Caylee Anthony

Ok, I admit I watch way too much T.V.  For those of you who know me personally I grieved for Laci Peterson like she was a friend, her mother, Sharon Rocha is one of my heros.  Nancy Grace is a woman that I would love to meet, I think she is awesome.  I get wrapped up in these stories, I’ve even sent Sharon Rocha a Mother’s Day card.  So, last night when the story came on about Caylee Anthony I actually sit in the living room and cried.  I thought about Cindy Anthony for the rest of the night, she was the last thing I prayed about before I went to bed and this morning her and Caylee were my first thought.  Through out the day I prayed for this family, yes I prayed for the entire family.  I especially prayed for Caylee’s mother.  I was reminded again today just how unconditional a mother’s love is suppose to be.  I watched Cindy Anthony on some news show tonight talk with love about a situation that is heart breaking.  She is focused on finding her grandchild, she is loving her daughter no matter what has happened.  She is a mother and her heart is breaking and I hope we can all remember her, her child and her grandchild.  This family needs prayers and I hope you will all join me in a prayer for them……

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I started my blog as a way to connect with other paper crafters and of course it has gone a totally different direction. I've been able to share my experience as a mother, my hurt and disappointments over not having a relationship with my maternal unit, my walk with God and how knowing Him has changed me and continues to help me grow into the person I strive to be......
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38 Responses to Caylee Anthony

  1. Eirene says:

    Michelle, I think that we are so overloaded with the availability of news that we can hear these types of stories and forget they are actual events involving actual people. Too often we hear these things, maybe even discuss them with others, but they quickly leave our mind, being replaced with the next big story. Your post reminded me that I must not allow myself to become desensitized by a culture that is bombarded 24/7 with ‘the latest story’. I am joining you in prayer for this family.

  2. Susan says:


    I live in Florida and so I see Caylee’s face all day long. It breaks my heart and when I saw Caylee’s mom being taken away in handcuffs, I though, “Oh no, I hope they find this little girl and I hope it isn’t another case like Trenton Duckett…that case still breaks my heart. His father still needs our continued prayers. I can’t even imagine what he is going through not knowing where his little boy is.
    I am joining you in prayer for this little girl and her family.

    BTW, I saw your post on Angie’s blog and that is how I came here!


  3. tammy says:

    ever since i heard this about caylee missing
    i have been so sad and cry and just wish the world wasent like this..i have three wonderful children and if something ever happened to them i think i would be in a mental hospital…they are my life. but onto the subject at hand i think that caylees mother has alot to do with her disapearing
    where was she the whole time leading up to this event and why will she not talk? somethings not right. i really feel like to got stressed out like all mothers do but handled it diffrently and then tryed to cover it up.. and is now useing jail as a way to get out and then talk….
    i think she should stay in there and maybe someone will scare the shit out of her and she will give the story of what really happened up

  4. R Shurden says:

    So many discrepencies surrounding the disappearance of this child. And so many unanswered questions from this family. Has anyone talked to the “nanny” who supposely took Caylee? Why didn’t the Grandmother search out her daughter to see Caylee if given the “runaround” by the daughter? Just too many oddities here including the family……Hope it will be resolved soon and hoping for the best.

  5. Nita says:

    Where are the paternal grand parents?

  6. Leslie says:

    My theory, for whatever it’s worth, is that Caylee died in a hot car and her mother disposed of her. Casey needs to reaquaint herself with the truth so the rest of her family can grieve for their loss and stop using their time, energy and money looking for a child that is no longer with us. Harsh, I know, but I cannot be on the mother’s side here after all of the lies. The judge and police officers who have intereviewed her have stated that she has shown no signs of grieving or remorse. What kind of person waits 31 days to report a child missing? The kind that is responsible for her death!

  7. Becky says:

    There has to be a reason that Caylee wasnt reported missing by her mother in the beginning. The only logical explainations involve drugs and or illegal activity. Personally, the only reason I wouldn’t search for something thats “missing” is if it weren’t really “missing”. I’m sorry to say it folks, but I fear that this sweet child is no longer living.

