she bites her lips and tightens them up after she tells the press some kind of cover up for her daughter? That is pure textbook body language of deception. She’s in a power struggle with her daughter and probably always has been. The saddest part of this whole sick story is that there is a little girl, purely innocent, out there somewhere probably laying under about one foot of cold earth and her stupid slut of a mother doesn’t care if she rots in the ground or not. Who could look into this child’s face and deny her a life? I look at the pictures and weep for this baby, I look at Caylee’s pictures and see the face of my own daughter at that age who was a complete joy to have in my life – she’s 16 now. I see Caylee, a purely innocent soul, and wonder where she is, is she still alive, is she crying, is she cold, is someone taking care of her or is she gone forever? I hope Casey Anthony sees her daughter’s face in her dreams every night and if she did kill her, I hope she has to live with that memory for the rest of her life.

  96. maureen says:

    Soooo sad! The child I believe has gone to heaven with an assist from “Mom”. This young woman is truly psychotic..she is obviously a spoiled self centered self loving self absorbed person who would stand and look you in the eye while holding the body ” what child? I’m not holding a child! my daughter? never this is a figment of your imagination!” She sadly lives in a world of her own fantasy and doesn’t give a sh..t for anyone else including the child she gave birth to. The grandmother apparently passed on her warped DNA to her daughter…simply unbelievable family!

  97. Gina says:

    Granny Cindy needs to SHUT UP because instead of helping the law enforcement and FBI doing the investigations to find little Caylee, she’s always antagonistic or always defying the law enforcement everytime they discover new information pointing to Casey’s webs of lies!

    Now, ole granny is accusing the phone company of falsifying phone records of daughter Casey. There was no trace of the phone no. of the babysitter whom Casey claimed she spoked to..she told her brother Lee that it was a private number..then the no. was no longer in service. Well the detectives defied ole granny’s claims..the phone co. records don’t lie because they get the info. from the database and computer generated.

    This Cindy is someone who needs to be taped up to the ceiling. All she has done is accuse everybody, meddles with the detectives work, and thinks the community is made up of stupid brainless people! She needs just to knock it off and leave the FBI and law enforcement to do their job.

  98. Shaniquah says:

    Well, now Gramps say’s the kidnappers of CayLee are being watched.
    If they know who they are why don’t they just go in and get the little girl.
    How many more lies is the family going to come up with. It is starting to get old.
    Pretty soon people will lose interest. There will be something more important to occupy people’s minds.
    There is probably nothing left of CayLee’s body now but bones. I don’t know if they will ever find it.

  99. Gina says:

    To Shaniquah– Sounds like Gramps is on it, too! Rickety Gramps, Blabbermouth Granny, and Liar Dark Princess Casey are all delusional and’s like they’re living in a world of make believe a dramatic mystery movie.

    If Rickety Gramps know the kidnappers are under surveillance, why in the he** doesn’t he go get the FBI and Orange County Police and give them the info where they can find Caylee. I thought he was so intent in finding his little granddaughter why is he hesitating if he knows the so called kidnappers are being watched! If he has so much knowledge ..why is Rickety Gramps not cooperating with the police.?? If he ever makes his mind up and cooperate with the law enforcement, they can go to the place, surround the whole house ,burst in and get the little girl. That would solve the case instead of dragging it on for so long.

    The Anthony Family will go the extra mile to seek attention from the public..aren’t they aware they are making big fools and laughinstock of themselves in the eyes of the public. Enough with their lies and shenanigans!!!!

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  101. Saddened says:

    I think people are being too hard on the grandparents. It’s obvious that they love Caylee. They seem like nice, ordinary middle class people.

    I think their daughter, Casey, got mixed up in the wrong crowd – that’s all. Drugs, crime, prostitution, etc, etc, etc… It’s happens every day in America. She’s just another statistic, and sadly, now her daughter Caylee probably is too.

    Who wouldn’t be acting weird if their grandchild had been missing for a month?

    Casey obviously had something to do with her daughter’s disappearance and or death.

    Regardless, she is (was) an unfit mother and something would have happened to the poor child eventually anyways.

    Just another sad story.

  102. NY Spy says:

    Casey is a habitual liar an George and Cindy are her enablers. She has been doing this all her life, and her parents are complicit in her coverups whether intentionally or not. Poor Caylee is probably no longer with us due to Casey’s negligence or direct involvement. She has turned away her jailhouse visits because the lawyer cannot have her talk to them and risk telling them the truth about Caylee.

  103. MR Lee says:

    Of course Caylee is dead. She has been since (on or immediately after) June 16. I have never believed that Casey killed her because she was an inconvenience. She probably died as a result of neglect, i.e., drowning. We need to take it easy on the grandparents, however. If we were in their position, we’d make a pact with the devil himself to get our baby back. I, too, contrary to all logic or reason, would cling desperately to the hope she might still be alive, and would continue to do so until irrefutable evidence revealed the tragic, inevitable truth.

  104. ROBERT says:

    Well gramps should be locked up aswell. If he has information and is not sharing it with the authorities that is hendering a law enforcement investigation. and granny for washing the pants from the back of the stolen abandoned car(evidence).

    The brother sounds like the only one in that family that might be sane.

    granny knows wayyyy more than she is sharing, to help her evil daughter out of this. I hope its not true but I fear the worst in this case.

  105. chris says:

    This is a horrible and maddening case.

    I tune into Nancy Grace each and every evening in the hopes that this case is cracked.

    It is maddening to watch how this mother has no care about her little girl.

    It is maddening to see this mother’s photos of her out dancing and partying when her daughter was missing.

    My prayers are set on finding this precious little girl alive and well.

    However, I am heavy-hearted to say that I do not think she is alive anymore. Not after all the lies and deception and the time gone by.

    Still, with the sliver of hope; I still pray for a miracle to happen.

  106. Gina says:

    TO ROBERT–YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!!! He said on tv last night that the kidnappers are being watched but when he was asked who are the kidnappers and who’s watching them…..ole gramps said “ooo, he couldn’t divulge the info to anyone”! This old couter was giving a bunch of BS and should be ashamed of himself! If he was so intent in locating Caylee, how come gramps couldn’t pick up the phone or drag his and granny’s butts to the Orange County Police Dept and give them the so called pertinent information to help them find the little girl. I’m thoroughly disgusted with granny, gramps, and their little demon daughter’s BS’ING the public. They should shoulder all the expenses incurred in finding Caylee instead of the taxpayers.

    Detective Carlos Padilla didn’t give any credibility to old gramps new bombshell announcement and said the law enforcement, FDLE, and FBI are working round the clock 24/7 on this case.

  107. ROBERT says:

    Many years ago I was married to a bi-polar, cocaine addicted woman that would talk to myself her parents..well anyone, the same way this evil girl does to her parents, family an dfriends. she will say and do anything to deflect the focas from her and will keep lying even if caught in the act. The grandmama is so wrapped around her finger it’s sick, the grandad is wrapped around grandmama’s finger.

    Well long story short I was a single dad of 3 children for 4 years because my exwife gave up all parental rights to her children and choose drugs instead…to this day she would still deny it, that was almost 20 years ago. 14 years ago my current wife adopted them.

  108. Belle says:

    This Caylee Anthony case is unbelievable in real life! Grandpop, grandmom, and daughter are just lying so much. Beneath those lies, little Caylee has been forgotten and grandparents and Casey are the center of attention and enjoying the spotlight.

  109. Brian says:

    I think her boyfriend killed the child and she’s protecting him.

    The reason why is because i’ve seen numerous cases like this where a child goes missing and the mother is evasive, the boyfriend/stepdad is usually always the person who killed the kid.

    Cases of the mother killing the child, like the Susan Smith case, seem to be ALOT rarer.

    So I still think the boyfriend did it, because that’s how it usually always happens, and i’ve learned to NEVER bet against the statistics in cases like this.

    But if Casey IS actually personally responsible for Caylee’s death i’d guess either drugs or alcohol is involved, because in recent photos of casey she looks like, well, someone who’s been taking some cocaine or other kind of drug.

  110. Belle says:

    To Brian–I have been wondering if Tony and Casey are in this together in the disappearance of little Caylee and helped bury her far far away ..outside Orlando..maybe in Jacksonville where she supposedly went to.

    It was reported that Casey was Sooooooo-ooo IN LOVE with this nerdy looking guy Tony and wouldn’t be surprise if she is protecting herself and him to the point she would die for him. She probably would take the truths to her grave!

  111. AlixMill says:

    Something just occurred to me. I just got off the phone from talking to my nanny. That is not an unusual occurrence, since I usually talk to her atleast once a day, and during that call, I routinely ask to talk to my little one so I can say “Hi.” My nanny is actually one of my “favorites” in my cell phone plan so I don’t pay for minutes used in calling her. The fact that there are no phone records for Zenaida, and nobody in her family has met her in 2 years is impossible. Also, it should be noted that my whole family and extended family have met my nanny, have her contact information in case of emergency, etcetera.

  112. Kevin says:

    I think the reason this case grabs me even more than the Susan Smith case of several years ago is due to the Anthony family throwing themselves into this never ending web of lies as they have. Gramps must think that as a former homicide detective he knows how to ‘get his little girl out of it’. I hope to God that the cops are onto these grandparents because they’re disgusting actions of trying to cover this up is absolutely horrifying.

    Shortly after this story first broke, Cindy Anthony appeared on Greta and made a couple of bizarre comments that made me take notice from the start. She made some comment to Greta about ‘hoping she (meaning Great) would get the sensationalism she was seeking for her show’. Come on now! If my child (have four) or grandchild (not yet) were missing and I was on such a nationwide show as that, I would NEVER attack the host/hostess. I would be grateful that I was getting the word out. The woman is a whack job, and the earlier comments about her having Gramps wrapped around her finger….are RIGHT on the money!!

  113. ROBERT says:

    Why has no one told us what was she doing borrowing the neighbors shovel, and then the next day having her car backed up to the grandparents garage which was unusual as the neighbors said. why were the gas cans stolen(by her) and then returned, she didnt need gas she was running up moms credit card. why did she abandon the car and call for a ride from a friend and tell them it broke down. (if the boyfriend was involved he would have picked her up).
    My guess is that there was a horrible mistake made by her, probably left the daughter in the car and she over heated, or maybe at the pool and she went out partying. and no one was around to answer her numerous calls, then she got scared,. mom and dad werent there to bail her out.

  114. George says:

    The longer Casey doesn’t confess where the child is just in case Caylee is deceased, it would be very hard to determine the DNA because the decomposition of the body is beyond recognition as quoted by an expert on Nancy Grace Show. I thought no matter how many years a murder was committed, the lab could still analyze any DNA . I’m willing to bet Casey figured the longer she holds out in telling the truth, the body of the dead child will be badly decomposed beyond recognition that the police will never be able to charge her with murder.

  115. dyates says:

    do you think there might be drugs involved?you know addicts do crazy things

  116. Melissa says:

    This case is so disturbing for me. It’s hard to think of her selling her child when she was seen backing her car into her mom’s driveway (which apparently she never did according to a neighbor), as well as borrow a shovel from that very same neighbor. Then breaking locks on her father’s shed and stealing TWO gas cans. I wonder if she was planning on burning the car that had the odor in it? She has been stalling this for so long, because the longer she waits the quicker the body will break down making it extremely hard for anyone to pin point how the child was killed (even if accidental) and WHO did it.

    As a mother, I am so disturbed how she could just discard of her daughters body by just placing it in the ground somewhere isolated. This child deserves to have a memorial and a marker. Also, disturbing to me is how her daughter could die and Casey just keeps on living life without skipping one single BEAT! I can’t and will never understand this horrid behavior in someone who apparently appeared to be a good mother to others. Like her – it was just a lie! I think Casey is a drug-addict and couldn’t deal with having her child in her life. She was jealous of the love her daughter received from her grandparents and didn’t want to hand her kid over to her parents because of this.

    Lots of people think Caylee’s possible death was a neglectful accident, but the more this goes on, the more I feel that Casey lost her cool with Caylee and did something out of rage. Maybe she did lock her child in the trunk during the night so she could party and lost track of time. But the act of doing something like is still an ill act of mothering.

    I don’t know, but this case is haunting my soul. I think it’s because I have a little girl that is 3 years old and I can’t imagine on any scale life throwing a curve ball of extreme selfishness and callousness.

    God Bless This Child’s Soul. Wherever, she may be.

  117. Jackie says:

    On Fox News, they interviewed a psychologist who stated that Casey is a sociopath/pathological liar who puts on a fake show how good a mother she really is to her daughter Caylee when there are people around her. The minute this mother Casey is alone with that child, her true wicked nature comes out. With have no clue whether Caylee suffered alot physically, mentally, and emotionally behind close doors.

  118. Renate says:

    First the grand parents give one interview aftera nother and enjoy the “limelight”. Now it is the medias fault that they are being followed and questioned. As for the grandfather……….he is so stressed out that he is now making up fantastic stories….a normal family this is NOT. Never have I seen ONE TEAR, or any emotional plea from them. They have motives to why they behave this way, and I believe the $$$ from donations of “help find Caylee” (when they themselves just got of their behinds) is the reason. It is just awful how they have made fools of themselves.

  119. Carlweathers says:

    Please find out about Cindy’s criminal background. From what I’ve read elsewhere, she has a bad, bad past!

  120. dupa says:

    Why are you so jealous that all anyone cares about is Caylee? If you want all eyes on you..tell where Caylee is and how she can be found…then ALL eyes will be on you!!! Think about it…………

  121. SB says:

    OK, how about these possible scenarios, which I havn’t seen yet:

    Something happened to poor Caylee. Then Casey and accomplices had to come up with a scheme.

    Here’s a possible scenario:

    Casey and accomplices needed an empty apartment somewhere to to concoct a fake kidnapping story.

    Casey somehow knew apt #215 was empty. Maybe one of her friends at the club she hangs out in mentioned it was for rent.

    Or, perhaps the apt. was listed in the “apartments for rent” section in the local paper, or online somewhere.

    Or, she and/or one of her friends has an apartment somewhere near the vacant apartment at the Sawgrass apartments.

    This other apt has a view of the front door of #215. This view could be across the street, on the next street over, or in a neighboring apt complex or wherever – not necessarily at the Sawgrass.

    Or, perhaps Casey and/or one her friends “staked out” that empty apartment, somewhere near there to get a good view of the front door to apt #215.

    Maybe there’s a park nearby where the front door was visible from, or they parked up the street. Who knows?

    Casey, or one of her friends watches the front door religiously to the empty apartment (perhaps with binoculars or a telescope), and waits until someone goes to the front door, who happens to be Zenaida Gonzalez, to view the apartment as a prospective tennant.

    They watch Zenaida go back to her car after Zenaida was done looking at the apt. Then, they write the car’s license plate number down.

    Casey and her cohorts pay one of their “criminal” thug friends that they buy their drugs from, or some shady characters down at the local party club, who have access to computer hackers and identity theft resources.

    They find out the person’s name and address whose license plate number they wrote down who looked apt #215.

    That person turned out to be Zenaida Gonzales. Casey could have been involved in an identity theft and/or stolen credit card ring. That’s how she was able to get Zenaida’s ID.

    The break-in could have been related to this. Maybe, they weren’t sure which Zenaida was the one who looked at the apartment? That’s why they broke in to the office to get more info about Zenaida. It would have been too suspicious to break into Zenaida’s house, which maybe had an alarm. (Perhaps they tried to break into Zenaida’s house too)

  122. Brian says:

    I just heard today a report saying law enforcement tracked Casey’s cell phone location by its recorded ‘pings’ on June 17th, it was tracked to a remote & secluded location near the Orlando airport. The report also said that law enforcement sent some cadavar dogs to the scene. I haven’t heard if they found anything yet.

  123. ROBERT says:

    Why is there no compisite sketch of the elussive nanny.

  124. Jackie says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Cindy had a very bad criminal past..just look at the way she conducted herself….her very bad attitude, the way she communicated with everyone, and lack of professionalism. I wouldn’t even say she’s even a educated nurse i I wonder how she even had gotten a job at a hospital if she had a criminal past. She is nothing but a smart A** woman who passed down her evil genes to her evil daughter!

    And that George, threatening a reporter with bodily harm yesterday on the Orange County Police Dept premises !!! He tries that …then, he would be arrested immediately and be sharing a jail cell next to his princess Casey! He could also could face a lawsuit for physically harming a reporter!!!

  125. Susan S says:

    I was listening to Fox News and it was reported by Phil Keating, who’s covering the Caylee case, that the Orange County Police Dept told the Anthony to tone it down with the media. I don’t blame them one bit after all the criticisms, contempts,and blames Cindy have been flapping in the media regarding the law enforcement and what about George shouting and screaming “Shut Up..Shut Up..Shut Up” and threatening of bodily harm to the reporter right on the Orange County Police Dept grounds. Both Cindy and George had no right to display very disruptive behaviors on government premises and disrespect for other citizens visiting the jailhouse.

  126. Susan S says:

    Cindy and George are bucking the law enforcement every time they are focusing on Casey. Now the two nuts and the nitwit attorney Jose Baez are questioning the validity of the cadaver dogs’ findings, their background, and their training records.

    Michael Cardoza, a member of the legal panel on Greta Van Susteren, said that Casey holds the Golden Key to the mysterious disappearance of Caylee.

    Cindy and George are so brave and blatantly rude to the media but so deathly afraid of confronting their 22 year old snot nose daughter. What’s wrong with these people!!!

  127. AC says:

    Wonder what Casey Anthony doing on the humongous grounds of the Orlando Internationational Airport where they tracked the “pings” of her cell phone. If Casey was living with her parents along with Caylee, why did they allowed her to run around with a wild group, having that kind of wild lifestyle, and getting into bad evil things. I will never understand George and Cindy get away with so many wicked things!!!

  128. AC says:

    Karma has finally caught up with Cindy, George, and Casey. They failed as parents in raising this daughter. They raised an evil and demonic daughter who probably killed their granddaughter. This is finally the big payback time and God is now collecting their debts they owe him!

  129. April says:

    I saw on both Nancy and Greta lastnight that Baez is now attempting to get info and video of the cadaver dogs search, where they get their training , etc. He knows something is about to go down. IMO, when the DNA forensics come back, he needs to present them to Casey and give her one last chance to come clean.

    The Grandparents are also liars. Nancy’s show revealed clips of Cindy admitting that her first initial 911 call about the stolen car was a lie in attempts to get Casey to tell her where Caylee was. IMO, being that George was a homicide detecitive, I think he also has alot to do with covering up things. Lies, Lies, Lies, coming from every way.

    How in the hell is the media and the people supposed to react? Do they really expect us to feel sorry for Casey? The truth is coming out and they all need to quit playing games because in the end they all look bad. They need to quit coddling Casey and face the truth.

  130. AC says:

    Attorney Baez knows something is coming down the pipes soon and that ‘s why he’s asking the credibility of those cadaver dogs.

    George and Cindy are a couple of liars..they are so stupid and moronic to think they can fool the public with their lies! Now the Orange County Police Dept finally chastised them by telling to zip their mouths up and tone things down with the media. The police dept are so fed up with their lies, lies, lies, lies, and trying to discredit the law enforcement, cadaver dogs and trainers, FBI, and others. So, the two nutcase dufus are lying low!

    On Greta Van Susteren Show last night, the forensic lab results would be the biggest one to clench it all for Casey. Two weeks ago, Jeannine Piro, one of the panel members, said that when she was listening to George and Cindy speak..she threw up her hands in exasperation and said she would throw the books at them…LIARS LIARS LIARS LIARS LIARS! Jeannine Piro was a former judge in New York. She is a very astute lady!!!!!!

  131. ana says:

    The Bodyhunters, the psychic detectives from Ohio, came to Orlando to assist with finding Caylee. Gale St. John, the leader of the Bodyhunters, said on Nancy Grace that they see office buildings with trees which is on the grounds of the Orlando Airport. Orlando Airport is surrounded by high rise hotels and trees. The airport is located in a very big acre of land with lots of trees around.

    My sister lives in Orlando, near the Anthonys neighborhood and the Orlando Airport. We have been at that airport many times.

  132. Ali says:

    Cindy and George have been ostracized by the police dept after the shouting matches and their disruptive behaviors outside the Orange County Police Dept. yesterday and was instructed to tone it down with the media. To me, it meant the police was telling George and Cindy that they will no longer tolerate hostile and obnoxious treatments of reporters who were on the police premises and deserve to be treated better with respect. No excuses for the Anthonys for their extremely obnoxious behaviors towards the media especially George with his extremely abusive loud mouth. I am pretty sure the police got the whiff of the message after George threatened a reporter that he was going to knock him off and run him over. In other word, George was threatening another person with bodily harm which would definitely land him in jail with a lawsuit to follow.

    They blame everyone for their misfortunes instead of facing the music and bringing down the ceiling on their daughter Casey to spill the truths as to what happened to little Caylee. Their daughter has been so guilty for so many things: dragging innocent people into her lies such as Juliette Lewis & Jeff Hopkins whom she claimed introduced to the phantom Zenaida G., stealing money from her mother and friend Amy, stealing her mom’s credit card in which bought $45, 000 worth of merchandise, stealing 2 gas cans from her parents’ shed, stealing checks from her friend Amy, lying about that she didn’t own the dog she was taking for a walk who relieved itself on a neighbor’s yard, lying to police about working at Universal, lying to Tony about she was planning to go back to college (she’s a high school dropout), and a job to report to every morning!

  133. Laila says:

    I was wondering what the FBI to make Casey to crack and buckle under to make her confess. Since day 1, she had defied and challenged authorities, friends, and family regarding the truth.

    If Caylee is no longer, I hope her spirit will come back and haunt Casey every night until she confesses the truth and then the little girl’s spirit can now rest in peace.

  134. Sarah says:

    I hope Casey is convicted and gets life. I hope she sits in jail for the rest of her pathetic life. Death would be too good for the likes of her. She is a low life, white trash, nasty girl. All she cares about is herself. As for her family, they should have whooped her ass when she was little, maybe she wouldn’t be such a sorry excuse for a human being.
    I am FURIOUS about this case. I can’t believe anyone would stand by her. Her parents should have taken Caylee away along time ago. Obviously this is not the first time Casey has proven herself selfish and calculating.

    Caylee I just hope you know how many people care about you, even if your “bio” mom doesn’t. I pray everyday for your safe return. God please watch over Caylee and please watch over the many people who are actually HELPING with the case.

  135. Laila says:

    I was on the other site, and someone posted a comment that bail bondsman will bail Casey out this Sunday Aug. 17 ??? How could that be????Would that mean she’ll walk out free even if the forensic lab results aren’t in yet?? If they let her out of jail, there will be a very upset community with the Orange County Police Dept, FDLE, and the FBI!

  136. Rachel says:

    The latest news: Casey could be out of jail Monday, next week. Someone is posting bail to get her out. If she’ll be free, what is it mean? That police doesn’t have the DNA results yet and couldn’t charge her with the murder? Or it means that they have DNA results and these results are inconclusive? I kind of wondering why her attorney asked for dog’s search information: because he knew that police doesn’t have anything else against Casey? Just to show to police who has power now? Hmmmmm…but where is Caylee? She still ‘missing’: dead or alife. IMO, it’s a huge mistake to let Casey free on bond!

  137. SB says:

    No way that she’ll get out. Whoever posted that must have been smoking some serious dope!

    That girl, Casey is a “lifer” for circumstantial evidence. It’s just a matter of time until the Feds charges her with murder. The evidence is mounting.

    When they get enough evidence (they probably already do) – they’ll pin the murder charge on her.

    She may even get the chair, if the body is found.

  138. SB says:

    When the Feds do slap her with murder, she’ll talk. She’ll get a plea bargain down to life without parole instead of death penalty.

    Then, her lawyer will go for the insanity defense and she will go to a mental institution instead of jail.

  139. Shaniquah says:

    She is getting her sorry ass out of jail.
    George and Cindy have their own spokesperson now too. They are moving up to the big time.
    I guess Casey outsmarted the Orlando Police Dept. If they ever find CayLee she will only be bones and they won’t be able to tell how she died.
    They can’t prove Casey killed her or if it was an accident.
    If the police doesn’t have a lot of damning imformation they aren’t telling this case is over.

  140. Rachel says:

    I’m too old (and wise) to smoke ‘some serious dope’:). Read at OrlandoFox news. Circumstantial evidence is not good enough in this case. DNA results should be positive in murder case. If she’ll be free Monday, she’s better hide inside of her parents house for long time. Under such a public scrutiny, Casey is better be in-jail than out. If police hopes that she gives them new clues being free – they’re mistaken. She’s the coward liar and not capable to have guilt feelings and therefore wouln’t be able to provide new evidence. Poor baby Caylee. She been born to the wrong mother.

  141. Laila says:

    If the lawyer goes for a plea of insanity for Casey Anthony, would it mean that she’ll still not be let out and mingle with the normal society outh there. I will be very upset if she gets out free!

    If she ends up in a mental institution, Casey needs to rent a room for her looney mom and pop, too. “One Big Happy Anthony Family” in a mental institution is where the trio belongs!

  142. Thea says:

    A high school classmate said that they both attended Colonial High School which is supposed to be a street smart school. Kids who went to school there were very skillful and very knowledgeable how to beatt the rap!!! He said he wouldn’t be surprise if Casey beats the rap and gets out free.

    I would like to know who hired the spokesperson for the Anthony Family and who’s financially supporting this newcomer. If it’s the Anthonys, where did they get the money….I hope the taxpayers aren’t going to end up paying for the spokesperson services.

  143. Illuminati says:

    Wouldn’t it be funny if the bondsman from California gets to the place to put up bail and the cops levy charges right then? I would LOVE it! Miss Casey, all excited, thinking she’s getting out and away with murder, all dressed up with no place to go but back to a jail cell. That would probably crack her.

  144. SB says:

    People keep posting that she’s getting out.

    No way!

    She will get 5+ years minimum just for the charges they already have her on. Then, they’ll have 5 years to mount murder evidence on her.

    She’ll crack once she gets hard time. Then, the shit will really hit the fan.

    I say a plea bargain for life without parole. If they can link her to the body/remains of Caylee, Casey gets the chair.

  145. Thea says:

    If they do find the Caylee’s body/remains, Casey will get life imprisonment instead of the electric chair. The court hardly sends young women who murdered their children to the chair like Susan Smith for example. They usually get life imprisonment without parole.

    The FBI, FDLE, and Orange County Sheriff’s Dept need to work on a faster mode instead of dragging this . We haven’t heard much of anything and the natives are getting very very restless.

  146. Illuminati says:

    People post that she’s getting out because that is what is being reported. A bondsman from Sacramento, CA is allegedly flying to FL to bond her out. This is on and

  147. Thea says:

    Reporter Phil Keating reported on Fox News that some bounty hunter is going to bail Casey out. Who in the heck is this guy from Sacramento, CA who will be Mighty Mouse who plans to save Casey’s fate? This bounty hunter gives me the creeps…bounty hunters are rough looking characters. I envision this bounty hunter as a scumbucket that resembles “Dog” the Bounty Hunter on the reality show last year.

  148. SK says:

    Geez. I guess she will get out on bail.

    My guess: she’ll commit suicide by cop while in a drugged out haze. It’ll be another “OJ freeway chase” where she winds up getting blown away by the cops.

  149. Thea says:

    Just unfair for the community and little Caylee. This Leonard Padilla, the bounty hunter from Sacramento, California, and his nephew should never stuck their noses into this Casey situation. Who in their right mind would want to free a pathological liar Casey who have lied and lied and lied to the law enforcement and FBI, ruined the lives of innocent victims, stole money and checks from her friend Amy, stole a credit card and money from her own mother and wracked up $45,000 worth of merchandise.

    Leonard Padilla should just stayed in California and allowed the Florida law enforcement, FBI, FDLE, and forensics to do their jobs in solving the missing Caylee case. There is already too many fingers in the pie and making the situation more confusing and difficult.

  150. Kevin says:

    A few things to note. The electric chair is no longer active in Florida (unfortunately). Somebody saw this as too cruel….awe…poor little murderers.

    Does anyone find it interesting that we haven’t heard anything from George and Cindy Anthony’s ‘friends’ or co-workers-past OR present-defending their character? Not…a….freakin….little……peep!

    Nada, nothing, zilch…no comment whatsoever about what kind of stand up people they are.

    That is telling!

    We’ve all heard this before: If you don’t have nothing nice to say…don’t say anything at all.

    Their ‘friends’ are sure quiet huh?

  151. Shaniquah says:

    Casey would never kill herself. She is too selfish and self-centered.
    I think the Bounty Hunter or whatever the f- he is should get attacked and have the crap beat out of him.
    He is so full of it if he thinks they will be able to get anything out of that slut.
    He wants the publicity he doesn’t give a damn about finding CayLee.
    Casey’s parents would do anything they could to help her escape once she gets out so I hope the Police will not let her out of their sights for a second. Her parents will say Oh, she can find the kidnappers better if she is free to go where she wants to.
    It makes me sick to think that sorry excuse for a woman is getting out of jail.

  152. SK says:

    A guy on Greta said ther’s been 3 different sightings of Caylee recently. But, how many are for real? We may never know.

    With that much money out for a reward for missing Caylee, a kidnapper would have to be pretty big-time to still have her alive. This Seems unrealistic.

