Caylee Anthony

Ok I am consumed and I admit it.  I think about all the ladies I’ve “met” from Angie’s blog and how much anyone of them would give to be a mother to their child/children and then you have some spoiled brat like Casey Anthony that is obviously playing some “type of game” with the welfare of her child and I am disgusted.  This family is strange, the grandmother who I had so much sympathy for has me so mad I would like to drive to Florida, I was happy to see a reporter put her in her place today on Fox News, (Go Meghan) Video  I think Grandma likes being in the spotlight, I wonder if she knows what an idiot she looks like?  You can see a lot of discussion about the case here.

Additional post and lots of information about Caylee Anthony.

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I started my blog as a way to connect with other paper crafters and of course it has gone a totally different direction. I've been able to share my experience as a mother, my hurt and disappointments over not having a relationship with my maternal unit, my walk with God and how knowing Him has changed me and continues to help me grow into the person I strive to be......
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30 Responses to Caylee Anthony

  1. I completely disagree with you.
    Cindy has a very valid point. Caylee’s picture needs to get out as much as possible. The mother if she did or did not have involvement in this.. if she knows or does not know can all be dealt with later. Right now, the main focus is to find this little girl as fast as possible!

  2. Sara Alvey says:

    After I read your previous post I heard the latest going on with this case. It makes me sick. Someone in that family knows something about that poor child. I agree with you about Grandma too.

  3. Elaine says:

    I too am consumed by this case! Can’t wait for the outcome. Did anyone notice Casey’s flat affect and the grandmother Cindy being so beligerant!? And why all the lies from Casey? Something very stange is going on.

  4. Lisa says:

    My biggest concern would be getting her photo out there. The reports we have received definately lead one to assume that Caylee’s mother is hiding something…but what is she isn’t? The police have jumped to conclusions about family members in situations like this in the past and it proved to be a mistake. Meanwhile the guilty party is getting farther out of reach. If Caylee’s mother is involved it is an impossible, heartbreaking truth, but if she isn’t…time is being waisted to save Caylee.

  5. Genny Reitenauer says:

    It’s pathetic how Cindy Anthony evades every question peraining to the involvement of her daughter, in this case. I’m tired of hearing her tell us how upset she is over her granddaughter being missing, yet not willing to get to the truth

  6. jennifer says:

    I have been sick to my stomach about this since I first heard about it a few days ago on FOX. I have six kids…and my 4 year old daughter, Lizzie, looks so much like little Caylee….it brought tears to and OUT of my eyes. My first thought was..Dear God, her mother must be frantic….until I watched more media coverage and found that the MOM is in JAIL for NOT reporting her BABY MISSING?!?!?!?! This case is one of the strangest things I have ever seen on TV. I am still praying every day that God brings Caylee home….she must be so scared.

  7. Linda says:

    Completely agree – this little baby is most likely dead & I also believe that both the mother & grandmother are sickos! Lock them both up & soon!

  8. Sharon says:

    I have been following this story since it aired on Nancy Grace; I pray that Caylee is found alive but @ this point it’s really beginning to make me wonder. The Mother has me baffled as to why is she hiding the where abouts of this child(HER CHILD)I would be distraught, She is not cooperating with the police as her attorney stated because she would give the authorities some insight on the missing toddler,God please help the grandmother she is hiding something and it’s obvious she is protecting her daughter but if that was me and god forbid I would have to give the police any information that would lead to the safe return of my granddaughter. I think that she(grandmother) should be arrested and charged with obstruction of justice. I will continue to pray for Caylee and ask god to protect her.

  9. Janette says:

    I have also been following this story since it aired. I am disturbed and disgusted. why on earth would a mohter not report her child missing andv if she knew what happened to here ahy not let authorities know all that she knows. It is really sad that mothers do not care about their children anymore. I would be devasted if this happened to my 6 year old or even my 13 year old. I pray the poor girl is found alive but I feel at this point that she won’t be. I think the whole family is hiding something…awaiting the outcome.

  10. elisa says:

    Why havne’t we heard from the Grandfather (cindy’s husband)? He was in law enforcment right? Perhaps he know ways to cover things up, and instructed his daughter and wife how to do it. I also heard the cadaver dogs indicated something in the back yard . . . and dirt found in the trunk of the car. So strange how Casey lived with her parents and daughter, went missing, along with the child, all along had the mother’s car, abandoned it, and this child wasnt’ reported missing earlier? Smells like susan smith, melinda duckett, or meadeline mcann, unfortunately we may never know what happened to Caylee.

  11. Worried says:

    I believe I saw the grandfather on Fox news this morning, packing his car and saying he was going to head up a search for Caylee. Since then I have heard nothing about him or any search. Can someone give me some info on him? Could it be that he has had all he can take from Cindy and just wanted to get out??