  8. Jillian says:

    Leslie, common sense dictates that your determination is probably correct. Can people say WILD GOOSE CHASE?
    I don’t believe anyone is searching for Caylee with purpose because in their heart of hearts, everyone knows that she is dead.
    The daughter, Casey, continues to lie because she has the queen and king of enablers offering support and love to appease their guilt at raising a sociopathic monster. After all, if not for their derelict parenting, Casey would not be so messed up? I’m sure this is part of their day to day ruminations.
    The daughter will break down eventually and tell something that is partially true, but the entire truth is probably buried with Caylee in a landfill somewhere. This is how little Casey thought of her little girl.
    This eerily reminds me of a mother probably about 25 years ago who drove up a winding road and shot her children in her car I believe, but (details sketchy now) one or two of kids lived and knew it was mommy dearest. I think the lawyer ended up adopting the pychomama’s kiddies.
    No one really wonders why so many people are in therapy, now do they?
    And one last thought–don’t ever encourage someone to have children who says they don’t want them! They may be smarter than you!

  9. Jillian says:

    The case I pointed out in previous post was Diane Downs. The movie “Small Sacrifices” with Farrah Fawcett, was based on the true story. Child testified that mommy shot the kids. One died, 2 partially paralyzed. Prosecutor adopted them.
    Fascinating read…

  10. Kadences_mom says:

    I don’t know what happened to this baby, I may never know. But I do know that I am a mother. If my child is out of my site for five seconds when we are somewhere, my heart starts beating really fast, and I feel panic come over me. When I say her name and she answers back, I almost fall out with the feelings of relievement that I have. If anything ever happened to her, I would go crazy. I would answer every question asked, have them give me a lie detector test, and whatever else they do.
    The fact that Casey doesn’t do these things is bothersome. If she knows her child is alive and well, she should just come out with it, so Caylee can come home. There is only one reason I can think of that she wouldn’t tell, and if that is the case Cylee is already home with God.

  11. May says:

    I am a mom of an almost 3 year old little girl and after a month of not knowing about my daughter I would be in a loony bin, crazy. I have a feeling that she sold her daughter or gave her away to someone. I want to believe this because the thought of an angel being harmed is too much. In the first 911 call the grand ma mentions a court order, and that that is how they will get her and Casey says that not how I want to play. This to me shows that Casey knows who has Caylee. If I was authorities and things went my way I would drug her up, once high and hallucinating she might speak the truth.

  12. er margie says:

    Okay here I go again. Casey made the statement to her brother that her gut feeling was Caylee was fine and close by. I wonder when she acquired this gut feeling, obviously not in the month her daughter went missing and she was conducting her own investigation. I almost choked when I heard her tell her brother about the bond between a mother and child,she must have read about it somewhere because sure hasn’t exhibited it.

  13. allen says:

    Here’s what I think happened. I think Casey went to a bar, took Caylee out of the carseat while the baby was sleeping and put her in the trunk so no one would see her and then Casey forgot about her.

  14. TERESA says:


  15. Emily says:

    I also am an avid watcher of Nancy Grace. She is wonderful! I am a mother of two. A 6yr. old & a 2 yr. old. I must say…I believe the mother has done something with Caylee & she is dead. How can she go for a month & not know where her daughter is & not report it to authorities? According to Nancy Grace, if I’m understanding this correctly, the mother’s car was stolen? Then was found with dead body smell in it. The mother went on a shopping spree? I want to know, how did Casey get to the stores or anywhere else for that matter, if she didn’t have a car? Does Casey have an ATM card/checking account that could proove she was purchasing gas when her car was supposedly stolen? Someone can’t go for weeks without gas. Where was Casey & Caylee for those 4 weeks or so when no one had any contact with them? I think Casey was driving around with Caylee’s body in the trunk & was figuring out how she was going to dispose of the body. As far as what happened to cause the death….that is to be determined.

  16. Coryn says:

    My prayers are with this whole family – I pray that Casey finds the kindness in her heart to tell the truth. The cadaver dog detected the scent of human remains in the trunk of her car.
    She had borrowed a shovel from her neighbor & said it was for bamboo plants. After sniffing the shovel, the dog led police to the southeast corner of the yard where Casey was living with her mother, Cindy. There was also a stain, dirt, and what looked like Caylee’s hair in her trunk. One theory being looked at is that she had originally buried Caylee in the yard, but then took her out & moved the body (explaining the dirt, stain, and hairs in the trunk). My understanding is that they were going to see if the dirt in the trunk matched the dirt in the yard. Her other lies are so very many – the supposed nanny turned out to be nonexistent at the address Casey gave them; when they found a lady by the name that was given, she said she did not know the Anthony family, so then Casey tried to say she may be in another state. The co-workers that she supposedly told about her missing daughter – lies. I would love for Caylee to be alive and well, but all of us that are mothers know what a slim chance that is. Even worse, one officer stated that if she had been disposed of in June, it would be very difficult to locate her remains by now. If Casey doesn’t crack, maybe her boyfriend Tony, whom she has been with for 2 months, will know something. People living in his apartment complex stated that they saw Caylee swimming in the apartment pool around the time she went missing. All we can do is hope & pray.