    They ought to be looking in Mexico to start with, more so than the US for kidnappers. If anywhere, that’s probably where the kid was taken.

    Unless it was just some sicko pervert that did it and killed the kid.

    Most likely Casey was involved.

    Therefore, I hope the cops can find the body/remains to give the family some closure at least.

  153. gc says:

    i know the area where they tracked her cell too by the airport, if she dumped the kids body out there it will never be found, there are hundreds of alligators that live out there and sadly they would have consumed the body long ago.

  154. ladyhawk1 says:

    this bounty hunter person (he can promote his own name) has a show on National Geographic called…….. ready……………………………………………..
    BOUNTY HUNTER or so I just saw from his web site.

    15 minutes of fame ya know

    what a bunch of…..

  155. ladyhawk1 says:

    and this spokesperson…..what’s the deal?

    Why can’t a family member or friend just have a frikin press conf 1 or 2 times a week as scheduled with no questions??

    What is with this guy (spokesperson) be the president of a production company that did a book and perhaps documentary on Natalie Holloway??


  156. ladyhawk1 says:

    ***the small group of searchers by the Econ found 2 backpacks today. clothes size 5 same as ca
    didn’t say whatelse. 1st thing found they believed they needed to call authorities on. They’ve been searching 5 days.

  157. Debbie says:

    ladyhawk1, where did you find that information?

  158. Shaniquah says:

    I read about the backbacks and pants on Channel 6 website.

  159. Shaniquah says:

    It was book bags not backpacks.

  160. Thea says:

    If Casey and a possible co-hort threw that Caylee’s body in the grounds of the Orlando International Airport with all those alligators, they will never find any trace of Caylee and that’s why Casey is very adamantly mummed about the whole thing. She had gotten rid of the body for good and go on with her so called single lifestyle!!

  161. ROBERT says:

    I don’t agree with the tossing the body for gators. She took the gas cans(not needing gas she had moms credit cards) then borrowed a shovel from neighbors.

    I only hope these things did not happen and who knows maybe she gave the child away and the child is better off.

  162. Lyn says:

    I am so sick of this Casey case, knowing she’ll be released from jail because a bounty hunter and his nephew beat the law enforcement and FBI to the punch!!! If Leonard and Tony Padilla can do miracles to make Casey confess, they are very stupidly making a BIG MISTAKE! Casey is a very hard core pathological liar who has shown no remorse or concern for her daughter, Caylee!

  163. Brian says:

    What about the DNA from the back of Casey’s car? It had the smell of a dead body the grandmother said, perhaps if they can identify if it was Caylee’s body that might help.

    I haven’t heard the news mention any results though on the tests.

  164. Lyn says:

    The Anthony Family is very dysfunctional and appeared not so popular with the Orlando community because of the web of lies concocted by wimpy gramps, a supposedly retired ex homicide cop, and soured granny, a nurse at a health center, with their sociopath/pathological liar daughter Casey.

    This Caylee case has been dragging on for so long and you never hear any bunch of the family friends and neighbors giving moral support to the Anthony family.

    If the Anthonys continue with the lies, lies, lies, lies, then they deserve to be thrown in the slammer! They are just serving hindrance in finding Caylee. Ole granny is more interested in saving her liar daughter and wants the community to look for her granddaughter!

  165. lisa says:

    It is very likely that Caylee died accidentally while in the care of her mother, Casey. My feeling is that the child was left in her mother’s car and died of heat related problems. Casey panicked, hence the flurry of phone calls. Casey didn’t know what to do, put the body in the trunk of the car. Tried to get rid of the body, perhaps with the shovel that she borowed, but as she had the shovel for an hour or so, that would not have been enough time to dig a hole big or deep enough to hide the body in the middle of the day, so I think she probably just dumped the body in the swamp. Alligators could have eaten the body by now, or maybe she just threw it in a dumpster somewhere. Either way, it is ridiculous for anyone to think that Casey did not contibute to the cause of her daughter’s death. The DNA evidence will be enough to convict her, if it comes back positive for being that of Caylee. Casey’s parents are two of the most irrational, stupid,, dysfunctional people I know. Obviously there was something wrong in that household to have produced such a morally corrupt daughter who could not care less about her own baby. Disgusting all the way around. For her parents to buy into their daugher’s continual lies is truly ridiculous and just feeds Casey’s psychotic behavior. If this child were still alive, she would have been found and all these supposed sightings of this kid, would have led to her recovery. Why didn’t any one of the people who allegedly saw this missing child, call the police or stop the child or get a picture of the child where we could actually see her face. These sightings are not real. Remember people still report seeing Elvis alive. Casey’s parents should have done everything they could to make Casey tell them where their granchild is, why they continue to support this psycho, whether she’s their daughter or not, is inexplicable and sick.!!!

  166. DS says:

    We all want answers. I just hope they are the ones we want to hear. I do not believe Casey would ever hurt her daughter on purpose. Maybe an accident happened and she panicked. I hope that is not the case, but as time goes by the ending looks very grim.
    We love you Caylee and we hope you are okay!

  167. Sandra says:

    I think that caylee is dead.Casey didn’t want her daughter.She wanted Caylee gone so she could go out partying and go to the clubs.I also think that Cindy knows what Casey did to Caylee.Cindy is more interested in saving her liar daughter.

  168. Dr_Anne says:

    It is my professional opinion that Casey Anthony is a sociopath. She is also a pathalogical liar and narcissist. I never believed that some imaginary babysitter took Caylee. Nor that Casey was: “Looking for her daughter.” (Remember those party photos taken from Fusion?) This case reminds me of other (murderers) with the same mindset; Scott Peterson and Susan Smith. Scott murdered his wife and unborn son because he did not want the responsibility and (mainly) to make room for his new girlfriend, Amber Frey. In several phone calls to Amber he tells her he: “Lost his wife a year ago.” And that he: “Was calling (Amber) from Paris.” (The police traced that call to his cell in Modesto; Scott was out “Looking for Laci” (So he claims.) But was witnessed to be smiling and laughing at her candlelight vigil. Susan Smith told the police “A black man carjacked my car and kidnapped my children!” When the truth was discovered, that Susan purposefully drown her own boys by driving the car into a lake, a (former) boyfriend came forward with the (fact) that he told Susan he: “Didn’t want to take on a woman with children.” In Susan’s mind, if she got rid of her children, she would be free to be with her boyfriend. Casey Anthony made numerous, desperate attempts to get “My boyfriend Tony’s phone number” from her friend, mother and brother. Never a mention about Caylee. I believe Casey Anthony wanted her (new) boyfriend, Tony Lazzaro, more than she wanted her daughter. Sociopaths often act like you and me.(The key word here is ACT.) What we must remember though is that this is a mental illness; sociopaths CANNOT and do not feel ANY empathy, guilt, remorse or regret for their actions or lies. They are consumed only with “Me, Me. Me.” Sociopaths cannot be rehabilitated and are never to be believed. I think Casey Anthony and Scott Peterson would make compatible pen pals from their prospective jail cells.

  169. ROBERT says:

    If she was in jail and lying to teh police in such a bizzare way, couldnt the police request a mental evaluation.

  170. Lyn says:

    After Judge Strickland set the bail bond of $500,000 on Casey Anthony, he also ordered two mental evaluations on her. The mental evaluations have been done by have not been released to the public.

  171. Debbie says:

    First of all Casey Anthony should not be in solitary confinement…put her in general population and let the inmates handle it…they could get the truth out of her. Second, how can anyone sit there and smile when their child is missing. We have five grandchildren and I know their parents would be hysterical if anything happened any one of their children as would we. I certainly wouldn’t let the lying woman out on bail…she’d keep her fanny in jail until that child was found. I just pray she’s still alive, but that woman would rot in jail as far as I’m concerned and she stay there until she dropped dead and I’d make the family reimburse every penny that was spent on this investigation due to their lies. All we can do is pray for this little girl.

  172. Lyn says:

    They should just release Casey to the prison’s general population and those female inmates will do an excellent job of having her spit out the truth in instant seconds. They would do an excellent job in making Casey ‘fess up than these two nitwits , bounty hunter, Leonard Padilla and bail bondsman, Tony Padilla. It would be a free service for the Orange County Sheriff Dept than the what the bondsman is going to pay to bail out Casey.

  173. ROBERT says:

    She will spend at least one more day in her luxuary suite….the great bonds man still can’t get the paperwork right….I hope they take his money, release her, and then file murder charges the same day, bring her back in and drag their feet returning the bond money back to the CA idiots.

  174. Kevin says:

    I personally cannot comprehend how anybody could not feel empathy, guilt, remorse, etc for any horrible acts on their part.

    It is beyond my capabilities of understanding.

  175. janiH says:

    Does anyone know where she was going everyday when her parents thought she was working? Obviously she wasn’t going to the job she said she had. It must have been a job she couldn’t reveal to anyone. Maybe this holds the key to what happened? Where did she really work and who did she work with or did she just hang out at the mall everyday?

  176. Grace says:

    It saddens me to say, but the mother, Casey is a definite sociopath. Her actions and behavior are so similiar to Scott Peterson and Shawn Smith. Habitual/pathological liars that show no emotions–and when they do, it’s probably only for they own well being. It’s a sad situation–Caylee more than likely is deceased. Hope I’m wrong and she turns up unharmed. I say, who cares what this POS has to say anymore–we’ll probably never no what really happened–not from a sociopath.

  177. Brian says:

    Casey definately shows signs of being a sociopath, but it all depends on what *kind* of sociopath she is.

    There is a documented type of sociopath who only becomes one after being influenced by another person, Casey’s boyfriend might be the true sociopath and has influenced her into caring about nothing but him. He might have killed the kid and now casey is protecting him.

    That would explain Casey’s sociopathic symptoms, when under the influence of a true sociopath people close to them often take on their self-centered mindsets, devouting themselves to that person. I know of many true crime cases through the media that has turned out this way.

    But regardless, i’m convinced it’s either one of two scenarios, Casey killed Caylee, or her boyfriend did, either way I feel Casey is equally responsible and deserves alot of time in jail.

  178. ROBERT says:

    Well she got out. they got her home and ordered her some dominos pizza, i wouldnt feed that girl until she told me how to find my grandaughter.

    but what do you expect from someone that says, “Take the hose to them,” yelled her mother, Cindy Anthony. The threat sent reporters off the property and into the street.

    The same reporters/media that has been trying to help find her granddaughter. but i guess if you know she is already dead you can only protect your daughter…or she’ll get mad……jerks

  179. Bonnie says:

    I agree 100% Robert. Doncha wonder who is paying the lawyer? And how in the world can he prevent the Orange County authorities from questioning Casey…not that they would EVER get the truth from her….circus circus…..

  180. kozmo says:

    I really don’t know what to think. She maybe sounds guilty and full of lies, and it is a tragedy what happened. Hopefully the little girl will be returned home safely.. but does anyone remember the John Bennet Ramsey story? Her parents were finally cleared by DNA evidence.. so the parents aren’t always guilty.. even when it seems so.

  181. Mitch says:

    What is up with this bounty hunter coming out of nowhere to bail her out?

    She should of remained in jail. You know she was probably in her own cell because she would of been killed by the other inmates.

    Makes me angry. I hope they do find Caylee alive.

    The publicity that surrounds Casey should be more focused on finding Caylee, but na instead they rush her home so she can eat a pizza from Dominos? Why didn’t the freakin bounty hunter start questioning her and getting answers. Caylee is the most important person in this whole bs situation and the focus should be on finding her.

  182. Lisa V. says:

    I think Casey was out dancing and partying to celebrate her new-found freedom after making Caylee disappear. It’s obvious she was very jealous of the attention Caylee received from the grandparents. (“all they care about is getting Caylee back. that’s all ANYBODY cares about”. if that doesnt say it all in a nutshell… the “thats all I care about” was a definite afterthought. And the shot of her entering the court room in handcuff??? She couldnt have been happier with all the attention SHE was getting. She looked like a slut and very happy to be in the limelight. She should have rotted in jail til Caylee was found, just like the “pizza rotted in the trunk”!! She’s one sick girl. im curious to know how many friends she actually has now. they must ALL know by now shes a whack-job.

  183. Lyn says:

    I don’t trust that guy named Robert Dick who is in charged of providing security for Casey. He looks like another slime bucket…his appearance is dirty and the way he talks..another low class character like another Casey’s friends.

  184. Cheryl says:

    The mother killed her and the parent’s know it and are covering up for her,especiallyCindy.But what do you expect the father is a ex-cop.And the
    bailbondsman is a joke!

  185. Susan says:

    Why is the media treating this woman like some celebrity, she is a complete skank, who wants to party instead of caring for her own child. this happens all the time, there just isnt all the media hype. The pictures on the news of her dirty dancing, after her girl is missing. Lets party!! If i were her parent I would get the truth out of this witch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  186. Kevin says:

    JonBenet’s family actually looked like they were devastated after their daughter was killed.

    This chic….hardly. I wish we could volunteer to string her up.

  187. Brian says:

    Casey’s parents and the bounty hunter are slow to realize the, in my opinion, obvious truth, Caylee is probably dead and Casey knows exactly where she is because she disposed of/helped dispose of the body.

    I think most people also realize this.

    I predict the family is going to soon get fed up with Casey’s words and behavior related to Caylee and begin to stop defending her, even getting upset with her.

    It’s a shame.

    If they want to find Caylee they need to stop blaming the media, whom arent responsible for Casey’s blatant lies & evasiveness, they should focus all of their energy and persuasion in making Casey admit what she knows. That’s the single way they can help resolve this.

  188. Bonnie says:

    Casey is in the thick of this drug business; I wouldn’t be surprised if Lee isn’t as well. She exhibits all the signs of a drug addict, lying, stealing (even from her own grandparents), all to support her habit. Just saw on A&E YouTube what happens to a person addicted to drugs and Casey fits the description to a “T”. Too bad the big wigs of the drug industry can and do call the shots. I’ve heard Purto Rico, NY, and other places mentioned by Casey as to where the “Zany” could have taken Caylee. It is frustrating to hear “she is safe. we know who has her and we are watching them”….yeah right. Like Gramps is going to fight the big drug dogs…..being an ex cop has it’s privileges, and I think Grandpa and Grandma are making the most of it, tampering with evidence, etc. and getting away with it. Does anyone pass out fliers in Puerto Rico…..and why did Casey’s girlfriend spend a week there? Does Casey have a passport? Just how many “boyfriends” has Casey had, including those in the drug world….has anyone looked at her behavior BEFORE this all happened….God bless the police, the investigators, and the sincere people out looking for the baby. This just goes to show you how one little child can slip through the cracks of so many people’s lives…Zanny Nanny, where are YOU…..I fail to see how Casey and Caylee were living all those years with Gamps and Granny and yet they have no clue who “Zany is”….if someone was responsible for baby sitting MY child, I would have all the information I needed in writing, and also I would inform other relatives so that if something happend to me, that child would be taken care of (especially the grandparents I was living with). Circus….circus….Ringmaster Baez, who are you fooling…..

  189. GR says:

    The whole Anthony Family is one sicko sicko family and can’t believe that Cindy is a registered nurse??? She sure doesn’t exhibit any intelligence and professionalism and sure can curse like a blue streak!!! She definitely doesn’t belong to the nursing field. In fact, Cindy should have been a truck driver or cheap bar lady working at a run down honky tonk hole in the wall. Or she also looked like a madam running a call girl service outfit. She could have Casey as her assistant in recruiting young girls who work in the red light districts of Orlando!!! Am so disgusted with the whole family!!

  190. Grace says:

    I’ve been following this case–and a few things are bugging me. 1) Why is Len Padilla and Robert Dick the only two idiots being interviewed regarding this case? I would rather hear an update from the local police department, FBI, SOMEBODY in law enforcement as to what is going on with any leads or updates on CAYLEE. I think the media is getting too sidetracked with Casey and forgetting what truly matters at this point– HER DAUGHTER!! 2) There has been over $40,000.00 in charges on the Grandmother’s (Cindy’s) credit card. That’s an awful lot of money. Was it a cash advance? And, if yes, maybe the money was used to pay someone to dispose of Casey? 3) The state of Florida made a big boo boo arresting her and putting her in jail as quick as they did. They should of let her be–track her phone calls, computer use, where she went. I’m sure she would have messed up somewhere giving them more information to put her in jail for life. Now she’s out and is being monitored so that she now knows she has to watch her every move. I hope they finally get something to go on. My heart goes out to that little girl.

  191. Diane Krause says:

    Solitary—-or in with many others in jail who would know how to beat the truth out of sick b…..casey! Either, or, but not with sick Grandma who is too blind and shows the same lack of concern over her grand-daughter by protecting her own slime daughter! Since Grandpa is a retired police and now a private investigator, isn’t that who Casey should have gone to if angel Caley really were missing? How can b….. Casey help find her when she can’t leave home because of the monitor….I have a son who is across the country with a job, and is 24 years old, and am panicking because he hasn’t e-mailed in 3 days, although I know he’s busy and didn’t expect him to; yet, I still worry until I hear from him! Never mind having a 2 year old that I “haven’t heard from!” I think about this every day, pray for Caylee, and wish the worst for Casey! No emotion, no words of concern about her daughter….She doesn’t deserve one second of freedom!

  192. Melinda says:

    I believe that Casey has controlled her Mother all her life and George got sick of it and that is why he filed for divorce in Dec. 2005. Now I do think that Cindy knows what happen and she is so afraid of losing her baby to prison that she helped make up this story . YOU WOULD HAVE TO HAVE AN I.Q OF 20 TO NOT KNOW THAT BABY IS DEAD. If that were one of my grandchildren I would have had a complete breakdown by now from fear. Cindy is so calm…she knows what happen but is trying to play the part. She is not a good actor. I see through her and I am sure LE does too!!
    God Bless that little angel.

  193. Terry H. says:

    I am a grandmother raising 4 grandchildren. My daughter is one of those ‘sorry excuses for a Mother’. I once thought or felt it was all my fault, but it wasn’t all my fault although I probably had some input. I am raising my grandchildren now or they probably would be dead, why didn’t Cindy care enough to more closely monitor her grandchild? Why didn’t Cindy babysit, or demand that Ms. Casey get a job and until she did her butt wasn’t leaving the house? Why as a society are we all blaming someone else always? I watch Mothers use the Mall as a babysitter, CRAZY! Work one single day as a security guard at a Mall and see how many more times you drop your pre-teen or teen off there.Convince we don’t want to be bothered, people don’t want to be parents, not just the young people but the parents of the young people, watch your children! Stop blaming it on TV and Society its OUR fault. Cindy and husband are just as responsible for that baby being gone. I feel like Caylee is dead or sold to someone, probably for a quick high. I have another grandchild from a different daughter and her name is the same just spelled different, I talk to my daughter and granddaughter everyday! If a day goes by and I don’t talk to them I worry. I am not trying to control their lives, I love them and I will always be a Mother my job doesn’t end when they turn 21, I will always help them or give them advise and I will let them know when they are making dangerous decisions! I pray for little Caylee, but I also think the press should walk away from the Anthony family stop giving them publicity, stop glorifying them. Let the police do their job and don’t give that family one more second of air time!

  194. Sharon B. says:

    I’ve been following this case and believe that Caylee is no longer with us. I also believe that
    Caylee either drowned in the pool while Mom
    was on the telephone or whatever and not paying
    attention – or was left in a hot car for too long.
    Then Casey panicked and tried to cover it up.

    My ex-sister-in-law was/still is exactly like Casey.
    A sociopath, a pathalogical liar, and created a lot
    of havoc and heart-ache in our family for years and years. She pawned my nieces and nephews on the rest of the family every chance she could, so we raised her kids. Supposedly she had a job but when my nephew (2 at the time) got sick and
    needed to see a doctor, I called and found out she had never worked there. So where was she?
    What had she been doing all those months after
    she told us she had a new job? (BTW, she covered her tracks with cash advances on credit cards, making my brother think they were her paychecks. But then she controlled the checkbook and all, so he wasn’t paying close attention.)

    And we were too nice. Kept telling one another that we’d ignore it to keep peace in the family. Never called her face-to-face on any of the lies she told but discussed them among ourselves.

    For a couple of decades I’d tell my daughter that we knew it, but she was family so we’d cope. After my brother’s divorce, my daughter piped up and said, “So now can we tell her what a mean, evil rotten B**** she is?” Therefore, we have dubbed my ex-sister-in-law DERB, Dirty Evil Rotten B****.

    She was also a narcissicistic personality – I can’t tell you how many family dinners were ruined while we waited for her to make her grand entrance and how many times we’d find out two to three hours later that they weren’t coming. She had to work (????where she worked was closed on Christmas Day!!!!!) or she was sick or one of the kids were sick. And so on and so on. So we started proceeding without her and my brother and their family.

    When she did appear it was all about her. And, there was always a catastrophe, one after another. She always kept things stirred and on edge constantly. Those kids didn’t know one day’s peace unless they were with one of us.

    Not to make this about me and my family but to offer some insight as to what might be going on behind closed doors at the Anthony house. Believe, me…they know. And, perhaps like us, they do the best they can to cope with it, try to make some sense out of it. BTW, my ex-sister-in-law’s family are the nicest people you’d ever want to meet. All responsible, hard-working, honest, church-going & believing people. We don’t know what happened to make her the way she is. Perhaps the same thing happened in the Anthony family?

  195. Edward says:

    This doesn’t make sense, a person would not stay silent for five weeks without reporting a missing child to the police unless Casey murdered her daughter or sold her to a drug dealer. If her father was a former police officer then why isn’t he doing enough effort to find his granddaughter and get the information out of his daughter ? It seems the young girl is not alive and it’s because of her mother.

  196. Soffia says:

    I believe one of 2 scenerios
    she was a drug mule- stole the money from the drugs and whoever she was muling for took her daughter till she comes up with the money
    or the father of the child isn’t dead and she gave him the child for awhile and she’s not talking…

    and I also believe the mother and father are a big part of the problem..
    A cop (her father) can’t get to the bottom of this is B.S.
    personally I would have knocked it out of her…. or put her into the public area of jail I bet those women would have got the info out of her….
    sodium penathal (truth serum)would have done the trick

  197. Kewan Woodard says:

    She know damn well she’s lying

  198. Brian says:

    I don’t think the grandma, Cindy, has any blame here other than being gullable enough to believe Casey’s b.s.

    The grandparents are victims in this case, their daughter is in some way responsible for their grandbaby being missing, and probably dead. I feel sorry for them and all this drama & pain Casey has put them through.

    I don’t think they should attack the media though, the media is just being objective, they realize the obvious, that wherever Caylee is Casey obviously knows more than she’s telling, and that is unquestionably a sign of guilt.

    The grandparents are just in denial because they want to think that their baby Caylee could still come home, and that the media is somehow interfering with tht possibly, which is total b.s., it’s Casey and ONLY Casey who is obstructing this investigation, whatever her role is in Caylee’s disappearance/death she should come clean, for the sake of her family & justice. But she’s too self-centered for that and she knows she’d just have to spend more time in jail. But so what, that’s exactly what she deserves!

  199. Kevin says:

    I always suspected Cindy Anthony has some involvement in cover up, check out the latest details on this case:,0,3212567.story

    From that article:

    Anthony’s mother, Cindy Anthony, posted a lengthy message on the social-networking site MySpace on July 3 — nearly two weeks before Caylee was reported missing — “This precious little angel from above gave me strength and unconditional love . . . Jealousy has taken her away. Jealousy from the one person that should be thankful for all of the love and support given to her . . . ”

    Cindy is going to face charges eventually too in my opinion.,,,as she should!

  200. Moesha says:

    Casey is selfish and self-centered and will never tell what happened to CayLee.

  201. Greg says:

    The fire and brimstone awaits this bitch. Burn in hell Casey. Your parents are dumb ass cover-ups as well and need to be charged with obstruction. Your whole family are pieces of SHIT.

  202. May Truth Prevail says:

    I think that Casey wasn’t about to spend money on a babysitter. Clearly, she had to forage for money however she could get it, since she didn’t work..right? So, her “brilliant” mind came up with a source of money….resulting in the lie…”I know, I’ll keep the babysitting money my mom gives me, and I’ll find a place to leave Caylee where I don’t have to pay any of “my” money and can keep it for myself.” (I have a sister just like this, who is bi-polar and cannot be trusted with money, and will not work, pay bills, and only extorts it from whoever she can. Then when the “emergency” arises that she has to pay a long overdue bill, she cries to mommy who then runs to the rescue….only she then doesn’t pay the bill, she uses it for fun….then the “emergency” gets bigger and mommy keeps running to the rescue.)

    So I think Casey left Caylee somewhere and kept the babysitter’s money to party on. Only one day, when she went to get her, wherever that is, Caylee was gone. She could not admit to anyone that she had left Caylee in such a place (maybe an old abandoned house or some such place…hopefully not the trunk 😦 ), so she didn’t tell anyone she was gone. That’s the only thought I’ve had so far that makes much sense.

  203. May Truth Prevail says:

    Oh, and I’m also thinking that Caylee was a pawn used in the sick game going on between the domineering mom Cindy and the rebellious “teen” Casey. It was probably the first time that Casey had any real power in the relationship that she so desperately needed to control, since it was her only source of income.

    But one other thing plays into this…the Susan Smith similarity of having found a new guy that could possibly rescue her from all of it. He even had MONEY. Only one thing, in her mind, stood in the way….Caylee. She wasn’t about to let her mom have her, and admit she was a failure at accepting the responsibility of her (I’m sure that was used repeatedly by Cindy as a verbal whip.)

  204. Spiro says:

    I think that Casey knows everything but will not say another word until her and her lawyer have perfected her story. Be it that she is mentally disturbed or that she freaked out after an accidental death of Calee. I believe that Cindy is covering for her daughter. I do not beleive that there a “Drug Thugs” that have her. When all is said and done they should all be charged. In my wildest dreams I could never believe anyone could think up a story like this. I hope that soon this all will come to rest because living in the Orlando area I am sick and tired of hearing about Casey, Cindy and George. Nothing about the search. This leads me to believe that the investigators already know….and soon we all will…..

  205. Amanda H says:

    I think Casey knows everything. I believe Caylee is dead. I saw on youtube that Casey said “get me out of jail, give me 1 million unmarked bills and a full fuel jet and I will tell you where Caylee is.” Casey is crazy and I feel the grandma also may know something. I will keep praying for this family, but Casey seems to be psycho. I believe she acts differently in front of her family and no one really knows how she is. I can’t believe anybody would even bail her out of jail. She isn’t about to change or say anything that she already has. It’s a matter of time before everything is revealed. I read the news in orlando everyday and I’ve been keeping up with this case since it started and I believe Casey killed her daughter. I will surprised if the outcome is different….

  206. Spiro says:

    Oh well….the lab confirmed death in the car…now limited amunity…WHY? What are they waiting for?….The police offered limited amunity until next week for Casey to fess-up….Now what? I thing they should immediatly revoke her bond and stick her in std. population in the jail house so she can start becomming a custom to the rest of her life…if she is lucky

  207. jerry says:

    I suppose she’ll get away with it, since there is no evidence of a crime (although I’m stunned to discover that it’s not illegal to misplace a child). I was livid over the possibility of Casey Anthony walking free until I thought about her dealing with her parents. My curiosity now is whether she will take them with her when she decides to pull a Melinda Duckett.

  208. Grace says:

    It’s all too obvious at this point that Casey did in fact, kill her daughter, Caylee. Whether by accident: i.e. left her in the car too long, drowned in a pool while Casey partied away leaving her unattended Or, on purpose out of shear jealousy or felt Caylee put a cramp in her party lifestyle. She waited as long as she did in order to perfect whatever web of lies she wanted to weave regarding her disappearance. I believe the large quantity of money taken from her Mom’s credit card was to possibly pay someone off to disgard the body. I also feel that GM Cindy knows the real truth and is covering up for her pathetic excuse of a daughter–and, shame on her if she is. The latest info is that they have confirmed that there was a dead body in the back trunk. OK, Cindy–what now? Are we now gonna hear that the rest of the pizza box containing the pizza was in the trunk? UUUhhhmmmm–don’t think so. Hopefully they do get enough evidence to fry Casey’s ass. My prayer’s go out to that little girl.

  209. missblondi says:

    As a mother of two girls, once a single mom myself, this sickens me beyond belief. When you bring a child into the world, either by accident or not, your life is put on hold and you mold that precious being so that when it is old enough to fly from the nest, it will. Caylee received her wings far too early, I’m afraid after the latest news she is no longer with us, and I hope that her mother is put in jail to rot the rest of her life like that one mom that drowned her two boys and had everybody looking for them. let her sit in jail and hear her daughter asking why? for the rest of her life.