  12. BillML says:

    This truly all truly bizarre. What has not been addressed/remarked upon since last week is the boyfriend and the Jacksonville alleged work stint.
    That should be a lead. Hope they are working on that! My belief and hope that the child is yet alive is that she is with some flaky boyfriend; or that
    Yes, I agree, ’tis really strange that Casey apparently/said was living with her parents, but they didn’t question nor miss their valued granddaughter! Wierd!
    Too: The Car. That Casey obviously hocked her car (in parent(s)) name (signed-over?); and that would put her in a light of need of money. I would think yes, they come after you after at least 30-days, so that places a time-line. The co. that she pawned with probably does a weekly payment schedule.

  13. Terri NY says:

    Come on??? They found the child’s hair in the trunk of the car. And what about the child’s Paternal grandparents?? The child’s dad is supposed to be dead and obviously they were not married, but where is the other family in all this?? Casey’s own freinds said they got several conflicting stories, from her, as to where the kid was for the past month. As for the Grandmother, there was a 911 call, she was frantic on it. Now that all changed? I smell a slick attorney here.

  14. Sunny says:

    There has been a really strange look Casey’s face . In the begining @ court appearances she looks as though she has no expression. I heard the 911 calls and I feel as though Casey is not talking because she knows either she killed her daughter or there is a issue of money, possible drugs???

  15. TheDeeZone says:

    I agree with you. When I first hear about this case on the news. I kept wondering what took the grandparents so long to do or report the case?

  16. Gossie says:

    I don’t know what to think. Casey seems out to lunch mentally. Cindy loves her daughter and tries to protect her.

    I think they need to check under the slab. I seriously don’t think the child is still alive.

  17. Terri NY says:

    There was also a reported strong smell of someing decomposing in Grandma’s car. (Cindy) Which i believe she reported stolen at first. In one of her 911 calls she can be heard saying something about “no dead body” in her car. That confused me. After she did not need the police anymore, but rather, a LAWYER, she changed her tune and said it was a rotting pizza left in the car. These people are guilty of something!!!

  18. Leah says:

    I really thought for awhile that maybe Casey had been threatened with Caylee’s death if she told where she was, I wanted to believe that Casey was actually trying to protect Caylee. But I heard last night that Casey had stolen her mom’s credit card and gone on a shopping spree while Caylee was missing. That doesnt sound like a worried mom to me. And the fact that cadaver dogs hit on the car as having had a dead body in it really has me thinking that Casey has killed Caylee. I’m also following this story closely…

  19. Monika Ward says:

    Sure does sound like we need some new laws around here. Mothis is a raving lunatic, Grandmother is a pycho along with the grandfather. But the innocent victim is Caylee. Where is she. While Casey is in Jail they should pull her fingernails out until she talks

  20. Richard says:

    I have also been following and blogging about this story and I must say that I am just angry about it.

    I agree with Monika. A bit of torture would certainly speed things along.

  21. Gloria says:

    I’ve been following this story since the moment i heard about it. It tears at my heart to think this sweet little girl has been hurt by her own mother. I have two small children my self and i couldn’t imagine not doing every thing possible to help in finding my child. When it comes to a missing person every moment counts. The authorities are not the enemy their whole purpose is to help and protect. If your not hiding anything there is no reason why you can’t go to the police, a friend, family, even a stranger on the street to help you. Why keep it to yourself for over a month? Things just don’t seem to be right with this mother.

  22. Terri NY says:

    Keep an eye on the Nacny Grace show.. she goes in for the kill with with both guns a blazin.
    Did anyone see the video clip of the jail phone conversations?? The banter between the mom and the grandma.. Casey and Cindy sounds like they are talking about missing candy bars or something. My husband and i get more upset when we can’t find out cat. These people are hiding something, possibly building a case for the defense. Could it be an accidental killing? Like leaving the kid in a hot car or something. In any event, i doubt they will ever find this baby alive. And if by the grace of God they do, she should never have contact with her so called mommy again.

