Music, Backpacks and Christians

I have been meaning to blog about Rezonate and I keep forgetting so today after reading one of my favorite blogsI remembered to let the local bloggers know about Rezonzte.  Y’all know I can get long winded and this post may turn out that way, it also might get a little embarrassing for Amber.  If so, sorry!  I’m struggling even where to begin.  I was so excited to see this on Amber’s Blog

Gary Hitsman and Friends
Gary is formerly the frontman for the rock band Distant Rail who headlined regularly at Bogarts in Cincinnati.

For the record I can not begin to imagine Gary at Bogarts well actually I can and it makes me laugh.  I probably don’t laugh as much as Amber, Brandon or Michael, but I have laughed about it.  I could see Gary today he’d be down there loving folks and witnessing about God and it’s just another reminder that God can change anything or anyone.  I can never get enough of Gary singing and sometimes get aggravated because I don’t think we hear enough of him at church.  I’m reminded by him on a regular basis that he’s a work in  progress, but I promise you a blessing if you come and see this man and “his friends”.  (for those of you who are scrapping friends Gary is famous for these words, “Less yappin more scrappin” love him anyway)

I was going to blog the other night about Logan and Cody Buriff and how they both break every typical “Preacher Kid” joke or story I’ve ever heard.  Pastor Buriff and Amber have raised two awesome young men, and I think it has to do with “the walk” they both have had with God and the example they not just talked but walked.  Amber’s blog today reminded me how much I respect her, many years ago she signed up “prayer warriors” for Lena and Shane’s first summer away from me and I’ve never forgotten that.  She had a calendar filled out for me and every day I knew without a doubt someone was lifting me and the kids in prayer.  I tease Amber because I try to talk people into coming to church with me and I tell them “come as you are” my preacher’s wife wears jeans sometimes and it’s worked people come and feel comfortable..ha!!

I have said all of this to say, what can you do to support Rezonate or Backpacks For Pineridge?  The Marketing Director in me has some suggestions…imagine that

  • Money or sponsorship (the obvious)
  • Send the link to everyone in your email list (pretty easy huh?)
  • Buy school supplies (include your children tell them about the children at Pineridge)
  • Challenge your clubs or groups to support Backpacks for Pineridge
  • Pray for this ministry and ask others to pray

I thank God every day I serve a loving God that brings people like Amber and Gary into my life!!

About Michelle

I started my blog as a way to connect with other paper crafters and of course it has gone a totally different direction. I've been able to share my experience as a mother, my hurt and disappointments over not having a relationship with my maternal unit, my walk with God and how knowing Him has changed me and continues to help me grow into the person I strive to be......
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1 Response to Music, Backpacks and Christians

  1. amber says:

    Thank you lady! Don’t ya just LOVE Gary. That voice. I’ve told him before that he could sing the phone book and I’d feel better just hearing that voice.

    BTW, just got some good news today that I may be sharing soon … as soon as I can speak directly to the person and get all the details. This thing has just exploded and I can MOST assuredly say that I’ve had little do to with it – I wouldn’t begin to know how to do this – its all a God-thing and its crazy what God will do when you let him run wild.

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