  210. shunammite says:

    Check out my map of places Casey frequented, and where they should search for Caylee’s body given the decomposition tests came back positive…

  211. GR says:

    Lunatic grandma Cindy was definitely covering up for her daughter and I don’t have any sympathy for this family!! I think ole fat granny should be charge for tampering with the evidence…washing the stinky gray slacks that was in the trunk and cleaning off the boots and then calling the police???? She came up with the excuse that the gray slacks were so stinky that she decided to put them in the washer since it was her regular washing days!! What a bunch of hogwash and did she think that the public would buy her lies…she’s so stupid to forget that the public is made up for very very astute people who analyze every detail of this situation with a fine toothed comb and magnifying glass! What about the lame excuse of the rotting pizza!!! That was simply outrageous and unbelievable excuse…she made herself look like a DUMB DUMB DUMB DUCK! What stupid and wimpy gramps George who had fits at the reporters after he was asked about Caylee being possibility deceased! All he was good for was saying SHUT UP SHUT UP!! But it came to his wife Cindy and liar daughter Casey, George was a good for nothing wimpy and henpecked mashed potato husband! He had no leg to stand on when it came to his wife and daughter!!

    George and CIndy now have to pay their dues for not doing their job in being good parents in raising a daughter…instead, they raised an evil, selfish, spoiled rotten, demonic, sociopath/pathological liar, and thief for a daughter!

  212. Brenda says:

    I am a former autopsy tech for the Tarrant Co. Medical Examiners. For the mother to take those pants and wash them is utter nonsense! The smell of human decomposition is one of the worst smells there is. It does not wash away easily and I can imagine even putting something that smells that bad in my washer. There is no mistaking the smell for what it is. Casey has killed this child and for the courts to offer her any kind of deal is sickening. I cant believe they are giving her ideas as to what she can say happened to her daughter. Accidental Drowning Etc. If it was an accident she would have called 911 and if it were at the hands of someone else she would not have been out partying. I buried my daughter 4/1/05 and I still cry every day for her.

  213. Brian says:

    What makes people think Grandma Cindy is covering up for Casey? Did they not hear the 9-1-1 call? I did and there’s no doubt in my mind that Cindy did NOT know where Caylee was or what happened to her. She wasn’t covering up for Casey in any way whatsoever. If you want to hear or read the transcripts of that 9-1-1 call you could perhaps google them.

    The only person in this case that’s been lying has been Casey.

    Just because Casey finally talked her mom until finally believing her doesn’t mean her mom is in on it, she’s just gullable, same as the granddad, and the bounty hunter, and the other family members.

  214. Brian says:

    Oh by the way, i’ll be glad for the day when that bounty hunter is proven to be the idiot that he was for bailing Casey out. Whether he did it for publicity or whatever, it was a stupid and wrong way to waste 500,000.

  215. Moesha says:

    Padilla is as sleazy as the Anthony family. I hope he gets his sorry ass out of Florida now that he has shown the entire world what a low life, scumbag he is.
    He needs to go back to Californina and crawl back in the hole he came from. He got his free publicity. He better get out before somebody knocks that toothpick down his throat.
    I hope he has to suffer the consequences for his poor judgement of releasing a lying, skank, murderess from jail.

  216. Rachel says:

    Please don’t be so hard on Cindy and George. They did as much as they could. Working hard and supporting their daughter and granddaughter. Did you see the Caylee’s room? It’s full of toys and pictures…nice clothing..clean…lovely child’s room. Cindy was the MOTHER and Grandmother to Caylee! She’s the one who REALLY cares and loves Caylee! Cindy will be (probably already is) the most heartbroken person in this tragedy…she lost everything: daughter and granddaughter at once! I’m not saying that Cindy didn’t made mistakes by raising Casey as the spoil-rotten egoist…Show me the ‘perfect’ parents and I’ll show you the ‘heavens’! The ‘perfect’ parents concept is only in book; in reality – not exist! We’re all making some kind of mistakes while raising our children. I’m sure Cindy made a lot of mistakes. But she’s the one who always provides care, roof and bread…Some people start accusing her that she did ‘control’ Casey too much. Well, you don’t know what ‘controls’ mean!!!! IMO, she didn’t control her enough!!! But this is another topic of discussion… Let’s pray for Cayee!

  217. May Truth Prevail says:

    I have to say, I’ve been all over the map about Cindy and George. But after re-reading the 911 transcript, I have to agree that Cindy did not know. I think she probably “knew” deep down that Casey had done another horrible thing…but she was split on whether to do tough love or soft love…and she ended up doing both and looking stupid in the process. But I have to think she really did love Caylee, and this was like a bomb to her world, so I think it would make anyone react their worst. But I am not positive, and the stuff they do is so strange, that it makes me sometimes think the other way.

    Casey, on the other hand, is a total psychopath.

    And the bounty hunter, is either the most gullible bounty hunter ever (which I find hard to believe with his experience in CA)….or his plan for free publicity backfired on him…..I, for one, will never watch his show. He came across the country and enabled Casey when finally for the first time in her life, she had a chance to stop being enabled in her lies. Does he know nothing? He hitched his wagon to Casey’s star, and guess what…everyone who touches her gets destroyed. Dumb plan.

  218. May Truth Prevail says:

    p.s. Casey will never tell the truth. She takes her lies all the way. The incident at Universal where she didn’t admit to lying about working there until they got to the hall in front of her imaginary office shows how far she is willing to take it. Did she really think that the cops wouldn’t check out her workplace?

  219. Harry says:

    Casey and Cindy are monsters. Casey most likely burned and buried the body. Cindy knew about the event, washed the clothes, and then tried to play along. Whether the child’s death was accidental or not, and I’m guessing she was left in a car or drowned in the pool, the crimes committed by these two cretins are not diminished in any way. Casey needs to be back in jail and the Cindy needs to be there with her. That is, until they are both executed…

    Harsh, but honest.

  220. GR says:

    The DNA findings came in and the hair samples indicated decomposition of a body. The hair clearly was from Caylee and now the law enforcement stated that the little girl maybe deceased.

    That Cindy had the gall to even be such a fat liar..she told the media that she never never said that it smelled like a dead body in that damn car during the 911 call. She even that there were no latest developments after having knowledge of the DNA results and adamantly stated Casey was not going back to jail. Well, Leonard and Tony Padilla will revoke the bond and will make sure Casey goes back to jail by Saturday and poor liar Granny can’t do a damn thing about it or have any say so!!!


  221. Jennifer says:

    What is wrong with this crazy wench? Why did she even have a child if she didn’t want one? This girl is crazy and irresponsible to the core. Her story shows us that raising a child alone is a crushing burden for many people and they need to be more thoughtful before deciding to have kids they are not ready for.

  222. Christine says:

    Use common sense, people, please. There is nothing here to speculate about. I believe, Caylee Anthony is in heaven.
    Cindy Anthony is most definitely protecting her daughter and in total denial of little Caylee not being here any longer.
    Most likely Cindy Anthony has been covering her daughter for years and years.
    May God bless and have mercy on them all.

  223. BillML says:

    Re the car: If not that of Caylee, then who? What? Is there to be more than one body to be found? Perhaps there have been more than one body in the trunk?
    Assuming Cindy is indeed a nurse, then she would recognize animal/human odor of decomposition. Different than a damn pizza. Her original 911 call remains as her true observation.
    This may go down as the crime of the century and to outdo OJ deal. Maybe the child died as a result of accident, but perhaps negligence. To me, it is still a crime!
    We will know much more about where this is going come Tuesday 9/2, as Casey’s ‘deal’ expires then. The deal to TALK! If not, then figure the DA will move forward with specific charges.
    Guess we could all agree that we don’t need any more laws; but it occurs to me that perhaps we need to add one and limited to specific cases like this (missing children only): sodium penithol (sp?) or other “truth serum”.
    That would truly get this going.
    Meanwhile, it is so sad!!

  224. GR says:

    Fox News just reported that Leonard Padilla just changed his mind about revoking the bond and that meant Casey will not be going back to jail!!! I am so sick and tired of people doing favors for this Casey! They are all enablers and no wonder Casey is fearless being a liar. She knows she’ll get away with murder!

    I really don’t know where this situation is heading and I pray Casey will pay for her crimes! I hope they will not allow her to get off the hook so easily…the lies, stealing of money from people, use of her mother’s credit card, and smearing an innocent person’s name such as the real Zenaida Gonzales whose life and reputation totally ruined. Zenaida now is having a hard time finding a job because her name was dragged into Casey’s filthy mud!!!

  225. jh says:

    This Casey is very very cold. I am not so sure it was an accident. Reading her interview with the cops about all she ever said was uh huh. She is either very stupid or a very cold person. It appears to me she did not care one bit about finding her child.
    God bless Caylee and all those who are working to find her. I pray she can be found and justice served.

  226. cathy allen says:

    while i was watching nancy grace tonight casey was rearrested. no details were known but they showed undercover police take her away. ITS ABOUT TIME!

  227. Kevin says:

    For those who think Cindy has nothing to do with a cover up, will you please try to explain this away:,0,3212567.story

    From that article:

    Anthony’s mother, Cindy Anthony, posted a lengthy message on the social-networking site MySpace on July 3 — nearly two weeks before Caylee was reported missing — “This precious little angel from above gave me strength and unconditional love . . . Jealousy has taken her away. Jealousy from the one person that should be thankful for all of the love and support given to her . . . ”

    By the way…around 8:30pm tonite, Casey was re-arrested and taken away from her parent’s home in handcuffs!!! Rock on!!!

    I just hope that if it is murder charges, that the cops have their case down so they get it right….there is no 2nd chance in a murder trial if the loser is acquitted.

  228. Bonnie says:

    shame on NG fill in, calling the protesters knuckleheads…that was totally uncalled for and very unprofessional. These are everyday people, totally outraged and frustrated at the fact that Casey was out of jail, these are people who fell in love with Caylee and these are people who want the truth, which apparently the whole Anthony family can’t recognize when they hear or see the truth… apology is in order if NG wants to keep her audience.

  229. Bonnie says:

    another thought….NG fill in (I forget her name) reminds me of a ring master in a circus, yelling instead of speaking in a normal voice….and now calling the public knuckleheads…the look on Casey’s face coming out the door was probably the first honest expression she has provided anyone…imagine Baez saying she is like any normal 22 year old girl, imagine him saying she is different with him than she is with anyone else….imagine that….cause that’s what he did say.

  230. Kevin says:

    Baez is a scumbag, I don’t care about that nonsense about everybody deserving a trial, etc. This Casey witch has shown by her actions and deceptions that she is 150% worthless scumbag wad of DNA. I wouldn’t even call the tramp a human being. I don’t know too many crimes as sickening and disgusting as this. We come into this world little and unable to care for ourselves. We are completely dependant upon our mom and/or dad to watch out for us, feed and provide us shelter…protect us. Yet this sociopath loser decides that since she brought the baby into the world, she can take her out. I have four children and cannot express in words how much I love them. I look at them every day and hug and love on them constantly. I appreciate immensely what a privilege it is to be their father. It turns my stomach that anybody could do such a horrible and unforgiving thing to ANY child, but especially their own??? There is true evil in this world and one example of that evil is named Casey Anthony. Her douche bag of an attorney ranks right up there too. You here that Jose? Rot in hell, the both of you!!!

  231. GE says:

    Jane Velez Mitchell was the fill in for Nancy Grace and I had no respect for her opinions calling the protesters “knuckleheads” and poor Anthony Family being targeted! WELL, DUH DUH DUH Jane Velez’re just as stupid as the Anthonys. If Nancy Grace was on last nite, she would have rooted for the protesters and the detectives. She wouldn’t have shown an ounce of sympathy or even allowed sympathetic words for the Anthony Family. Nancy Grace would have some really burning words for that family and Casey! She had no right to be calling them names and in fact as a reporter, she should had remained neutral and reported the events as is. I was so glad for the protesters to be there to let the Anthony Family and the nation that they had enough with Casey and Cindy’s lies lies lies lies! The protesters showed what disgusting slimebuckets that Anthony Family and Jose Baez were …fed up with George and Cindy badmouthing or verbally abusing the press,media, and the public. I hope they don’t put Jane Velez Mitchell back on for Nancy Grace…I lost total respect for that reporter!

    Why should they order the people to look for Caylee…why don’t they ask their daughter Casey what happened to Caylee and start looking for the little girl. As far as I am concerned, I have not seen Cindy, George, and Lee working hard to look for Caylee. They have been too busy lounging around the house, having cookies and coffee!

  232. susan says:

    At this point, I don’t think Casey will ever tell the truth, and the parents will never believe that she did it. It’s amazing how the truth is hitting George and Cindy in the head, but they both say someone (not Casey) put a stranger’s body in the trunk. What?! I hope justice will be served. Parents wake up. If you have a child that lies, steals, etc., deal with it now. Get help. Don’t deny it!

  233. Brian says:

    Lay off Grandma Cindy, she was the one who had her daughter arrested in the first place, she told the cops it smelt like there had been a dead body in the car! If she was involved with whatever happened to Caylee she wouldn’t have done any of those things to begin with. So just because she finally began to believe Casey’s lies afterward is irrelevant, her original responses proved she that she was in the dark about what happened to Caylee.

    This is about Casey, and only about Casey. Leave her parents out of it because they obviously were not apart of anything that Casey did to Caylee. Anything they’ve done has been after the fact. So frankly I could care less. I only care about the main person in this case, Casey, and her actions.

    By the way, it was great to see the cops handcuff her and take her back to jail! She had an angry look on her face as the protesters cheered as she was taken back to jail.

    What a self-centered brat she is. And yes, the bounty hunter has revoked her bond! So she’s currently in jail.

  234. Barry says:

    Cindy has stuck her nose in those situation so deeply..first, washing the slacks and cleaning the dirty boots which were pieces of evidence. Then, she has been rudely combative with everyone..the media, the police, and the community. Every evidence the law enforcement has come up with, Cindy would buck the findings, start making excuses to deflect the blame from her daughter Casey, and has been protecting Casey instead of getting the truth out of her so they can find Caylee. Cindy with her lies lies lies lies already dug her deep holes herself with the public and the law enforcement!

  235. COLLEEN says:

    To bad the protesters didnt get to her first. This whole family is guilty as hell. The grandparents know damn good and well what happened to this innocent child and are keeping quiet because Casey is holding something over their heads. Twisted and sick. Rest in peace Caylee and know that you are in loved and in our hearts. Burn in hell Casey,Cindy and George.

  236. Theresa says:

    What is the grandma waiting for??? She should beat the truth out of the daughter. It is so obvious this girl is lying about where the little baby is. Justice needs to be done swift so that sweet girl can rest in peace. When she is so intent on fabricating lies as to the whereabouts of a child her rights should be revoked and it should be an anything goes situation. Get the whereabouts of the child by any means necesary. Drug her, hypnotise her, beat her what ever it takes.

  237. Mary says:

    Is it possible that Casey made arrangements with a different attorney to arrange a private adoption without her parent’s (or anyone else’s) knowledge? She’s either a sociopath or psychopath (I never could understand the difference). A private adoption would have put money in her pocket, hurt her parents, and freed her from the responsibility of motherhood. It’s not against the law….the lawyer would have to honor the “lawyer-client” privilege……and anyone who was desperate for a child would probably not come forward and risk losing a beautiful little girl that they had bonded with, for more than a month, before discovering the truth. I would think the media alone would be too much for anyone to voluntarily want to deal with.

  238. Rocko says:

    I believe that the Anthony family is so screwed up,and that its a true example of habitual lieing being a family trait-these people fail to realize -even when they are telling the truth. It all began truthful enough w/ Cindy ,and her 911 calls,but then she began stepping all over herself in an attempt to cover it all up . She then dragged poor ole George into it,who was clueless up to this point,because he wasnt even living there at the time.A little known fact-George/Cindy had filed for DIVORCE back in December in Orange County-most of which was due to Cindy’s apparent young stud searches. The fired Deputy wasn’t the first or the last. The attorney Baez realizes all this and has just told them all to keep their mouths shut. I know if my grandchild was missing,I dont care who had ANY information,family or not-I would get it-and i would not keep covering for them. I wonder when Cindy and George will be charged w/ lieing and hindering the investigation? Maybe if they dd get arrested,maybe it would shake Casey out of her denial,with all her support sharing a couple other cells down at the jail. Does Casey REALLY think all this stalling is gonna change anything-its time now for her to find out it isn’t..Casey is living in her own lttle safe ,secure world-put her in the general jail population,I know that within 24 (if that long) hours she would be more han happy to talk,cause there are some inmates down there that would turn her into a singing bird.

  239. Harry says:

    C’mon Brian – her parents raised her to be a sociopath – no empathy, no feelings for anything except her own satisfaction. Casey didn’t raise herself. She is the direct result of their child worhsip. ‘Oh, Casey, you’re such a good girl. Mommy knows you didn’t steal any money from me…’

    These people are enablers, at best. Pull your head out of the sand.

  240. Ric says:

    Cindy needs to face the harsh reality..she worships that very unworthy evil devil Casey to no end!!!!! Can’t she get through her head that Casey absolutely detests her and been trying to get away from her and her very controlling nature. On “Geraldo At Large’ show last night, brother Craig Rivera interviewed the father of Casey’s ex fiance Jesse Grund… Casey told ex fiance Jesse that he was Caylee’s father and she wanted to get a place to live with him. Well, Jesse Grund underwent DNA test and found out that he was not Caylee’s father. In other words, Casey was slutting around with other men behind his back while they were engaged!!!

    Cindy is a very sick sick nutcase for idolizing an evil daughter who absolutely hates her guts!!!

  241. Brian says:

    Ofcourse they’re enablers, so what? That doesn’t mean they had anything to do with what Casey did to Caylee.

    It takes more than having enabler parents to turn a child into a sociopath. And I know of no proof that the parents are anything more than typical enabler parents, and there’s alot of them in this country.

    ‘Sociopath’ is a very severe type of diagnosis, I’ve studied the subject, some people are born with the condition due to a brain abnormality, and some become one due to sever social influences.

    There’s alot of sociopaths who come from average families, and from decent parents.

    Is there any proof that the Anthonys’ parenting skills are particularly worse than many families whose children turn out relatively normal? Because I havent seen any.

    The people who say there is some kind of conspiracy here involving the parents are a bit hard to take seriously, there is no evidence whatsoever to jump to that conclusion. On the other hand, there is plenty of evidence that points directly to Casey herself.

  242. Edward says:

    This what happenes when slutty teens like Casey get knocked up and later on kill their babies because they can’t party.

  243. Ken says:

    I will never understand how in the world Cindy and George allowed their daughter to be the way she turned out to be! She is a low trash slut, a thief, sociopath/pathological liar, and possibly a baby killer! Why didn’t they get her professional help when Casey was younger. Was she already holy terror that made the parents deathly scared of her?????

    Casey stole big amounts of money from her mother, friends, and grandparents and what did Cindy and George do to put a stop to the outrageous behavior. Why didn’t they have her arrested for stealing money. Cindy and George allowed their daughter to get away with so much without being punished for her crimes. God has the upper hand on this situation and I believe he’s had enough of her evil doings and Casey better be ready to face her Creator. When God moves..he moves mountains! Casey will have Karma how many timesfolds for her wicked doings!

  244. Kevin says:

    Hey Brian, serious question here. How do you interpret this which was posted by Cindy Anthony on myspace on July 3rd, a couple of weeks BEFORE Caylee was reported missing?

    “This precious little angel from above gave me strength and unconditional love . . . Jealousy has taken her away. Jealousy from the one person that should be thankful for all of the love and support given to her . . . ”

    What do you suppose she means by this?

  245. Brian says:

    I believe it means, as already reported, that Casey wasn’t letting Cindy or the rest of the family see Caylee, for a whole month, the whole month that went by when Casey didn’t tell anyone that Caylee was missing. She kept making excuses as to why no one could see Caylee.

    I believe Cindy said she last saw Caylee on June 15th, two days before Casey borrows the shovel and steals the gas cans.

    That message on myspace might simply mean that by Aug. 3rd Cindy had concluded that Casey was deliberately not letting her see her grandbaby and she might have assumed it was over jealosy because after her numerous questions and concerns over not seeing Caylee in so long that Casey said something to her like ‘Is caylee all you care about, what about concern about me? Casey is a self-centered person and perhaps deflected questions about why she hadn’t been letting the family see Caylee because she said they loved Caylee more than they loved her, or some other egocentric reactions.

  246. Brian says:

    So basically, Cindy didn’t necessarily mean that Caylee had died or that she thought Caylee was missing, she meant that Casey had taken her away and wouldn’t let her or the rest of the family see her.

    It wasn’t until later in the month that Casey finally admitted that Caylee was missing and Cindy called 9-1-1.

  247. Kevin says:

    Thanks Brian…I honestly had not viewed it that way before and it does seem a possibility.

  248. Ken says:

    I am sick of Cindy’s negative blabbings and have not heard her utter one word of deep appreciation for all the help the people have given. She needs to become humble and be deeply indebted to alot of people! She is the one who has not helped anyone in finding Caylee but yet she demands everyone to get off their asses to look for the little girl. How about starting to look into her own territory and tell Casey to get off her fat AS* and tell the truth. Then, the whole Anthony Family get off their asses for a change and help look for Caylee!

  249. Bonnie says:

    There is no doubt that Cindy and George loved that grandchild, and their daughter; however I do believe they both knew something was wrong when they smelled the car, and when they realized they had not seen Caylee in a month and that Casey was making excuses for Cindy not to talk to her. It looks to me like they tampered with evidence and they did know that was the wrong thing to do….them admitting that will take some doing, thanks to Baez. His advice to that whole family was don’t talk, don’t say anything. Otherwise, I think eventually either George or Lee may have talked. I think they all knew, and I think Baez knew, which means he covered up the facts himself. Even if it was an accident, you don’t let an accident go unreported….something is not right with Baez’s thinking here….seems to me if Casey “was a different person around me” to quote Baez, and that there is much he can’t reveal because it would hurt his case, that he knew all along the child was dead, and playing some kind of game. That baby is resting in the arms of the angels, and I think Baez was on to it all along, unless Casey wooed him into believing her, just like she wooed her family with all her lies. Glad LE is doing such a good job…praises to them.

  250. Kaitlyn says:

    I am so happy that the law enforcement and the detectives took the control of the situation back to their turf. For awhile , I was so sick of seeing the Anthonys, Casey, Leonard Padilla and his crew, and Jose Baez being the main characters of this whole situation!

    More praises to the judge who signed the arrest warrant and gave the detectives to go ahead and pick up Casey from her house Friday night Aug 29th! I loved it when the whole law enforcement finally stepped up and did the surprise visit at the Anthony home. Oh well, granny Cindy and nerdy Baez were so pissed off..tough SH** on her and Baez!!!! Perhaps Casey’s baked brownies did a number on Baez’s heart and brains! He sure was going extra miles for her and sounds like another Cindy broken record!

    Jose Baez is a very mediocre attorney and am not sure he’s able to dot all his I’s and T’s. He’s not making sense at all!

  251. Brian says:

    Tampered with evidence? Think about it, Casey probably made some excuse about why Caylee’s clothes smelt that way then told Cindy to wash them for her. Cindy skeptically believed the excuse at the time and then washed them. That’s about as simple as it could have been.

    And finally after a month of not seeing Caylee, and then finally smelling the dead body smell in the car that was the final straw and Cindy called 9-1-1 to have Casey arrested.

    I still see no real evidence to suggest Cindy or George knew anything about what happened to Caylee or what Casey did to her. When they finally did figure out and put together two suspicious facts about the situation they called the police and reported them.

    And also, if Cindy was trying to cover up evidence by washing the clothes then why did she inform the police about them? They would have never known about them, instead of washing the clothes Cindy could have just threw them away or burned them. These accusations that Cindy & George knew something make no sense on any level. They don’t add up. Again, what evidence is there that Cindy & George were involved in a conspiracy? There isn’t any and never has been.

  252. Kaitlyn says:

    Cindy and George need to face reality and get their facts straight! Quit your denials…quit accusing the lab findings as being false as if the law enforcement, FBI, U. of Tennesse who did the air samples, and the forensic labs don’t know what they are doing. These people have worked tirelessly to look for Caylee and the Anthonys are bucking them every step.

    I saw on the news the protesters are back at the Anthonys house and they even went knocking at their front door. The protesters are fed up with the Anthonys and didn’t care if they stepped on their yard. Where is Cindy??? Is she now deathly scared of the angry protesters?????

  253. RK says:

    The grandparents aren’t interested in looking for their granddaughter. They delegated the job to the volunteers and the law enforcement while they decided to save Casey’s skin! They have continued to cover up for their cold blooded sociopath liar daughter! Casey is so evil looking..her eyes are so dull looking and exhibits no emotions. She is so evil..the demon’s daughter from hell!!!

  254. Vanessa says:

    People are finding it very difficult to have any sympathy for Cindy and George. We are so fed up with their stupid and shitty tirades on tv. It is very difficult to listen to Cindy Anthony’s poor excuses about the DNA findings and the air samples that point out that definitely body decomposition in Casey’s trunk. The FBI finally is declaring the decomposition is that of Caylee but Cindy insists that it could have been someone else’s dead body in Casey’s car!!!! Caylee was last seen with Casey. How UTTERLY STUPID AND SO IGNORANT IS CINDY ANTHONY..FOR A 50 YEAR OLD REGISTERED NURSE, SHE DOESN’t HAVE ALL HER FACULTIES WORKING RIGHT UPSTAIRS!!!!

  255. Ronnie says:

    Brian I totally agree with you!! George and Cindy loved their granddaughter so much…you can tell. I think they are putting up a front for the media where Casey is concerned. Behind closed doors I bet it is another story!
    Ok….what about this senerio….what if Casey told Cindy and George there was a dead body in her car….she was affiliated with gang members after all…and they believe Casey? Just thinking this cause of the way George yelled…”It wasnt my granddaughter!!!!” Just a thought….Biaz keeps talking about all the info he has that no one else knows. We dont know what him and Casey are telling her mom and dad.
    In my heart, as Im sure we all feel…… I hope to God by some miracle she is alive and prooves us all wrong.
    I just wish it was all over….guilty or not…this case has touched so many peoples lives on a great scale….mine included!!
    Nighty Night dear Caylee where ever you are sweetie……..and may peace be with you…..

  256. Colleen says:

    Ibelieve Grandparents are in on it totally. That baby is in their backyard under that new slab of concrete. EquuSearch needs to look under that slab. Grandpa put it down July 3rd, and none of the other sheds have a concrete slabs under them, why? Because Caylee is under it!!!If I’m wrong, I’ll pay for new slab.

  257. slamonte says:

    I really think she killed the child on accident and her mom knows what happened why don’t they just tell the truth? Maybe grandma accidentally killed the child and leaves the kid up for the rap. I fill the family is involved. The whole family is in one big lie! They will be brought to justice and Caylee can live in peace.

  258. Vanessa says:

    If Cindy and George were decent people and truly loved their granddaughter Caylee, the most honorable thing they can do for her is to give her a proper burial that she richly deserves!

  259. Chris Barnes says:

    If there ever was a case for water boarding this is it she knows everything and she needs to be MADE to tell where that baby is and what haappened!!!!!

  260. Kevin says:

    Don’t fool yourselves or be fooled by the psychotic Anthony family.

    As much as it hurts to face it, that sweet girl is dead…thanks to her mother of all people.

    If you believe anything else, you’re gullible.

  261. Amy says:

    Yeah, I agree, she is dead, and the hopes that she wasn’t should be squashed by the decompisition in Caseys trunk. What are the odds her daughter is missing and her trunk has been occupied by A DIFFERENT dead body? Come on? Anyone want to speculate on that one?

  262. Becca says:

    I Knew that name sounded familiar! I have been racking my brain for WEEKS trying to figure out where I had heard the name Zanny the Nanny before. She is a character in a book! I used to read Double Trouble Squared when I was in grade school, and the nanny was named none other than the infamous Zanny!
    I would be more willing to give some sympathy if I saw an Anthony on television sporting an orange vest actually helping look for their granddaughter, than clips showing Cindy siding with her daughter all of the time. George is a retired police officer, and Cindy a nurse. They are both exposed to this world and know the true happenings in the “real world”. They cannot be so seriously naive that they believe after 2 1/2 months Caylee is still alive.
    I’ve read all 400 pages of documents. There is so much more into the lives of these people that truely reveal who they are. George knows the smell of death. You can’t deny that that is the smell you smelled in the trunk George!
    And WHY are you so whipped by your wife, George? You never get to talk, you never get the interviews, and when you are both together, why is Cindy the only one who can comment? Is it because you feel guilty, or might slip with the truth? This whole family needs to be put in jail. Their daughter is talking in “code”. That to me is withholding information in a current ongoing investigation.

  263. Susan says:

    I think just maybe Caseys troubles started by being parented by a total airheaded mom, cindy! Some of the stuff coming out of that grandmothers mouth is incredible. 1st the dead body smell comment (THATS not something you hear everyday!) to now her daughter was the BEST mom. My newest question is, WHERE did Casey GO everyday with that little baby if she was fired from Universal in 06?? Sounds like she left during the week saying to her family “going to the nannys”, now we know thats not true. Heavens knows what sort of things that poor little girl witnessed for the past 2 yrs while Casey lied about being employed…WHERE WERE CASEY & CAYLEE ALL DAY LONG FOR 2 SOLID YEARS????

  264. Vanessa says:

    I was wondering if they brought the cadaver dogs back to the backyard where the Anthonys put new concrete slabs?? I think they need to go back their and re-check it again with the two cadaver dogs this time. Didn’t Casey at one point that Caylee was close to home??? Would that mean on the Anthonys property?????