  23. er margie says:

    i cannot believe that casey anthony and her family think the people of this world are so stupid as to believe her crazy story. I find it strange that a person that kidnaps a child and takes her to a very public airport is going to allow her to talk to people and give her name. what flight were they on? didn’t the steward or stewardess see this child? Why would the grandmother say they are heading further into georgia into the mountains? what would give her that idea?why not get lost in a big city? Wasn’t anyone else on that plane that observed that child? We have all heard the first report that Cindy Anthony is a nurse and she knows the smell of decomposition and that was not what she smelled in the car. It was old pizza. Now I’m not an expert,but I have had pizza that has laid around and the only thing that I seem to recall is that it dried out,shriveled up and got hard. Cindy Anthony said if you take a slice of pizza and put in a car for a 15,16,17,18 days and close it up in hot weather that you will have a slice of pizza that is covered in maggots and smell as bad as a decomposing body.How did she know when the pizza was bought?,was it bought and then immediately closed up in the car.Was it partially eaten then left in the car while Casey drove around with the window open or the air conditioner on,if that was the case I believe that the pizza would have dried out,shriveled up and got hard.I don’t think it would have much of an odor.All this leads to the 911 tape in which Cindy Anthony says it smelled like a dead body has been in the dam car.So which is it,her initial statement and reaction, or her words when she realized what impact repeating those words in a court would have on her daughter.There are so many contradictions in all their stories I could pick them apart left and right ,and I’m just an average person. All I know is what the family has said.I am not making things up or twisting their words,like they used to say on the old Dragnet show,just the facts. I have lost a child from disease, he was 2 1/2.Just because I knew there was the chance he might die,did not make it any easier when he did.I was able to bury my son. I would never ever want to be the position of not knowing where my child was.My heart goes out to any and all parents of missing children.The pain and grief of knowing they are out there and you cannot hold them and ease their pain has to be worse than knowing than they are gone. I cannot believe that Casey sounds so uninterested and disassociated from the situation. She has said the police are not listening to what she says? I don’t know the police involved,but I am sure some of them have children and that this case is breaking their hearts too.Just because they are police does not mean they are uncaring about Caylee Casey yes but not Caylee.I’m sure they want that little girl found alive as we all do,except maybe Casey. I don’t mean to ramble on,but I have alot of strong feelings about this case. I watched her brother Lee give an interview and all I can say is he did a fine job of trying to explain all of Cindy and Casey stupid statements,but it didn’t wash with me. Do Cindy and Casey really need a third person to try and make sense of what they say? Maybe he should interpret what Casey is telling the police because she seems to think she is talking and they are not understanding what she is saying. I could go on and on about this dysfunctional family. Cindy Anthony is suppose to be nurse,and I would assume fairly educated.She needs to learn how to keep her mouth shut and stop making stupid statements that can be picked apart by everyone.George and Cindy have said they heard the name of the babysitter but have never meet or spoken to her in all the time she was a major influence on their grandchild,and of course Casey has always been so truthful and trustworthy,they have never had a reason to doubt any words that come out of her mouth.Of course no mother wants to believe they created an unfeeling, uncaring person,wake up and smell the pizza Cindy and George.No pictures of the loving babysitter who has taken such good care of Caylee that you feel free to leave her anytime.That’s all for now ,but I’ll be back with more insight.

  24. KRoss says:

    It’s just a matter of time before the truth comes out. Sad but true.

  25. Leah says:

    I like Nancy grace, but I am learning that with this case she can never be objective. I don’t know what the heck is going on in this case. Casey’s character witnesses portray her as a liar, but a good mother. And I find it hard to believe her mom and brother would be in on the murder of Caylee. Something crazy is going on here…I was convinced Caylee was dead, but these days I’m not so sure.

  26. Terri NY says:

    Supposedly, the Grandpa and the unclle.. Casey’s Dad and Brother, are both in law enforcement of some kind. They know the drill, more shocking details of this whole thing will come out. The pictures on TV of this girl drinking, dancing, hanging out in Bars and Night Clubs, totally make me ill. And smiling through all of it??? She needs a good smack if you ask me. She said she was undercover looking for the person who took the kid. Amazing little liar, if she did something to this child I hope they fry her ass. Her attitdude during those jail phone calls did not seem that of an upset mom who has a missing child for over one month. Shame on her.

  27. BETTY says:


  28. Terri NY says:

    Well as each day passes, it looks more like this child is dead. Honestly, the police know more than we do, and more than the media, that’s for sure. Sometimes it’s best to withhold some stuff from the public and the media, just in case they have a murder trial. I wonder though, what made those jerks say the kid would be home by August 9th, Caylee’s birthday??? This chick is stringing people along. This is one sick girl, who may have accidentally killed her kid, maybe shook her, or locked her in the car, who knows? Cindy, the grandmother should shut her TRAP, she looks like a douche now.

  29. Terri NY says:

    The baby’s Grandma Cindy said on TV for all the world to hear, that the swimming pool gate was “touched” or not left in the position she and her husband had left it. I wonder if that child drowned under the care of Casey, the mother. Anything’s possible here. She may have freaked out and hid the fact that the kid could not be revived, left town for a month, trying to figure out how to cover her tracks. Gosh, what a nightmare . If this is the case, the mother should have come clean early on, or called 911.

  30. Terri NY says:

    Can someone tell me.. why no AMBER ALERT??

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