  17. MARY says:

    I’ve prayed, I’ve cried, now…Casey Anthony IT IS TIME TO LET GO OF YOUR SELFISH IDEALS because you will not get away with this! The world is not going to let you! Let your little girl rest in peace by telling the truth, you will never be free again anyway, your life as you know it is over!!!

  18. Theresa says:

    hi. i think the whole family is a bunch of “darkbirds” … creepy people. even the mom’s defense attorney “Jose’-whatever” is a real jerk. i have seen him several times on the Nancy Grace show & he was making light of the situation & he was even cracking jokes!
    i think poor little Caylee was sold in exchange for drugs.
    this is my opinion

  19. Coryn says:

    I totally agree about Casey’s attorney – he seems to be a scumbag

  20. Dianna says:

    I am so upset by this, and following it closely. It seems to me, Casey clearly has a personality disorder, it’s pretty obvious when you listen to all her phone calls – sociopath, anti-social, narcissist, bi-polar – I don’t know what it is, but there is something going on with her. She only cares about herself, who’s on her side, talking to her friends and family being a waste of time, and doesn’t seem to understand why there care so much about this little girl.

    I agree with Kadences_mom. While I don’t have children, if I can’t locate my animals, I go into a contained panic until I know where they are – whether they are inside or in my fenced in yard. If I had a pet-sitter and came home, and they were gone – it wouldn’t take 31 days for me to call the police, more like 31 minutes!

    I think Emily and Allen come close to what happened. I think she did something to cause that child to die – leaving children and animals in hot cars in the summer happens all the time. I think the child died while being left in the car, she put her in the trunk, drove around like that for a long time, and celebrated her new found freedom by shopping, and going to bars. Of course no one has come forward saying they saw them together since the child was supposed to be with someone else. Sometimes I do think maybe the child was sold, stolen or kidnapped, but there is no regret, or, fear, or remorse in her voice at all. I also want to say – there is nothing that smells like death except death – rotting flesh – be it chicken, rats, snakes, possums, even fish – I’ve smelled it , and it’s an undeniable, unmistakeble smell. Rotting food, be it pizza or potatoes, smells nothing like death. Cindy would have been smarter to say groceries containing chicken or steak had been left in the trunk.

    The thing I don’t quite understand is the car abondonment thing. Did she say it was stolen, or was that Cindy who claimed it was stolen? Why was that never reported? If it wasn’t stolen, why would she abandon it? She didn’t have money for gas, but she must have had some money, since it was found before she came back. Who exactly was she living with this whole time? Was she staying at hotels? Tony apparently is now off the hook, and not a person of interest at all – it seems he won’t even call her! Very sad, for her family and her little girl.

  21. jean says:

    It is pretty obvious to me why she abandoned the car.After disposing of the body, she couldnt stand the odor and didnt want to be around it when it was found. It is a disgusting thought but how else can one explain this tragic story. I think sometimes nothing can shock me today with crazy things going on, but the actions of this Casey, who is mentally disturbed, do Poor beautiful Caylee.

  22. jane says:

    I am so saddened by the disappearance of this darling little girl. What a treasure she would be to anyone. It just makes me want to cry to think of what may have happened to her.

    I am hopeful that now that the FBI is involved in investigating this crime, they will finally get to the bottom of what has happened. The feds are not going to be jerked around by Casey as she has enjoyed doing with the Florida sheriffs department.

    I think they should just keep Casey in jail and only give her limited visitations and phone calls – monitoring all of them – until she can stand it no longer and finally cracks. She seems to be a spoiled, little snot who has had everything her way all her life. She probably got high on drugs or booze, forgot her little girl was in the car and the baby died in the Florida heat. She then found her body, didn’t know what to do, drove around for a while until the odor got too bad, then disposed of the body somewhere! What a deceitful, dispicable, excuse for a human being she is!

    I am a grandmother with a 3 year old grandaugher that I babysit every day. What I want to know is how on earth Cindy let her bratty irresponsible daughter take Caylee and then not let her see her or talk to her for over a month. Surely she knew something was wrong. I know Caylee must have been asking to talk to Grandma, I know my grandaughter would be. I mean Cindy was her caregiver – the person she depended upon.

    This is just so sad and it just make me ill to think of the fate of that beautiful precious little girl. I pray that someone has her for some reason and that Casey did sell her and that she is with a very loving and caring family now, but I fear that is not the case.