  265. Harry says:

    Hey Amy, the odds of having more than one dead body in your trunk are a lot lower than you might expect. Last Tuesday there was one in mine and before that, there was one in there in July! Happens all the time! We’ve got to give her the benefit of the doubt…

    Unless you’re a serial killer, it’s one-in-a-billion or so.

  266. Vanessa says:

    UGH!! Someone should just strangle that Casey! How can she live with herself, eat, and sleep every night without her conscience bothering her! Somewhere out there, her daughter Caylee is buried or eaten by the alligators and she is still not confessing. It’s all about Casey and she is loving every minute of having herself in the news every night and has no care whether Caylee should have a decent burial or not!!!!

  267. Kimmy says:

    Cindy still in TOTAL DENIAL as Leonard Padilla said on Nancy Grace Show last night. Take Cindy off the air..she is not newsworthy anymore and we don’t want to listen to her LIES LIES LIES LIES anymore!!! Everytime I see her on tv, I just want to throw trash on her face and put a duct tape on her mouth!

  268. cc says:

    She is guilty and acting like it! I don’t think the body is in the backyard. Cadaver dogs hit on a spot in backyard indicating cadaver smell there. But nothing was found. So, It was at one point when she borrowed the shovel from the neighbor to dig something out… It was decomposing, started to smell and Casey put it in the trunk of her car, that’s why they foung dirt in the trunk of car… she may have taken it somewhere and burned with the stolen gas from the shed that she broke into. She may have burried the remains but she could have thrown it at the botton of some pond, lake etc… Or even in a dumpster(if so, they’ll never find a body). Went home cleanned up, had her mom washing the dirty clothes and went out partying…
    Her parents are not that stupid to believe her lies. They know! But parents do stupid things to protect their adult sons and daughters.

    I know a set of parents like that! They procted their alcooholic 40 year old son, and covered up all his crap. Including when he bit up his 6 months pregnant girfriend and she lost the baby. (they burried it in the backyard) They kept that a secret so their son wouldn’t get in trouble. Not to mention that he abandoned his 3 kids, and stole from everybody around him etc… If you hear them talk about the scumbag you would think he’s a decent person… Total denial! And if you say something bad about the guy, they get angry! In their mind, their son is an ANGEL!

    The anthony’s fit that category. Because casey uses drugs, is a High school drop out, got pregnant and lied to the cop boyfriend(the one that just got fired) that the baby was his, until DNA proved it was not his child. She didn’t have a job, stole from her grandmother, stole from her parents and even her friends! And the parents still alowed her to live with them, and she went out partying whenever she wanted, slept with boyfriendSSS and the grandparents raised their grandaughter. They overlook every thing she did wrong and never held her accountable! They are enablers! Very commun!
    This case is no different! They will ignore the facts even after is proven! I see parents like that often!

  269. MG says:

    I feel l very strongly that Cindy and George know more than what they’re telling us and giving us the round around. I wondered whatever happened to the psychics from Ohio who went to Orlando to help look for Caylee! I wouldn’t be surprised one bit!!!

  270. RC says:

    The law enforcement is working very hard to recruit more volunteers to recover Caylee’s body to charge Casey with murder and also give this poor child a decent and respectable burial which she rightfully deserves.

    With all the lab findings and air sample from the University of Tennesse’s Body Farm, indicate a decomposition of Caylee’s body. But looney grandma Cindy continues to lie and claims that Caylee could be either in Texas. Mexico, or Puerto Rico. She is a complete nuitcase of a so called registered nurse who still doesn’t believe in the FBI’s DNA findings and the air sample. The whole Anthony family and Baez are the dumbest characters in this scenario and are so pathetic in this merry go round!

  271. Ron says:

    I am floored that chloroform was found in the trunk of Casey’s car. I can’t imagine what she was doing with chloroform. I read about it and it has been used as a recreational drug/inhalant since the early 1900’s. It is easy to make, but it can also be formed by combining pool shock (chlorine) with acetone. I also read that it can form from chlorinated water and humic acid, which happens from the decomposition of living tissue. It’s very suspicious that her computer had search histories for chloroform. I think she was using it to get high and also to put little Caylee to sleep in the trunk while she left to go partying.

  272. Karen says:

    Casey does not have a conscience. She is without a soul. An empty shell of a human being. I wonder how she could fool her parents into thinking she had a job? Where was she going everyday for the past 2 years if she was not at a job? How did she explain never having a paycheck? There’s only so much denial we can tolerate. I’m at my limit with Casey. My heart goes out to the grandparents. I know they would like to hold on to any shred of possibility of Caylee coming home alive. This is a tragedy created at the hand of Casey Anthony. She should have gone through with the adoption of her daughter. Or better yet, don’t get pregnant in the first place unless you are willing to love and care for this innocent human being. Heartbreak. I wish they would charge her now. But understand that they are buying time in order to bring Caylee home for the sake of her grandparents and to help the case with solid evidence. This has become INSANE!

  273. Amy says:

    I have often wondered how Casey Anthony had a nanny for 18 months and the grandparents did not have a phone number or address for her when Casey and Caylee were living with them. It seems they would have had some kind of contact info on the nanny in case of emergency etc.. This story is very strange and I have to wonder if the grandparents aren’t covering for their daughter. Casey Anothony is nuts and so is her mother.

  274. Harry says:

    Traces of chloroform in the trunk. Must have been from the decomposing pizza…

  275. RC says:

    Yeah! Now lunatic granny Cindy will make another story that the chloroform must have come from the rotting pizza with maggots left in the trunk of Casey’s car for a week.

    By the way, I don’t rotting pizza gets maggots in a trunk because it doesn’t give foul odor like a decomposed body does!

  276. jim says:

    I would like to date Casey……what a kind woman! She is so sweet and loving!

  277. jim says:

    She is just like the mother that put me up for adoption….only worse!!

  278. JB says:

    My prayers and thoughts are with Caylee. We love you! Always will. Please accept the world’s love.

  279. Colleen says:

    Duh…the parents r in on it, because Casey is a TOTAL drug addict that does pot, extasy, acid, absolutely anything she can get her hands on (from source that lived w/her for 5 weeks). And, her parents knew, thats why they wanted her to get her own place. Oh, & by the way, ZANNY is Xanax, duh…she gave the baby zannies all the time to put the baby to sleep so she could go be the sleeze that she is and screw all of these differents spanish boys. Her parents smelt that babies body decompossing in the backyard and had her move it somewhere else, after they all came up w/a story to tell cops. Also, she couldn’t be found for 31 days, because she was drying out as they say, from the drugs (under the advise of her father, I can assure you). They’re all in on it now, thats why they won’t talk anymore and of course, Casey has never talked, shes just keeps on lying. They should not allow someone new to bail her out again, it did nothing to find the baby the 1st time, what good will it do now, NONE…Now she can just run away to Spain or somewhere else, where she can’t be extradicted back to US, watch and see…

  280. Colleen says:

    Oh, by the way, ZANNY is a common slang word for Xanax & everyone knows that..guess it wasn’t workin very well anymore, Casey had to start using Chloroform!!!Amazing B—-!! Let me have her a few hours, I’ll get the truth out of her and I’ll have her take us to the body!!

  281. SadMom says:

    Here’s what I’d like to know. I watch a lot of cop shows and I’ve seen them keep people in small rooms for hours on end questioning them until they confess. At times I’ve even heard people say they can make an innocent person confess. So, why don’t they put Casey in one of these ugly little rooms and keep her there as many hours as it takes to get the truth? When they’ve spent several days non stop questioning her while she sits in a cold metal chair with no sleep maybe she might confess. But, the sad truth is that she may never confess or give the police anything they can use to find this precious little girl. I just hope they have enough to convict Casey without a body. This case is a real puzzle but too many pieces of the puzzle point to Casey for me to believe it’s not her.

  282. James says:

    Colleen – Finally someone is talking about the truth!!! Keep talking!! George Anthony (retired detective) is probably using his experience in policw work to coach Casey!! Cindy keeps talking but says nothing! Lee is too concerned with trying to be articulate (which will never happen). The whole family should be charged with the crime. I hope the FBI and the Orange County Police interview you Colleen!! We need to help Caylee!! Please keep talking!! Casey is a druggie burnout that would do anything for a *high*.

  283. Harry says:

    Colleen – outstanding point about Xanax being referred to as ‘Zannies’ – I never put two and two together. I hope someone can get this tidbit to NG…

    Zannie Gonzales, my azz.

  284. shannon says:

    I agree with Colleen. The baby was buried in the backyard, the parents found out & helped Casey dig it up & relocate it. That’s why the cadaver dogs hit on the yard. And seeing as though the father was previously a police officer/investigator he would know what criminals do to hide evidence. And grandma Cindy is in just as deep, covering the lies, babbling constantly…Trying to lead investigators to Mexico, Texas is her ploy to take the investigation away from her immediate area……And now comes the high priced defense attorneys and production company posting bond? This has become a circus. I hope the investigators are building a rock solid case, not only against the monster Casey, but also her parents for being accessories….God Bless Caylee, and may they bring her home to rest in peace……

  285. Becca says:

    If she was using Xanax to drug her child, it would be ovious. After waking up from the drug, up to days afterwards for a child, the drug can still present effects such as lethargy, hazy eyes, etc. This is coming from my own doctor. He says it’s possible, but someone would have noticed.

  286. Mari says:

    They found SIGNIFICANT AMOUNT OF CHLOROFORM IN CASEY’S CAR TRUNK!!!! I was watching Fox News and stated to watch for rapid breaking news on this case!!!!

  287. Lin says:

    Casey ran up $45,000 on her mother’s Cindy’s credit card during the 31 days she was missing. Anybody hear what she bought or did she get cash?

  288. Bonnie says:

    reply to Becca on Xanax – oh no, not one person in the Anthony household would have noticed…..

  289. Nicole says:

    They need to charge her with murder soon. You don’t need a body. There was a case in Oklahoma where the body was never found and the mother sits in prison for life.

    I agree that the grandparents are in on some of this. I think it was after the fact, but now they are trying to help her cover it up.

    This isn’t the only mother I have seen that has these same traits. Another case in Oklahoma (Kelsey Briggs) the mother had no emotion or feelings about the death of her two year old. In both cases the mothers wanted a different life. Susan Smith drowned her boys for another man. Why don’t these mothers simply give the children to someone that wants them.

  290. Kevin says:

    If I had been one of her ex boyfriends then right about now I’d be sick to my stomach that I ever touched the nasty, evil, tramp.

  291. Brian says:

    I’m glad to see that wealthy people of this country are bailing out child killers, instead of using that large some of money for something truly helpful, like to a children’s charity or victims’ rights organization, if they truly care about real justice.

    If these rich people had intelligently looked into the evidence of this case they’d realize that Casey is very probably guilty, in some way, of the death of her daughter, and she’s also guilty of shamelessly lying about what she knows.

    Wouldn’t it be wiser to use 500,000 on cases where there’s reasonable chance that the suspect is actually innocent?

    ‘Innocent until proven guilty’ does not mean you should bail a suspect out of jail just because there’s a chance they’re innocent, they could also be guilty. You should intelligently weight the evidence before spending a large sum of money on someone who in reality may not even deserve it.

    There’s thousands of more ways to use your money for justice and to improve the world.

    As for this person who just bailed Casey out.. like the saying goes “A fool and his money are soon parted.”

  292. stephanie says:

    watching NG, i saw that the george and cindy bailed her out right? they signed a “promisory note” to pay the money when it comes due. are they starting to believe that she did do something to caylee, and maybe want to spend a little time with their daughter before she goes to prison for a long long time? can’t imagine why else they bailed her out.
    also i saw a couple speculations saying that they are in the works for a book or movie deal? is that true?
    it said that the searchers looking for caylee were told yesterday to look for a folded up rug, duffel bag and bones, so i’m thinking that she had originally buried the body in the back yard, then decided she had to move her, rolled her up in a rug, put her in a duffel bag in the back of the car and drove around to find a place to leave her?
    but what about the chloroform?
    i am so disgusted with casey, what a sorry excuse for a mother. even if by some miracle she didn’t have anything to do with what happened, then why isn’t she devastated and trying to find her baby?
    my parents would disown me, beat the snot out of me ( and the truth) if they thought i had done something to their grandsons, and they sure as hell wouldn’t be bailing my ass out of jail.
    i can’t help but hope that by some chance caylee is really alive. but i hope and pray that either way the police are just getting their ducks in a row to lock up casey for a very long time!

  293. stephanie says:

    now investigators searched george anthony’s trunk of the suv this am, left with something in a paper bag. what could this mean?

  294. abby says:

    Brian and Kevin -People do the strangest things. This is just another crazy idea to be added to the circus in Orlando. There are a lot of people who have been scooped up into this drama (all of us bloggers) but unlike us they will be feeling a lot of pain for a very long time-and it won’t be in their pocketbook.

    I believe Casey will take down her parents before she spends one more day in jail. Remember they have been her victims;it wasn’t only darling Caylee that suffered at her hands. Poor foolish George-with two females as trashy as these two, what in the name of what’s right and just do you expect from him?
    The boyfriends were not her victims-they are probably frightened out of their collective minds that they had something to do with her. They will be mindful of this encounter when they date in the future. They will not have to be treated for PTSS. Forget it and move on-be thankful and be careful.
    The next time you review this case just look around at all the fallen, stumbling folks you see. Casey Anthony will be the only one standing if the Orlando Justice system fails to rearrest her on more substantial offences. They will-they need time to build this case brick by brick and take all the time they need.
    Bail bondsman are right up there with used car salesman, teachers and the guys that got OJ freedom as well as the guy who removed the wrong leg.

  295. Kevin says:

    I’m glad to see protestors outside of the Anthony’s house…just giving them hell. If I didn’t live so far away I’d join them. Until the police can put together the murder case the family should be made absolutely miserable.

  296. Mari says:

    I am with you Kevin!!!!! It will be protesters who are finally drive those Anthonys to force Casey to cough up the truth! The neighbors and the protesters outside the Anthonys house had a little clash last nite and if I was living in Orlando, I’d be walking up to the door, start banging, and yelling for yellow chicken Cindy and Casey to come out and quit hiding the truth!!! Oh, No…Jose Baez came running to their house last nite and probably tried to be Casey’s knight in the shining armor and try to soothe her nerves!!!! Earlier the past week, there was an Afro American family who were banging on the door and start yelling for Cindy to come out and tell the public where Caylee was. Another little grandma was very furious with Cindy and called Cindy a LIAR to her face! I am very proud of these citizens to speak their minds up! Shameless Cindy still remained very insensitive..she has a tough hide of a rhinoceros or a big hippo!

    Cindy has no interest in searching for Caylee..she’s more interested in how she is going to earn big bucks through movie deals, interviews, books about this situation!!!!

    The protesters will be volunteering their services looking for Caylee but they will be back at the Loony Anthonys house to protest tonight!!!!

  297. Rise says:

    It seems that when Casey found out she was pregnant at the age of 18 or 19, she wanted to give her child up for adoption, and even found a likely adoptive mother, but her own mom (Cindy) “convinced” her otherwise. Probably using language like it would be “irresponsible” to “abandon her own child.” Maybe her mom Cindy should have thought about what she was doing when she “convinced” her unmarried 19-year-old daughter she had to keep a baby she clearly did not want, when there was a friend (and probably many others) who would have happily adopted her. Maybe the reality was that the grandmother wanted another baby… but the grandmother wasn’t the one who was going to have the responsibility for this child, Casey (who clearly wasn’t ready for it) was. Maybe if this girl Casey had been allowed to do what she wanted to at the age of 19 (party and have fun), Caylee would now still be alive and happy in the arms of a family that truly wanted her.

  298. Rise says:

    By the way, despite my preceding comment, I don’t agree with those who say that the Anthonys (grandparents of Caylee) necessarily know anything of her disappearance. I’m not saying they deserve any blame for anything that’s happened since June 2008. However, the mom apparently (from reports I’ve heard) convinced her unmarried daughter to keep a baby she didn’t want. Why is that so admirable in our society? If a woman is not ready for motherhood, there is no shame (and a lot of good) in giving the child up for adoption. Win-win situation. Perhaps Cindy Anthony now regrets more than anything, convincing her daughter to keep Caylee.

  299. Grace says:

    I know many of us have our theories as to what we think happened–so here goes mine. I truly believed in the beginning that Cindy did NOT know what happened to Caylee when she made her intial phone calls to 911–especially the third panic phone call about ‘the trunk smelling like there was a dead body in the damn car’. However, since that call, her whole demeanor has changed. I believe that she now knows that Caylee is deceased. At this point she is trying to cover up for her pathetic daughter and putting on a front for the media that Caylee is still alive. I believe that Casey was drugged out of her mind and not paying attention to Caylee and she drowned in the pool of the Anthony’s backyard. She panicked and put her in the trunk–God knows for how long. Then, decided to bury her in the backyard. Casey waited a month to let any drugs she was doing leave her body and/or be undetected if given a drug test–hence waiting over 31 days before saying anything (which probably would have went on longer if Cindy didn’t make a 911 calls). I also feel that the police should break through the cement that the Anthony’s had put in the backyard in July because THAT’S where her body is! (I think that the police dog’s intially also picked up a scent in the backyard of a dead body if I’m not mistaken). Just a thought–but that’s what my gut is telling me. May that little girl be found so she can have a proper burial and justice can finally be served.

  300. Lana says:

    Yes, I believe that the police need to go back to the backyard where George put a new slab of concrete and where the cadaver dogs picked up a scent. I think the police need to bring those dogs back to the backyard around the concrete slab and go over it once more.

  301. Giselle says:

    The neighbors never knew they had loose screws Anthony Family living nextdoor to them. Finally, all the dirt are coming out of that house. I feel the whole family is GUILTY GUILTY and may God step in behalf of innocent and defenseless Caylee! He will see to it that this little girl will get the justice and proper burial if she’s deceased. Caylee deserves the respect as a human being also.

  302. Mandy says:

    Yes, I believe that the police need to go back to the backyard where George put a new slab of concrete and where the cadaver dogs picked up a scent. I think the police need to bring those dogs back to the backyard around the concrete slab and go over it once more.

  303. Melissa says:

    I regret to say this, but I fear caylee is no longer with us. I also must confess to that I believe casey anthony is a compulsive liar and unfortunately I fear that she will never cooperate with this investigation. I think the longer she stalls and does not comply with police and searchers she thinks the less likely that anyone will find caylee. Nothing that casey says had made since and I think it is very unfortunate that this little girl had to have a compulsive liar and crazy person for a mother.

  304. Brenda says:

    If Caylee is deceased, I pray her restless spirit would come back to haunt Casey and the Anthony Family every night asking for justice and seeking proper burial so she may rest in peace.

    This happened in real life when a mother had put her baby boy for adoption for she couldn’t care for him. A few years later, she kept having nightmares about a little boy coming to her everynight, crying and crying asking her for help to find his body and seek justice for his death. The lady finally started to really worry and wanted to help this little boy who kept coming to her every night in her dreams.

    One day, it dawned her this two year old blond boy might be the blond baby boy she put up for adoption. She contacted the law enforcement and persistently working with them for about a year until they were able to trace the adoptive parents of her little boy. Unfortunately it had a very sad ending…the adoptive mother severely physically abused the two year old boy until it died. They located were the boy was buried and the law enforcement exhumed the body to verify the nature of his death. Amazingly, the little boy’s body was so well preserved that they were able to perform an autopsy and other tests ! The newspaper showed the picture of the deceased little boy..he was such a good looking boy who looked like his beautiful biological mom! Yes, the little boy did indeed die of physically abuse and yes, the lady found out the dead little boy was her own child she gave up for adoption. She broke down, very heartbroken, and was so inconsolable but she finally gave him a proper burial with church mass included and allowed to rest in peace finally. Ever since this happened, the biological mother commented in the newspaper her little boy’s spirit no longer visits her at night and no more cryings. The biological mother was at peace and very happy to finally sought justice for her little boy and gave him a decent burial he was asking for. The happy part of this story is that the little boy’s spirit was able to find his own biological mother and sought help to get justice for his murder. The adoptive mother was arrested and on death row.

  305. Kristina says:

    On 6pm news, it was reported they found a gun in George Anthony’s car trunk. He knew better because being an ex cop , it is illegal to have any weapons in the house while Casey was under house arrest.

    George Anthony should know better than use the gun on any protesters because he would be arrested faster than a speeding bullet on his property. This Anthony Family has been a very odd and bizarre people with criminal blood running in their veins. Their genetic make up is of criminal nature.

  306. James says:

    What about Casey’s friends..if she has any? Were any of them involved? Does anyone know who she really is and will they come forward? She can’t possibly be anonymous to everyone. There must be one honest, loyal person that would step up and tell the truth. I just feel someone else knows what happened. Everyone is trying to protect themselves. What about the little baby? Does Caylee get the support she deserves? I would have adopted her myself and raised her like she deserves!!! And what about George Anthony? I still think he is using his detective experience to coach the family. I pray for that family……what a mess. The rest of the world loves you Caylee and are sorry for your trouble that family brought to you.

  307. Colleen says:

    As for Casey’s friends (they’re ALL LOSERS…) and definitely drug users. She had to be going somewhere everyday (of course, not to a REAL job anyway). She was probably hanging with drug dealers and selling drugs for them. One thing is for sure, she does do drugs!!! I live here in Orlando and a bunch of friends of mine told me that they knew people that hung out & lived with Casey and all she ever did was drink and do whatever drug she could get her hands on. A total PARTY ANIMAL even if Caylee was with her, she’d still get screwed up. Her parents obviously didn’t have Caylee as much as they should have, then MAYBE…she’d still be alive. Oh, and by the way, they did find something in that dumpster where she left her car, with window down and a purse on front seat (hoping someone would steal the car, but I guess it stunk too bad). They’re not letting out what it was, but they DID find something (source from Sheriff’s Office). And, back to Casey’s friends, they all live in terrible areas of Orlando (where drugs are very prominent) and her parents don’t live in a great area either. It looks OK on T.V., but its a BAD… Area for Crack and the sort. Low class area of Orlando definitely.

  308. Colleen says:

    I’ve been out looking for Caylee, but I have yet to see either grandparent sweating with all of us searchers to try and find Caylee. I’ve also supplied waters and food to all of the searchers with EquuSearch but NO donations have come from the Anthony family at all. Wonder why?

  309. Kristina says:

    Colleen–My heart goes out to you and the rest of the volunteers. Yes, that is the reason I am thoroughly disgusted with crotchety ole granny, wimpy gramps, and under the radar Lee. The grandmama and grandpapa had the gall to keep ranting and raving to get the people of their asses to look for Caylee while they seat inside their air conditioned home!! I have not yet seen compensating anyone for their time and help looking for Caylee. Instead, ole granny gets in front of the microphone and blasting angrily at Tim Miller of Equusearch and Leonard Padilla. I have not seen the grandparents being humble, appreciative, and thankful for all the people who are working on this case.

    Cindy thinks she is the boss and has foolish slaves to do the work with them in finding Caylee. I have not seen them out there helping the volunteers. Someone should get smart and speak up to Cindy, George, and Lee and tell them to get off their asses and help look for the little girl!!

    The Anthonys received one million dollars from the tv show 20/20 for the exclusive interview and they should try to compensate in some way the volunteers and the rest of the people working on this case. But, it shows you how the Anthonys are very self centered, very selfish, arrogant, belligerent, and sick individuals just like Casey!

  310. Brian says:

    Bottom line: Caylee is dead and Casey deserves time in prison. A few weeks in jail isn’t nearly enough of what she deserves, regardless of what her or her parents think.

    Hopefully the police will eventually charge her with something major.

    Murderers have been convicted without the body before. And given the evidence in this case i’d say it’s definitely a possibility.

    I applaud the police’s intelligence for being patient and not charging her with anything serious right away, letting the evidence continue to build.

  311. LEAN says:

    She definitely doesn’t need to be at home enjoying life while everyone else is out actively looking for her little girl, when she KNOWS EXACTLY where Caylee is and she needs to tell the truth for once in her life. I say they should be able to slow torture her, by pulling out her fingernails one by one, until she tells the truth. That is going to be the only way she will ever tell anyone the truth anyway; So, let me at her, I’ll be happy to do it myself!!! Damn Baby Killer!!! I’d love to have a little one and one with Casey. Hell Yea!! I get the truth for everyone.

  312. lorraine says:

    Face it…Mom is a loser and apparently has loser parents and friends. No one seems to care about the welfare of Caylee. They’re all self-absorbed.
    Casey should be in jail and so should her parents. They are all responsible for what has happened to Caylee.

  313. shannon says:

    RE; Grace & Lana’s comments….Investigators have already removed the concrete slabs from the backyard and in fact took soil samples, which means, even if the body was there and was later removed, the soil samples will detect certain fluids that are expelled from a decomposing body…This is just some of the evidence that has yet to be confirmed, and realesed to the media. Hopefully it can be used in the case against Casey.

  314. Kristina says:

    Tim Miller of Equusearch said that he and the volunteers will suspend the search for Caylee for the time being. Orlando has wet grounds because of all the recent rains . Maybe, Casey, Cindy, George, and Lee can now take turns looking for the little girl and can experience the hardships Tim and the volunteers went through with all the heat and humidity!!!

  315. Brian says:

    For those people saying George & Linda’s parenting skills may to be blame for Casey being a sociopath:

    Think again.

    Sociopaths are freaks of nature, some of them are born with the condition due to a brain abnormality and many sociopaths come from relatively normal homes with relatively decent parents.

    I’m not going take some blame off Casey and put it on the parents because I know perfectly well that often times the kid turns out that way regardless of what the parents do or try. Some people are just plain evil.

    And the social factors that have to occur to make a sociopath are far more serious & extreme than simply having imperfect parents.

    And secondly, sociopaths are master manipulators, i’m not surprised that the parents are enabling Casey, sociopaths are good at manipulating people do what they them to do. They can turn relatively intelligent people into complete suckers. They have an almost inhuman ability to manipulate the people around them, especially loved ones.

    From looking at the evidence and cricumstances surrounding this case, it’s clear to me that Casey is the real culprit in this situation, I don’t care what the grandparents have or havent done because it takes blame away from Casey and her evil self.

    To me this case is about Casey. She’s the center of it, she’s the reason for it.

  316. Brian says:

    1. Casey is a thief, she once stole money from her grandmother & she stole 700 bucks from a friend.

    2. Casey looked up chloroform sites on her computer BEFORE Caylee went missing.

    3. Casey took off with the car, which had the decomposing remains of her daughter in it, plus remains of chloroform.

    4. The neighbor saw Casey pulling the car backwards into the garage to put something into the back of it.

    5. Casey stole gas cans from her dad around the time Caylee went missing.

    6. Casey borrowed a shovel from a neighbor on the day Caylee went missing.

    7. Casey showed no signs of remorse, empathy or concern about her daughter for the whole month she was missing and none afterward when Law Enforcement interviewed her about Caylee’s whereabouts.

    Those are a few of the reasons why it baffles me why some people are putting so much focus on the grandparents, in my opinion, this is case is all about Casey. She’s the beginning, she’s the middle, and she’s the end.

    R.I.P Caylee

  317. Grace says:

    Thank you, Shannon for letting me know about the concrete slabs and the soil samples taken from the backyard. I hope they find enough evidence to put Casey, or whoever helped or did this away for a long, long time.

  318. Harry says:

    Brian, you have answered your own question as posited in your 11:34 a.m. post: your assertion that the case is just ‘…about Casey’ is merely your opinion and, as such, is not shared by all others.

    Many of the others here, including myself, have not ruled out the possibility that the grandparents may have been directly involved. Casey may or may not be the Alpha and Omega of this case…

  319. shannon says:

    Photos the Anthony family does not want you to see: (copy & paste this to your browser)

    (scroll to 1/2 way down)

    Some of these photos are right after reporting Caylee missing, many are prior to it….Don’t let the photos & videos they showed on 20/20 fool you. This is the real Casey Anthony….

  320. Kristina says:

    I wouldn’t be surprise if it comes out of the wash that the grandparents somehow were involved in the cover up especially Cindy, washing all the evidence such as the stinky pair of gray slacks and what about the dirty go go boots. If I were the Orange County Sheriff Dept and the FBI, I would definitely look at the whole entire family angle being involved in this Casey cover up thing!!! The whole family has been acting weird and extremely FISHY!!!!!

  321. Sabrina says:

    Shannon—just looking at those pictures of Casey truly shows how low class trash she truly is and Caylee doesn’t deserve to have a mother like her!! She doesn’t deserve to have her skin saved!

  322. shannon says:

    Nine key personality traits in determining a physcopath: (courtesy of wikipedia)

    1-Glibness / superficial charm
    2-Grandiose sense of self-worth
    3-Pathological lying
    4-Cunning / manipulative
    5-Lack of remorse or guilt
    7-Callous / lack of empathy
    8-Failure to accept responsibility for own actions
    9-Promiscuous sexual behavior

    = Casey Anthony

  323. Ali says:

    Casey’s skin or life deserves to be saved!! She’s a very very disgusting lowlife trashy druggie. God did Caylee a favor..he stooped down, held her little hand, and took her Home where she would have a much better environment filled with alot of love to live in, angels, little friends, and pets to play with! If she is deceased, I am glad God took the innocent little one away from these evil people who will ruin her life one day!!!