    What a sick, sick world we live in. Please God watch over Caylee Anthony and give her peace.

  23. Tania says:

    I’ve been watching Nancy Grace every night this week hoping to hear that Caylee has been found safe. Unfortunately, as the days pass I don’t think she will be found alive or othewise. I have a 3 year old daughter and can not stomach the thought of her being missing for 31 minutes let alone 31 days. What kind of mother waits over a month to report her child missing? A mother that caused the child to become missing that’s who. It makes me crazy to see or hear Casey act so nonchalant about her baby being missing. If she ‘accidently’ hurt Caylee or knows what happened to her – she needs to just confess. The family also needs to stop babying her – she’s an adult who screwed up big time either way it goes.

  24. Jaci says:

    My heart is so sad right now for Little Caylee. I cannot believe what we are hearing. All the lies that Casey has been telling..Lets go down the list…
    1. She gave a name of the so called “Babysitter” that prob doesnt exist other than the lady that claims she has never met or talked or even heard of Casey and Caylee. LIES!!!
    2. She led the investigators to Universal Studios, and gave them a phone number and an extension number that was completely false. Then turns around and says she hasnt worked there in a year and a half. She was fired over a year and a half ago! LIES!!!
    3. She then decides to lead the police officers to an apartment complex where she states she dropped Caylee off, which was the last time she saw her supposedly…and come to find out , that that apratment complex was vacant since FEB!! LIES AGAIN!!!

    She is a liar, and thinks that she will get away with this. She will not! I pray to GOD that she does not!

    I am a mother of an almost 4 year old son , and a 16 month old daughter, and when they leave my sight for 15 SECONDS!!! I start to panic and wonder where they are! Even if they are in my own house! I cannot imagine going 20 minutes of not knowing where my babies are!! Shes sick!! She is selfish, and only cares about herself! She doesnt even seem to are about where her whereabouts are! And I wonder why she wants to talk to Tony so badly! She will get what she deserves! If she killed this little girl, She will burn in hell! Im sorry, its just mothers like these are sick and ungrateful for their blessings!! There are people in this world that cannot have children and would give anything to have a beautiful little girl like Caylee Marie, just like my brother and sister in law! I hope she gets what she deserves!! maybe then she will stop smiling!!!

    God, PLease watch over baby Caylee…and hold her safe in your arms….

  25. jane says:

    Well, now that the FBI is involved it looks like the investigation is finally getting serious. I see on TV this morning that the Crime Scene Investigation Unit has returned to Cindy’s home and collected evidence in the backyard.

    As much as I hate to admit it, I don’t think that Caylee is alive. I think they are believing that Caylee is buried in the backyard of Cindy’s house. How sad and how awful! I hope and pray that I am wrong, but I think signs are pointing in that direction.

    And what about the forensics evidence – I believe the police have gotten the info back and have not released the results because it would hamper their investigation. I believe the forensics have identified soil samples from the backyard in the trunk of the car and Caylees hair strands.

    I had a very difficult time sleeping last night as I was thinking about Caylee and praying for her safety. I came to think that Casey probably didn’t mean to harm Caylee, but through her negligence, i.e., leaving her alone in the hot car, Caylee died. Then Casey panicked and didn’t know what to do. I think her parents and brother also suspect that this is what happened, but are hoping not.

    It is just so so sad and so so stupid! Why do people have children, the most important things on the face of the earth, and then treat them more irresponsibly than they would an iPod or a cell phone. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

    This tragedy didn’t have to happen.

  26. md says:

    I am a mother of 3 girls and I really believe that Casey had left her little girl locked in the trunk while she went away for a few days and that when she came back of course her body needed disposing of……..Orlando has several land fills…………

  27. Elvisa says:

    “There is nothing that smells like death except death – rotting flesh – be it chicken, rats, snakes, possums, even fish – I’ve smelled it , and it’s an undeniable, unmistakeble smell. Rotting food, be it pizza or potatoes, smells nothing like death.”

    This is a quote from a previous post and absolutely true.

    By the way, those of you who talk about “a mother’s unconditional love”, the “bond between mother and child” and other pie-in the sky phrases need to think about the following names.

    Susan Smith. She drowned her two little boys to be with a new boyfriend who didn’t want children.

    Andrea Yates. Drowned five children, one after the other.

    Need I say more? Children are hated, abused, tortured, unloved. Believe me, I experienced it as a sweet little child so stop talking about the love that all mothers automatically have and wake up to reality.