    Fox News reporter Holly Bristow reported that Lee and another friend escorted Casey to Jose Baez for her appointment. They were caught giving each other High 5 which was very weird considering the Caylee situation….Holly Bristow what the High 5 meant.

    I am very disgusted with this Anthony Family..I have a feeling that they already knew what happened to Caylee and considered the volunteers, Tim Miller, the bondsmen, and the bounty hunter Leonard Padilla as a bunch of suckers who fell for the Anthony hook, line, and sinker!!!!

  324. shannon says:

    typo: psychopath

  325. Ali says:

    I meant to say Casey’s skin or life doesn’t deserved to be saved! She needs to be released to the general prison population and let them deal with her as far as making her confess! I am totally totally fed up with the Anthony Family..they seem they have total control of the FBI, volunteers, and the law enforcements and let them run around in circles. If I was the Creator, I would be so disgusted, fed up, and I would just drop the LOUD BOOM on them especially on Casey and dear ole granny. I would drag the whole family to the bathroom and make them wash out all the filthy lies out of their mouths with the strongest soap available!

  326. LEAN says:

    I would just love to know why Caseys parents got her out of jail again? She has done nothing to help anyone locate Caylee. They just play house or something and act as though nothing is wrong all day, then go to bed? I wouldn’t be able to sleep at all, if my baby was missing. They are very sick people to really believe Casey about giving Caylee to a Nanny. She couldn’t possibly ever afford a Nanny, she didn’t even have a job. And, wouldn’t her parents have this Zanieda’s phone numbers for when maybe there was an emergency for Caylee. Oh please, too many lies for me. It seems as we will never really know, because its just too far gone now. Poor Caylee, shes better off in Gods hands anyway. God Bless her.

  327. Harry says:

    Shannon, thanks for the link to the pics. Not because I am pleased by them, but because a picture is worth a thousand words, ergo, those are (mathematically) worth 40,000+. Sick…

  328. Kelly says:

    All I can say is the Anthony Family comes from another planet and don’t belong to this universe. One can look at their faces when they are out there hammering a way with the signs on their front yard that they are NO WAY in distress and concerned especially Casey, Cindy, and Lee! Poor George! All he worries about and flips his lid is about beautifying his front yard and doesn’t want anybody standing on the grass! OOPS! He just fertilized it the other day instead being out there with the volunteers looking for his granddaughter!!!!

  329. Kelly says:

    If granny Cindy believes Caylee could be in Texas, Puerto Rico, or Mexico, why the heck is she in the front lawn of her house with a hammer. If she was a distraught grandma, Cindy could have help find her granddaughter by visiting those three places and talking to the authorities just like Natalie Holloway’s mom. Natalie Holloway’s mom went to Aruba many times, talking to the authorities and to the three young males who were last seen with Natalie!

  330. Casey says:

    Casey is quite obviously guilty and I suggest that we all send a message to her and her family:

  331. James says:

    I still think George Anthony, as a retired detective, is coaching the family. Their goal may be to cover up for Casey. Will the proper authorities ever step in and settled this mess?

    It makes me sick to think that Casey is sitting in an A/C home with food, tv, internet, clean bed, mirrors (so she could admire herself) and family while Caylee is where? Poor baby.

    I noticed that when Cindy was talking….she easily rolled from one topic or excuse to the next depending on which sounded better. Maybe she is also a story teller like Casey.

    I invite Lee and George to man up and get the truth out of those two women.

    How could this family even function when their little girl is missing or worse? Sad excuse for an American family.

    Caylee we wish you peace.

  332. Brian says:

    There is NO evidence that the grandparents are involved with the disappareance of Caylee, circumstantial or otherwise.

    There is NO evidence that the grandparents are involved in a coverup.

    Any ‘evidence’ brought fourth by conspiracy theorists in this case has been nothing but b.s., and most of it has been even irrelevant to their own points they’re trying to make.

    Why doesn’t these people actually think through their reasons for suspecting the grandparents with a bit of common sense and attempt to look at their so called ‘evidence’ within the bigger picture here?

    I’ve rationally looked over the evidence in this case and it all points to Casey, all of it.

    The only thing the grandparents seem to be guilty of is being human.

    Casey is the individual that deserves the focus and scrutiny in this case.

  333. Brian says:

    Ok, i’ll address two ridiculous things conspiracy theorists keep bringing up.

    1. Cindy washed Caylee’s smelly clothes.

    If Cindy thought that Caylee was dead then why would she wash the clothes instead of just burning them & getting rid of them?

    Why would she inform the police about the clothes?

    The circumstantial evidence here reasonably suggests that either Casey made up some excuse about why the clothes smelt or Cindy assumed there was some natural explanation as to why they smelt, and washed them and put them with the rest of Caylee’s belongings.

    2. Cindy said the smell in the trunk could have been old pizza.

    So what? She also said it smelt like there was a dead body in the trunk. She in fact called the police and told them just that while calling to have Casey arrested after Casey admitted to her that in fact Caylee had been missing for the whole month.

    3. The vague reference posted on myspace by Cindy about jealousy taking Caylee ‘away’.

    At the time Cindy posted that Casey had not let Cindy or the rest of the family see Caylee for the preceeding 3 weeks. When asking about Caylee Casey responded by telling them to the effect that they cared alot about Caylee but not about her, and she made that as the excuse as to why she wasn’t letting them see her, among others.

    Every single conspiracy speculation against the grandparents is put to rest when you bother to use common sense and examine them in context.

  334. grandma says:

    Either by intent or accident, the poor baby is no longer alive. Casey was there. Casey knows what happened.
    I agree with others that Cindy is abrasive and it irritates me too that neither her nor George have joined any of the search groups. However, neither grandparent, nor Lee had anything to do with what happened to Caylee. I truly believe the grandparents seemingly odd actions are a direct result of the chaos and turmoil their life is in right now. Their beloved grandaughter is missing, and most likely dead and if that isn’t enough to deal with, every day there are hoardes of screaming people outside of their house. I also feel that the Anthony’s are showing a false portrayal of loyalty to their daughter in the media in the hopes that Casey will take them into her confidence and tell them what REALLY happened to dear Caylee. (Remember one of the first jail conversations between Casey and her mother was where Casey had vehemently chastised her mother for questioning Casey’s involvement in Caylee’s disappearance. Casey got extremely irritated with her mother and refused to speak to her further. )

    This whole case is just so terribly sad.

  335. Harry says:

    Good morning, Brian. The current lack of any known or released evidence does not exonerate the grandparents. That;s common sense. Many items could come forth that could plant them right in the middle of this entire crime. Hold your horses, there, big boy…

    And may I ask why you are now calling people that disagree with your ‘Casey-only’ approach ‘conspiracy theorists’? Quite frankly, as the police don’t (yet) have enough evidence to arrest Casey for murder, we’re all conspiracy theorists, including yourself…

    As for questioning other poster’s common sense: how dare you? Who do you think you are?

  336. Wake up and smell the roses Brian! says:

    BRIAN–I think you have had your head under the fog and sand. Through the very suspicious actions and the things the ole granny and gramps have been dead giveaway that somehow they are involved in the Casey coverups!!! It is so obvious that the whole Orlando community and the rest of the US feel the same way about the grandparents

  337. Wake up and smell the roses Brian! says:

    Yes, what Cindy and George have been saying to the media , everyone already got them figured out and what they have been up to. You don’t need to be a detective to figure out the grandparents! Their behaviors are tell tale signs!

  338. LEAN says:

    I totally agree w/you Harry. I ‘ve watched this case from day one and with all the lies this family is coming up with on a daily basis, there is more to it that meets the eye. They all know what happened to Caylee by now, and they’re all protecting Casey, like all other families would do, given the same cicumstances. You stick by and protect your own blood, no matter what they have done. But, as for Brian, get a grip, are you Mr. KNOWITALL? Casey manipulates alot of people around her, even itelligent ones, such as yourself, obviously…Even still her parents are aware of what has happened to Caylee. They just pretend to the Media that they believe Caylee is still alive in some other state or country, so they can try and take the heat of Casey. By the way, for your information, Brian, they have way… more evidence then they are telling us (could be against one of parents or both). How would you know for sure anyway unless you work for the Orlando CSI team, do you? Didn’t think so.

  339. LEAN says:

    Oops sorry about the typos guys, in a hurry…
    “circumstances” and “take the heat off of Casey”

  340. LR says:

    Giving each other HIGH FIVE and SMILING very suspicious signs given by Casey and Lee as he was escorting her to her case manager’s office yesterday! This family has shown no signs of grievance for Caylee..never made the effort to join the volunteers to look for the little girl. They tell everyone to get off their asses and look for Caylee…meanwhile, back at the Anthony ranch, Cindy, Lee, Casey, and Lee sitting in an air conditioned spacious home, relaxing, and eating delicious lunches and suppers prepared by grandma Cindy while Tim Miller and the volunteers sweating all the way to their eyebrows, going through the woods searching for the little girl.


  341. LR says:

    OOPS! I meant at the Anthony ranch, Cindy, Lee, Casey, and George sitting in their air conditioned spacious home!

  342. True Justice says:

    Finally finished a new web page for Casey Anthony that includes personal thoughts and a one-stop resource for all major media outlets that cover the ongoing story.

  343. Nancy says:

    Brian, I have to disagree with you about the grandparents. I admit, I don’t think they had anything to do with Caylee’s demise but I do think they are covering up for Casey. Why is it that no one else in the family has ever met Zenaida Gonzales? Especially since Casey and Caylee lived with Lee, Cindy, and George. Wasn’t anyone curious to meet the person who was taking care of little Caylee? Also, to my knowledge, nannies don’t come cheap. How was Casey able to afford a nanny, especially since she was unemployed? And why have none of the family, including Casey, been able to provide authorities with a composite drawing of Zenaida?Yet the parents are supposedly buying into the whole kidnapping scenario. These two people are educated individuals and considering the mountain of lies that Casey has told so far the parents have to know what is going on. The only explanation is that they are covering up and trying to protect Casey.

    Also, as a nurse myself, I can tell the difference between decomposing flesh and stale pizza. If Cindy initially thought there was a smell of decomposing flesh in the trunk of the car and on the pants, why didn’t she confront Casey for an explanation before washing the pants?

    Finally, why are none of the family members assisting in the search? Someone made a comparison to Natalee Holloway’s mother and her involvement in the search for her daughter. There actualy is no comparison. After all this time, Natalee’s mother is still looking for her daughter. That is what I would expect from the Anthony family. My belief is that they aren’t looking because they already know that little Caylee is dead.

  344. Ian says:

    You guys are all idiots.

  345. Harry says:

    Hey TJ: I vote for ‘Extra Crispy’! Good work!

    Let’s all keep up the pressure and again thank Michelle for this site (Paper, Glue, etc.), which helps us all examine and discuss these sordid and painful events…

    With sincere thanks,

  346. Marcia Manzello says:

    Casey Anthony, created a myspace page almost two years before her daughter Caylee went missing, which was10/23/06.
    Then, click on (View All Blog Entries) new page will open up.
    Look to the left and you will see when the page was created.
    When you create a page, you can edit and make changes on your profile as often as you like. Though, you cannot change the URL name.
    I guess she was bearing with that thought for some time.
    Otherwise, why anybody would create a page saying your babe is missing two years before it actually happening?

    I only pray that her passing was quick and she suffered no pain.

  347. James says:

    Would it be wrong of me to call Casey a horse face, drug using, thief, attention loving killer?

    Would I be wrong calling Cindy a loud mouth, liar, manipulative, terrible mother and grandmother?

    Or how about if I called George and Lee yellow belly, chicken liver, black uni-brow, possibly child molesting cowards?

    Forgive me but those are some of the things I think while watching Nancy Grace. Oh, I think more than that but feel it would be inappropriate to write those things here. Forgive me but I really need to express my frustration.

    Caylee we pray for you sweet little baby. I would have adopted you myself as millions of others would agree.

  348. AURA says:


  349. Jon says:

    I would seriously consider marrying Casey. I would love to have the Anthonys as inlaws….Lee would be fun to watch Monday night football while Casey and Cindy cooked dinner and George played with the Grandchildren in the pool. They are such loving, caring people. Such a close knit family with strong morals and values. I would even take their last name…..

  350. Nancy says:

    This is in response to those of you who think Casey’s parents aren’t involved – think again. I agree that they probably don’t have anything to do with Caylee’s demise, however, there is definitely an attempt at a cover up. First of all, why is it that none of the family members have met Zenaida Gonzales even though she supposedly babysat Caylee for 12-18 months? No one was curious to meet this person who was taking care of Caylee? Yet Cindy insists that Zenaida exists. How did Casey afford a nanny? She was unemployed. If the parents were paying for the nanny they would definitely want to know who she was. No one (including Casey) has been able to provide the authorities with a description or composite sketch of Zenaida Gonzales. Wouldnt that be the key to finding Zenaida and Caylee?

    As a nurse myself I would be able to tell the difference between the smell of decomposing flesh and stale pizza. Once you smell decomposing flesh, even a dead bird in your yard, you never forget that smell. When Cindy noticed the smell of a “dead body” in the car trunk as well as the pants that smelled the same way why didn’t she confront Casey for an explanation before washing the pants?

    Both George and Cindy are educated people so don’t buy into them believing Casey and that whole kidnapping story. All we know about Casey’s lying is what we have learned through the media. George and Cindy hace dealt with it all of Casey’s life. They know that she is lying and they are trying to protect her at Caylee’s expense.

    Someone mentioned Natalee Holloway and her mother’s continuing search for her for three years now. How many times have the Anthonys joined the search team? Cindy acts as if everyone beside them is responsible for finding Caylee. And Casey seems to have absolutely no interest in finding her baby. They aren’t searching because they ALL know that little Caylee is already dead.

  351. Brian says:

    Not only is there no evidence that the grandparents are involved in anything criminal in this case.. but the reasons given by these ‘conspiracy theorists’ for speculating that the grandparents are involved are clearly nothing but reactive misinterpretations of what the grandparents have said to the media.

    So not only do they have no evidence to back up their assumptions but also haven’t articulated any logical reasoning for suspecting the grandparents in the first place.

    So what if the grandparents are ‘protecting’ their daughter? That doesn’t mean they’re involved in a coverup.

    Many parents of a suspect protect them and proclaim their innocence. Naively refusing to believe their child is truly guilty.

    That’s not criminal behavior, that’s a natural thing many parents do under that circumstance.

    Again, what reasons are there to suspect the grandparents are in anyway involved in some sinister coverup?

  352. Brian says:

    Defending your daughter in media interviews is not in itself a reason to suspect a coverup.

    Of the few times on this thread that people posted an exact quote by the Anthonys it’s been laughable, they in no way suggested there was any kind of coverup.

  353. Brian says:

    Oh, one last thing… as for Casey and Lee High Fiving each other, perhaps it was Casey who initiated the high five by raising her hand up to do the high five, and Lee simply responded back. Hence it was all Casey’s idea.

    It’s easy to misinterpret every single little thing in this case, that’s why it’s good to consider things with an open mind.

  354. shannon says:

    What reasons Brian? I’ll give you several:

    A kitchen knife found inside of Casey’s car that Cindy felt should be washed.

    A pair of Casey’s pants found inside that same car, dirty, stained and as Cindy said “had a terrible odor to them” washed these as well.

    Newly poured concrete (by George) in the backyard, in the same exact spot cadaver dogs
    pick up the scent of decompistion.

    Cindy called 911 and said the car smelled like a dead body, and also said she was afraid something terrible happened to Caylee.

    Cindy & George both have refused to release any personal belongings (ie: clothing, toys) of Caylee’s to the search team for the cadaver dogs to pick up scent.

    Cindy & George both refuse to give investigators the “tips” they claim to be getting from “informants” but do nothing themselves to follow up on them.

    I have read every one of the 431 pages of police documents related to Casey, and I suggest you do the same. When you are finished, do some research as to the statements George & Cindy have given to the media & police since then and you will clearly see they have completely changed there tune.
    They have done absolutely NOTHING to help find there granddaughter.
    I don’t think anyone believes they in fact killed or helped kill Caylee, but again they have done NOTHING but lie and protect they’re daughter.

    I would bet my life that they too will someday face charges for they’re involvement.

  355. shannon says:

    You can read all of the police documents released here:

  356. Brian says:

    To Harry: The fact that some people choose to not rule out the grandparents as possible accessories is not the issue here, the point here is what just cause is there to suspect the grandparents in the first place? That’s the issue.

    Hence my questions have been going directly to the conspiracy theorists, what is really fueling their suspicions, because I for one can’t see how what they’ve been saying is any real red flag to a coverup.

    It’s like they’re slanting virtually everything the Anthonys say or do as proof that there’s a conspiracy happening. But when you closely examine each individual ‘red flag’ they throw out none of them really hold up under scrutiny. I’ve already disputed several of the more common ‘red flags’ they’ve been throwing out with no intelligent responses in return. Just charges that I ‘questioned’ their common sense. Which in general I did not, I specifically said they should use common sense when formulating their opinions based on evidence in this case, and what the Anthony family does or says.

    ALOT of misinterpretations and jumping to conclusions happening in this case.

  357. Nancy says:

    Brian, unless you are related to the Anthony family I don’t understand your blind determination that George and Cindy are not involved in a coverup. As someone else mentioned, George and Cindy and maybe lee will be facing charges before this is all over. Read the 400 plus pages of court documents. If that doesn’t change your mind then…God bless you.

  358. Harry says:

    Good morning, Brian. ALOT is not a word. A lot is…

    Per the grandparents, please see Shannon’s excellent rebuttal (9:04 a.m.) of your obsessive compulsive attitude towards the Grandparents, fluoxetine boy. Again, we all have opinions, Brian, and we’re not likely to change them based upon your four posts per day.

    Just one question though, Brian, is obstruction of justice a crime? Would that make them criminals, i.e, involved?

    Also, I’ll bet you any amount, up to $100,000.00, that the grandparents will be charged in relationship to the disappearance of Casey Anthony within the next 18 months.

  359. Brian says:

    Shannon, thanks: Lets examine these..

    “A kitchen knife found inside of Casey’s car that Cindy felt should be washed.

    A pair of Casey’s pants found inside that same car, dirty, stained and as Cindy said “had a terrible odor to them” washed these as well.”

    And we know those things because it was Cindy HERSELF who informed the police about them. Why would Cindy wash the pants in order to ‘hide’ the evidence but then volunteer to the police that they had a terrible odor to them? If Cindy truly knew that Caylee had met with foul play then why did she bring the pants back into the house & wash them? Why not just burn them & get rid of them? Why would she wash & keep the kitchen knife and then inform the police of its existence and tell them where she found it if she was trying to ‘hide’ it as evidence. That theory just doesn’t hold up.

    Obviously, Cindy found the smelly pants and kitchen knife in the car, Casey made up excuses as to why they were there. And Cindy simply brought them into the house & washed them.

    Newly poured concrete (by George) in the backyard, in the same exact spot cadaver dogs
    pick up the scent of decompistion.

    The police thoroughly searched the backyard, they found absolutely nothing. The only place i’ve heard the police found traces of decomposition were in the trunk of the car that Casey took off with.

    “Cindy called 911 and said the car smelled like a dead body, and also said she was afraid something terrible happened to Caylee.”

    Cindy searched the car, smelt the strange odors, Casey made excuses about it, then later Casey admitted that Caylee was in fact missing and that’s when Cindy called 9-1-1.

    “Cindy & George both have refused to release any personal belongings (ie: clothing, toys) of Caylee’s to the search team for the cadaver dogs to pick up scent.”

    Can’t comment on the validity of this because I haven’t heard or read this.

    “Cindy & George both refuse to give investigators the “tips” they claim to be getting from “informants” but do nothing themselves to follow up on them.”

    Same on this issue, I do not know if this is true or just rumor/speculation. But why would truly valid informants and tipsters call the family and NOT the police? Sounds like fakers to me.

    “They have done absolutely NOTHING to help find there granddaughter.”

    This is ofcourse totally & outrageously false.

    And secondly, the only member of the Anthony family who has absolutely done nothing to find Caylee has been Casey.

  360. LR says:

    The media, law enforcements, and the public are way too astute and very analytical about the Cindy, Casey, Lee, and George and we know for a fact that they are all covering up for Casey and that is why the public is very angry with them. If old granny, rickety gramps, and yellow belly Lee were very concerned about finding Caylee, they would have been more than cooperative with everyone and gotten off their BIG FAT AS*** and helped with the search!!! Old Blabbermouth granny Cindy likes to give hints such as that they have received many tips and have more info BUT OHHHHHH, she can’t release them to the public! OHHHH, then she orders everyone as if they are her slaves to look for Caylee. Meanwhile, the whole putrid Anthony family sits inside their air conditioned home, relaxing, laughing, and eating lunch and dinner!

    On Nancy Grace Show last night, one member of the panel did make the statement that the whole Anthony Family know what happened to Caylee and are definitely covering up for Casey!!

    If I were the FBI and the law enforcement, I would get the band wagon and put the entire family in jail and start interrogating them individually and make them take polygraph test. I don’t about Casey because she will lie to no end until her tongue turns purple and black from lying so much!!!

    One lady was so angry with Casey and Cindy. She commented she wanted to slap them both and others told Cindy and George to go back where they came from..that is Ohio!!! Another elderly was very very angry with Cindy and called her a LIAR to her face!! The whole Anthony Family have no decency, no integrity, no dignity, no respect, and just pitifully shameless people!!!! No wonder the whole family are so screwed up!!!!!!!

  361. Brian says:

    Yes Harry, we do all have opinions, but the difference is some of us actually base our opinion on facts. 🙂

  362. Brian says:

    And I will take you up on that bet Harry, given that there is not even a crumb of evidence to suggest that the grandparents had anything to do with the disappearance of Caylee or of any coverup thereafter.

    And I will make you another bet that Casey, and Casey alone, will be charged AND convicted of a crime in connection with Caylee’s disappearance.

  363. shannon says:

    The evidence was tampered with and cleaned, why wouldn’t she volunteer it?

    It has never been stated the police found nothing in the yard. As a matter of fact when the dogs hit, they took soil samples which have not come back yet or are not being released. (there doesn’t have to be a body…decompostion can still be detected)

    Cindy did not say she “Smelt strange odors”
    She stated exactly “its smells like theres a dead body in the damn car!” BIG differnce

    They did in fact refuse to release personal items to investigators- read the transcripts of cnn’s Nany Grace – statements made by Sherriffs office

    Why would valid informants call the family and not police? They WOULDN’T your right they are fakers- THE ANTHONY’S

    I must admit on your last point, that I stand corrected. They have in fact made some attempts at finding Caylee…
    They put on T-Shirts, made some signs, did some tv appeances, hmmm……uuhhh oh yeah I forgot

    They spent numerous hours arguing with protesters, hammering no tresspassing signs to they’re lawn, bad mouthing law enforcement and searchers, creating websites to solicit money for Casye’s defense fund, and when they’re not that busy,…..rested comfortably in there home with the a/c, watching the tv, surfing the net, hoping they’re excruiating efforts will pay off!

    This whole family is Absolutely Disgraceful.

  364. shannon says:

    This is in response to you:
    By: Brian on September 10, 2008
    at 10:59 am

  365. Tabitha says:

    Let’s just hope that either way that Casey will be charged for the disappearance of Caylee and many wrongdoings to others such as stealing money, gas cans, credit cards usage, fraudulent use of personal identity, and the possibly the murder of her daughter Caylee. I pray that the law enforcement and FBI will nail Casey’s butt and tongue right onto the wall.

  366. Carol says:

    Nancy Grace was so disgusted last nite when she found out that Cindy and George may take up the offer of $1.5 million for the movie rights and book deals about the story of Casey to pay for their daughter’s defense. There is a law a criminal can’t profit from any book sales or movie rights from his/her crime, and the lady said last night that the Anthonys won’t be able to accept any offers due to the fact it won’t sell. The book and the movie will be all lies and won’t sell…public wants the book and movie to be truthful..

  367. Harry says:

    That’s great, Brian – on the original bet, how much of the $100k do you care to wager?

    The second wager is more circumspect, i.e., once prosecutors have a person to punish for the crime, they often won’t prosecute some accomplices for myriad reasons, e.g., resources. Therefore, I’ll pass. But, if the conviction is for Casey alone, I’ll give you your due respect, sir.

  368. Harry says:

    Shannon: thanks for continuing to bop Brian over the head – it’s saving me a lot of typing!

  369. Biker Dave Watson says:

    The Anthony family member that REALLY bothers me is Lee. He has this very strange look…and his words are so carefully selected. He thinks he is smarter than everyone. What role does he play here?????

    Look at his background!!! What is he hiding????

    Mr. Know-it-all needs some special attention!!

  370. d says:




  371. Carol says:

    CNN news reports the PR company that is in cahoots with Jose Baez is offering $1.5 million in book and movie deals to the Anthony Family providing Casey spills out the truth! Cindy and George Anthony won’t take the offer..why??? If they are concerned to find the little girl, why are they afraid for Casey to finally spill out the truth publicly???????? What in the hell is Cindy, George, and Lee hiding???????

  372. Jon says:

    What are they hiding….the REAL story to save Horseface Casey….why? So she could ruin ALL of their lives!!

  373. Bryn says:

    What about charging the whole family with the crime…..

  374. Carol says:

    You are absolutely right, Jon!!! They are trying to save themselves and Horseface Casey..there is evil, dark, and foreboding secrets existing inside the Anthonys’ house and in their personal lives!!!!

  375. Kevin says:

    I’ve taken your words here with an open mind…as you say. But…I have to finally say that you’re beginning to really sound like one of the Anthony family members yourself…or one of their attorneys. Or…another enabler.

    Don’t you find it weird that you’re the odd man out here? Or is it that you just really believe that out of this entire vocal group…that you’re the ONLY one that is right?

    You can argue that 2+2=4 all day and night but the reality is that George and Cindy have obviously went way beyond denial here. They’re too smart to dismiss the facts piling up on their beloved baby killing daughter. This mess is entirely more complicated than what you’re trying to make it. They may not have been involved in the deed itself, but they’re going the distance to save the tramp liar’s butt.

  376. Harry says:

    A $1.5M book/movie deal? Good! Brian can borrow ~7% of that blood money from them to pay off his wager with me!

    Now, on a less egocentric front, WTF?!?! I hope and pray that Florida has laws to prevent anyone profiting from this evil ordeal – anyone remotely related. Including the scum-bag lawyer…

  377. Carol says:

    What is scumbag slimeball Jose Baez saying that all the forensic lab results aren’t reliable and want other testings stopped????? Who in the hell does he think he is???? I hope the courts and judges in Orlando had enough of these shenanigans from Baez, Casey, and the rest of the Anthony members and reject Baez’s request! The legal system need to put Caylee as their priority, find her, bring closure to this situation, and punish the guilty pary or parties by putting them in jail!!!

  378. James says:

    Kevin – I agree with you….the key word ENABLER. But, how far can the Anthonys take this protecting Horseface Casey? They must be protecting more than their little Bar Fly. They must be in that house whispering to each other about the next step to clear themselves. Casey’s behavior comes honestly it seems.

    I still want to know more about that new cement slab in the back yard. I hope the authorities follow up and test that soil.

  379. Lynne says:

    Jose Baez is becoming dumb and dumber as the evidence are piling up against his slutty client Casey and is trying every cheap tactics to delay the situation in finding Caylee and save Casey’s skin! Well, it AIN’T GOING TO HAPPEN!!!!

  380. LEAN says:

    Hey James – I also want to know about that slab… It just seems really weird that they wouldn’t have already looked under there, since it was laid on July 3rd, and Caylee WAS already missing at that time. I’ve told the Sheriffs Office I’d pay for a new slab, if Caylee wasn’t under it. I’m still waiting to hear from them. If she is under it, George was involved!!! I’d just like to rule out that Caylee is not under it, ya know?

  381. Nancy says:

    Brian, why have Cindy and George hired a criminal defense attorney for themselves? Stlll think they’re not involved in at least a cover-up? Why would they need a criminal defense attorney unless they know that there is some type of evidence against them?

  382. Susan says:

    I have been wondering, the majority of us know that Casey is guilty. My understanding is that she has a trial in November for the child neglect. Does anyone really think they will find a jury that has not already convicted her? I totally believe she is guilty and can not wait for the day she is charged for Murder. That poor little Caylee!! She never had a chance.

  383. Nancy says:

    Those of you who would like some proffessional insight into Casey’s personality, check out Dr. Deborah Schurman-Kauflin’s report. She is president of Violent Crimes Institute. Her report is on the Investigation Discovery website.

    Her report sheds a lot of insight into what may be going on inside Casey’s head.

  384. Lynne says:

    Lean–Your suggested tip is an excellent one for the sheriff to pay heed! Didn’t the cadaver dogs hit on the concrete slab in the backyard? Hope the Sheriff Dept will follow your suggestion..perhaps whatever they discover there is the missing puzzle piece of the picture!

    I don’t trust the members of the Anthony Family..with all the evidence we’ve seen, they look like members of a mobster.

  385. shannon says:

    This is in response to:

    James on September 10, 2008
    at 8:40 pm

    LEAN on September 11, 2008
    at 7:16 am

    In regards to the newly poured concrete slab poured by George in the backyard….According to wftv news, after the dogs hit on that spot, the investigators did actaully pull up the slab, dig, and take soil samples. The results have not been released yet, (which to contradict Brian’s statement they found nothing) Anyways, as in Casey’s car, there does not have to be an actual body to test positive for decompostion.
    Hopefully if and when tests do come back, they can prove not only Casey buried that baby there, but also the grandparents were aware of it, and possibly aided her in relocating her…….

  386. Susan says:

    I have another question, the sign that Lee took away from that protestor and tore up, i understand they have a lot of stress, but does that give him the right to destroy someone else’s property??

  387. Lynne says:

    The public who have been watching this Casey Anthony case from the beginning up to know are better sleuths and got all the evidences figured out than Jose Baez, Cindy, George, and Lee put together! Of course, the public loves real murder mystery and analyze things very closely with a fine toothed comb!

  388. cj says:

    All the people that are for the protesters are sicko’s. If they care so much about finding caylee,why aren’t they out searching. I believe caylee is dead and the reason i believe the grandparents are in denial is the human body is remarkable as in shuttin down when we as humans cant face the truth. I believe the grandparents are in such denial but not on thier own choice. Caey is guilty and she has muniplulated every person in her life I dont think anyone will ever get her to tell the truth.
    As for the protesters ,you all look like idiots.Taking thier trash,,Do you buy trinkets from jeffrey dahmer and gacy or ted bundy. If you have so much time on your hands go out and look for caylee instead of being like a jerk,because screaming in front of the house is not going to help.

  389. Nancy says:

    A correction to the website for Dr. Shurman-Kauflin:

  390. Harry says:

    Great link, thanks Nancy! I think Dr. Shurman-Kauflin has her figured out quite well…

  391. SadMom says:

    About the slab in the Anthony’s back yard. That is troubling to me too. But, I notice someone here said that the police had already looked under it and taken soil samples? Then, why did bounty hunter Padilla just say on Nancy Grace the end of last week that they were going to be taking a look at the concrete slab Monday or Tuesday of this week? And, I’ve heard two different stories about this slab. Some say it is poured cement and others say it is just paving stones. Does anyone know which is really is? If it is just paving stones then I can see them picking a few of them up and taking soil samples from beneath them when they were first there and the dogs hit but at that point of the investigation I’m not sure it would have been torn up to look beneath if it is a solid poured slab. Which is why I believed what Padilla said about them checking it out this week meaning I thought he meant some cement might get torn up this week. It sure wouldn’t be the first time a body was buried beneath a slab in order to hide it. That thought made me both hopeful and fearful. Hopeful that if she is found it might start the case moving forward and fearful because if they found her it would mean all of our horrible thoughts are true.

    I just keep thinking about something Casey said in jail about Caylee being nearby and the backyard beneath that slab would surely be nearby. I’ve heard it said that psychopaths often include a small bit of truth in their lies. If she was put there and the slab poured on top Casey might feel like she is pretty safe from being found and would be sitting in that house laughing at all the caring people out killing themselves every day searching for Caylee. I don’t necessarily think dad had to be involved though but it will definitely cause him to be looked at closer if she should be found there I guess. Casey could have had Caylee someplace else and then moved her to where she knew in advance the paving would take place soon. Considering the smell in the car and on clothes belonging to Casey found in the car it’s pretty clear that she was moved at some point after decomposition had already begun. The shovel could have been borrowed and all the other evidence found in the trunk could have been left there when she was being moved to the house as easily as we’ve been thinking it was when moving her from it couldn’t it? The car could have been backed up to the garage in order to remove Caylee from that trunk and place her where the slab would be poured soon as easily as to place her in the trunk to take her elsewhere. If you think about it that is a place where her grave could be visited by a guilty mom who may have wanted rid of her but still feels some attachment and loss but does not want to fess up in order to give her a proper burial because that would mean she goes to prison.

  392. matthew ray says:

    I’m a grandparent and I think Caylee’s grandparents are looking just as hard as OJ did to find the killer of his ex wife. They would have to pry my fingers from around one of my kids neck, if I knew they were involved with something like this.

  393. SadMom says:

    Hey, did you hear what was said on Nancy Grace tonight? Padilla said that the FBI asked all the Anthony’s to take a polygraph test and they refused to. He said at first they said yes and then Lee talked to them and they ended up saying no.

    I think Casey did it too and I sure hope they have or get enough evidence to convict her. But, if not they said on NG tonight that with all the other charges she could spend 50 years behind bars. That’s 5 years for each of the friend’s checks she wrote from what I understood. I’ll be happy with that for now knowing that maybe in the mean time they will find little Caylee and be able to charge her with that too. They also said she’s getting ready to be arrested again for the third time at any time on other charges related to more checks. Wonder if Cindy still plans to have her charged for the money Casey stole from her and from her grandparents? Remember that in her first 911 call she was wanting her arrested for that? Given the way they have circled the wagons they probably won’t follow through with it now I guess.

    Also, I’m wondering if anybody knows and can share what causes a person to turn out to be the type of people Casey and Scott Peterson and others are? I think Drew Peterson reminds me a lot of them too. Does it have anything to do with genetics or some chemical out of wack or anything like that or is it entirely due to the environment in which they were raised or are they just born that way? I know the traits of a psychopath and you can definitely see them in the people I mentioned but I’m just not sure how they get that way. It’s just so bizzare how self absorbed they are and how they lie and don’t seem to even care how much pain or trouble they cause even the people who love them. The more I have followed this story the more I have felt like I’m watching the ‘Twilight Zone’.

  394. MrSuperficial says:

    I know she’s kind of a bad person and all, but damn she’s hot. I’d still hit it even with all the controversy surrounding her.

  395. Lynne says:

    Next time Casey is re-arrested, we hope she stays in jail for good. What the hell is she doing hanging out in Baez’s office all day long! She’s making his office her was reported that she socializes with Baez all day long and watches tv at his office!! Her visits to his office don’t seem to be of business nature!!!

  396. BarbWire says:

    I hope that the investigators are making sure that they have all the evidence that they need to file charges against Caustic Casey Anthony. Making sure that all the I’s are doted and the T’s crossed.

    It seems that Cindy and George have always gotten their little Ho Bag daughter out of trouble, she has obviously never had to take responsability for her actions, and has been raised to be a patholigical liar.

    It seems odd to me that you never hear from any of Casey’s friends anymore, I mean usually when a friend is having some serious personal issues that is when your friends surround you and try to help protect you. Not pratcially dispappear off of the face of the Earth.

    And what about ofter family members does she really only have her mom Cindy, dad George and her brother Lee. What about aunts, uncles, or cousins. We know how she ripped off and stole from her grandparents. If she does have any other family members they probably have written her off, but it would be nice to hear from them, and hear what they have to say not only about Casey, but Cindy, George and Lee.

  397. Linda says:

    What an outrage that the lawyer for Casey is motioning to have all forensic testing halted. And then there is the talk of a 1.5 million media deal. Casey should be put in prison. It looks like she planned this out and left her clothes and belongings in the abandoned car, stole money, and killed her daughter so she could plan to run off and make it look like both her and Caylee were missing and had foul play occur. I wonder where all the stolen money went and if she has it hidden for future usage. The media deal money should go for the search of precious little Caylee–
    not for her mother’s defense fund.

  398. TH says:

    On Nancy Grace Show last night, Leonard Padilla strongly believes that Caylee is no longer with us and stated flat out Cindy is lying about that Caylee is still alive and could be in Mexico, Texas, or Puerto Rico. If Cindy is receiving tips that this little girl is in Mexico, Texas, or Puerto Rico…BIG QUESTION IS why haven’t George, Cindy, and Lee gone to these places and check them out!!!!!

    While Leonard Padilla was in the house, he has not observed one iota about the family getting tips about Caylee being in places Cindy quoted as saying. CINDY IS JUST AS EVIL AND A LIAR JUST LIKE CASEY…DEFINITELY TWO PEAS IN A POD IN THAT HOME!!!

  399. Nancy says:

    So, the Anthonys refused to take a polygraph. What a great opportunity that would have been to clear themselves if they were not involved in Caylee’s disappearence or a coverup. Something is not quite right with that whole family.

  400. BarbWire says:

    Mr. Superficial “I know she’s kind of a bad person and all, but damn she’s hot. I’d still hit it even with all the controversy surrounding her.”

    Kind of a bad person? she lies about everything, I bet if you asked her if she is male or female she could convince her parents that is a male. She has stolen from her family and friends and now is the mother of a missing child, who most likely is deceased, who she never reported missing until her mom Cindy called the police and reported it.

    Hope Mr. Superfical that you have good health insurance and will be ready for lots of Antibiotics to fight all the STDs that she mosy likely has.

    To Brian – Seriously Dude go out and buy yourself a clue – after you get a job.

  401. TH says:

    If Casey is finally found guilty with murder even without Caylee’s body, she’s looking at 50 years in prison. I hope she gets old and rots in jail with no parole.

  402. Helen Dowker says:

    I wonder if anyone has thougth that she may have stolen that gas to burn the body. I wouldn’t put anything pass her or her parents. She probably has gotten away with every thing in life because her dad was acop. I hope she is severly punished for what she has done.

  403. Marianne says:

    Mike Galanos of CNN’s Prime Time News interviewed a detective regarding Casey Anthony and her interrogation with the detectives back in July. He described her as very cold, wicked, and emotionless person who didn’t care a diddly squat about her daughter Caylee!! Casey was just pure EVIL!

  404. devika says:

    I think I agree with most of the comments made in this blog. From the very first day I had a strong feeling that Casey is the one involved in her daughter’s disappearance. I think the whole family should be put in jail for lying to govt officials and they definitely know what happened to the little girl. I believe they are in denial because after loosing their granddaughter, they don’t want to loose their daughter Casey, therefore, they are trying their best to protect her.

    It is terrible that Caylee was released on bail for the second time knowing that she is lying and has also stolen checks and money from one of her friends. I think this should give the court of law enough reason to keep her in jail.

    The little girl is in my prayers every day, not even one day goes by that I don’t think about her. I think this is really sad and the people involved should face some serious consequences. I hope they all rot in hell.

  405. Jam says:



  406. SadMom says:

    Casey will definitely do some time even without murder charges. They have her on video at the Target and some other places from what I’ve read using her friend’s checks she stole from her car.

    On NG last night they said it would be a 5 year sentence for each of the charges she is convicted on and if they have her on video she will be convicted on at least those surely. If she’s convicted on all of them that will mean 50 years without a murder charge. And, she may get a murder charge before it’s over too so that will mean even more time I would assume or it might even mean the death penalty.

    That’s what Scott Peterson got was the death penalty and Casey reminds me so much of him. I for one would like to see a nationwide law that anyone who kills a child receives an automatic death penalty if convicted. An adult might stand a chance at protecting themselves from a murderer but a poor little innocent helpless child can’t. So, if you’re rotten enough to take the life of a child you should pay with yours.

  407. Jam says:

    Just listening to the interrogation tapes done by the Orlando’s detectives, Casey had the nerves of steel to lie lie lie lie to them. Nothing nothing will ever break this girl down and I hope she will be charged with murder and be sentenced 50 years in prison without parole. She will be lucky if she survives the general population because the female inmates can’t wait their hands around her neck.

  408. LEAN says:

    Oh yea, those inmates can’t wait to get ahold of Casey. And, I’d love to be a fly on the wall to see what they r going to do to her. She’ll deserve every bit of it too. They’ll probably kill her, which I would hope. Forget the Chair, just let the girls at her that miss their children while they sit in jail. Nothing better to do, then just SCREW UP CASEY as bad as they can…Yea, put her in general population right away. Hey, maybe she’d tell the inmates, since she won’t tell the cops? Bitch should be in jail right now, stupid parents!!!

  409. cj says:

    They would never put casey out in population. Even at the jail house she was separated.
    She is so self absorbed.I believe it was jealousy that was the motive. She was just gonna live on partying and not a care in the world until her mom found her.
    She definitly a sick individual.

  410. Jam says:

    With all the evil doings Casey committed to others and parents being the ENABLERS, karma will find ways to make them pay their dues. NO ONE here on earth will get away scott free before they die. Casey and family will pay their dues mightily heavily!

  411. sheri says:

    I believe that she owed someone a lot of money. If you pay close attention she stole alot of money from a lot of people.
    The only reason you would need that much money would be for drugs or you were in way deep with something. I believe when someone starting leaning on her hard for their money or drugs or whatever, she sold the child.

  412. Harry says:

    Oh, Brian! Brian? Where are you? Trying to earn enough money to pay the $100k you’re gonna owe me?

    Or did your Mommy take away your computer/internet privileges for two weeks?

    Enquiring minds want to know…

  413. LEAN says:

    When you are put into a “PRISON”, not just a little ole county jail, you eventually ARE put into general population, its inevitable. Eventually Casey will be in a PRISON and that is where the grils WILL GET TO HER, definitely. Its just a matter of time, they’ll get her, just like those guys got Jeffery Dalmer, mark my words…Thats what I was talking about, not the Orange County Jailhouse. They protect at county, because the people are still INNOCENT until PROVEN GUILTY, but in PRISON you are GUILTY and the guards turn their backs and such, so things like Dalmer can happen. Anyway, I just hope someone can get to her and one day have to whole truth on this case. Its so sad that no one will probably ever really know, especially if her father did help w/the disposal of Caylee’s body and give her a “script” and “come back in 30 or more days” (so she was clean of any drugs). Most likely, we’ll never really know exactly what happened to Caylee. At least Caylee is in a better place now with GOD, and not with those sick, lying, deranged people. Everything happens for a reason, shes safer now…Cindy just would’ve created another mini-me of Casey again, anyway. Another total lying, loser, that didn’t work, just partied and did drugs constantly and obviously was also a total Whore! The baby was saved in more ways than one, in my opinion. Then again, Caylee would’ve had a wonderful life somewhere else, if Cindy just would’ve let Casey give her up for adoption. I would’ve taken her and given her everything possible and I’m sure there are lots of others out there that would’ve done the same. Its a shame, waste of a beautiful little life.

  414. Jam says:

    There is a reason why God allowed this tragic situation to happen. It was a way for God to take Caylee away from a very bad and extremely unsavory situation …just away from these evil and mentally deranged people! Control freak granny Cindy, Casey, and henpecked chicken ninny George would ruin Caylee’s life emotionally and mentally as she grows up like she did with Casey and Lee! Also, this is God’s way or the vehicle to utilize to get Casey and the Anthonys to finally pay their dues!

    God has his own reasons of why he definitely doesn’t want Caylee to grow up in that Anthonys household. It is not a healthy environment for an innocent and helpless child to grow up in. Caylee is in a much much better world now which is called the real HOME where she is with her guardian angels surrounding her and her little friends who have gone ahead of us. Plus, she has little animals to play with, too. It is the kind of Home she never knew..a HOME with alot of love and nurturing existing which she didn’t experience while she was still with granny and mom C

    If Casey was allowed to mingle with the general prison population, she definitely will end up being another Jeffrey Dahmer. The female inmates hate her guts and can’t wait to get their hands on her so she can spit out the truth of what really happened to little Caylee.

  415. Nancy says:

    Whatever happened to Cindy and George’s fan club member – Brian? Even he has had to admit that they are somehow involved. Now, if we could only convince the police……

  416. Jam says:

    It made everyone very very suspicious of why the Anthonys first agreed to take the polygraph and later, they turned it down. Something very odd and fishy in their attitudes and behaviors now!!!!

  417. LEAN says:

    Yea, what happened to Brian? I’ll take on your bet also. Either one or both of the GPs are involved or guilty of the cover-up after the fact. With all of the lies they come up w/on daily basis, YES, they do know what happened and they are guilty of being an accessory to the crime. Watch and see and then well see whose bank accounts are more full, yours or mine and Harrys? What does everyone else think BTW? Brian or Lean & Harry?

  418. cj says:

    Sorry,Jam..Thats bull. God did not let this happen for a reason. Casey is a sicko..Plain and simple

  419. Nancy says:

    I agree with cj – God is in no way responsible for what happened to Caylee. Casey is responsible for whatever horrible fate Caylee met. However, God is watching and eventually Casey and whoever else helped her will have to answer for their sins. By the way, does anyone know what their religious affiliation is? I’m curious because I haven’t heard anything about a religious advisor or anyone from their church visiting or helping with the search.

  420. Eileen says:

    First off im from Florida. Not all of us are bad here just so u know alll the perverts we get here are from your states, if u wouldnt let thme go they wouldnt come here. You can look it all up and see wherer these pervs come from and its not here but heck yes therer are to many here.

    this Woman killed her child we might have ot wait a long long time to find out what really hppened to her.
    she has lied to much
    she is way to smug
    she is not distressed
    not sad
    not concerned
    etc etc etc

    if it were u??????????????

    sad to say the grandparents are the same

  421. Eileen says:

    i think they would fail the polygraph because they now knoiw what really happened or that the grandparents believe that casey hurt the grandaughter

  422. Jam says:

    I disagree with CJ and Nancy–I totally believe that everything that happens which we have no control was meant to happen. I am a Catholic and believe in destiny and we can’t change it! It is not a bunch of bull.

  423. TJ says:

    As Sylvia Browne, the well known psychic on Montel Williams, said if it is not your destiny to die yet, you won’t! No one dies if it is not your time to go.

    Certainly, if it wasn’t for this tragic thing meant to happen to Caylee, it would never happen and she wouldn’t suffer the tragic fate in the hands of her mother Casey. God would have stepped in and shielded Caylee from the danger. I definitely believe in this.

  424. Eliza says:

    I am a grandmother brought up in a religious family. I deeply believe that God gives life and takes it away. I know that now Caylee is no longer with us and God saw to it that she would be in a much much better place called Home with lots love surrounding Caylee, far away from the crazy Anthony family. God definitely has control over the situation and every aspects of our lives. If Caylee’s destiny meant to be with us for a short time, she already fulfilled it.

    As for the rest of the Anthonys, definitely God will see to it that they will pay for all their evil doings. No one gets away free ..I have seen many suffered for their sins. When God seeks revenge, it will be many timesfold! So be prepared Anthony Family!

  425. cj says:

    I dont believe God lets evil things happen to us. I believe that there are evil people in this world..Why would God let little girls,boys get raped , murdered,etc..? There’s no reason for that. There’s just evil in the world

  426. Harry says:

    I vote for LEAN and Harry. Of course, the only difference between you, myself, and Brian, is I surmise that you and I have the actual funds to participate in such a wager!

    Glad that schmuck has moved on. Let’s hope the police nail those two aging bozos to the wall.

  427. cj says:

    I read in the news that on friday or saturday Casey went out onto the sidewalk where she lives,to have a ciggarette and was eating fast food. This broad is off in la la land. Nothing bothers her. Cant wait till she back in jail and dont get out, but you know there gonna be sicko men out there whom will become her close prision pen pal. She will manipulate people even from prision. This broad does not have a conscious.

  428. Lin says:

    Everybody sheds tears for Caylee, except Casey, Cindy, George & Lee.
    I have yet to see anyone from the Anthony family shed 1 tear.

  429. Eliza says:

    That is the sad part that we haven’t seen display any kind of grievance or remorse or any emotions or tears from the Anthony Family! All we have seen is the coldness, anger, belligerence, impudence, and rudeness towards the volunteers, the community, law enforcement, and FBI. The shameless nerve that Cindy, George, and Lee set up a website asking for financial donation for Casey’s defense. As far as I concerned, we already donated alot of our taxpayers money. Since Casey created her own mess, she and her family better find a decent way of coughing up the money for her defense. That is their responsibility not ours!!! There should be a Caylee Fund to be used in compensating the volunteers for their time and help. The Anthony Family are a bunch of narcisstic and self centered people who only care about themselves!

  430. Cheryl says:

    I think she is doing her lawyer now,what the hell
    do they do for up to six hour’s a day?And of course she is guilty and her family know’s it too.
    Her mother is a real lier like Casey is.I wish they would quit letting the B””’ out of jail!!!!!!

  431. Eliza says:

    Yep!! Holly Bristow of Nancy Grace Show reported that Ms. Sleaze Bucket spends 6 hours at Jose Baez office and for what? I know for a fact that when you go for your appointment visits, you aren’t there for 6 hours!! They like you to come in and get out fast because they are busy with other clienteles or they have to go to meetings! Unfortunately, looks like Baez is already stepping over the boundary lines with his client!!

    Every time I see him on tv walking in front of Casey, Baez is always smiling and in a good mood. He also rushes to her house when she is in so called “distress”! Baez is not conducting in a very professional manner and is willing to break the rules of the judicial system to save his client’s skin. Whoever heard of such a thing as a lawyer calling off all the forensic testings and think the FBI testings and air sample done by the University of Tennesse’s Body Farm as not being believable. What an insult and I hope the highest court and the State Attorney’s Office bunk his ideas!

    I hope the third time Casey is re-arrested, the Orange County detective and the State Attorney’s won’t let her out, bail bond or not!!! Baez, Casey, and the Anthony are making a mockery of the justice system!!! Cindy, Lee, and George are bunch of LIARS LIARS LIARS and hope the community should smarten up and won’t put up with their shenanigans anymore!!!! Amazing the supposedly grieving family wants to find Caylee but refuse to take the polygraph test as suggested by the FBI.

    Should Baez be found messing around with his client Casey, they should disbar him and have him surrender his state license so he can’t practice law anymore!!!

  432. James says:

    Casey has not been proven guilty in any court for any reason. Why do you people already have her sentenced to life without a hearing?

    The Grandparents have suffered enough. Can we support our fellow man in troubled times?

    Yes, it’s quite complicated but let’s stay open minded people. Unity.

  433. Nancy says:

    James, are you related to Brian or you Brian pretending to be James? Anyway, Jam and Eliza, if your theory is true and it was God’s will that Caylee be taken when she was, then why are we even discussing it? In your world Casey was only doing God’s will by killing Caylee and saving her from this cruel world. In that case why is there a commandment that states “Thou shalt not kill”? The truth is that God gave us all free will to choose between right and wrong. When someone chooses to do wrong to someone else, like murder, it is not God’s will. What kind of God would want Caylee to be murdered by her own mother?

  434. LEAN says:

    “Stay opened minded”?! O.K. James you definitely have the hots for “Horseface”, I believe. Tell me if I’m wrong, but why else would you take that stand? See…she manipulates a lot of MEN just like yourself. And, YES people, she is doing other things besides hanging w/Jose for 6 hrs., she has given a piece of what everyone else in Orlando had already had by now and probably is pregnant with his baby, now. Ha ha…frickin whore!!! She already had 4 guys at one time, that the police are aware of and more could come out of the woodwork, never know. Also, the police are not speculating that the REAL FATHER of Caylee could Still Be Alive!!!! She has told so many lies, that they are checking the DNA of the dead guy she claimed was Caylee’s father. If they find that he was not the biological father, they may be looking in the direction of the LIVING father, who may possibly have Caylee?! Whatever, I don’t believe it, but there may be a chance, I guess. I truly believe in my heart, that Caylee is no longer with us, but you never know… I just wish that BITCH would just tell the truth instead of spending all of taxpayers $$$’s on checking all of this stuff out. It costs quite a bit to exume a body, then check the DNA for a match or not. If the family does profit in any way from this sad incident, they should have to pay all the money back to Florida spent on their daughters lies and running around on wild goose chases everywhere trying to locate Caylee. Especially if they know for sure (with all the evidence), that Casey did kill Caylee (accidential or not, because she waited too long speak any truths). They should have to pay back every single penny, because they all lied together about this whole ordeal. Like it or not James and Brian, EVERYONE IN THAT HOUSE KNOWS THE TRUTH, and they are hinding it from all of us. BTW, hey James, could you possibly be a GEMINI? Ha ha…that was for you Nancy!!!

  435. LEAN says:

    Oh yea, and Jose took Casey’s case ProBono, yea we all know, theres “BONO” going on alright, if you get my drift? No money, six hrs. a day, no money, B U L L S H I T…shes pays him in other ways… Shes good for that and making him brownies…and laughing…and hugging in the garage as soon as they pulled in the last time shes got out of jail, Yea…they’re doin the nasty alright and probably anything Jose wants, he gets!!!!

  436. cj says:


  437. Eliza says:

    Life is very unfair, cruel, and very difficult to understand why things happen the way they do. There many things that have happened to families beyond their control and we asked why why why why. Only God has his own reasons and we are to trust him and eventually, his reasons are revealed down the road. We are not to ask God why but of course, it is just human nature in all of us to ask why! He will not allow Casey, Baez, and the rest of the Anthonys to get away with murder..God will seek the truth and justice for Caylee! He will make things right for the guilty party/parties and make them pay for their sins.

  438. Eliza says:

    TO CJ AND NANCY–just accept things that we have no control of no matter how unpleasant. Yes, it is indeed very tragic and sad of what happened to Caylee but God has his own reasons. He never makes mistakes. Casey and her family will not get away with murder down the road. God has control over the situation and will see to it that Caylee will get her well deserved justice.

  439. James says:

    I just think we should be fair to Casey. She is still innocent until proven guilty. Please let her family grieve in private and support them. Unity. Casey has not been proven guilty and deserves a chace to state her case. She was railroaded by the police the first day at Universal in that closed room. She is a 22 year old that was scared. Can’t you people understand that? Unity!!

  440. Nancy says:

    James, are you playing with a full deck? Casey was not railroaded by the police at Universal Studios. She was questioned by them because she lied to them and led them on a wild goose chase, wasting taxpayer money and police manpower. Were they supposed to do, give her a hug and tell her everything’s going to be all right? Even if she is innocent (right!) she created the situation she is in by the mountain of lies she told. Just imagine how different the situation would be if she had told the truth at the very beginning. Why should we be fair to Casey? Has she been fair to Caylee, her parents, the authorities, her friends, the volunteer search teams? James, a.k.a. Brian, you’re defending someone who would use and manipulate you if she had the chance, just like she uses and manipulates everyone else. Actually, I believe the manipulation has already begun…..

  441. You're Just Pathetic and Sick, James says:

    Jame–What is wrong with you ….what unity…you’re from another planet! No, we should be fair to little Caylee instead who has been missing for many many weeks and Casey has lied lied lied to the law enforcement and friends many times. Her deplorable wrongdoings are just inexcusable and unforgivable..stealing money from her friend Amy, grandparents, and mother, forging checks, slutting with different men, drugging her daughter to sleep, etc. She is already guilty based on all the forensic lab findings . What is this bullshit and garbage you
    are harping on as them grieving privately. What a BUNCH OF CRAP! We haven’t seen any remorse, tears, and grief..all we have seen are LIES LIES LIES LIES LIES, apathy, anger, belligerence, impudence, and rudeness from this entire Anthony Family . On top of that, they seem to be running a financial scam, asking people to donate money and have it deposited to Lee’s personal bank account. This money is not for Caylee..for Casey’s defense. The Attorney General’s Office need to investigate this immediately because something is fishy and not right. Anything set up by the Anthony Family should not be trusted!!!!!

    You must be Brian, taking on another name!! Your thinking is definitely imbalanced, sick, and wacko.

  442. You're Just Pathetic and Sick, James says:

    TO JAMES—You must be Brian taking on another name. What the hell is wrong with you and your reasonings…you’re living in your own warped world!!! My foot, we are supposed to be fair to Casey and allow the Anthony to grieve..that is just PATOOEY!!! Leonard Padilla already said from what he observed inside the house is everything is running normal and they act as if they already forgotten about missing Caylee. They aren’t remorse..SIMPLY NOTHING. They all sit in that air conditioned home, eating good food, and just do their every day stuff around the house!!!!

    What grief have they displayed??? We have seen all along were anger, apathy, LIES LIES LIES LIES, physical assault on a couple people, belligerence, impudence, rudeness, selfishness, no tears, and badmouthing the law enforcement, FBI, media, and the community. Not a word of thanks, appreciation or gratitude coming from the Anthonys.

    Now, the Anthonys seemed to have set up a financial scam asking for donations. If it is money, Cindy wants it deposited to Lee’s personal bank account. The financial donation is not for Caylee’s for Casey’s defense! I read that Attorney General’s Office is investigating them. The Anthony Family is made up of LIARS LIARS and THIEVES trying suck money from the public.

  443. You're Pathetic, James! says:

    TO JAMES—You must be Brian taking on another name. What the hell is wrong with you and your reasonings…you’re living in your own warped world!!! My foot, we are supposed to be fair to Casey and allow the Anthony to grieve..that is just PATOOEY!!! Leonard Padilla already said from what he observed inside the house is everything is running normal and they act as if they already forgotten about missing Caylee. They aren’t remorse..SIMPLY NOTHING. They all sit in that air conditioned home, eating good food, and just do their every day stuff around the house!!!!

    What grief have they displayed??? We have seen all along were anger, apathy, LIES LIES LIES LIES, physical assault on a couple people, belligerence, impudence, rudeness, selfishness, no tears, and badmouthing the law enforcement, FBI, media, and the community. Not a word of thanks, appreciation or gratitude coming from the Anthonys.

    Now, the Anthonys seemed to have set up a financial scam asking for donations. If it is money, Cindy wants it deposited to Lee’s personal bank account. The financial donation is not for Caylee’s for Casey’s defense! I read that Attorney General’s Office is investigating them. The Anthony Family is made up of LIARS LIARS and THIEVES trying suck money from the public.