    I also suspect this crazy, self-centered, and spoiled woman left her daughter in the car while she partied, probably high on whatever she could get her hands on. This is not the first child who has died under those circumstances.

  28. Becca says:

    The mother is obviously a young mother who is more concerned with club life than motherhood. Whether it was a case of dropping her child off and losing her or something worse it is obvious that she viewed the child as an inconvience.
    The fact that she had the baby without noting a father on the birth certificate and depended on her parents for support, simply show to me that she had the child by accident. A night of too much sex and alcohol, so why not assume the worse and that she ended it for the same reasons.
    It just shows how poorly some girls make decisions. Not all moms are great moms thats why there are so many motherless children in our society….
    I also live in Orlando and you can not go anywhere without seeing Caylee’s face on the window of the drive-thru, gas station or a grocery store. Its a very sad situation, hopefully there was a babysittter and they saw the problems and stole the child it would have probably been the best thing for her….

  29. Dale says:

    I too, cried over Laci Peterson and little Conner, and I cry now over this beautiful little girl.
    The mother has no emotion……and the grandmother seems to be covering for her daughter.
    With cases like these, I wonder, why God lets people like her have children,
    God Bless you Caylee

  30. DJ says:

    I say dig up that freshly poured slab of cement.
    Yes, Casey feels her daughter close, I WONDER WHY????

  31. Kendra says:

    I, like you, grieve for this family (not really Casey). My heart goes out to Cindy, George and Lee. My husband wonders what my fascination is with these types of cases and I can only think that it’s because I am a mother of three and that these victims have to be remembered. I know I am speaking too soon– maybe Caylee will be found alive. . . but, I guess, I tend to doubt that.

    I found your site because I do searches a couple of times a day to see if there is anything new on this story.

    I think I understand why Cindy is supporting Casey. I’m not sure I agree with your reasoning despite her unconditional love. I think she just can’t accept that her daughter would do something so horrible. And, until they actually find the little girl– or find evidence that she is no longer with us– she will support Casey. The alternative (believing Caylee is gone) is just unimaginable at this point.

  32. Kendra says:

    I wanted to add something to Elvira’s comments. I’m sorry you grew up in a household like this. However, I really believe that, if Caylee is indeed dead (gosh, I hate to write this), her death wasn’t accidental.

    Any mother who kills her own child ACCIDENTALLY will be suffering. It’s pretty clear that Casey isn’t suffering from missing her daughter or from the loss of her daughter. There is no evidence that she’s mourning or grieving. If Casey is responsible for Caylee’s death, I don’t think it was accidental. Imagine– if (God forbid) I did something that resulted in one of my children’s injury or worse, I wouldn’t be out partying and laughing and I wouldn’t even be able to ACT like nothing was wrong.

    Casey’s completely responsible for Caylee– whether she gave her away (which I doubt) or whether she killed her (which I believe). If there was a real babysitter who stole this little girl, Casey would be distraught. She’s not distraught (except for the fact she’s in jail and that people are doubting her story). She has been happy every day up until her mother found her. Her missing child did not appear to have been nagging at her at all according to witnesses and pictures that have surfaced.

    Therefore, I think, the absolute only things that could have happened is that Casey gave the little girl away (doubtful) or that she intentionally killed her.

  33. jane says:

    CSI just returned to the grandparents house collecting MORE evidence! FoxNews is at the scene now – CSI just arrived! 1:45 pm – August 6

  34. Alyssa says:

    Happy 3rd Birthday Caylee. You are so precious and such a cutie.

  35. Sherry says:

    I am a mother and a grandmother myself and if one of my children or grandchildren were missing I would do whatever it took to find them. Why is Cindy protecting her daughter? Who was protecting Caylee? The whole family needs help. But God help Caylee first and foremost from this twisted family.

  36. tracy kelley says:

    Now, almost Sept. 1, mommy dearest back in jail, grandma not so supportive of daughter but still hopeful for the return or find of her grand daughter. Reality check, if Casey had “given” her daughter to anyone with all of the publicity someone would have given her back. I believe she is gone just like her mothers sense of relity.

  37. Kathy says:

    I just want to say to the grandparents of Caylee. I feel for you and God bless on you. I have two greatdaughters that I would’t trade for anything. I couldn’t imagine losing them either. My heart goes out to you and your family. My heart goes out to your daughter. MayGod rest on her soul and give you all peace.

  38. juley says:

    how can we help this little angels memory stay in our hearts? we have got to do something, there is way to much of this going on! what is wrong with this society, mother’s killing their babies I just dont understand why!!! what can we do????

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