  444. James says:

    Nancy – I do agree with you in one area. If Casey had told the truth from the beginning things would look different today. However, because she lied about working at Universal do we now *know* she is a killer? NO! Lying doesn’t mean we found her guilty! It means she is a liar.

    In addition we need to be careful to not convict her prior to investigation. You already have her in jail or executed. WHY?

    I still say wait and respect her. She deserves a fair trial and yes….maybe the police should have hugged her and told her everything would be okay….because it will when she is found innocent!

    BTW – I am not Brian. Are you that closed minded that anyone who shares an opinion is the same person? There are different views….some of us still want to be fair to a 22 year old girl that is being *convicted* by the media! I think a lot of women are jealous of Casey’s beauty, grace and dignity that she has displayed while being *crusified* by the general public! Including Nancy Grace!

    Please join me in saving Casey from this nightmare!!

    I say we unite and speak the truth…..not what we think is the truth…..the real truth…..she has not yet (and will not be) found guilty!

  445. James says:

    Lean, Lean, Lean…..

    I just read your comment. My goodness do we detect some jealousy on your part? Do you have to be so slanderous? My, my, my……give the poor girl a break.

    This is the USA – she is one of us! Be fair to her!

    It’s easy for you to anonymously *beat* her on these forums. Why not put your real name and address and let us point out all of your defects? It is just plain unfair for Casey! All of her dirty laundry and lies about her surfacing by adults.

    Casey I really feel bad this has happened to you!

    Hang in there dear, we will prove you are innocent soon! It’s only a few that don’t believe you! The rest of us support you and your loving family!!

  446. You're Pathetic, James! says:


  447. Harry says:

    Hello James, nee Brian:

    I think you’re missing an important point. In the judicial system of the US, defendants are presumed innocent until proven guilt. That caveat is not incumbent upon mere citizen bloggers, i.e., I can think she’s guilty anytime I want, but if I were on her jury, I would be required by law to presume her innocent until proven otherwise during the trial.

  448. You're Pathetic, James! says:

    James–You are definitely sick…wacko!!

  449. Nancy says:

    James, did you say that there are only a few who don’t believe Casey? Where have you been? The people who believe anything that Casey says is in the minority! Once again, the reason that so few people believe Casey is that she has lied again and again to friends, her family, as well as the authorities. Working at Universal Studios is not the only thing she lied about. She lied about other employment, Zenaida Gonzales, a phone call from Caylee that was proven not to have taken place. That just names a few of her lies. If you read the 400+ pages of police documents relating to the case you will understand why the rest of us feel the way we do. A mother whose child is “missing” will do anything in her power to get that child back, like cooperating with the police, giving as much (accurate) information as possible, taking a lie detector test, etc. You want us to respect her? Why? Casey has grace and dignity? When? Apparently you haven’t seen the pictures of her falling down drunk, urinating in public, tongue wrestling with assorted people, passed out drunk with two guys in her room, showing her bare backside to the camera. By the way, those pictures were taken in the days immediately following Caylee’s “disappearence”. The grace and dignity you think she is displaying now is the affect of a sociopath who enjoys being in the limelight and has no concern for the welfare or feelings of others. I agree that she should be considered innocent until proven guilty but the comments on this blog only reflect the FACTS that a jury will have to consider if and when the time comes.

  450. cj says:

    Casey Anthony arrested again…HOORAY

  451. Heather says:

    I think that possibilities are endless at this point. We all know that Casey Anthony is a Mentally Ill person I can say this because anyone and I mean ANYONE who is missing a child would call the Authorities immediately. She lied on several occasions and led the detectives to believe one story when it was false information. I think Casey Anthony is so disturbed that she is starting to believe her own lies. As the Grandparents Cindy & George I can only imagine what they would be dealing with having a daughter that has possibly killed their Granddaughter I don’t want to be in their shoes. The Brother Lee Anthony haven’t herd enough about him yet I know he supports his sister Casey Anthony and gives her high fives which I don’t understand and not sure I ever will. It says we should love everyone no matter how sadistic or Mentally Ill someone is. So I honestly feel sorry for the whole family I think they are all a little sick in the head!

  452. Lin says:

    I’m thinking maybe the $45,00 Casy ran up on her mother Cindy’s credit card was ran up over a period of time. Most of it cash & this way she always had money, so it looked like she had a job & was bringing home money. Casey probably knew when the credit card bill came in the mail & made sure she was home when it arrived & borroed more money on the card to make the payments each month.

  453. Cynthia says:

    I am in total agreeance with you. I think that woman is a habitual liar with no concience and women like her should not be allowed to have children. i am a single mother of a 2 and 3 year old and I cant’t imagine going 5 minutes with out saying something to some one if i felt one of my children were missing let alone a month. I would beat the information out of her too. With all the techniques the gov. has to get information out of people they could get something out of her too. This is an innocent child we are talking about. And worst case scenario, she is dead, at least to put the people who loved her minds at ease to know she isn’t suffering. Something has to be done about that woman and her mother and father need to hold her accountable for her actions. It sounds like she’s been getting away with alot of scap for alot of years. Put an end to her reckless behavior before someone else get s hurt.

  454. Nancy says:

    Lin, you may be right about the credit card issue. I still find it hard to believe that Casey was able to run up $45,000 on a credit card without the parents knowing. Didn’t they ever check their statements? Considering that they have known for years that she was a thief and a liar, you would think they would keep close tabs on their checkbook, credit cards, and cash. I don’t think anyone in that family has their head screwed on right.

  455. Harry says:

    One question: I keep hearing the Anthoney’s can’t afford this, can’t afford that; then how the heck can they get $45k in credit? I mean if the creditors are stupid enough to loan these nitwits money, and they believe their idiot daughter is innocent, then why don’t they borrow $50k more from their credit cards and make the bail themselves – I’ll bet that would step things up in the investigation…

    Of course, the Anthoney’s know their evil daughter is guilty and want other people to ‘pay their bills’. White trash is, as white trash does…

  456. TJ says:

    Yes, Casey is re-arrested the third time but she will be released again! Baez, the bondsmen, Casey, and the Anthony family are making a mockery of the justice system. The jail thing is like going somewhere for time out from parents for Casey!

  457. TJ says:

    If I stole my mother’s credit card and rang up $45.000 worth of merchandise, she would have taken outside to hang to dry and be a dead meat!!

  458. Harry says:

    Anthony’s. (mea culpa)

  459. James says:

    A couple of things: First, Harry you sound like an attorney making false statements….I know you believe what you say but where does all the anger originate? Take a close look at why you enjoy knocking an innocent 22 year old woman. Why do you keep calling me Brian? You are wrong and can’t even imagine that more than one person feels Casey is innocent. I am James….I would love to place a bet with you. So common back with your lawyer talk. You are hilarious.

    Nancy you bring up some very good points. I will read your statement again and I will keep an open mind. I am going to watch Nancy Grace and will post again after that.

    Harry and Nancy – I will keep an open mind!!

  460. You'r Pathetic, James says:

    James–You’re a pathetic individual..sicko..wacko calling Casey as innocent. I highly advise you to update yourself with all the 400pages of documents and plus all the forensic lab results!

  461. James says:

    Actually I learned a lot reading your postings Harry and Nancy even though I don’t want to admit it!

    I still think she is exhibiting grace, charm and dignity. It has to be difficult for her to keep from crying and going crazy. The poor thing must be a mess behind closed doors.

    I just heard she was arrested again! I think everyone has it out for her. She can’t even get a fair trial. This woman has made mistakes but I think she is being railroaded.

    Please – others that agree with me please step up and post here! Casey needs your support!

    Her family is raising money for her defense. I am going to donate all I can because I believe her.

    And so what about peeing outside, nude photos, partying and sleeping with several men. This doesn’t make her a killer. I have done all of those things and I am not a criminal.

    I feel so sorry for her. I am going to watch Nancy Grace now. Support Casey!!!

  462. Harry says:

    Hi James:

    ‘So common back’? ‘Come on back’, perhaps…

    I called you ‘Brian’ because he was about the only pro-Casey supporter on this board, and suddenly went AWOL. Then ‘James’ appeared. For the sake of argument, I will accept that you are not Brian.

    Bets? I’m game. My bankers and brokers can attest to my liquidity. Shoot me a note and we’ll make a fine wager. I am neither a lawyer nor hilarious, though…

    I want the court system to keep an open mind. I kept one for several weeks or so, but – in my humble opinion – she (and her parents) has some serious legal problems.

    Support Casey all you want. That’s your prerogative… And please donate for her defense – actions (and dollars) speak louder than words, any day.

    Kindest regards,

  463. LEAN says:

    James, James, James…IF THATS YOUR REAL NAME? I believe you’re Brian, also, BTW. I don’t do anything I’d be ashamed of or PUT IN JAIL for, much the less. You could put me under a magnifying glass and not find any dirt on me whatsoever, so back off little boy. You don’t know me from Eve. Also, more than 90% of America can see the UGLY HORSEFACE BITCH DID KILL HER DAUGHTER. Have you even heard the recordings, she has no cares at all, just lie after lie after lie. She deserves the electric chair pronto, I say do it immediately, then we won’t have to feed, cloth, or take care of her health issues in the future. FRY THE BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Oh, also jealous of that skank? Not hardly, they call me LEAN for very good reason baby, and I don’t look like NO HORSE thats for sure!!!!! No, I just plain hate the bitch and if I could get my hands on her, she’d be even uglier than she already is…gurantee ya!!!! And, I know I don’t stand alone on this one. I believe every mother, everywhere wishes they could have a little one on one with ole horseface Casey…Bet ya as much money as you have in all of your bank accounts, put together. So how about it James or Brian, whoever you REALLY ARE……….

  464. MCG says:

    Leonard Padilla was on Nancy Grace tonite and stated that Cindy, George, and Lee already knew what happened to Caylee. Cindy was alway lying about Caylee still live and could be in Mexico, Texas, or Puerto to take the heat off Casey and plus, she never received tips as she claimed. After the air samples from the University of Tennessee and FBI lab findings, their demeanor changed to being very defensive of Casey. They are now trying to cover up for Casey all the way.

  465. LEAN says:

    Oh, one more thing James, whoever…are you out there actively looking for Caylee ALIVE?! If you’re so much on Casey’s side, go find CAYLEE!!!! Oh, but then again, you’d never find her alive, because SHE IS DEAD and Casey Anthony is responsible, end of story, duh…We’ll see when they convict that baby killing bitch and then you’ll have to eat your words and be very very poor, just like Casey, because of your idiotic bets. I almost feel as though you are from….no, better not…anyway, isn’t NG over by now?

  466. james says:

    I heard some things Casey said during the police interview at Universal. I think they were pressuring Casey and making her nervous. I think we should support her so she gets a fair chance. Casey we love you sweetheart! Hang in there little angel! These people will see you are innocent and you will be free!

  467. LEAN says:

    Dream on james…That Slut will never walk free. She will be put behind bars where she belongs. BTW james this is Liar Liar Pants on Fire, why in hell would you even test any of us like you do? You are just as sick as Casey, thats probably why you love her so much (two pees in a pod). So, who did you kill and get away with it? Also, “WE” do not love Casey nor do any of us think shes a “little angel” more like a “BIG FUCKIN DEVIL”. Go somewhere else to post your lines of BULLSHIT. PLEASE……Disappear again Brian, oops, I mean james, yea, right….

  468. Scott says:

    Here is my take: Casey left Caylee in a car too long and the child died from the heat. She then put Caylee into her trunk to figure out what the hell she was going to do. The body started to decompose and left an awful smell. Casey then buried the child in a location only she knows. She tried to get the stench out of the car with bleach, and various other cleaners…it did not work. She then Googled about odors/cleaners/etc… and out came Choloraform; she ordered some tried it out and even that did not work. The car still smells like a “damn dead body” as Cindy Anthony put it. She parked the car and walked away from it. Now the Grandparents know all about Casey and her sociopathic ways, but what can they do? I agree with the one poster who suggested beating the information out of her, another might be to leave her in a hot car until she joined her daughter.

  469. RC says:

    JAMES–You are a sicko. I believe you were the one that posted a comment earlier that you had the hots for Casey and wanted to bang on her. You must be a lovesick stalker of hers.

    You are a pathetic individual with a warp mind!

  470. Nancy says:

    James, James, James – you remind me of one of my relatives who can never admit that they are wrong. They will continue to argue for hours on a subject even when they know they are wrong. Our family has learned to not even bother arguing with this person. I think that even if Casey confessed or a video turned up showing her committing the act you will still defend Casey. You would say she was pressured into confessing or the video was doctored.

    You state that you have been guilty of partying, sleeping with multiple partners, and urinating in public. Was your 2 year old child missing at the time?

    Casey was not pressured into lying at Universal Studios. Don’t you understand that at that point the lies had already been told? The police were just giving her a chance to come clean. Also, what you see as an ehibition of grace and dignity is actually a total lack of feeling. She is not crying in public because she is emotionless. Any mother out there will tell you that if they were grieving for their child they would not be able to cry in private then turn the tears off in public. That would require an enormous amount of self control and we all know how much self control Casey has……..Even people who have been inside the Anthony home like Mr. Padilla and a reporter who was on Nancy Grace last week state that she did not cry or exhibit any emotion when discussing the case. As a matter of fact it was stated that Casey attempted to steer the conversation back to herself every chance she got.

    Unlike some of the folks in this forum, I don’t hate Casey. I actually think she needs a lot of help and should have gotten it a long time ago. Then there may not have been a need for this discussion group. That, however, does not change the facts of the case wich can be found in the police documents.

    Finally, James, it took a while but I’m finally on to you. I realize now that your comments are meant to encourage debate on the subject. Obviously, before you and Brian this group was pretty one sided against Casey. Thanks for encouraging us to investigate the case further and indulge in some heated discussion.

  471. RC says:

    James is a sick lovesick boy who is in love with a white trash , low class sociopath liar who killed her little girl.

    I now recalled reading one of James earlier posted comments that he had the hots for Casey and wanted to bang on her if he had the chance. James, you are so screwed up that you are mentally whacked out. What you need is to feel sorry for Caylee who still is missing!

  472. Hope says:

    How long do you think it will be before Casey is arrested for the murder of Caylee? I believe the police are gathering info and trying to make sure they have enough evidence.

  473. True Justice says:

    You can take a tour of Casey’s soon-to-be new home on my site

  474. shannon says:

    I don’t think Casey should go to prison. It’s too good for her. I think we should have a public torturing of the bitch. Put her in front of her parents house, where they are forced to watch and let the games begin. Maybe start with pulling her nails out, one by one..Then her teeth…Rip her hair out in fistfulls. Burn her a few times with a branding iron..Let the public piss & shit on her…
    That’s what she deserves, and maybe that would make her tell what happened, or since her disgusting parents are so protective of her they might not be able to stand seeing they’re baby hurt, maybe they would finally give up the truth.
    I’m sick of this case, and sick of being filled with hatred for these people..I wish it would just end.

  475. shannon says:

    oh and i wish someone would smack that friggen shit eating grin off of her attorney’s face. I’d piss on him too.

  476. Nancy says:

    Shannon, I feel you but guess what? While you are so upset and filled with hatred for Casey she is going on as if nothing happened and that her baby isn’t missing (or dead). I have no doubt that justice will be served sooner or later, not just for her but also for her parents. Even if they aren’t guilty of a cover up it’s obvious that they enabled her all her life and contributed to the present situation. Be patient and you will be able to see that shit eating grin removed from Baez’s face.

  477. Rob says:

    I have to admit that I agree with many of you. It is very hard to think of any harm coming to a helpless and innocent child.

    I also need to remember not to throw stones. Our efforts if any should be prayers for Caylee, and also for the innocent people caught up in this ordeal.

    I pray that she is found safe on this Earth, or she is safe in God’s kingdom.

  478. Donna says:

    Gross….did you see Baez and Casey coming out of the courthouse today holding hands….SICK!!!!!!!!I wouldnt wanna be touched by that slore much less hold her hand, but then how do we know just what her and Baez are doing all day long at his office….Its definatly not above Casey to screw any amn she comes in contect with.

  479. weirded by "82" shirt says:

    Well, I have never written on a blog, but have read a few in my time, but never felt the need to contribute, but for some reason I feel compelled to share something here that happened to me a few weeks ago, I think if I tried to tell friends they might think I’m strange and it has been buggin me and I don’t dare tell my husband or he might laugh or say I spend too much time reading mystery or watching Nancy Grace ( I love her) and I have become facinated with how someone can keep lying and thinking it’s sensible to do that. Pathological liars are in a category all by themselves… I have spent toooo long this morning looking at all of your responses and it just solidifies my horror, confusion and disgust at this web of incidents that have happened since the beginning. I am usually mildy interested in these type cases but this one has got me pulled in. But it didn’t start happening until one day in a Target store in my neighborhood… does anyone remember the video of the first time she was pulled into court she was wearing a blue short sleeve hooded shirt with “82” on the front, and she shot a smile back over her shoulder (that did not look like someone who’s child is missing) it really gave me the creeps and I absently wondered about the 82 on the shirt, I wondered if that was the year of her birth or something… just an offhand curiousity. But as you all know the media “loops” the small amount of film they have and I kept noticing it and then found out her age so it wasn’t representative of that.. just a fashion shirt from some clothing line I figured…. whatever. I have an eye for detail in clothes cuz I’m a seamstress and make clothes regularly (which is a lost art) so anyway a few days later I’m shopping the women’s clearance rack at Target (cuz if I can find a bargain I will) and I pick up a shirt and hold it up to look at it for size and style and there it was= the SAME SHIRT…. I just stared at it. No mistaking it. I got this weird feeling that came over me like a cold wet blanket and my stomach just flopped, I kinda couldn’t believe my eyes… and also thought maybe I’m just mistaken, but pretty sure not. There was only one there, not multiples, just one. Anyway, this sounds weird as I’m typing it but it was very weird in the store… so the part of me that might actually buy it to … what.. I don’t know… but I considered buying it because of it. Strange I know. So I take it into the dressing room and proceed to try it on, why I’m not sure, and as I put it over my head I got the strangest feeling, creepy, and horrific… kinda like here is a normal shirt whose twin was on the body of a very irresponsible and evil twit who is in court for this henious crime. As I struggled to get it off, as if it were full of spiders…I realized that it was too small around the neck to go over my head comfortably and was kinda stuck and got a huge rush of panic to get it off and thought what the hell am I doin’..? I had to put it back on the hanger and give it back to the salesperson at the counter as I felt like I was going to puke. I felt like it was so silly to even try it on, and when I got home I looked up the photo and sure enough it was the exact one. Now this morning I read in your blog entries that she was snagged as shopping in Target with her “friend’s” stolen checks. Probably buying that shirt. Weird. Anyway thanks for listening..I know many of you may hammer me for it all, okay fine. But I’m disgusted with her and her family and feel the same way I did about Scott Peterson. I remember the way I pensively waited for the verdict and absolutely felt relief and justice and cheered at it, and I honestly hope that I get the opportunity to do the same when she is convicted.

  480. Kevin says:

    Hi people…here is a little idea that would do this webpage some good:

    Go ahead and ignore James…don’t even reply to him. The person is a head case whether he is serious or just trying to push buttons.

    For all we know, it is Casey herself.

  481. elisa says:

    looks like james and brian missed their dose of medication – or perhaps they’ve overdosed. how can he even say that stuff about Crazy? I think it’s crazy heself, pretending to be james and brian, calling her self the little angel, saying she has grace and dignity, my good Lord, when I read that I vomited in my mouth a little. Sick twit that Crazy is, she’ll forever be known as a BABY KILLER, she’s not famous, she’s infamous. Toot your horn all you want Crazy – your just a nasty horseface loose loser bitch who will be spending a lot of time in prison sitting on your azzzz thinking about those moments you took your daughters life , hope it haunts you forever horseface!

  482. Nancy says:

    I may have to agree with Elisa and Kevin. “Brian” and “James” are probably Casey herself. When “James” responded to my comments about Casey’s behavior and about her sleeping with multiple men he said that he had done the same thing. So he’s either gay or not who he says he is. Another disturbing thing about “James” is that he has stated that he will contribute as much money as possible toward Casey’s defense fund. I don’t remember him offering to contribute anything toward the search for Caylee. Sounds like Casey’s type of logic., don’t you think?

  483. Lin says:

    Cindy & George may not have even known about the credit card. Casey could have applied for it in one of their names. That would explain why it got to be $45,000. Casey could have just got the statement each month, maybe even used a different mailing address. Made the minimum monthly payment & nobody was the wiser, until it got out of control & she was unable to make the payments & maxed out the card & that’s when the credit card company notified Cindy…just my thoughts.
    I can only imagine what life must have been like at that house raising Casey the past 22 years ! Must have been 1 lie after another .
    I think they are all Wacked !!

  484. weirded by "82" shirt says:

    Hey you guys notice the shirt she was wearing on the first video clip of her arriving in court, the blue short sleeve hooded with “82” on it…? I saw the same shirt at Target… guess she bought it with her friend’s stolen check… the sighting of it and urge to buy it for … what reason?… was really a weird feeling.

  485. hey I’m trying to figure out how to enter a comment… is this working?

  486. Melissa says:

    I have to agree with Kevin’s suggestion because James/Brian are insane from the very beginning from the word get go!!! I just didn’t buy all their bullshits!

    They kept rambling on and on which didn’t make sense to the intelligent people and as we know no one will ever sympathize with Casey and her family for all the wrongdoings they committed. I would have more sympathy for the innocent little Caylee than those morons living in that air conditioned house !

  487. Nancy says:

    I wonder how many more victims of Casey are out there that we don’t know about. It would also be interesting to find out what her teachers would have to say about her school performance and behavior. Obviously there were numerous red flags that were not addressed by anyone. She was obviously a great person to party with so it was easy for her friends to overlook her shortcomings. Her parents enabled her and obviously covered up for her bad behavior. I’m willing to bet that there are many other people out there that she stole from. Unfortunately, no one could have ever guessed that her antisocial behavior would lead to the death of her child.

  488. Lisa says:

    casey struts around with her lawyer like she doesnt have a care in the world! id like to slap the shit out of her too! i only hope they’re taking so long to arrest her so they have more than enough evidence for a conviction, which it seems to me they already have. i also dont want them to rush into it tho and risk the psycho getting off. they should throw her ass in jail til she starts talking. i think its ridiculous that shes getting treated with kid gloves. put her in with the rest of the criminals and let THEM have a shot at her.THAT would be justice! its about time she was held accountable for her actions, something she obviously never had to do before. i still think she drove away from orlando during those “30 days” her mother said she was “missing” and disposed of caylee’s body. thats probably why she isnt nervous about the searches, she knows shes not in the area.

  489. LEAN says:

    Hey Kevin, I believe you are right about James (Brian). We should all ignore him, because he sure brings out the worst in me about this case. He is a total Loser or definitely, Casey herself. And, if it is Casey…”FRY BABY KILLER FRY” or die at the hands of other fellow inmates at the State Pen., either way, YOU ARE DEAD, TOO, not just little Caylee. The difference is, the Devil himself is waiting on your soul and you’ll never ever see Caylee’s pretty little angel face again, because shes safe now (away from you & your sick parents), she is with GOD. And God Bless her for putting up with such a shitty parent as yourself. How could you have killed that beautiful baby, we’ll never know, you sick, deranged, horseface, drug taking, liar, ugly, whore who doesn’t deserve to live another day!!!!!!

  490. Harry says:

    My two cents: while Casey may be nuts enough to want to post to a blog about herself (to defend herself!), but I’m thinking the people around her, e.g., the attorney, would prevent/dissuade her from making any posts to any site, even using an alias. After all, each post has a distinct fingerprint (static IP address, I think) so it would cause additional trouble for her…

  491. MomofTOTS says:

    She killed her.. I thought maybe an accident at first, but the cold hearted way she lies, wont help cops, or give the family closure, I think they should put her away for obstructing justice, hopefully someone on the inside would take care of her the way she has taken care of her daughter! I have to tots, and they make me crazy, but I couldnt hurt them! Shes a loser and I can’t wait until they find that little girl! She will get hers!

  492. MomofTOTS says:

    To “James, Sept 15, 9:03” YOUR ON CRACK! If she was innocent, she wouldnt have to lie.. she hasnt told the truth about one thing!! EVERYTHING has been a lie.. so I”m not sure what you were doing while listing to the interview.. but paying attention was not one of them!!

  493. James says:

    Hey people! Did you hear that the defense team is feeling a little cheated? I told you!!

  494. James says:

    We will win this case and Casey will be free soon! Maybe serve 3 years suspended sentence but no more than that! Just a mistake we all can understand.

    Casey is cute and you ladies are jealous! She doesn’t have sex with just anyone! Please stop convicting her when she has done nothing wrong!!

    We love you Casey!!!!!

  495. James says:

    Lean – Interesting you freely call me a losser because I don’t agree with you!

  496. CaseyUgly says:

    James, I guess you don’t like girls if you think Casey is cute- she looks like a monkey, especially from the side with that round eyed stare and jutting lower jaw.

    Doesn’t matter what she looks like, she is guilty of disposing of her daughter’s body, abuse of a corpse and murder. Keep talking like a moron- we all know not all of us believe a liar.Takes one to know one huh James?

  497. James says:

    All I want is to express myself on this blog like everyone else. When you don’t agree with me you all attack me. Interersting.

    Casey is 22 years old. She is still a young, innocent (in many ways) girl. Yes, she lied out of fear! Fear of being attacked like you do here.

    Is there still freedom of speech? We are innocent!!!

    The Caseys are a very good family! You have to know the truth about them. They are being unfairly treated.

    I am just expressing myself. Someone agree with me and maybe email me personally. This is getting rediculous – standing alone while everyone knocks me and calls me nuts?

    Casey is a good girl that is misunderstood. Unity people, unity. We need your help supporting Casey and her loving family. Please help us!!

  498. CaseyUgly says:

    Jose BOZO Baez is completely and utterly grotesque- what’s with the strange hair line above his sideburns-and his suits are tight across his ugly suits are too tight-but then he has no clients except his pro-boner murderess, Casey Anthony. He can’t open his mouth without putting his foot in it. Maybe he’s getting something back- but he ought to have her mouth tested first. They deserve each other- by the way Mr. Baez, it is innappropriate to show that much personal affection with your client, holding her hand etc. Not in her best interest, check yourself- you are heading towards being disbarred as soon as the rest of your inappropriate behavior is revealed not that it would be anyone’s loss.

  499. Shan says:

    Some of you need to listen to yourselves and the hate coming from you. To wonder or have an opinion is one thing but don’t let yourself hate. I think someone said that Mom let Casey get away with things, placated her and spoiled her. That makes sense from what I have gathered. Casey sounds like she has no respect for her Mother at all. This might be a lesson to those that would rather give in to a child ( easier on the parent) instead of making the child accountable. Casey may now at last be held accountable but what a price. Because of her a small helpless child is gone, most likely dead. Pictures show a happy child with a smiling Casey and grandparents that must have spent a fortune on seeing their grandchild had everything. Yet with all the oddness of this case a person can’t help but feel there are some secrets this family don’t want people to know about. Secrets maybe Casey might want known. Who knows? We can say by the grace of God go we. I have children and grandchildren. I am so thankful I did not raise a Casey.

  500. Lin says:

    If Caylee is never found & Casey is never convicted .. life on the outside isn’t going to be good to Casey. Where would she go to carry on with her life & her family. Either way she’s a loser.

  501. Nancy says:

    WE are innocent?

  502. Harry says:


    Holy shit – now I’m disturbed.

    Brian/James/james = Casey, a family member or a ‘friend’.

    Whoever you are – go to Hell.

  503. LEAN says:

    Right On Harry, this person is definitely close to the family or one of the family members. No one else would totally say the things that Brian/James/james would be saying to all of us. He, she, it, whomever it really is, is in total denial, just like the “Anthonys”. Hey Brian, James, james (friend of Casey, family member), hate to see you the day the bitch goes away forever. Its just a matter of time before, they do locate little Caylee’s body, then the UGLY, HORSEFACE BITCH will fry one way or another…HA ha ha ha ha…All of my friends and family are gonna through a HUGE PARTY, the day they convict the whore. BTW, the guys she has slept with in the past or recently, I wouldn’t set up my worst enemy with, they are all just as ugly or uglier than Casey…YUCK!!!!!!!!!! Not to mention, total LOSERS, just like herself. Her most recent bo, lived in the most HOOD type apartments in Orlando, Groody to the Max!!!!! It makes trail parks look Good…ha ha ha, frickin scum bags, with no lives whatsoever. TOTALLY!!!!

  504. ANGEL says:


  505. LEAN says:

    Oh, and BTW (Brian, James, james), you are a Loser on this POST!!!! So, please….get lost cause you’ll never win with any of us. Its totally obvious to anyone with class and higher standards than your average “Joe” (or in this case, your average Brian, James or james). Yea Baby!! GET LOST!!! Go post with people like yourself, oh, oops, there aren’t many of you out there, must be really hard to find someone to talk to especially since the Anthonys are so busy looking for Caylee, they can’t take your call anymore, much less call you back, I know>).

  506. Margaret says:

    Casey and her mom Cindy are both liars. Cindy claimed in her call to police that her daughter’s car smelled like a dead body. She later said it was a smell from rotten pizza, and still later, claimed the car didn’t smell at all until it had been at the impound lot for a few days. Oh, yes, she also claimed to have washed a pair of pants that belonged to Casey and that smelled like the car. Now Cindy claims to be getting calls with tips that Caylee is in Texas or perhaps Mexico. I hope the police are tapping her phone, because if she’s lying about the calls, she should be arrested for lying to police. Too bad Cindy didn’t allow Casey to give Caylee up for adoption when she wanted to. Caylee would be alive and happy, a childless couple would have a beautiful little girl, Cindy wouldn’t be dealing with protesters in front of her house, and Casey would be out partying and stealing from her friends.

  507. james says:

    I still don’t understand. You all blame me because I want casey to get a fair trial. Is that a crime? Beat her? Torture her? And you call me sick? You all need some help. Are you afraid to live in the grey and let the wheels of justice turn? I only want her to have a fair chance.

  508. Nancy says:

    Now it all makes sense! Who else but Casey or a family member would refer to her as misunderstood, little angel, cute, graceful, charming, beautiful, dignified, innocent, etc. We may have all been fooled except that Brian/James/Casey/family member overdid it with the Casey compliments. Oh, and the “we” slip up. Even my 11 year old daughter who has been following the case figured out from the beginning that Casey killed her daughter.

    Now Mr. Padilla says he thinks Casey had an accomplice in disposing of the body. Any guesses on who that accomplice is?

    Listening to the police interrogation tapes it is amazing to hear the extent of Casey’s lies. Not to mention that her account of the last time she saw Caylee has changed several times. She also seems to have a knack for using the names of people she barely knows to weave into her stories. Apparently she never imagined that the authorities would track those people down for questioning. In some cases she used the names of people she hadn’t had contact with in years.

    Some of you may not agree with me but I believe that first and foremost Casey needs extensive psychological and maybe psychiatric intervention. My reasoning: what if she never gets charged for Caylee’s murder and maybe serves only a few years on the other charges. What happens when she is back out on he streets? What if she has another child? If her sociopathic behavior is not addressed who knows who her next victim(s) will be. Any thoughts?

  509. Melissa says:

    As I earlier felt that Casey did murder her child and had someone help her throw the body in the lake swamped with alligators. That accomplice is someone within the family circuit.

    As for James/Brian, he is a very sick character ..even what he’s babbling about is out of the universe and doesn’t make sense one bit. He is in total denial about Casey and is living in la la land!

  510. james says:

    Unity people. We need to stay united and pray for casey and baby caylee. Give casey a chance to explain herself. She is scared. She is still innocent until proven otherwise. So stop being jealous of her beauty, grace, charm and intelligence. Don’t be haters be lovers.

  511. Nancy says:

    How many chances should Casey get to explain herself? She’s had numerous opportunities to do just that but each time more lies emerge. The more time she gets to explain herself the more tangled the web of lies gets.

    Folks, since we don’t know who Brian/James really is I suggest we refer to him/her as Tonto (stupid) because that is the kindest way I can think of to describe him/her.

  512. LEAN says:

    Yea, the lies are just piling up day by day. Even with her attorney, you know shes also making him believe her, just as Tonto does. Its the evil in her, I believe. She has always had this some sort of power over simple men. Even over her parents, she seems to have them in her pocket, as to speak, believing every word she says and hanging on her words as though they have some secret meaning to them???…No, just pure LIES, dumbies, wake up. They all need to move back to Ohio, BTW, because we Floridians don’t want people like that living in our communities. They are low class trash, hillbilly, lying, fools that are all headed to the State Pen…Like I’ve said in the beginning, she had her fathers help disposing the body & telling her to go hide from her mom for 30 days and clean up her drugged up system. Then, after 30 dys., come back & they’d figure out something. Because George had no idea that Cindy went to get Casey from her boyfriends apt., he was at work. Then, they called him and acted very weird and went home. By that time, Casey was on floor, telling Lee, she lost Caylee over 30 dys. ago? Its just too…..farfetched. She didn’t have time to go over any good story w/her father yet, so she came up with this laim one. Also, hes probably the one to tell her to drop off her car at the Amscot, hoping someone would steal it, but no one did. So, they kind of got caught in that sense, because it came right back on home to their house…and then her mother washed clothes out of the car because the stunk so bad. Then, she tells 911 operator about the “smell of a dead body in the damn car”. Cindy didn’t know at that time, but I truly believe she has been told by now, by Lee, what really happened and thats why they are all protecting her now. Its human nature to protect the ones you love. I guess a lot of families may do the same thing given certain situations, like an accident or something. But, my dad is a retired DC police officier and if he found out I had accidentially killed his grandchild, he’d make me turn myself in and tell them what exactly happened (if it was an accident, hed help me, if I did it on purpose, he’d right me off forever. Her dad (George) is nothing like my father though, theres a BIG DIFFERENCE. George is fishy, weird, not to the point about a damn thing, never makes nay sense whatsoever. You just can’t believe him for some weird reason, he knows more but yet holding it all back just as everyone else in their entire family.

  513. Kay says:

    I do not believe Casey left her in the hot car and she accidentally died because then I think she would care that she is dead! That’s the part to me that is the weirdest is how none of them look for her and none of them have ever shed a tear!! It is just NOT normal! If they don’t solve this case soon there are going to be alot more people nuts out there with overheated brains trying to figure this all out!! She WILL go to jail…it’s just a matter of when!!!???

  514. Nancy says:

    My belief is the person who initially helped Casey dispose of the body is Lee. That might explain Casey and Lee’s “high five” when they thought they weren’t being observed. Also, a couple of weeks ago Cindy and George agreed to a polygraph but Lee convinced them not to. Why?

    What about other relatives? I haven’t heard of any relatives coming forward to speak in their defense (or not). Just seems weird that there aren’t some uncles, cousins, in-laws out there. It’s possible that they have been alienated by the rest of the family because of Casey’s shenanigans or the dysfunctional actions of Casey, Lee, George, and Cindy.

    Casey is always wearing those rosary beads but it’s been reported that she’s not Catholic. Just another way to drum up sympathy. What is their religion, anyway?

  515. Melissa says:

    If George was a real decent ex cop with believed in honesty, integrity, pride, dignity, and respect, he would have forced his family do the right thing by coming clean. If he was an honest man, George would have turn in Casey to the police and put her in jail. Plus, he would have put his foot down regarding bailing her out by any stupid bail bondsmen and have her serve time just like the rest of the wrongdoers. But, NO! With his mismatched black eyebrows with his white roof on top give George of appearance of being sinister, untrustworthy, and a partner in crime. I honestly don’t trust any member of the Anthony Family.

    As for Stupid Tonto, he needs to quit being more stupid, dumb, and dumber. NO ONE IS jealous of the criminal sociopath LIAR CASEY. In fact, the whole USA , law enforcement, and FBI are very disgusted with her for all her crime activities. She is a slut who slept with so many that she has no clue who Caylee’s father was and tried to saddle paternity on every guy she came in contact with, low class trash, druggie, murderer, crook, thief, and absolutely has no grace, charm, or beauty or feminity. She is a hard looking and cold woman who can lie about anything and wouldn’t crack until the day she dies!!!!!

    Stupid Tonto is as stupid as Casey. The law enforcement and Nancy Grace’s legal panel found Casey as being very immature and not very intelligent!! But Caylee was a lot brighter than Casey and if she grew up in a different household, Caylee would have made something out of herself as a professional career woman .

  516. Lin says:

    Is it my imagination or did Casey lighten her hair?
    She she has alot of time on her hands while everyone else is worrying & looking for her daughter!

  517. James says:

    Leave Caseu alone you jealous ladies!! Look in the mirror… you look as good? NO!!

  518. James says:

    You people can’t accept that one person (me) won’t *hate* with you! I am so happy I don’t live near you! Why do you resort to *blame* and name calling?

    My opinion is Casey deserves a fair trial. Is that a reason to call me stupid? Hmmmm

    Casey is 22 years old….very sick and in trouble. Do you have to even comment on her hair? Would you go outside if you were her? The public would kill her. She is doing the right thing by staying inside. You people think you are the law. Well you are not!!

    I understand Caylee is a beautiful little baby and I greive for her not even knowing her. And she would have been better in another home. I would have adopted her myself just as any of you would have. I don’t call you names. State your opinion…’s just that…..your opinion. And I have mine.

    Casey is beautiful to look at and I would date her in a second. She could use some help…sure but you can too! Are you perfect? No!

    So quit the jealous name calling and support this innocent young woman. Let’s unite and help spread love not hate. She made some mistakes…let’s help her to reform and work with others. She can still be of some worth to the community in many ways.

    Is this about freedom of speech or do I have to agree with everything you say?????? If I disagree do I get tossed aside like Casey????

    Look in the mirror people……are you perfect? No again!

    Casey and her attorney have a huge problem! Why can’t we try to help them instead of scare them to death?

    Turn a very bad situation into a positive one.

    Melissa and Lean are very sick people. They need serious help in the *head* department. Very, very sick people and very jealous of Casey’s great looks and body! Very jealous!

    Nancy keep praying and loving.

  519. James says:

    LEAN – you are discusting! Let’s air your dirty laundry in front of the public! Come on LEAN let’s talk about you now.

    You make me sick!!

    Watch me get kicked off this site because I have my own opinion!!

    Spread love LEAN not hate. You need serious, long term help in the head.

    Casey is beautiful and you are jealous of her becasue she has the attention and you don’t!

    Lean – I pray for you and your bad attitude. I really do care about other people…..and their happiness.

    There is more than one opinion.

    You won’t chase me away from here.

  520. LEAN says:

    Hey LOSER TONTO, Go straight to hell!!!! You have no idea what Melissa and me look like. You are a deranged and probably just as ugly or uglier then Caseys other beau’ s, thats probably why you think you’d stand a chance w/her. And, no YOU Are THE ONE VERY VERY SICK IN THE HEAD AND JUST THINKING WITH YOUR DICK, OBVIOUSLY. Wake up RETARD or go back to school one, this is all common sense, which you have none of that apparent. You are the one who needs serious help in the HEAD department, both heads, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…..Go dream about sick you and sick Casey being together, cuz it’ll never happen, BITCH IS GOING TO THE PEN, where plenty of girls will GET HER, not you Tonto…BYW, I wouldn’t want you living near me either, feelings are mutual TONTO. I bet you are from either Ohio or West Virginia, yea that explains a lot, you’re a RETARD. Go away you sick sick sick sick, jerk, pervert, and dumb as doornail prick. Leave this post alone and go tell someone who believes in you, but like I said before, there aren’t any, so you continue to post here. Well, as you can tell, none of us want you here so please please please go away. Keep trying to get through to the Anthonys, they’ll agree with you, but no one with a BRAIN will. So go away dingdong!! And yes I’ll call you whatever names I feel fit you, which are a lot more, but I’m really trying not to be too nasty to you its just you ARE REALLY DUMB and its very irritating.

  521. Undecided says:

    I have been following this story every since it came out. I dont know what has or hasnt happened, but I am not going to blame or judge anyone until the truth is fully known. I can understand why the Anthony family has been going crazy lately anyone in there right mind would with all those protesters outside there home all the time. I feel it is their right to protest but it is getting out of hand, people bringing their kids out to that house just to scream hateful things. The woman whose child hurt his arm the other night I watched the video and that child was laying on the ground crying about his arm and no one even acted like they cared. They were to busy screaming at Cindy. This is all crazy.

  522. Melissa says:

    Stupid James Tonto–You are very very very sick psycho! I am certainly not jealous of Casey at all and am very glad I have very clean reputation and very responsible citizen who is a productive member of society. I am a flight attendant for a highly reputable international airlines with very respectable co-workers who are highly educated and extremely attractive looking in appearance.

    I feel extremely sorry for you and you aren’t even a productive member of society. You must be a scumbucket, slimebucket, and a homeless drunk and drug addict!

  523. Hope says:

    I have an idea. Let’s stop replying to James and get on with the thoughts on this case. Bantering back and forth is really not accomplishing anything.

  524. BarbWire says:

    Casey is beautiful on the outside but UGLY on the inside. The men who are posting here and proclaiming that we all need to be more understaning need to start thinking with the head on their shoulders not the one dangling between their pathetic legs. The only reason she is getting attention is because her daughter is missing and she acts like she does not care, and is lying thru her teeth about everything, not because she is so good looking.

  525. Nancy says:

    Being jealous of someone means that you would like to be like them. If I was to be jealous of someone why would I pick a 22 year old highschool dropout who is also a sociopath, a pathological liar, very promiscuous, unintelligent, alcoholic, drug user, thief, and quite possibly a murderer? There a lot of other beautiful, intelligent, upstanding women who are productive members of society who I can choose to be jealous of. Of course, I am one of those women so it really is a moot point.

    Personally, I don’t think Tonto should leave the site. Some of us believe he is in some way involved with or a part of the Anthony family. Maybe if he stays he will be kind enough to pass on our comments to the rest of the family. If he really is who he says he is, then each day his comments will add a little humor to our lives.

    Thanks, Tonto!

  526. TJ says:

    TO HOPE–You have an excellent point!!! We have excellent Casey analyzers on this site except for Tonto. Wish the FBI and Orange County Sheriff Dept would hire us to solve the Caylee Mystery disappearance and nail Casey and the whole family into the prison’s walls.

  527. Brian says:

    Ok, I just read the posts with the ‘conspiracy theorists’ claiming that I was another person named James.

    If they actually had any perception skills, which they obviously don’t, they would have noticed that James was actually defending Casey in his ramblings, while I have stated numerous times that Casey is guilty as sin.

    I’ve been one of Casey’s biggest critics, meanwhile the conspiracy theorists have had an off-the-point preoccupation with the parents.

    To me, that’s like discussing the crimes of WW2 and instead of talking about Hitler and his guilt instead focus on one of his lieutenants.

    As usual, these conspiracists ignore the circumstances of this case, they think 2 + 2 equals 5, and when anyone intelligently calls them on their b.s. they go into name calling mode & start using sixth grade antics. Which is consistent with their reasoning skills in the first place.

  528. Brian says:

    Shannon: “The evidence was tampered with and cleaned, why wouldn’t she volunteer it?”

    If Cindy had cleaned them to ‘cover it up’ then why would she tell the police about them when she didn’t even have to?

    After Cindy cleaned up Caylee’s pants why would she then tell the cops that it had a strange odor to them? They would have never known what they smelt like.

    Why would Cindy intentionally ‘incriminate’ herself by volunteering that information and also assisting the police by informing them of what she found in the car at the time.

    Not only did Cindy wash & SAVE everything she found in the car at the time, but she also told the police about all of it when she didn’t even have to.

    That’s not consistent with someone trying to coverup evidence.

    Like I said previously, this points to that Cindy obviously found the stuff in the car, Casey made some excuse as to why they were dirty & smelly, so then Cindy brought them back into the house and washed them.

    After Casey told her mom that in fact Caylee was missing then Cindy immediately called 9-1-1 to have Casey arrested and then told them what she knew.

  529. Nancy says:

    I have read of numerous cases where someone goes missing or is found murdered and the family members come forward and volunteer to take a polygraph. This is an easy way of proving that you have nothing to hide so that the search for the guilty person can begin. Why have the Anthony’s refused to take a polygraph? From what I understand they won’t even consent to having one done by a source independent of the police department. If the whole family could be ruled out as suspects wouldn’t that force the authorities to look further? If they are so concerned about Caylee being found why not consent to a polygraph? The only reason I can come up with is that they know they will fail!

  530. TJ says:

    This Casey situation is a great murder mystery story and wish that the sheriff’s dept would gather all our factual opinions together and read them because of the fact we have a much better objective insight into this whole thing!!! We all love murder mysteries and we have the ability to slice/dice all the factual evidence presented to us and arrive at a very very logical and sound conclusion of what really happened to the little girl named Caylee!

    I still would question suspiciously of why the Anthonys refused to take the polygraph test..first, they were willing to and BIG CREEP LEE talked them out of it! What was Lee afraid of?????? I honestly believe that this family knows way alot more than what they are telling and are lying through their teeth and dentures/false teeth!

  531. Brian says:

    “If they are so concerned about Caylee being found why not consent to a polygraph?”

    1. Taking a polygraph is not going to help find Caylee.

    2. The Police department has not asked the Anthony family to take a polygraph test.

    3. The police department is actively looking for Caylee.

    4. The police department have made it clear that they believe that Casey knows the whereabouts about, they have not arrested anyone else in the disappearance of Caylee.

    5. The police department is wiser than any random citizen posting assumptions on an internet message board.

    6. If the police department had even the slightest bit of reason to even suggest that any member of the Anthony family, aside from Casey, has any knowledge of the whereabouts of Caylee they would take necessary action.

    7. The assumptions and speculations by blog based internet users are just that, assumptions and speculations. And from a critical and objective point of view of the circumstantial evidence surrounding this case, there isn’t even valid cause to SUSPECT the Anthony family of a coverup.

    8. All of the real evidence in this case points directly to Casey, and her alone.

    9. The circumstantial evidence that conspiracists mention to justify their speculation of the parents doesn’t, in reality, justify anything they are saying. And many times the ‘evidence’ they bring up actually contradicts the point they’re meaning to imply.

  532. Nancy says:

    Mr. Padilla was at the Anthony home, parked in a van outside, when they were offered and refused a polygraph. Lee delivered that decision directly to Mr. Padilla and his associates. Does it really matter who offered it? The point is that they refused. If they were afraid of a possible flawed result they could have requested two tests from different sources. Even if they had to pay for it themselves. They had no qualms about coming up with the $ to bail Casey out of jail twice. I disagree that a polygraph won’t help find Caylee. Common sense dictates that if the police have a suspect or suspects based on circumstantial evidence and numerous lies told they are likely to focus most of their efforts on those persons. If, however, those individuals can be ruled out as suspects then the police will have no choice but to persue other possible leads. By refusing to take the polygraph they are hindering the investigation, in my humble opinion. If they are not involved why not take the polygraph?

    I can only speak for myself but if I was in their shoes I would be willing to do ANYTHING that could possibly help the investigation. Don’t forget that Cindy also refused to provide the authorities with some of Caylee’s belongings for DNA comparison. Why? If YOUR child or grandchild was missing and you weren’t involved wouldn’t you do everything in your power to help the police?

    The two individuals who are on the Anthony’s side should take the time to read the police documents before coming to their defense.

  533. Nancy says:

    To add to my previous comments, why is it that Cindy and George c

  534. Krista says:

    Do you have any idea who are the prosecuting lawyers????? What the Orange County Sheriff Dept and the FBI need is a team of very sharp high profile attorneys once this trial begins. I believe Cindy and the neighbor who owns the shovel have been subpoenaed for the Nov. court date. I am truly afraid that Caylee is no longer with us..police always say that the most crucial duration is when a child goes missing for three hours. The longer period of time a child is missing, chance of finding that child being alive is very very slim.

    I am still wondering why the Anthonys were so fearful of taking the lie detector test. If they are so so so eager to find Caylee, wouldn’t it be a great idea to have taken the test and moved on. I have seen many murder cases where grandparents and parents being so stressed out and really want to find the child, they would be willing to take the polygraph test, and would be grieving. Unfortunately, the Anthonys have not exhibited cooperation with the law enforcement and no tears, no grieving process. They’re too too busy hammering signs, fertilizing their front lawn, asking for money donations for Casey, yelling, cursing, and getting in altercations with others.

  535. Nancy says:

    Oops! To add to my previous comments, why is it that Cindy and George can come up with money to keep bailing Casey out of jail but I haven’t heard them offer to contribute $ to the search. Is keeping Casey out of jail more important than finding Caylee. Come to think of it, why aren’t they out there assisting in the search. It doesn’t appear that anyone in the family is working (I could be wrong) so why aren’t they out there. I know that Casey is restricted by her monitoring bracelet but what about the rest of the family?

    I know it sounds like I’m focusing more on Cindy, George, and Lee than on Casey. The truth is that even though they say it they don’t act as if they believe Caylee is still alive. If they don’t think she is still alive then they know more than they are admitting. That would explain the refusal to take a polygraph.

  536. shannon says:

    How convienent “Brian” as soon as “‘James” stops commenting, you start. Coincidence? Your ignorance & stupidity does not warrant a response.

  537. shannon says:

    James & Brian need to do they’re homework…

    I have read every one of the 431 pages of police documents related to Casey, and I suggest they do the same. I am reposting my links so that this time they may actually read them and then come back and post when they are fully informed.

    Read the documents:

    Look at the photos: (a lying, ugly, druken whore) These photos show her true colors!

  538. James says:

    Brian – these people think we are the same person because we share some ideas! At least I am not alone here.

    I won’t stoop to your level Lean and Melissa. Comment and call me all the names you wish. I know what I am doing here. I can only say that I do understand why you ladies are angry with me. I really do. I don’t want to get into the name calling any further and waste this forum space.

    I still think Casey deserves a fair chance and trial.

    Her attorney is just watching out for her as he should. It doesn’t deserve nasty comments.

    If I had a chance I would date Casey. She will be out in 2 to 3 years and we could begin then. I know this for sure.

    A liar doesn’t make her a killer.

    And one more thing to Melissa and Lean and Nancy…..Casey is quite beautiful inside and out! You don’t know her. She’s going through a rough time and still looks really hot!

  539. shannon says:

    James: Are you implying that you do know Casey? And if so, how?

    And if you believe she is innocent, why then do you say she will be out in 2-3 years? People aren’t sentenced to serve time when proven innocent.

  540. Nancy says:

    Shannon, good question for James. He has spent all this time insisting that Casey is innocent. So where is she going that she won’t be out for 2-3 years? I admit that I think Casey is attractive but if you think she’s beautiful on the inside your standards must be pretty low. People who are beautiful on the inside don’t steal money from their friends and relatives, lie every chance they get and, at the very least, neglect their children.

    If my son brought Casey home I would advise him to get as far away from her as possible. In the meantime I would make sure my cash, credit cards, jewelry, etc. was locked up.

  541. Dottie says:

    James ‘s self esteem and standards are very very low. A very decent man with high moral standards would be very picky as far as women go and he would not even give Casey a first look. Any female who has stolen money from friends, grandparents, mother, forged checks, fraudulent use of personal identity, credit cards, lied lied lied lied lied lied to law enforcement with a cold straight face, and a baby killer is not one to be considered beautiful inside. I imagine James must have committed same wrongdoings as Casey and has a wrong rap sheet with the law enforcement.

    James needs to be careful of Casey..she probably will stab him in the back with a butcher knife if she ever got the chance because she is just that kind of person!

  542. LEAN says:

    Ok you guys remember when Casey 1st got arrested and she had some weirdo come to jail to see her and tell her he believed her and all…well, I think James could be this same guy? Or, someone just like that guy. He barley knew Casey, but I guess he had the hots for her in highschool, and she never would give him the time of day, but now she actually has contact with him, I’ve heard (from source at Sheriff’s Office, BTW). This is most likely “him” you guys”. Hey James, Did you happen to work at Colemans Nursery off of Holden Ave., at one time? And, hey I really hate the way I’m relaying things to you but you are very upsetting to women who have their own little girls (& boys) with us and could never possibly dream of not knowing where they were for 2 seconds, much less 30 days. And then to top it off, she acts as though she could really give two shits or not where Caylee is or try to get someone to help find her ASAP. Its just total common sense for all of us REAL MOTHERS, it would never never never ever happen the way Casey has tried to make everyone believe. BIG FAT LIAR is all she is and shes trying to save her own skin, because obviously shes likes having lots of different sex partners (4 within that 30 days, that we know of) and no time to spare looking for her daughter. What ever….!!!! Sicko for sure and she is guilty of killing Caylee, it is so…..obvious…Chloroform????? Come on James, what the hell do you think she using Chloroform on??????? Huh???????Answer that one. And, why in the heck does her car have decomposing evidence of Caylee being there at one time? Why did she leave her care at Amscott forever, when it was just out of gasoline?? Most NORMAL BEHAVING PEOPLE, get gas and bring it right back to car and go home, dah…She left it, hoping some loser would steal it and burn it something to get rid of evidence or add more to make it look as though someone else had killed Caylee. It is totally obvious to anyone with a brain, Casey if GUILTY. Sorry dude, you’re never gone win here…

  543. LEAN says:

    Ooops Sorry, I meant “Casey IS GUILTY”, not “if”. And, after you have answered those questions, I have a whole…….bunch more buddy. Maybe you could ask her yourself, but I said to you before, I bet its kind of hard for yo to get her lately, isn’t it? I know you keep on trying, but to no avail (the Sheriff’s Office knows all about you…if you are that guy that went to jail to visit her a while back, that is?! Let us know James…that’d be nice…Who are you exactly?

  544. James says:

    You guys really do have some good stuff to say and I really don’t want to admit that!

    I meant she will serve time for the check cashing stuff. She is guilty of that.

    But you brought up a good point…..she is guilty of that.

    I am spending so much time defending her I didn’t even think of that part. Seriously, I was only thinking of the killing part….which I want to wait to see if she is proven guilty.

    But the charges she faces now…..I didn’t think too much about until now. Of course I wouldn’t want to leave her alone in my house.

    And mentioning your own children reminded me of your vantage point…..I don’t have young children.

    So, let me clearify my position.

    She is a theif who will do time for that. She is very good looking and I would date her. The girls I always date are usually strippers so I am used to lies, drugs and dirty sex. Sorry but that’s how it has been for me.

    The lies to the police are wrong. I understand that too.

    The other facts haven’t yet been proven so we will have to wait and see.

    She is hot and that impairs my judgment. Sorry but I am shallow when it comes to good looking woman. I admit it.

  545. James says:

    Regarding *dirty sex* I mean they usually cheat and lie…..I don’t literally mean dirty.

    I was in foster care when I was young so I know that is where I went wrong.

  546. Brian says:

    James, don’t worry about it..

    Notice how convenient it is for *some* of these ppl to change the subject from the guilt/innocence of the grandparents to the subject of whether we’re the same person. Which we clearly arent. How very *junior high* of them.

    They yet again prove their inability to correctly weigh evidence:

    1. James obviously thinks Casey is in some way innocent.

    2. I believe Casey is 100% guilty, all the evidence points to her. And I’ve never said otherwise.

    As for the grandparents being in some way responsible in the coverup.. just look at the facts

    If they were trying to cover anything up why did Cindy have Casey arrested, why did Casey take off with the car, why did Casey steal the gas cans, why did Casey herself, borrow the shovel and according to the neighbors’ testimony pull the car up to the garage by herself to put something into it, why did Casey steal money from her friend if her parents were really helping her during that whole month.

    Why did Cindy tell the police that it smelt like ‘death’ in the trunk of the car. And why did Cindy tell the police that Caylee’s pants had a strange odor to them at the time she found them. The police would have never known that.

    If Cindy & George were trying to cover anything up they arent showing it by their actions.

    To cover something up you must first KNOW something, The only thing Cindy & George have been saying to the media is what Casey’s take on the situation is, that’s not covering up, that’s believing your daughter, something alot of parents in these kinds of situations naively do. So quit barking up the wrong tree, Casey is the key to this case, not the parents.

  547. Dottie says:

    OOPS! Misspelled the word and I meant that James must be just like Casey who committed so many wrongdoings and must have a LONG RAP SHEET WITHE THE LAW ENFORCEMENT !

  548. Marie says:

    James has a very twisted and warped mind who cannot tell the difference right from wrong. How come so many many protesters from the Orlando community are very very angry with Casey and her family. The Anthonys were involved in altercations with the hecklers in front of their home and wimpy henpecked husband George hiding behind Cindy’s shorts while she was fighting the protesters holding a baseball bat. And then, wimpy George could only protect himself with a garden hose with a steady stream of water. He was hosing the protesters with water and they loved it. George cooled the protesters off from the heat and humidity!!!!

    If Cindy ever tried to hit any of the protesters, she surely be charged with battery and she and George can go to jail. They can share a jail cell together.

  549. MCG says:

    James must have a LONG RAP SHEET WITH THE POLICE just like Casey!!!!!

  550. Brian says:

    To Nancy: Not so, when this case first unfolded the Anthony Family, being short on funds, organized a fundraiser and raised thousands of dollars to help search for Caylee. And they made a pledge to spend none of it on Casey’s bail, and they honored that pledge, all of it went to help find Caylee.

    To Shannon: Ofcourse you won’t, it’s because you can’t, I stated the glaring truth about your poorly thought out speculation about Cindy washing Caylee’s pants and you can’t intelligently refute it because you know it makes sense. So now you’ll switch to something different to attack the grandparents about.

  551. Michelle says:

    All I can say James is a very pathetic individual with very low self esteem, twisted mind, and very low moral standards who would go for a hard core criminal like Casey. Very decent men who have alot of respect, dignity, pride, and integrity for themselves simply don’t go for a girl like Casey even if Jose Baez offered them lots of money to go out with her!!!!! A majority of the population knows that Casey has done something very evil to that child and grandparents and Lee are extremely guilty in obstructing justice. I like to know what the hell is Cindy doing at home ..I thought she flew to Puerto Rico and got on television , asking the people to look for Casey.